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Photo: Tony Harding


Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Kenilworth Road





Map ref

NZ 273887

Original Location

Beside the former library building in Kenilworth Road. See also A17.01

Present Location

In 2015 the plaques were handed over to the Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Rededicated 9th November 2002, a year after being erected.

Memorial Description

Statue. Cubic concrete block surmounted by soldier statue 8 feet high.The base of this cubic monument has 1 foot square blocks in each corner. Between these blocks, bronze panels, three of which are 132cm high x 76cm wide and a fourth 9.5cm high x 73cm wide, are inserted into each of the four sides, each leaning back, and each bearing names in two columns on each. Letters are painted in serif capitals in white paint, with medals etc. in pale blue.

Materials used

Concrete base, bronze statue and bronze plates.


See A17.01




How money was raised

Public subscription, led by local branch of the Royal British Legion.

Present condition

Vandalised by removal of rifle.

English Heritage Listing

See Note 3 below

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Tom Maley of Longhirst, who was born in Ashington.


1. The base of this monument bore the sculpture referred to in A17.01. This was removed and replaced by the soldier statue.

2. Because of the loss of the bayonet, it was replaced by a removable bayonet which can be inserted on special occasions.

3. Listing applied for on 1st August 2005. The response from English Heritage was “as [the original] was erected in 1983 and substantially altered in 2001, it is not 30 years old and cannot yet be considered for listing”.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos of unveiling: Janet Brown

Journal 05/05/2001 tells of proposal to remove sculpture and replace it with a more conventional memorial; 17/05/2001 reports the artist felling saddened at the reaction of the people to his design; 20/07/2001 carries picture of sculpture and the artist with a report; 24/07/2001 carries letter from Mrs. Janet Brown re IWM’s reaction to proposal to remove sculpture; 27/07/2001 carries letter from Bill Nicholson re Mrs. Brown’s comments and asks where she got her information; 01/08/2001 carries reply by Janet Brown as to her sources of information; 07/08/2001 agrees that old sculpture should go to Woodhorn Museum; 28/11/2001 shows picture of newly erected soldier statue; 10/01/2002 reports vandalism of new memorial.

News Post Leader 05/11/2001 reports erection of statue; 29/11/2001 reports erection of statue with proposal for unveiling “in the spring”; 10/01/2002 reports vandalism; 14/11/2002 carries report and photo of rededication.

Programme of rededication.

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Additional Research documents (click to download)

Research acknowledgements

Janet Brown

Research In Progress

Alan Grint is researching the Names on this memorial. Contact:
Ashington Memorial Group are researching the names on their local War Memorials Contact:

Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Kenilworth Road (A17.27)




