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Photo: J. Brown


Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Kenilworth Road





Map ref

NZ 273887

Original Location

This was in front of the building which was the Library

Present Location

In 2015 the plaques were handed over to the Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 28th October 1983.

Memorial Description

Sculpture, total height approx. 4 m.
Cubic concrete block surmounted by modern steel sculpture representing silhouettes of soldiers from 1914-18 resting on their rifles. This sculpture is about 6 feet high and 3 feet wide.
The base of this cubic monument has 1 foot square blocks in each corner. Between these blocks, bronze panels, three of which are 132cm high x 76cm wide and a fourth 9.5cm high x 73cm wide, are inserted into each of the four sides, each leaning back, and each bearing names in two columns on each. Letters are painted in Roman white capitals with medals etc. in pale blue.

Materials used

Concrete base, steel sculpture and bronze plates.


This foundation stone / was laid jointly by / Councillor J. Scott / Chairman, Wansbeck / District Council / and Mr. R. Sewell, B.Sc. / C.Eng. M.I.Mech.E. F.A.M.E. M.E. / President Ashington Branch / of the Royal British Legion / on 28th October 1983.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee: Hon secretary Mr. W. Dykes.


b. Plaques to cost about £250.

How money was raised

a. Public subscription.
b. Public subscription, via Ashington British Legion Memorial Fund.

Present condition

Sculpture removed by popular consent November 2001.

English Heritage Listing

See Note 6 below.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Gene Healey, of Ashington Hirst High School.

Ownership and maintenance

Wansbeck District Council.


1. One of the original ideas for a memorial proposed in 1919 was a municipal building containing public baths, swimming pool, gymnasium and assembly rooms, etc. This prompted a letter from somebody calling himself “South Wind” suggesting that 50 houses should be built to house war widows and their families, which would also be repaid by the rental.
It was reported at a meeting that there had been a lot of very strong criticism of the proposals; one of the objections was that the scheme for public utilities would cost £1,000 annual expenditure.

2. A Welcome Home Committee was to be established, but there seems to have been dissent as to who should be represented on it.

3. “With regard to the ‘Mystery Medal’ article dated Thursday, July 9, I can provide a little further information. Miners from Ashington Colliery who served in WWI were awarded this medal upon returning home, along with a scroll. I also possess this medal, but not the scroll”. (Letter to News Post Leader 3/9/1998 from Mrs B. Simpson, Newbiggin by the Sea.

4. In 1999 the public’s opinion was to be sought by Wansbeck District Council for another new memorial since the sculpture was not "representative of the era or purpose for which it was intended to portray". The memorial had been described as a “hideosity”. (News Post Leader 7th October 1999)

5. “Members of the Royal British Legion have demanded that the ‘monstrosity’ of a war memorial in Ashington Town Centre be replaced with a more fitting figure of remembrance. . . .When the present monstrosity appeared we were shocked and dismayed. We protested bitterly to the council but were told it was artistic licence and we couldn’t do anything about it as the money had been spent. . . . .The present memorial was erected in 1982 . . . . .the general view of members was that the present structure was obnoxious and an insult to the memory of the men and women . . . Wansbeck District Council said they have already carried out a survey to test public opinion and the results would be revealed at a committee meeting early in the new year.” News Post Leader 23/12/1999

6. Listing was applied for on 1st August 2005, along with its replacement statue. The response from English Heritage was “as this was erected in 1983 and substantially altered in 2001, it is not 30 years old and cannot yet be considered for listing”.

7. 1914-1918 MEMORIAL As soon as the Hospital Wards had been built, a letter appeared in the newspapers appealing for funds for a War Memorial. When it was pointed out that the War Memorial was, in fact, the hospital ward which bore bronze plaques, the response was yes, but where could they have a Remembrance Day Service and lay wreaths?

8. This monument was universally detested. The sculpture has been described as "coat hangers". tuning forks and an egg whisk.

9. The bronze panels for 1914-18 and 1939-45 were originally outside the Memorial Ward at Ashington Hospital. When the ward was demolished, the panels were placed on the wall of the Cricket Club car park until they were incorporated in this memorial.

10. The siting of the monument here also caused dissent, since a place in front of the hospital had been dedicated and tarmac laid so that people attending the Remembrance Day services could be dry underfoot.

11. In 1925, the proposed new alternative monument was to be built near the Priestman Institute, would be 32 feet high, with the figures of a soldier and a sailor on the top, and the names of the fallen on the base, probably in bronze.

12. Following 1939-45, there was a proposal to erect a large Public Hall and Library, the Library part of which was to be the Town's 1939-45 Memorial. It was to be situated at the junction of North Seaton Road and Green Lane. The design was to be open to competition, the prize proposed was £200. The names from 1899-1902 and 1914-18 were to be added to this new memorial.

13. The new plaques were to be hung with the 1914-18 ones in the War Memorial Ward at the Hospital. Those from 1914-18 were to be cleaned at the same time.

