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Monument 1914-18 Bridge End





Map ref

NZ 277507

Original Location

Bridge End

Present Location

Demolished and plaques moved to the Parish Churchyard in 1960s

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 15th February 1925 by Lieut.Col. J. Turnbull, C.M.G., T.D., dedicated by Rev. Dr. F.H. Jackson, M.A., Rector of Chester-le-Street.

Memorial Description

Building with arcade front with central arched door and two side square doors. Above the central door is a shield bearing a cross with crown above. Four steps leading to platform before. On the back wall is a plaque bearing the Roll of Honour. The names are listed in six columns in sans serif capitals.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee, Chairman, Wm. Cook.


Estimated to be within £400.

How money was raised

Public subscription.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

G.R. Holmes, Chester-le-Street

Ownership and maintenance

Handed over to the Urban District Council at the unveiling.


1. The building was demolished and the plaques placed on a wall in St. Mary’s Churchyard, c.1960. See C105.15 and C105.28

2. Two proposals for the memorial were placed before Chester-le-Street UDC for discussion in 1923. One was for a stone cenotaph with sides for inscriptions, the other a stone structure with seats and a shelter. Estimated costs would be £400. There were 160 men to commemorate. 100,000 pennies would meet the amount. One gentleman had promised 5,000 with another 3,000 also promised. It was calculated that an average of 6d per head of the town population would raise the funds required.

3. In 1920, 448 houses were proposed. It was hoped that ex-soldiers would be given the opportunity to become skilled builders.

4. In 1962 the site was deemed “not suitable” in the light of developments in the area, including the market. It contained only the names from the Great War and was no longer the centre of Remembrance Day observation which now took place in the Parish Church. The shelter had been abused over the years.

5. J. Harbon should be Isaac Harbron; Thomas Fairbain should be Thomas Fairbairn; Fred Holliday should be Fred Halliday; Stanley Renwick should be Michael Renwick; I. Archer should be John Archer; J. Clapman is listed on the Unveiling programme, however, there is no Clapham listed in the sources used for research. We believe this to be a J. Chapman; Sapper Butlock is also listed, this is believed to be Josiah Bullock. No one called Butlock has been traced. See C105.15; F. Crawford is we believe to be Joseph Crawford as he was born in Chester-le-Street, but had enlisted in Newcastle. KIA 14.11.1916. Service Number 6629; Cpl. T. Curry is named twice on the War Memorial. Extensive research shows only one Cpl. T. Curry was killed in the DLI.; Sapper Hawker A. should be Hawkes. The War Memorial C105.15 has the name altered.

6. Chief Officer Hugh John Hollingsworth was granted an expression of commendation for his services - in carrying on the trade of the country during the war: Also for a mention in the Gazette newspaper

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Illustrated Chronicle 16/02/1925 reports unveiling with photos

Consett Guardian 03/08/1923 reports proposals reported in Note 2.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 21/01/1925 reports unveiling

Northern Echo 05/07/1920 reports proposal to build houses.

Durham County Advertiser 03/08/1923 reports proposals; 20/02/1925 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 19/01/1962 reports proposals to move the memorial.

Durham Record Office Photograph of memorial EP/CS 4/50

Heritage of Chester-le-Street

Chester-le-Street Chronicle and Durham Advertiser 15/11/1946 carry complaints about the desecration of the memorial

Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections Photocopy of photo of plaques after demolition and prior to being taken to St. Mary & St. Cuthbert Churchyard

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Research acknowledgements

James Pasby; Dorothy Hall; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Chester-le-Street Heritage Group

Research In Progress

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Monument 1914-18 Bridge End (C105.01)