Plaque 1.  
  To the Glory of God and Glorious
  Memory of those inhabitants of
  Ashington and District
  who gave their lives for their country
  in the Great War 1914-1918
                                                             Dane. A.        N.F.
  Allen W.E.      R.E.         Bell R.         R.N.S.        Dixon T.B.      N.F.
  Adams A.B.      R.N.D.       Blackburn D.    Yorks.L.I.    Dunn T.A.       A.& S.H.
  Atkinson D.     N.F.         Bairn T.        R.F.          Davison R.      N.F.
  Allen G.T.      N.F.         Burton A.       N.F.          Dunn G.         N.F.
  Adamson A.S.    N.F.         Cain F.         R.N.D.        Duncan R.H.     N.F.
  Angus J.        N.F.         Crosby T.S.     N.F.          Darling W.      W.Yorks.Regt.
  Anderson J.     N.F.         Carr T.T.       N.F.          Dunn J.         N.F.
  Aisbitt E.      N.F.         Cutter E.       N.F.          Dinsdale G.     N.F.
  Allen G.W.      A.I.F.       Clark F.        R.F.A.        Davison J. MM   N.F.
  Allen T.L.      R.E.         Coe R.N.        N.F.          Ditchburn L.    C.G.
  Anderson A.     N.F.         Cummings M.     N.F.          Dixon W.H.      N.F.
  Atkinson J.     R.N.D.       Chapman J.F.    N.F.          Davison T.      N.F.
  Archbold D.     K.O.Y.L.I.   Cottrell H.     N.F.          Dodds G.        Yorks.Regt.
  Allen R.        N.F.         Cobbledick T.   W.Yorks.Regt. Dorgan N.       D.L.I.
  Allsopp A.      L.F.         Cuthbert L.     N.F.          Davison F.      M.G.C.
  Atkinson F.G.   R.A.F.       Cuthbert K.     N.F.          Davidson A.     N.F.
  Allen T.        R.F.         Collins H.      N.F.          Dickson G.A.    R.E.
  Askew W.W.      N.F.         Carroll J.      N.F.          Downey T.       W.RidingRegt.
  Adamson G.L.    N.F.         Clough G.       N.F.          Dickinson W.    N.F.
  Adamson T.W.    R.E.         Crook R.G.      S.L.I.        Dickinson D.H.  K.O.Y.L.I.
  Allen A.        Y.& L.Regt.  Curian W.       N.F.          Dance T.        N.F.
  Aspin H.        N.F.         Cole G.H.       N.F.          Drysdale J.     W.RidingRegt.
  Aspin J.W.      Hants.Regt.  Carr A.         N.F.          Dunn T.W.       H.L.I.
  Angus W.        C.G.         Cadman J.       N.F.          Dixon C.        N.F.
  Allen H.        N.F.         Crawford J.     N.F.          Dunn G.         N.F.
  Adamson G.L.    N.F.         Clarke J.T.     N.F.          Downie H.W.     K.R.R.
  Angus J.        N.F.         Craize R.       N.F.          Dunn R.         W.F.
  Adey J.         D.of W.Regt  Campbell H.     R.M.L.I.      Daglish R.      N.F.
  Allen G.T.      N.F.         Chalmers S.     N.F.          Dockerty P.     N.F.
  Allan R.M.      N.F.         Clark E.        N.F.          Davison R.      N.F.
  Bone G.B.       R.E.         Crook J.W.      N.F.          Davison J.      N.F.
  Baker W.D.      R.N.D.       Common R.       N.F.          Dickinson J.    R.N.D.
  Blair J.G.      R.N.D.       Chester M.H.    R.N.D.        Dawson W.G.     N.F.
  Burgham G.      R.N.D.       Coleman W.      R.N.V.R.      Dodds R.        N.F.
  Borthwick G.    N.F.         Coe R.W.        N.F.          Daglish J.      N.F.
  Brotherton J.   N.F.         Clarke R.B.     E.Yorks.Regt. Dykes W.K.      R.F.
  Bawn J.R.       N.F.         Campbell V.     K.O.Y.L.I.    Dixon T.B.      N.F.
  Brewis E.       W.R. Regt.   Coe J.T.        M'sex. Regt.  Doyle P.        N.F.
  Baxter F.       N.F.         Carr E.         R.A.M.C.      Elliott W.      R.N.D.
  Benns J.L.      N.F.         Caisley J.W.    W.Yorks.Regt. Errington A.    N.F.