14.. In 2014, when plans were made to create a new Memorial Garden, a decision was taken to replace the memorial altogether, because so many names were missing and there were a lot of errors.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; P. Thirkell

Morpeth Herald 10/01/1919 reports proposals for a municipal building; 10/01/1919 indicates dissent over the Welcome Home plans; 17/01/1919 includes suggestion of 50 houses being built; 20/03/1920 reports various proposals; 02/04/1920 reports the presentation of the Mons Star to Gunner John Russell; 21/11/1919 contains a letter of appeal for funds; 30/11/1923, 14/12/1923, 21/12/1923 contain correspondence re an alternative monument; 1924 passim reports fund raising events; 27/03/1925 describes the proposed monument.

16/02/1945 reports proposal for Library; 02/04/1948 reports appeal for funds for 1939-45 plaques.

News Post Leader 07/10/1999 reports proposals.

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Research acknowledgements

Janet Brown; Mr. W. Kennedy; the late Mrs. N. Cuthbert; Rev. P. Bennison; P. Thirkell; Mr. Pratt of Ashington; D.J. Wise; Mr. George Holland; Sally Bird; the late Barbara Harbottle; Dorothy Hall; Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives

Research In Progress

Alan Grint is researching the names on this memorial.

Contact: Ashington War Memorials
Ashington Memorial Group are researching the names on their local War Memorials Contact:

Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Kenilworth Road (A17.01)