   Durham Light Infantry      D.L.I.  (con’td)            N.F. (Cont’d)
   Cpl.     Alderson, C.S.    Pte     Laidler, F.         Pte.    Barron, J.
   Pte.     Archer, I.        “       Laidler, W.         “       Bennett, N.
   Capt.    Brock, A.L.       “       Laws, T.            “       Cannon, F.
   R.S.M.   Beveridge, E.F.   “       Laybourne, T.       “       Crawford, F.
   Lce-Cpl  Brown, F.         “       Lockey, J.W.        Lce-Cpl.Davison, J.W.
   Pte.     Barker, R.        “       Lowes, J.           “       Dodds, E.
   “        Bell, G.          Capt.   McClare, A.V.,      Pte.    Dickinson, J.N.
   “        Bellwood, J.              MC and Bar          “       Dyson, J.
   “        Bousfield, R.W.   Pte.    Maghie, A.          RQM Sgt.English, J.B.
   “        Brown F.          “       Maughan, J.H.       Pte.    Fairbairn, T.
   “        Brown, T.         “       McIlwrath, J.       Sglr.   Graham, J.
   “        Brownell, E.      “       Middleton, J.       Pte.    Georgeson,
   “        Bucknell, H.      “       Morgan, C.F.        “       Henderson, A.
   “        Burnside, C.      “       Mulholland, I.B.    “       Hope, J.
   Capt.    Curry, R.         “       Marshall, N.        “       Horn, T.W.
   Col.Sgt.Ins. Clark, J.     “       O’Neill, J.         “       Hubble, J.
   Cpl.     Curry, T.         “       Parker, W.          2nd Lieut. Low, J.J.
   “        Curry, T.         “       Pringle, J.H.       Pte.    Logan, J.
   Lce.Cpl. Clarke, A.        Cpl.    Punshon, H.F.       “       Mallaby, W.
   Pte.     Carr, T.H.        Sergt.  Powell, W.          “       McAvoy, J.
   “        Carrington, T.    Lce.Sgt.Purvis, J.H.        “       Morson, W.E.   
   “        Chipchase, H.     Lce.Cpl.Rutherford, J.      “       Mowbray, J.W.
   “        Chrisp, A.L.      Pte.    Richardson, A.L.    “       Oliver, S.A.
   “        Clasper, F.       “       Riley, M.           “       Pearson, T.   
   “        Coates, A.        “       Robson, W.          “       Philipson, H.L.
   “        Coxon, W.         “       Rundle, J.W.                  M.M.
   “        Curry, J.S.       Act.Sgt.Mg. Rutter, A.G.    “       Simpson, J.
   CSM      Dyson, J.                D.C.M.               “       Smith, J.W.
   Cpl.     Dixon, R.N.       C.S.M.  Robson, T.          “       Stephenson, H.
   Lce.Cpl. Dawson, J.        Pte.    Selkirk, J.         “       Stubbs, W.
   Pte.     Davis, A.E.       “       Smiles, G.W.        Lce.Sergt. Towers, L.
   “        Dixon, J.A.       “       Snaith, T.          Pte.    Tooley, G.
   “        Dolan, R.         “       Stearman, T.G.      “       Tweddle, R.
   Sapper   Evans, G.         “       Stirling, J.        “       Wardle, R.
   Pte.     Fletcher, J.      “       Stobbs, T.          “       Watson J.
   Sapper   Fish, J.W.        Lce.Cpl.Scott, R.           “       Wilson, W.
   “        Fullerton, M.     Pte.    Tate, A.B.          “       Witherspoon, H.S.
   “        Graham, M.        “       Telfer, R.          “       Young, E.
   “        Grice, H.         “       Thompson, J.M.      
   “        Gooch, J.G.       “       Thurloway, R.W.     R.G.A.
   Lce.Cpl. Greenwell, J.W.   “       Topping, A.H.       Gnr.    Armstrong, N.
   Sapper   Hacker W.H.       “       Tunney, F.          Bdr.    Cowey, J.
   “        Hall, G.          “       Tweddle, T.W.       Dr.     Padgett, W.W.
   “        Hann, J.          Sergt.  Todd, E.            “       Pearson, S.
   “        Hawe, R.          Lce.Cpl.Thompson, R.T.      Gnr.    Rowland, F.
   “        Hawker, A.        Pte.    Urwin, T.           Dr.     Whitmore, J.
   “        Heads, J.H.       “       Wandless, H.        R.E.
   Sergt.   Hedley, E.J.      “       Watson, A.          Spr.    Butlock
   Sapper   Holliday, F.      “       Watson, J.          “       Clark, G.
   “        Hood, G.A.        “       Weatherburn, J.R.   “       Elliott, J.
   “        Hope, E. D.C.M.   “       Wilks, T.           “       Logan, R.W.
   “        Hurworth, J.      “       Longstaff, T.
   Pte.     Harbon, J.        N.F.                        “       Neave
   “        Hutchinson, I.    Bvt.Maj. Barrett L.A., M.C. “       Scott, J.
Page 2