  Brown J.F.      R.N.R.       Campbell J.     R.F.A.        Evans R.        R.N.
  Briggs G.       N.F.         Cameron C.      R.A.S.C.      Erroll W.       N.F.
  Bell J.A.       Black Watch  Cossar E.       N.F.          Etheridge W.T.  N.F.
  Bowden J.       N.F.         Cook T.         N.F.          Eke T.          R.N.D.
  Bell A.         N.F.         Carruthers J.   W.Yorks.Regt. Elsdon R.       N.F.
  Bell T.         N.F.         Curry T.W.      East Surrey   Egan J.         N.F.
  Burn W.H.       E.Yorks.Regt.Curtis H.M.     R.N.D.        Elliott R.      N.F.
  Boyle J.        N.F.         Christie H.M.   R.N.D.        Edwards G.H.    N.F.
  Briggs G.       N.F.         Cuthbert R.E.   N.F.          Emery E.N.      N.F.
  Brown J.        Dorset Regt. Curry R.D.      N.F.          Egdell T. DCM.  R.N.D.
  Baker F.        N.F.         Collins T.      R.A.O.C.      Edgar F.J. MM   N.F.
  Banton T.       N.F.         Clark W.C.      N.F.          Embleton J.T.   N.F.
  Bone W.         N.F.         Cunningham G.   N.F.          Earl T.W.       R.N.D.
  Buglas B.       N.F.         Cunningham J.   London Regt.  Evans J.        W.R.B.
  Bell R.         N.F.         Cropp R.F.      N.F.          Elliott G.H.    N.F.
  Burton A.       N.F.         Corbett J.      W.F.          Edmonston G.J.  N.F.
  Bates G.        N.F.         Cairns J.                     Forster J.      R.E.
  Baker A.        N.F.         Cain F.         R.N.D.        Forster C.      N.F.
  Bell P.         R.F.A.       Carse T.        N.F.          Fox C.M.        E.Yorks.Regt.
  Brewis M.       N.F.         Curry H.        R.I.Regt.     Fawbert J.      R.N.D.
  Barron T.       N.F.         Cuthbert L.     N.F.          Ford R.         R.N.D.
  Burn J.T.       R.F.         Cole G.H.       N.F.          Flockhart J.    N.F.
  Baulks T.       N.F.         Cuthbert K.     N.F.          Freeman R.      N.F.
  Bell W.         D.L.I.       Cook T.         M.F.P.        Fenwick J.E.    N.F.
  Bell W.A.       Yorks.Regt.  Cousins C.      M.G.C.        Featherstone J.W. G.H.
  Bell J.A.       N.F.         Campbell H.B.   So.African Ct.Fotheringham T. N.F.
  Bell T.C.       N.F.         Davison J.W.    N.F.          Ferrell R.      N.F.
  Berkwell J.     N.F.         Donkin H.       R.N.D.        Fisher I.       N.F.
  Barnfather E.   R.N.D.       Dudding J.W.    R.N.D.        Fail A. DCM MM  N.F.
  Barnfather J.W. D.L.I.       Davison J.W.    R.N.D.        Fenwick G.      W.Yorks.Regt.
  Barasford G.    N.F.         Davison J.      R.N.D.        Ferguson W.     S.S.
  Blyth F.        N.F.         Dockerty H.     N.F.          Findlay D.J.    N.F.
  Brown J.G.      R.N.D.       Darling J.H.    N.F.          Fowler G.H.     N.C.B.
  Bolton H.Y.     Yorks. Regt. Dixon W.A.      N.F.          Gair J.D.       Yorks.Regt.
  Boutland J.     K.O.Y.L.I.   Dinsdale J.R.   N.F.          Gardiner J.W.   R.F.
  Brack R.W.      R.N.D.       Deighan M.      N.F.          Green E.P.      N.F.
  Bowart C.Y.     N.H.I.Y.     Dixon W.        R.Sussex Regt.Griffiths W.M.  N.F.
  Barnfather W.M. MM R.N.D.    Dixon J.        N.F.          Glendinning J.B.R.N.D.
  Bickerton W.    N. Cyclist   Danc A.         N.F.          Griffiths G.    N.F.
  Bickerton J.T.  N.F.         Douglass G.W.   D.L.I.        Glenton G.P.G.  R.N.
  Burgon T.       N.F.         Dunn W.A.       N.F.          Gallon J.R.     N.F.
  Boggon E.D.F.   D.L.I.       Dunn R.         R.I.F.        Graham J.       N.F.
  Bell W.         R.B.         Dixon J.        N.F.          Gilroy D.       N.F.
  Bailey S.       N.F.         Dawson W.G.     N.F.          Gascoigne C.    N.F.  
Plaque 2