Plaque 1.  
  To the Glory of God and Glorious
  Memory of those inhabitants of
  Ashington and District
  who gave their lives for their country
  in the Great War 1914-1918
                                                             Dane. A.        N.F.
  Allen W.E.      R.E.         Bell R.         R.N.S.        Dixon T.B.      N.F.
  Adams A.B.      R.N.D.       Blackburn D.    Yorks.L.I.    Dunn T.A.       A.& S.H.
  Atkinson D.     N.F.         Bairn T.        R.F.          Davison R.      N.F.
  Allen G.T.      N.F.         Burton A.       N.F.          Dunn G.         N.F.
  Adamson A.S.    N.F.         Cain F.         R.N.D.        Duncan R.H.     N.F.
  Angus J.        N.F.         Crosby T.S.     N.F.          Darling W.      W.Yorks.Regt.
  Anderson J.     N.F.         Carr T.T.       N.F.          Dunn J.         N.F.
  Aisbitt E.      N.F.         Cutter E.       N.F.          Dinsdale G.     N.F.
  Allen G.W.      A.I.F.       Clark F.        R.F.A.        Davison J. MM   N.F.
  Allen T.L.      R.E.         Coe R.N.        N.F.          Ditchburn L.    C.G.
  Anderson A.     N.F.         Cummings M.     N.F.          Dixon W.H.      N.F.
  Atkinson J.     R.N.D.       Chapman J.F.    N.F.          Davison T.      N.F.
  Archbold D.     K.O.Y.L.I.   Cottrell H.     N.F.          Dodds G.        Yorks.Regt.
  Allen R.        N.F.         Cobbledick T.   W.Yorks.Regt. Dorgan N.       D.L.I.
  Allsopp A.      L.F.         Cuthbert L.     N.F.          Davison F.      M.G.C.
  Atkinson F.G.   R.A.F.       Cuthbert K.     N.F.          Davidson A.     N.F.
  Allen T.        R.F.         Collins H.      N.F.          Dickson G.A.    R.E.
  Askew W.W.      N.F.         Carroll J.      N.F.          Downey T.       W.RidingRegt.
  Adamson G.L.    N.F.         Clough G.       N.F.          Dickinson W.    N.F.
  Adamson T.W.    R.E.         Crook R.G.      S.L.I.        Dickinson D.H.  K.O.Y.L.I.
  Allen A.        Y.& L.Regt.  Curian W.       N.F.          Dance T.        N.F.
  Aspin H.        N.F.         Cole G.H.       N.F.          Drysdale J.     W.RidingRegt.
  Aspin J.W.      Hants.Regt.  Carr A.         N.F.          Dunn T.W.       H.L.I.
  Angus W.        C.G.         Cadman J.       N.F.          Dixon C.        N.F.
  Allen H.        N.F.         Crawford J.     N.F.          Dunn G.         N.F.
  Adamson G.L.    N.F.         Clarke J.T.     N.F.          Downie H.W.     K.R.R.
  Angus J.        N.F.         Craize R.       N.F.          Dunn R.         W.F.
  Adey J.         D.of W.Regt  Campbell H.     R.M.L.I.      Daglish R.      N.F.
  Allen G.T.      N.F.         Chalmers S.     N.F.          Dockerty P.     N.F.
  Allan R.M.      N.F.         Clark E.        N.F.          Davison R.      N.F.
  Bone G.B.       R.E.         Crook J.W.      N.F.          Davison J.      N.F.
  Baker W.D.      R.N.D.       Common R.       N.F.          Dickinson J.    R.N.D.
  Blair J.G.      R.N.D.       Chester M.H.    R.N.D.        Dawson W.G.     N.F.
  Burgham G.      R.N.D.       Coleman W.      R.N.V.R.      Dodds R.        N.F.
  Borthwick G.    N.F.         Coe R.W.        N.F.          Daglish J.      N.F.
  Brotherton J.   N.F.         Clarke R.B.     E.Yorks.Regt. Dykes W.K.      R.F.
  Bawn J.R.       N.F.         Campbell V.     K.O.Y.L.I.    Dixon T.B.      N.F.
  Brewis E.       W.R. Regt.   Coe J.T.        M'sex. Regt.  Doyle P.        N.F.
  Baxter F.       N.F.         Carr E.         R.A.M.C.      Elliott W.      R.N.D.
  Benns J.L.      N.F.         Caisley J.W.    W.Yorks.Regt. Errington A.    N.F.
  Brown J.F.      R.N.R.       Campbell J.     R.F.A.        Evans R.        R.N.
  Briggs G.       N.F.         Cameron C.      R.A.S.C.      Erroll W.       N.F.
  Bell J.A.       Black Watch  Cossar E.       N.F.          Etheridge W.T.  N.F.
  Bowden J.       N.F.         Cook T.         N.F.          Eke T.          R.N.D.
  Bell A.         N.F.         Carruthers J.   W.Yorks.Regt. Elsdon R.       N.F.
  Bell T.         N.F.         Curry T.W.      East Surrey   Egan J.         N.F.
  Burn W.H.       E.Yorks.Regt.Curtis H.M.     R.N.D.        Elliott R.      N.F.
  Boyle J.        N.F.         Christie H.M.   R.N.D.        Edwards G.H.    N.F.
  Briggs G.       N.F.         Cuthbert R.E.   N.F.          Emery E.N.      N.F.
  Brown J.        Dorset Regt. Curry R.D.      N.F.          Egdell T. DCM.  R.N.D.
  Baker F.        N.F.         Collins T.      R.A.O.C.      Edgar F.J. MM   N.F.
  Banton T.       N.F.         Clark W.C.      N.F.          Embleton J.T.   N.F.
  Bone W.         N.F.         Cunningham G.   N.F.          Earl T.W.       R.N.D.
  Buglas B.       N.F.         Cunningham J.   London Regt.  Evans J.        W.R.B.
  Bell R.         N.F.         Cropp R.F.      N.F.          Elliott G.H.    N.F.
  Burton A.       N.F.         Corbett J.      W.F.          Edmonston G.J.  N.F.
  Bates G.        N.F.         Cairns J.                     Forster J.      R.E.
  Baker A.        N.F.         Cain F.         R.N.D.        Forster C.      N.F.
  Bell P.         R.F.A.       Carse T.        N.F.          Fox C.M.        E.Yorks.Regt.
  Brewis M.       N.F.         Curry H.        R.I.Regt.     Fawbert J.      R.N.D.
  Barron T.       N.F.         Cuthbert L.     N.F.          Ford R.         R.N.D.
  Burn J.T.       R.F.         Cole G.H.       N.F.          Flockhart J.    N.F.
  Baulks T.       N.F.         Cuthbert K.     N.F.          Freeman R.      N.F.
  Bell W.         D.L.I.       Cook T.         M.F.P.        Fenwick J.E.    N.F.
  Bell W.A.       Yorks.Regt.  Cousins C.      M.G.C.        Featherstone J.W. G.H.
  Bell J.A.       N.F.         Campbell H.B.   So.African Ct.Fotheringham T. N.F.
  Bell T.C.       N.F.         Davison J.W.    N.F.          Ferrell R.      N.F.
  Berkwell J.     N.F.         Donkin H.       R.N.D.        Fisher I.       N.F.
  Barnfather E.   R.N.D.       Dudding J.W.    R.N.D.        Fail A. DCM MM  N.F.
  Barnfather J.W. D.L.I.       Davison J.W.    R.N.D.        Fenwick G.      W.Yorks.Regt.
  Barasford G.    N.F.         Davison J.      R.N.D.        Ferguson W.     S.S.
  Blyth F.        N.F.         Dockerty H.     N.F.          Findlay D.J.    N.F.
  Brown J.G.      R.N.D.       Darling J.H.    N.F.          Fowler G.H.     N.C.B.
  Bolton H.Y.     Yorks. Regt. Dixon W.A.      N.F.          Gair J.D.       Yorks.Regt.
  Boutland J.     K.O.Y.L.I.   Dinsdale J.R.   N.F.          Gardiner J.W.   R.F.
  Brack R.W.      R.N.D.       Deighan M.      N.F.          Green E.P.      N.F.
  Bowart C.Y.     N.H.I.Y.     Dixon W.        R.Sussex Regt.Griffiths W.M.  N.F.
  Barnfather W.M. MM R.N.D.    Dixon J.        N.F.          Glendinning J.B.R.N.D.
  Bickerton W.    N. Cyclist   Danc A.         N.F.          Griffiths G.    N.F.
  Bickerton J.T.  N.F.         Douglass G.W.   D.L.I.        Glenton G.P.G.  R.N.
  Burgon T.       N.F.         Dunn W.A.       N.F.          Gallon J.R.     N.F.
  Boggon E.D.F.   D.L.I.       Dunn R.         R.I.F.        Graham J.       N.F.
  Bell W.         R.B.         Dixon J.        N.F.          Gilroy D.       N.F.
  Bailey S.       N.F.         Dawson W.G.     N.F.          Gascoigne C.    N.F.  
Plaque 2