   R.E. (Cont’d)              East Yorks                  Welsh Regiment
   Capt.    Thornton, F.A.    Sgt.    Chalmers, J.                Lowes, F.
   Driver   Wray, W.          Pte.    Nixon, F.                   Walker, G.R.
   R.A.M.C.                   “       Watson, J.R.        Sherwood Foresters
   Pte.     Atkinson, F.      West Yorks                          Wind, J.J.
   “        Bird, J.          Pte.    Bankhead, J.        South Wales Borderers
   “        Hall, W.          “       Bell, H.                    Wilson, T.A.
   “        Stephenson, W.    Sgt.    Husthwaite, G.      Royal Fusiliers
   R.A.S.C.                   Pte.    Neasham, T.                 Carruthers, A.J., M.M.
   Pte.     Haddock, W.G.     Sigr.   Nicholson, R.               Coltman, W.
   “        Morgan, J.W.      Pte.    Robertson, G.               Stubbs, J.W.
   Driver   Phaup, E.W.       “       Routledge, W.       Royal Irish W.
   Lce.Cpl. Renwick, M.       “       Tucker, W.                  Keough, J.
   Pte.     Russell, T.       Yorks and Lancs             Leinster
   R.N.D.                     Pte.    Evans, W.                   Shaw, R.W.
   Signr.   Clasper, J.       L.Cpl.  Mowbray, W.         Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
   Seaman   Donkin, J.        Pte.    Sanderson, J.               Barron, E.
   A.B.     Hutchinson        “       Waugh, R.                   Weatherburn, T.E.
   Mercantile Marine          “       Woodcock, N.        Coldstream Guards
   Wireless Op. Forster, J.   Lancashire Fusiliers                Atkinson, S.J.
   Ship’s Cook Hall, M.S.     L.Cpl.  Hendry, J.W.E.              Adamson, J.E.
   Ch.Off.  Hollingsworth, H. Pte.    Johnson, G.                 Cooper, W.B.      
   Apprce.  Robinson, R.H.    “       Middleton, J.      
                              “       Riddell, A.         K.O.S.B.
   R.N.V.R.                   “       Ritson, H.E.                Anderson, J.A.
   A.B.     Hood, R.          Loyal N.Lancs.                      Howe, J.G.
   R.M.L.T.                   Pte.    Longbottom, W.B.            Turnbull, J.W.
   Pte.     Davidson, T.      South Staffs.               Argyle and Sutherland
   Cpl.     Shacklady         Pte.    Scott, J.E.                 Gray, G.V.
                              Royal Berks                  
   M.G.C.                     Pte.    Watson, W.          Black Watch
            Stephenson, A.    Somerset L.I.                       Stephenson, W.
            Taylor, T.        Pte.    White, J.W.         R.F.A.
   S. Lancs                   R.D.C.                              Bdr.   Cole, P.S.
            Spoors, A.E.      Pte.    Ritson, G.                  Gettings, J.S.L.
   Hants Regt.                Canadian                            Gilder, F.
            Porter, A.        Pte.    Ferguson, G.S.              Healer, W.E.
                              “       Gray, C.H.                  Maddison, A.
   Tyneside Scottish          “       Gray, H.T.                  Murray, J.
            Clapman, J.       “       Mole, W.                    Pick, G.W.
   R.N.R.                     V.A.D.                              Thompson, E.
            Fairley, J.C.     Nurse   Lowes, Lily L.              Radcliffe, F.
   Munster Fusiliers          18th Hussars                10th R.L. Hussars
            McAvoy, W.        Capt.   Wood, C.L.                  Green, R.
   Yorks Regiment             11th Hussars                Northanpts (sic)
   Pte.     Taylor, R.        Lieut.  Lumley, R.J.                Hall, J.
   “        Warnes, J.        Dorsets                            ----------
   K.O.Y.L.I.                 Winter, A.D.                        Bromley, G.
   Sgt.     Henderson, J.R.   Lincs.                              Dixon, G.
   Pte.     Moffitt, C.       Case, R.J.                          McCann, T.E.
   Cpl.     Turnbull, G.S.    Ingram, T.H.                        Waugh, G.N.
                              Lowery, J.W.                        Jackson, A.         

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