                                                             Morgan W.       N.F.
  Gladstone G.    N.F.         Hewitson A.E.   N.F.          Lockhart G.     W.Yorks.Regt.
  Gowans J.W.     N.F.         Horton H.W.     N.F.          Liddell G.W.    N.F.
  Gales T.        N.F.         Holliday W.C.   N.F.          Miller J.S.     N.F.
  Goldsbury H.    N.F.         Hindmarsh W.    N.F.          Marsh T.        N.Staffs.Regt.
  Gardiner A.W.   N.F.         Horsley G.      N.F.          McLellon W.     N.F.
  Goldsbury J.    N.F.         Harrison D.     N.F.          Morris W.       N.F.
  Greener C.D.    R.N.D.       Henderson A.E.  N.F.          Millar J.T.     N.F.
  Guy G.R.        N.F.         Hewitt R.       D.L.I.        Marshall R.C.   R.N.D.
  Gregory R.      R.N.D.       Hogg R.         N.F.          Muras A.        N.F.
  Glasper A.      N.F.         Hedley R.       N.F.          Murdie G.       R.N.R.
  Graham G.       R.N.D.       Hogg P.         N.F.          Mitchinson J.   N.F.
  Gunn T.M.       R.F.A.       Hall C.S.       R.A.F.        Moffatt J.W.    N.F.
  Gordon J.       N.F.         Haggerty F.     N.F.          Mossman R.T.    N.F.
  Gibson J.       N.F.         Irving F.       N.F.          Millar J.       Ches.Regt.
  Gilbert A.      R.W.S.       Johnstone A.    R.N.D.        Morris R.       N.F.
  Goldsbury C.    N.F.         Jobson G.       N.F.          McGee L.        N.F.
  Gowans E.       N. Cyclist   Johnson W.      R. Sussex.    McSparrow T.    N.F.
  Gilmore W.J.    S.R.         Johnson G.S.    N.F.          McDonald D.     N.F.
  Graham T.       2nd Y&L      Johnson J.      N.F.          Mills D.A.      N.F.
  Gleghorn R.     N.F.         Johnstone W.    R. Sussex     Middleton F.C.  N.F.
  Gray J.         N.F.         Jeffrey J.      W.Yorks.Regt. McDonald J.     N.F.
  Gilroy D.       N.F.         Johnson T.W.    R.F.A.        Mole J.A.       N.F
  Gilroy J.       G.G.         Johnson R.      N.F.          Montgomery T.   N.F.
  Gordon A.T.     R.E.         Johnson J.                    Milford C.      N.F.
  Graham J.S.     N.F.         Jemison J.      C. Hldrs      McLaughlan G.   N.F.
  Hall T.         W.RidingRegt Jefferson S.    N.F.          Marshall T.     N.F.
  Hay J.C.        N.F.         Juster J.W.     M.G.C.        Mulrow T.       R.N.D.
  Haggerty A.     D.L.I.       Johnson P.W.    N.F.          Maxwell J.      K.O.Y.L.I.
  Harris A.       N.F.         Knopp W.        D.L.I.        Miller E.       N.F.
  Holcrow R.      N.F.         Kears F.        Canadian      Montgomery T.   N.F.
  Huntley E.      N.F.         Kennedy T.      R.N.D.        Miles E.T.      D.ofW.Regt.
  Howard J.       N.F.         Kinnaird D.     R.I.F.        Mackay T.R.     N.F.
  Hall M.         N.F.         Kneiling J.     N.F.          Maughan A.M.    D.L.I.
  Habberjam C.    N.F.         King M.         Y.& L.Regt.   Mawson B.       N.F.
  Hope J.G.       N.F.         Kendrew W.      D.L.I.        Murray J.       N.F.
  Habberjam W.R.  Sussex       Keers J.G.      R.N.D.        Matthews J.     R.F.A.
  Hewitt W.       N.F.         Kelly J.        R.N.D.        Mason G.R.      N.F.
  Hogg P.S.       N.F.         Keenleyside R.  D.L.I.        Murdie R.       R.N.R.
  Henderson J.W.  R.F.A.       Keeny J.        N.F.          Murdie R.       R.F.A.
  Hesp J.C.       R.N.D.       Lamb J.         R.N.D.        Middlemiss J.R. R.N.D.
  Hall T.         N.F.         Lawrence J.     N.F.          McLean A.       N.F.
  Henderson R. W.Yorks.Regt.   Lawrie W.       D.L.I.        Miller J.E.     N.F.
  Hindmarsh G.    N.F.         Lee F.          N.F.          McCready R.W.   W.R.Regt.
  Herron G.T.     N.F.         Lock F.         N.F.          Millar R.W.     N.F.
  Henderson J.    N.F.         Laws M.         W.Yorks.Regt. Moore T.W.      R.F.A.
  Halliday J.     N.F.         Lillico T.      N.F.          Moscrop T.      Hants.Regt.
  Harrison J.     A.I.F.       Lockyer T.      N.F.          Millar T.       1st D.F.
  Hall G.         L.K.O.       Logan E.        N.F.          McEvoy F.       R.A.F.