                                                             Morgan W.       N.F.
  Gladstone G.    N.F.         Hewitson A.E.   N.F.          Lockhart G.     W.Yorks.Regt.
  Gowans J.W.     N.F.         Horton H.W.     N.F.          Liddell G.W.    N.F.
  Gales T.        N.F.         Holliday W.C.   N.F.          Miller J.S.     N.F.
  Goldsbury H.    N.F.         Hindmarsh W.    N.F.          Marsh T.        N.Staffs.Regt.
  Gardiner A.W.   N.F.         Horsley G.      N.F.          McLellon W.     N.F.
  Goldsbury J.    N.F.         Harrison D.     N.F.          Morris W.       N.F.
  Greener C.D.    R.N.D.       Henderson A.E.  N.F.          Millar J.T.     N.F.
  Guy G.R.        N.F.         Hewitt R.       D.L.I.        Marshall R.C.   R.N.D.
  Gregory R.      R.N.D.       Hogg R.         N.F.          Muras A.        N.F.
  Glasper A.      N.F.         Hedley R.       N.F.          Murdie G.       R.N.R.
  Graham G.       R.N.D.       Hogg P.         N.F.          Mitchinson J.   N.F.
  Gunn T.M.       R.F.A.       Hall C.S.       R.A.F.        Moffatt J.W.    N.F.
  Gordon J.       N.F.         Haggerty F.     N.F.          Mossman R.T.    N.F.
  Gibson J.       N.F.         Irving F.       N.F.          Millar J.       Ches.Regt.
  Gilbert A.      R.W.S.       Johnstone A.    R.N.D.        Morris R.       N.F.
  Goldsbury C.    N.F.         Jobson G.       N.F.          McGee L.        N.F.
  Gowans E.       N. Cyclist   Johnson W.      R. Sussex.    McSparrow T.    N.F.
  Gilmore W.J.    S.R.         Johnson G.S.    N.F.          McDonald D.     N.F.
  Graham T.       2nd Y&L      Johnson J.      N.F.          Mills D.A.      N.F.
  Gleghorn R.     N.F.         Johnstone W.    R. Sussex     Middleton F.C.  N.F.
  Gray J.         N.F.         Jeffrey J.      W.Yorks.Regt. McDonald J.     N.F.
  Gilroy D.       N.F.         Johnson T.W.    R.F.A.        Mole J.A.       N.F
  Gilroy J.       G.G.         Johnson R.      N.F.          Montgomery T.   N.F.
  Gordon A.T.     R.E.         Johnson J.                    Milford C.      N.F.
  Graham J.S.     N.F.         Jemison J.      C. Hldrs      McLaughlan G.   N.F.
  Hall T.         W.RidingRegt Jefferson S.    N.F.          Marshall T.     N.F.
  Hay J.C.        N.F.         Juster J.W.     M.G.C.        Mulrow T.       R.N.D.
  Haggerty A.     D.L.I.       Johnson P.W.    N.F.          Maxwell J.      K.O.Y.L.I.
  Harris A.       N.F.         Knopp W.        D.L.I.        Miller E.       N.F.
  Holcrow R.      N.F.         Kears F.        Canadian      Montgomery T.   N.F.
  Huntley E.      N.F.         Kennedy T.      R.N.D.        Miles E.T.      D.ofW.Regt.
  Howard J.       N.F.         Kinnaird D.     R.I.F.        Mackay T.R.     N.F.
  Hall M.         N.F.         Kneiling J.     N.F.          Maughan A.M.    D.L.I.
  Habberjam C.    N.F.         King M.         Y.& L.Regt.   Mawson B.       N.F.
  Hope J.G.       N.F.         Kendrew W.      D.L.I.        Murray J.       N.F.
  Habberjam W.R.  Sussex       Keers J.G.      R.N.D.        Matthews J.     R.F.A.
  Hewitt W.       N.F.         Kelly J.        R.N.D.        Mason G.R.      N.F.
  Hogg P.S.       N.F.         Keenleyside R.  D.L.I.        Murdie R.       R.N.R.
  Henderson J.W.  R.F.A.       Keeny J.        N.F.          Murdie R.       R.F.A.
  Hesp J.C.       R.N.D.       Lamb J.         R.N.D.        Middlemiss J.R. R.N.D.
  Hall T.         N.F.         Lawrence J.     N.F.          McLean A.       N.F.
  Henderson R. W.Yorks.Regt.   Lawrie W.       D.L.I.        Miller J.E.     N.F.
  Hindmarsh G.    N.F.         Lee F.          N.F.          McCready R.W.   W.R.Regt.
  Herron G.T.     N.F.         Lock F.         N.F.          Millar R.W.     N.F.
  Henderson J.    N.F.         Laws M.         W.Yorks.Regt. Moore T.W.      R.F.A.
  Halliday J.     N.F.         Lillico T.      N.F.          Moscrop T.      Hants.Regt.
  Harrison J.     A.I.F.       Lockyer T.      N.F.          Millar T.       1st D.F.
  Hall G.         L.K.O.       Logan E.        N.F.          McEvoy F.       R.A.F.