  Henderson A.    N.F.         Lockyer A.      R.N.          McGuinness G.   N.Cyclist
  Huntley C.      R.N.D.       Lock A.         N.F.          Murray R.       R.Sussex.
  Hibbert F.      N.F.         Lupton F.       Y.& L.Regt.   Murdie R.O.     R.F.A.
  Henessey E.     N.F.         Lee J.          N.F.          Main S.         R.N.V.R.
  Heslop T.      7th G.H.      Locke J.J.      N.F.          Moore W.        R.I.F.
  Hetherington J. R.G.A.       Leach T.        N.F.          Macdonald J.    N.F.
  Hedley R.       N.F.         Ledgerwood J.   Man.Regt.     Nelson G.T.     R.F.A.
  Hart T.         N.F.         Leonard J.F.    N.F.          Nicholson R.    N.F.
  Hodge J.        R.N.D.       Leslie R.A.     E.Yorks.Regt. Nairn W.T.      C.G.
  Holmes F.       M.G.C.       Lovelle J.      N.F.          Nelson W.       N.F.
  Holliday J.     Ches. Regt.  Lumb J.H.       R.E.          Nairn W.        N.F.
  Havelle T.      R.N.         Lawson S.H.     R.N.D.        Nichol J.       N.F.
  Huntley J.R.    R.A.S.C.     Lytham W.       Hants.Regt.   Nicholson R.    N.F.
  Harbit J.W.     N.F.         Lazenby J.W.    R.A.          Nesbit W.R.     N.F.
  Holmes J.       N.F.         Lord J.H.       E.Yorks.Regt. Nelson W.B.     N.F.
  Holland A.      Y.& L.Regt.  Ledger M. MM    E.Yorks.Regt. Nelson J.       R.F.A.
  Hicks J.        N.F.         Lee E.M.        R.N.          Nunn J.A.       N.F.
  Hollywood E.    E. Lancs.    Laggon T.       R.F.          Nevin J.A.      Man.Regt.
  Haggerty A.     D.L.I.       Lockhart A.W.   N.F.          Noon J.         N.F.
  Hodgson A.      N.F.         Long H.         N.F.          Nutter W.       D.L.I.
  Hamilton C.     R.F.A.       Long R.         N.F.          Nixon F.
  Henderson T.J.  K.O.Y.L.I.   Lazenby B.      N.F.          Nesbitt C.M.    R.E.
  Hills B.        N.F.         Logan J.        N.F.          Nelson J.W.     N.F.
  Hill R.H.       C.G.         Lang M.         N.F.          Nelson J. MM    R.F.A.
  Hunn A.         N.F.         Leddy R.        N.F.          Nicholson J.E.  Yorks.Regt.
  Hall J.R.       R.E.         Laidlaw G.                    Owens G.        R.N.D.
  Heslop T.       G.H.         Lovelle J.      N.F.          Ord H.          R.A.M.C.
  Harrison G.     R.N.D.       Longstaff E.J.  W.Yorks.Regt. Owens T.        R.N.D.
  Lillico G.R.    R.E.
Plaque 3
                               Gardner A.W.    N.F.          Taylor H.       E.Yorks.Regt.
  Oxley J.T.      W.R. Regt.   Robertson W.    N.F.          Turnbull E.D.   N.F.
  Osborne J.      N.F.         Statton J.H.    N.F.          Turnbull G.     R.N.D.
  Oliver J.       N.F.         Sawkill S.      N.F.          Tucker E.J.     R.N.D.
  Oxley H.        N.F.         Scrowther J.    R.N.D.        Tyrell T.M.     S.H.
  Oxley E.        R.N.D.       Schofield W.    N.F.          Turnbull A.     R.N.D.
  Poole A.        N.F.         Shiel J.J.      N.F.          Thain J.        N.F.
  Proctor G.      R.N.D.       Sweet H.        N.F.          Thompson W.W.   N.F.
  PattersonT.B.D. R.N.D.       Smith W.        N.F.          Thompson J.     N.F.
  Purvis J.       N.F.         Stubbs W.       N.F.          Timlin T.       N.F.
  Patterson D.    R.N.D.       Smith T.        N.F.          Timlin M.       N.F.
  Pringle J.      R.N.D.       Scott J.D.      N.F.          Trotter J.A.    R.Scots.
  Parmley J.S.    N.F.         Stoker J.       N.F.          Thompson H.G.   N.F.
  Patterson H.    R.N.D.       Sproat T.R.     R.N.D.        Turnbull J.     R.N.D.
  Palmer J.T.     Yorks.Regt   Scott W.        N.F.          Thompson E.     K.O.S.B.
  Price J.        R.N.D.       Shilan F MM     R.N.D.        Tilley G.W.     N.F.
  Patterson G.    N.F.         Smith W.        N.F.          Talbot M.       N.F.
  Patrick J.      R.N.D.       Sweet W.        R.N.          Thompson J.     R.N.D.
  Page J.         N.F.         Soulsby J.J.    R.N.D.        Thompson A.     R.N.D.
  Pickering M.A.  W.R. Regt.   Stanley W.J.    N.F.          Turnbull A.L.   R.F.