  Henderson A.    N.F.         Lockyer A.      R.N.          McGuinness G.   N.Cyclist
  Huntley C.      R.N.D.       Lock A.         N.F.          Murray R.       R.Sussex.
  Hibbert F.      N.F.         Lupton F.       Y.& L.Regt.   Murdie R.O.     R.F.A.
  Henessey E.     N.F.         Lee J.          N.F.          Main S.         R.N.V.R.
  Heslop T.      7th G.H.      Locke J.J.      N.F.          Moore W.        R.I.F.
  Hetherington J. R.G.A.       Leach T.        N.F.          Macdonald J.    N.F.
  Hedley R.       N.F.         Ledgerwood J.   Man.Regt.     Nelson G.T.     R.F.A.
  Hart T.         N.F.         Leonard J.F.    N.F.          Nicholson R.    N.F.
  Hodge J.        R.N.D.       Leslie R.A.     E.Yorks.Regt. Nairn W.T.      C.G.
  Holmes F.       M.G.C.       Lovelle J.      N.F.          Nelson W.       N.F.
  Holliday J.     Ches. Regt.  Lumb J.H.       R.E.          Nairn W.        N.F.
  Havelle T.      R.N.         Lawson S.H.     R.N.D.        Nichol J.       N.F.
  Huntley J.R.    R.A.S.C.     Lytham W.       Hants.Regt.   Nicholson R.    N.F.
  Harbit J.W.     N.F.         Lazenby J.W.    R.A.          Nesbit W.R.     N.F.
  Holmes J.       N.F.         Lord J.H.       E.Yorks.Regt. Nelson W.B.     N.F.
  Holland A.      Y.& L.Regt.  Ledger M. MM    E.Yorks.Regt. Nelson J.       R.F.A.
  Hicks J.        N.F.         Lee E.M.        R.N.          Nunn J.A.       N.F.
  Hollywood E.    E. Lancs.    Laggon T.       R.F.          Nevin J.A.      Man.Regt.
  Haggerty A.     D.L.I.       Lockhart A.W.   N.F.          Noon J.         N.F.
  Hodgson A.      N.F.         Long H.         N.F.          Nutter W.       D.L.I.
  Hamilton C.     R.F.A.       Long R.         N.F.          Nixon F.
  Henderson T.J.  K.O.Y.L.I.   Lazenby B.      N.F.          Nesbitt C.M.    R.E.
  Hills B.        N.F.         Logan J.        N.F.          Nelson J.W.     N.F.
  Hill R.H.       C.G.         Lang M.         N.F.          Nelson J. MM    R.F.A.
  Hunn A.         N.F.         Leddy R.        N.F.          Nicholson J.E.  Yorks.Regt.
  Hall J.R.       R.E.         Laidlaw G.                    Owens G.        R.N.D.
  Heslop T.       G.H.         Lovelle J.      N.F.          Ord H.          R.A.M.C.
  Harrison G.     R.N.D.       Longstaff E.J.  W.Yorks.Regt. Owens T.        R.N.D.
  Lillico G.R.    R.E.
Plaque 3
                               Gardner A.W.    N.F.          Taylor H.       E.Yorks.Regt.
  Oxley J.T.      W.R. Regt.   Robertson W.    N.F.          Turnbull E.D.   N.F.
  Osborne J.      N.F.         Statton J.H.    N.F.          Turnbull G.     R.N.D.
  Oliver J.       N.F.         Sawkill S.      N.F.          Tucker E.J.     R.N.D.
  Oxley H.        N.F.         Scrowther J.    R.N.D.        Tyrell T.M.     S.H.
  Oxley E.        R.N.D.       Schofield W.    N.F.          Turnbull A.     R.N.D.
  Poole A.        N.F.         Shiel J.J.      N.F.          Thain J.        N.F.
  Proctor G.      R.N.D.       Sweet H.        N.F.          Thompson W.W.   N.F.
  PattersonT.B.D. R.N.D.       Smith W.        N.F.          Thompson J.     N.F.
  Purvis J.       N.F.         Stubbs W.       N.F.          Timlin T.       N.F.
  Patterson D.    R.N.D.       Smith T.        N.F.          Timlin M.       N.F.
  Pringle J.      R.N.D.       Scott J.D.      N.F.          Trotter J.A.    R.Scots.
  Parmley J.S.    N.F.         Stoker J.       N.F.          Thompson H.G.   N.F.
  Patterson H.    R.N.D.       Sproat T.R.     R.N.D.        Turnbull J.     R.N.D.
  Palmer J.T.     Yorks.Regt   Scott W.        N.F.          Thompson E.     K.O.S.B.
  Price J.        R.N.D.       Shilan F MM     R.N.D.        Tilley G.W.     N.F.
  Patterson G.    N.F.         Smith W.        N.F.          Talbot M.       N.F.
  Patrick J.      R.N.D.       Sweet W.        R.N.          Thompson J.     R.N.D.
  Page J.         N.F.         Soulsby J.J.    R.N.D.        Thompson A.     R.N.D.
  Pickering M.A.  W.R. Regt.   Stanley W.J.    N.F.          Turnbull A.L.   R.F.