  Paxton G.       N.F.         Sunter J.W.     N.F.          Tully J.P.      R.F.
  Purdy P.        N.F.         Skidmore G.     N.F.          Ullock J.E.     N.F.
  Pratt J.J.      W.Yorks.Regt.Swinburn H.S.   N.F.          Vosper T.       N.F.
  Patterson N.    N.F.         Scott E.        N.F.          Veitch D.H.     Ches.Regt.
  Patrick N.      N.F.         Short L.        N.F.          Waine C.A.      K.L.R.
  Proudlock J.    M.G.C.       Sitch E.        N.F.          Whitfield J.    N.F.
  Pyle G.A.       N.F.         Skidmore J.     N.F.          Watson T.       N.F.
  Park W.         D.L.I.       Steele T.       N.F.          Wrightson D.    N.F.
  Porteous G.     N.L.N.       Snowden R.      N.F.          Woodall E.W.    N.F.
  Pitchford E.    R.E.         Strong G.       M.G.C.        Welsh P.        D.F.
  Pringle M.      N.F.         Smith J.W.      G.G.          Wright. J.      N.F.
  Patterson G.    N.F.         Shale J.R.      N.F.          Woodmass S.     N.F.
  Peadon A.       N.F.         Smith W.        R.N.D.        Walker J.       R.N.D.
  Pyle G.A.       N.F.         Scrace J.H.     W.Yorks.Regt. Wilson J.       N.F.
  Peters W.T.     N.F.         Shield G.G.     N.F.          Wills R.        N.F.
  Pattie J.T.     N.F.         Stokes A.       N.F.          Whittaker J.    N.F.
  Patterson J.    R.N.D        Smith W.        N.F.          Wilks T.        N.F.
  Quin J.T.       R.F.         Swanson J.      R.N.D.        Watson W.       N.F.
  Richards F.     Can.         Shirley R.      N.F.          Wilson G.R.     N.F.
  Robertson W.    N.F          Stafford F.     N.F.          Wear T.A.       R.N.D.
  Riddell W.A.    N.F.         Shannon T.      R.F.A.        Waters L.       N.F.
  Rourke J.       N.F.         Smart S.J.      R.I.F.        Wilson R.       N.F.
  Rourke A.       M.G.C.       Streaner H.A.   N.F.          Weatherston R.  N.F.
  Reavely G.D.H.  N.F.         Shannon W.M.    N.F.          Wood J.W.       N.F.
  Robson A.E.     N.F.         Steele S.       W.R.Regt.     Westell G.      N.F.
  Robinson J.     R.A.M.C.     Smailes J.R.    W.R.Regt.     Watson G.       N.F.
  Rutherford T.   N.F.         Scott J.A.      R.A.F.        Widdrington R.  W.Yorks.Regt.
  Robertson T.    N.F.         Simpson T.W.    R.N.D.        Westell E.      D.ofW.
  Richardson M.   N.F.         Simm B.         W.R.Regt.     Wales E.A.      N.F.
  Rolfe T.        N.F.         Singer W.       R.F.A.        Watson J.W.     N.F.
  Reay E.         W.R.Regt.    Sinclair J.     R.F.          Wakenshaw J.    N.F.
  Rowntree T.W.   W.R.Regt.    Skinner H.      N.F.          Wilson A.       N.F.
  Riley G.        N.F.         Simm W.         N.F.          Wiltshire E.    N.F.
  Richardson J.   N.F.         Smith E.        N.F.          Wood T.D.       N.F.
  Routledge T.    N.F.         Scott J.        N.F.          Wilson A.D.     R.N.D.
  Robson M.       Yorks.Regt   Smith R.W.      Ches.Regt.    Wilson J.T.     Ches.Regt.
  Robson J.T.     K.R.R.       Shield R.W.     R.E.          Wood J.W.       N.F.
  Rutter J.H.     N.F.         Stone J.W.      N.F.          Wade R.         N.F.
  Robson J.       N.Cyclist    Swanson C.      R.N.D.        Wright W.E.     W.R.Regt.
  Robson J.       R.F.         Savage N.V.     C.G.          Wilson J.M.     N.F.
  Robson W.J.     R.E.         Shaw J.E.       N.F.          Wilson S.       N.F.
  Reed R.         N.F.         Seely A.        R.A.M.C.      Wilson J.       R.F.
  Ryder W.        N.F.         Swinhoe T.      R.N.D.        Weir G.         Y.&L.Regt.
  Richardson J.J. W.R.Regt.    Swalwell T.     N.Staffs.Regt.Walby W.        R.W.Regt.
  Richardson W.F. R.F.A.       Tosney J.E.     K.O.S.B.      Wallace T.      N.F.
  Routledge J.    R.F.A.       Thompson T.     N.H.I.Y.      Walls A.C.      N.F.
  Rowley W.       N.F.         Thompson J.     R.N.D.        Wilkins W.      D.L.I.
  Robson T.       D.L.I.       Thompson A.     N.F.          Webster W.      R.N.D.
  Rogers E.C.     M.G.C.       Thompson J.     N.F.          Wakenshaw A.    N.F.