  Paxton G.       N.F.         Sunter J.W.     N.F.          Tully J.P.      R.F.
  Purdy P.        N.F.         Skidmore G.     N.F.          Ullock J.E.     N.F.
  Pratt J.J.      W.Yorks.Regt.Swinburn H.S.   N.F.          Vosper T.       N.F.
  Patterson N.    N.F.         Scott E.        N.F.          Veitch D.H.     Ches.Regt.
  Patrick N.      N.F.         Short L.        N.F.          Waine C.A.      K.L.R.
  Proudlock J.    M.G.C.       Sitch E.        N.F.          Whitfield J.    N.F.
  Pyle G.A.       N.F.         Skidmore J.     N.F.          Watson T.       N.F.
  Park W.         D.L.I.       Steele T.       N.F.          Wrightson D.    N.F.
  Porteous G.     N.L.N.       Snowden R.      N.F.          Woodall E.W.    N.F.
  Pitchford E.    R.E.         Strong G.       M.G.C.        Welsh P.        D.F.
  Pringle M.      N.F.         Smith J.W.      G.G.          Wright. J.      N.F.
  Patterson G.    N.F.         Shale J.R.      N.F.          Woodmass S.     N.F.
  Peadon A.       N.F.         Smith W.        R.N.D.        Walker J.       R.N.D.
  Pyle G.A.       N.F.         Scrace J.H.     W.Yorks.Regt. Wilson J.       N.F.
  Peters W.T.     N.F.         Shield G.G.     N.F.          Wills R.        N.F.
  Pattie J.T.     N.F.         Stokes A.       N.F.          Whittaker J.    N.F.
  Patterson J.    R.N.D        Smith W.        N.F.          Wilks T.        N.F.
  Quin J.T.       R.F.         Swanson J.      R.N.D.        Watson W.       N.F.
  Richards F.     Can.         Shirley R.      N.F.          Wilson G.R.     N.F.
  Robertson W.    N.F          Stafford F.     N.F.          Wear T.A.       R.N.D.
  Riddell W.A.    N.F.         Shannon T.      R.F.A.        Waters L.       N.F.
  Rourke J.       N.F.         Smart S.J.      R.I.F.        Wilson R.       N.F.
  Rourke A.       M.G.C.       Streaner H.A.   N.F.          Weatherston R.  N.F.
  Reavely G.D.H.  N.F.         Shannon W.M.    N.F.          Wood J.W.       N.F.
  Robson A.E.     N.F.         Steele S.       W.R.Regt.     Westell G.      N.F.
  Robinson J.     R.A.M.C.     Smailes J.R.    W.R.Regt.     Watson G.       N.F.
  Rutherford T.   N.F.         Scott J.A.      R.A.F.        Widdrington R.  W.Yorks.Regt.
  Robertson T.    N.F.         Simpson T.W.    R.N.D.        Westell E.      D.ofW.
  Richardson M.   N.F.         Simm B.         W.R.Regt.     Wales E.A.      N.F.
  Rolfe T.        N.F.         Singer W.       R.F.A.        Watson J.W.     N.F.
  Reay E.         W.R.Regt.    Sinclair J.     R.F.          Wakenshaw J.    N.F.
  Rowntree T.W.   W.R.Regt.    Skinner H.      N.F.          Wilson A.       N.F.
  Riley G.        N.F.         Simm W.         N.F.          Wiltshire E.    N.F.
  Richardson J.   N.F.         Smith E.        N.F.          Wood T.D.       N.F.
  Routledge T.    N.F.         Scott J.        N.F.          Wilson A.D.     R.N.D.
  Robson M.       Yorks.Regt   Smith R.W.      Ches.Regt.    Wilson J.T.     Ches.Regt.
  Robson J.T.     K.R.R.       Shield R.W.     R.E.          Wood J.W.       N.F.
  Rutter J.H.     N.F.         Stone J.W.      N.F.          Wade R.         N.F.
  Robson J.       N.Cyclist    Swanson C.      R.N.D.        Wright W.E.     W.R.Regt.
  Robson J.       R.F.         Savage N.V.     C.G.          Wilson J.M.     N.F.
  Robson W.J.     R.E.         Shaw J.E.       N.F.          Wilson S.       N.F.
  Reed R.         N.F.         Seely A.        R.A.M.C.      Wilson J.       R.F.
  Ryder W.        N.F.         Swinhoe T.      R.N.D.        Weir G.         Y.&L.Regt.
  Richardson J.J. W.R.Regt.    Swalwell T.     N.Staffs.Regt.Walby W.        R.W.Regt.
  Richardson W.F. R.F.A.       Tosney J.E.     K.O.S.B.      Wallace T.      N.F.
  Routledge J.    R.F.A.       Thompson T.     N.H.I.Y.      Walls A.C.      N.F.
  Rowley W.       N.F.         Thompson J.     R.N.D.        Wilkins W.      D.L.I.
  Robson T.       D.L.I.       Thompson A.     N.F.          Webster W.      R.N.D.
  Rogers E.C.     M.G.C.       Thompson J.     N.F.          Wakenshaw A.    N.F.