  Rowley J.       N.F.         Tait H.         D.L.I.        Woodward J.W.   R.N.D.
  Robinson D.     N.F.         Tipper W.       R.N.D.        Woodhall E.     N.F.
  Robinson W.A.   R.F.         Turner R.W.     N.F.          Wright S.       N.F.
  Ray J.          N.F.         Tait W.         R.N.D.        Wood T.D.       N.F.
  Randles J.G.    R.N.D.       Tait A.         N.F.          White G.        S.Staffs.Regt.
  Richardson T.   R.N.D.       Townsend W.J.   A.V.C.        Yearham T.      N.F.
  Rhodes H.       R.N.D.       Towart J.A.     N.F.          Young R.        N.F.
  Renwick J.      R.A.M.C.     Talbert M.      N.F.          Young A.        N.F.
  Richardson J.   R.A.M.C.     Taylor R.       N.F.          York A.         N.F.
  Reilly J.       N.F.         Thain T.        N.F.          Young I.        N.F.
  Robson T.       N.F.         Tanny D.        N.F.          Yellowly M.     N.F.
  Randle D.       Sher.For.    Taylor M.F.     N.F.          Yearham J.W.    N.F.
  Robinson D.     N.F.         Taylor M.       N.F.          Yorke E.B.      Lancs.
  Robinson J.E.G. N.F.         Turnbull J.W.   N.F.          Yeaman J.
  Robertson J.    N.F.         Tinnion J.      N.F.          Young E.C.      M.G.C.
  Riley O.        H.L.I.       Templey J.T.    N.F.
  Taylor S.       R.O (?)
Plaque 4
  And to the Glorious Memory
  of those men who gave their
  lives in the war 1939-1945
  Mawson C.L.     A.B.        M.N.                 Wood R.W.       L.S.      R.N.
  Allan J.R.      Gnr.        R.A.                 Jennings U.     Pte.      H.L.I.
  Allison A.      A.B.        R.N.                 Johnson D.V.    R.O.      M.N.
  Appleby W.      Sgt.        R.N.F.               Johnson L.      Capt.     R.N.F.
  Armstrong C.    P/O         R.A.F.               Kelly A.A.      Skr/1stC. R.N.
  Askew R.        F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Leech T.C.      Pte.      D.L.I.
  Atkinson C.W.   Dvr.        R.A.S.C.             Lightley T.W.   F/Sgt     R.A.F.
  Balmer J.       A.B.        R.N.                 Little J.A.     Pte.      Aus.Inf.
  Balmer J.H.     A.B.        R.N.                 Lyall G.        Sgt.      R.A.F.
  Belshaw D.      A.B.        R.N.                 McAllister R.   Sgt.      C.Gds.
  Brotherton R.   F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Maclean A.      Sgt.      R.N.F.
  Brown J.A.      Fus.        R.N.F.               Miles H.T.      Pte       D.L.I.
  Brown G.W.      Sgt. Pilot  R.A.F.               Mills D.K.      Sgt.Pilot R.A.F.
  Brown D.R.      Sgt.        R.A.F.V.R.           Miller G.       A.B.      R.N.
  Bryson J.       F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Morrall G.      Sgt.      R.A.F.
  Burrell W.G.G.  Rfn.  Cameronian Scottish Rifles Morris A.C.     Sgt.      R.A.F.
  Burton F.       L/Cpl       R.N.F.               Morton J.W.     P/O       R.A.F.
  Cairns J.       F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Murray R.R.     Bdr.      R.A.
  Cairns J.D.     F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Murray R.B.     Fus.      R.N.F.
  Camsell R.      Skr/1stC.   R.N.                 Murdie T.S.W.   L.A.C.    R.A.F.
  Carter F.W.J.   Gnr.        R.A.                 Nichol J.       Dvr.      R.A.
  Carr R.         4th Eng.    M.N.                 Norton W.       Cpl.      N.Z.R.B.
  Carr W.L.       Lieut.      D.L.I.               Oliver J.       Sgt.      R.A.S.C.
  Charlton D.     Cpl.        G.Gds.               Parry R.        L/Sgt     R.A.S.C.
  Charlton A.     Pte.        R.A.M.C.             Patterson J.A.DFM Sgt     R.A.F.
  Chisholm R.     Pte.        K.O.S.B              Paul T.         L/Tel.    R.N.
  Clavering J.M.  Cpl.        R.A.F                Pickering J.A.  Sgt.      Q.R.R.
  Cowan R.        F/Sgt       R.A.F                Poole T.H.      Tpr.      R.T.C.
  Cowan T.        Tel.        R.N                  Pratt H.        Spr.      R.E.
  Cowell J.R.     Sgt.        R.S. Greys           Pratt J.C.      Gnr.      R.A.
  Cotterill J.C.  Skr.        R.N.                 Preston G.      Sgt.      R.N.F.
  Crowe D.        Sgt.        R.A.F.               Pringle S.      Pte.      Berks.Reg.
  Dawson D.R.     A.C.W.      W.A.A.F.             Pringle A.S.    L/Cpl     Derb.Reg.
  Dawson L.       Tpr.        N. Huss.             Pyle C.         Bdr.      R.H.A.
  Dawson J.W.     Engr.       M.N.                 Redford G.H. DFM F/Sgt    R.A.F.
  Dawson L.       Gnr.        R.A.                 Richardson J.E. F/Sgt     R.A.F.
  Dixon J.W.      Gnr.        R.A.                 Richardson H.J. Gnr.      R.A.
  Ditchburn P.W.  F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Richell J.J.    Engr.     M.N.
  Donkin A.T.     F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Riddell R.      L.A.C.    R.A.F.
  Donkin H.       Gnr.        R.A.                 Riddell G.R.S.  Sgt.      R.A.F.
  Dower R.P.      Cpl.        R.E.                 Robson J.W.     F/O       R.A.F.
  Dunn G.         E.R.A.      R.N.                 Robson L.       L/Cpl     R.N.F.
  Dunn J.DFM,DFC  F/O         R.A.F.               Robinson M.     Gnr.      R.A.
  Edes H.M.       A.B.        R.N.                 Rose J.H.       Spr.      R.E.
  Elliott T.R.    Sgt/W. Op   R.A.F.               Rule A.H.       Cpl.      K.R.R.C.
  Emery W.V.      A.C.2       R.A.F.               Shields N.      Sgt/Obs.  R.A.F.
  Fawcett R.      Cbn/Boy     M.N                  Sinclair T.H.   Tpr.      Recce.C.
  Fairholm M.     Skr.        R.N                  Smith L.S.      E.R.A.    R.N.
  Fitzpatrick T.R.Sgt/W.Op.   R.A.F                Spare T.        Fus.      R.W.F.
  Foreman J.S.    Pte.        K.O.Y.L.I            Steel S.        Tel.      R.N.
  Foster W.       Fus.        R.N.F                Steele N.T.     F/Sgt     R.A.F.
  Freeman L.      Sgt/A.G.    R.A.F.               Stephenson W.R. Gnr.      N. Huss.
  Gibson R.       A.B.        R.N                  Straughan L.    A.C.1.    R.A.F.
  Goldsbury R.    Sgt.        R.A.F                Thompson R.W.B. MM Sgt.   N. Huss.
  Gorman M.       Pte.        Pnr. Cps             Townson J.      Skr/1stC  R.N.
  Gould G.P.      Fus.        R.N.F.               Turnbull J.     Fus.      R.N.F.
  Gray W.W.C.     A.B.        R.N.                 Tynan S. MM     Cpl.      R.A.M.C.
  Gray W.         W.Op/A.G.   R.A.F.               Waldock R.      Pte.      D.L.I.
  Grey R.         F/Lt.       R.A.F.               Watson S.       Pte.      Kings Own
  Hall J.         Cpl.        D.L.I.               Wedderburn J.   L/Cpl     C. Gds.
  Halliday R.W.   Gnr.        R.A.                 Wedderburn J.   P.O.      R.N.
  Harmison J.W.P. MM L/Cpl    D.L.I.               White J.        Pte.      Bk. Wh.
  Harris J.E.     Pte.        D.L.I.               Whitelaw J.D.   Sgt.
  Hart W.         L/Cpl       D.L.I.               Wilson G.       Pte.      Gord.H.
  Hetherington L.W.P/O        R.A.F.               Wilson J.       L/Cpl     Yks&Lans.
  Hennesey G.T.   Cpl.        R.C.S.               Wood G.R.N.     W/O       R.A.A.F.
  Hogg J.         Fus.        R.N.F.               Woodman R.C.    Gdsn.     C.Gds.
  Holmes F.       A.B.        R.N.                 York T.         P/O       R.N.
  Houston E.P.    3rd O.      M.N.                 Young T.        Spr.      R.E.
  Hunter G.H.     L.A.C.      R.A.F.               Hudson C.E.     Pte.      A. & S.H.
  Hyde I.         Sgnr.       R.N.                 Reay E.         Sgt.      R.N.F.
  Tapson W.H.     Cpl.        K.O.S.B              Hunter W.S.               R.N.
  Morris R.       S.G.T./A.G. R.A.F.               Melrose. E.               W.A.A.F.
  Watson J.T.                 R.N.A.S.B.R          Pears T.        Sgt.      1st Batt. G.H.
  Wright L.W.     2nd Batt.   C.G.                 Newman G.A.     Sgt.      R.A.F.V.R.
  Stephenson G.A. P.O.        R.N.                 Cairns H. VC DCM Sgt.     Can. Inf.
                                                   Cairns A.                 Can.Inf.

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