  Rowley J.       N.F.         Tait H.         D.L.I.        Woodward J.W.   R.N.D.
  Robinson D.     N.F.         Tipper W.       R.N.D.        Woodhall E.     N.F.
  Robinson W.A.   R.F.         Turner R.W.     N.F.          Wright S.       N.F.
  Ray J.          N.F.         Tait W.         R.N.D.        Wood T.D.       N.F.
  Randles J.G.    R.N.D.       Tait A.         N.F.          White G.        S.Staffs.Regt.
  Richardson T.   R.N.D.       Townsend W.J.   A.V.C.        Yearham T.      N.F.
  Rhodes H.       R.N.D.       Towart J.A.     N.F.          Young R.        N.F.
  Renwick J.      R.A.M.C.     Talbert M.      N.F.          Young A.        N.F.
  Richardson J.   R.A.M.C.     Taylor R.       N.F.          York A.         N.F.
  Reilly J.       N.F.         Thain T.        N.F.          Young I.        N.F.
  Robson T.       N.F.         Tanny D.        N.F.          Yellowly M.     N.F.
  Randle D.       Sher.For.    Taylor M.F.     N.F.          Yearham J.W.    N.F.
  Robinson D.     N.F.         Taylor M.       N.F.          Yorke E.B.      Lancs.
  Robinson J.E.G. N.F.         Turnbull J.W.   N.F.          Yeaman J.
  Robertson J.    N.F.         Tinnion J.      N.F.          Young E.C.      M.G.C.
  Riley O.        H.L.I.       Templey J.T.    N.F.
  Taylor S.       R.O (?)
Plaque 4
  And to the Glorious Memory
  of those men who gave their
  lives in the war 1939-1945
  Mawson C.L.     A.B.        M.N.                 Wood R.W.       L.S.      R.N.
  Allan J.R.      Gnr.        R.A.                 Jennings U.     Pte.      H.L.I.
  Allison A.      A.B.        R.N.                 Johnson D.V.    R.O.      M.N.
  Appleby W.      Sgt.        R.N.F.               Johnson L.      Capt.     R.N.F.
  Armstrong C.    P/O         R.A.F.               Kelly A.A.      Skr/1stC. R.N.
  Askew R.        F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Leech T.C.      Pte.      D.L.I.
  Atkinson C.W.   Dvr.        R.A.S.C.             Lightley T.W.   F/Sgt     R.A.F.
  Balmer J.       A.B.        R.N.                 Little J.A.     Pte.      Aus.Inf.
  Balmer J.H.     A.B.        R.N.                 Lyall G.        Sgt.      R.A.F.
  Belshaw D.      A.B.        R.N.                 McAllister R.   Sgt.      C.Gds.
  Brotherton R.   F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Maclean A.      Sgt.      R.N.F.
  Brown J.A.      Fus.        R.N.F.               Miles H.T.      Pte       D.L.I.
  Brown G.W.      Sgt. Pilot  R.A.F.               Mills D.K.      Sgt.Pilot R.A.F.
  Brown D.R.      Sgt.        R.A.F.V.R.           Miller G.       A.B.      R.N.
  Bryson J.       F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Morrall G.      Sgt.      R.A.F.
  Burrell W.G.G.  Rfn.  Cameronian Scottish Rifles Morris A.C.     Sgt.      R.A.F.
  Burton F.       L/Cpl       R.N.F.               Morton J.W.     P/O       R.A.F.
  Cairns J.       F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Murray R.R.     Bdr.      R.A.
  Cairns J.D.     F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Murray R.B.     Fus.      R.N.F.
  Camsell R.      Skr/1stC.   R.N.                 Murdie T.S.W.   L.A.C.    R.A.F.
  Carter F.W.J.   Gnr.        R.A.                 Nichol J.       Dvr.      R.A.
  Carr R.         4th Eng.    M.N.                 Norton W.       Cpl.      N.Z.R.B.
  Carr W.L.       Lieut.      D.L.I.               Oliver J.       Sgt.      R.A.S.C.
  Charlton D.     Cpl.        G.Gds.               Parry R.        L/Sgt     R.A.S.C.
  Charlton A.     Pte.        R.A.M.C.             Patterson J.A.DFM Sgt     R.A.F.
  Chisholm R.     Pte.        K.O.S.B              Paul T.         L/Tel.    R.N.
  Clavering J.M.  Cpl.        R.A.F                Pickering J.A.  Sgt.      Q.R.R.
  Cowan R.        F/Sgt       R.A.F                Poole T.H.      Tpr.      R.T.C.
  Cowan T.        Tel.        R.N                  Pratt H.        Spr.      R.E.
  Cowell J.R.     Sgt.        R.S. Greys           Pratt J.C.      Gnr.      R.A.
  Cotterill J.C.  Skr.        R.N.                 Preston G.      Sgt.      R.N.F.
  Crowe D.        Sgt.        R.A.F.               Pringle S.      Pte.      Berks.Reg.
  Dawson D.R.     A.C.W.      W.A.A.F.             Pringle A.S.    L/Cpl     Derb.Reg.
  Dawson L.       Tpr.        N. Huss.             Pyle C.         Bdr.      R.H.A.
  Dawson J.W.     Engr.       M.N.                 Redford G.H. DFM F/Sgt    R.A.F.
  Dawson L.       Gnr.        R.A.                 Richardson J.E. F/Sgt     R.A.F.
  Dixon J.W.      Gnr.        R.A.                 Richardson H.J. Gnr.      R.A.
  Ditchburn P.W.  F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Richell J.J.    Engr.     M.N.
  Donkin A.T.     F/Sgt       R.A.F.               Riddell R.      L.A.C.    R.A.F.
  Donkin H.       Gnr.        R.A.                 Riddell G.R.S.  Sgt.      R.A.F.
  Dower R.P.      Cpl.        R.E.                 Robson J.W.     F/O       R.A.F.
  Dunn G.         E.R.A.      R.N.                 Robson L.       L/Cpl     R.N.F.
  Dunn J.DFM,DFC  F/O         R.A.F.               Robinson M.     Gnr.      R.A.
  Edes H.M.       A.B.        R.N.                 Rose J.H.       Spr.      R.E.
  Elliott T.R.    Sgt/W. Op   R.A.F.               Rule A.H.       Cpl.      K.R.R.C.
  Emery W.V.      A.C.2       R.A.F.               Shields N.      Sgt/Obs.  R.A.F.
  Fawcett R.      Cbn/Boy     M.N                  Sinclair T.H.   Tpr.      Recce.C.
  Fairholm M.     Skr.        R.N                  Smith L.S.      E.R.A.    R.N.
  Fitzpatrick T.R.Sgt/W.Op.   R.A.F                Spare T.        Fus.      R.W.F.
  Foreman J.S.    Pte.        K.O.Y.L.I            Steel S.        Tel.      R.N.
  Foster W.       Fus.        R.N.F                Steele N.T.     F/Sgt     R.A.F.
  Freeman L.      Sgt/A.G.    R.A.F.               Stephenson W.R. Gnr.      N. Huss.
  Gibson R.       A.B.        R.N                  Straughan L.    A.C.1.    R.A.F.
  Goldsbury R.    Sgt.        R.A.F                Thompson R.W.B. MM Sgt.   N. Huss.
  Gorman M.       Pte.        Pnr. Cps             Townson J.      Skr/1stC  R.N.
  Gould G.P.      Fus.        R.N.F.               Turnbull J.     Fus.      R.N.F.
  Gray W.W.C.     A.B.        R.N.                 Tynan S. MM     Cpl.      R.A.M.C.
  Gray W.         W.Op/A.G.   R.A.F.               Waldock R.      Pte.      D.L.I.
  Grey R.         F/Lt.       R.A.F.               Watson S.       Pte.      Kings Own
  Hall J.         Cpl.        D.L.I.               Wedderburn J.   L/Cpl     C. Gds.
  Halliday R.W.   Gnr.        R.A.                 Wedderburn J.   P.O.      R.N.
  Harmison J.W.P. MM L/Cpl    D.L.I.               White J.        Pte.      Bk. Wh.
  Harris J.E.     Pte.        D.L.I.               Whitelaw J.D.   Sgt.
  Hart W.         L/Cpl       D.L.I.               Wilson G.       Pte.      Gord.H.
  Hetherington L.W.P/O        R.A.F.               Wilson J.       L/Cpl     Yks&Lans.
  Hennesey G.T.   Cpl.        R.C.S.               Wood G.R.N.     W/O       R.A.A.F.
  Hogg J.         Fus.        R.N.F.               Woodman R.C.    Gdsn.     C.Gds.
  Holmes F.       A.B.        R.N.                 York T.         P/O       R.N.
  Houston E.P.    3rd O.      M.N.                 Young T.        Spr.      R.E.
  Hunter G.H.     L.A.C.      R.A.F.               Hudson C.E.     Pte.      A. & S.H.
  Hyde I.         Sgnr.       R.N.                 Reay E.         Sgt.      R.N.F.
  Tapson W.H.     Cpl.        K.O.S.B              Hunter W.S.               R.N.
  Morris R.       S.G.T./A.G. R.A.F.               Melrose. E.               W.A.A.F.
  Watson J.T.                 R.N.A.S.B.R          Pears T.        Sgt.      1st Batt. G.H.
  Wright L.W.     2nd Batt.   C.G.                 Newman G.A.     Sgt.      R.A.F.V.R.
  Stephenson G.A. P.O.        R.N.                 Cairns H. VC DCM Sgt.     Can. Inf.
                                                   Cairns A.                 Can.Inf.

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