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Book 125th Anti-tank Regt. R.A. 1939-45





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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Published 1947

Memorial Description

Private publication, hardback, bound in blue cloth, 7 inches high x 4 inches wide (175 mm x 102 mm). The title is gilded on the front cover. The title page carries the badge of the Royal Artillery. The book contains a brief history.
Pages 37-40 carry a Roll of Honour.
Pages 41-46 record the “personel recovered from Japanese Prisoner of War Camps”;
Page 47 carries details of Regimental honours.

Materials used

Cloth bound hardback book


Cover: 125th / Anti-Tank Regiment / R.A. / 1939-45.


Who commissioned

The 125th Anti-Tank Regiment Relatives’ Association.

How money was raised

The 125th Anti-Tank Regiment Relatives’ Association.


1. There is a copy in the South Shields Library, The Word, Market Place, South Shields.

2. A model of a 2pdr anti-tank gun has been presented to the Winter Gardens Museum. See S140.006.

3. The booklet was compiled and issued by the Regimental Relatives’ Association who ran a self-support scheme.

4. Although the regiment was raised in Sunderland, it was a “daughter” of the local 74th Field Regiment, R.A.

5. The publication contains photos of:
Major John K. Brodie, T.D., Second-in-Command.
Captain Stokeld Ridley, Adjutant.
Major Murdoch Mackenzie, M.B.E., “A” Battery.
Major Alan. H. McQueen, “B” Battery
Major J. Peter de J. Harvard, “C” Battery
Major John Wylie, “D” Battery.

6. There is a group photo of “A” Battery, taken at Norwich in 1940, but with no names.

7. There is a group photo of officers enjoying a welcome ‘break’ in Cape Town in December 1941. This shows:
Lieut. R./B. Wilson (killed);
Capt. A.S.G. Sutherland (died);
Capt. S. Ridley;
Major M. Mackenzie;
Capt. F. Keys (lost at sea);
Capt. J.R. Watts (died);
Lieut. G.W. Prestige;
Lieut. M.N. Jones.

8. For more details on the 125th Field Artillery Regiment including the War Dairy 70th Brigade.

9. Captain Stokeld Ridley, has deposited the War Diary at the IWM

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: James Pasby

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Research acknowledgements

James Pasby; Tony Harding

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Book 125th Anti-tank Regt. R.A. 1939-45 (S140.147)


Front cover

   Anti-Tank Regiment

   125th Anti-Tank Regiment R.A.

   Roll of Honour.
   “These laid the world away, poured
   out the red sweet wine of youth,
   gave up the years to be.”

   “They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old.
   Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
   At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
   We will remember them.”
                                    (Lawrence Binyon)
Page 38

   Roll of Honour
   125th Anti-Tank Regiment R.A.
   913431  Gnr.   Aird, A.       1107568 Gnr.   Clubb, E.V.
   1094125 Gnr.   Alderton       944338  Gnr.   Coates, G.W.
                    E.A.         913434  Gnr.   Coates, R.W.
   916815  Sgt.   Allan, C.F.    923046  Gnr.   Conlon,
   901871  Gnr.   Allan, E.R.                     W.W.  
   901935  Gnr.   Allan, F.      918145  L/Bdr. Constantine
   913661  Gnr.   Allen, G.                       E.C.
   1572544 Gnr.   Allman, W.J.   917074  Gnr.   Cook, R.W.
   1104610 Gnr.   Annis, G.O.    5880255 Gnr.   Coulson, J.
   902424  Gnr.   Arnold, W.     1114303 Gnr.   Cowell, G.H.
   1094132 Gnr.   Bailey, F.     1094180 Gnr.   Crabb, R.J.
   1568658 Gnr.   Bannaghan, G.  918464  Gnr.   Cranmer,
   1094134 Gnr.   Bannier, S.E.                   C.W.
   1573943 Gnr.   Barker, C.F.   925953  Gnr.   Cranmer, F.
   922198  Gnr.   Barker, L.     915168  Sgt.   Crawford,
   1558132 Gnr.   Basco, L.                       E.W.
   1558134 Gnr.   Beddowarth,    907138  Gnr.   Crawford.
                    A.R.                          J.J.
   947637  Bdr.   Bedford, A.    919799  Gnr.   Crosby, S.
   946517  Gnr.   Bell, T.A.     919808  Gnr.   Crossley, A.
   911876  Gnr.   Blakeman, L.   925608  Gnr.   Cutter, A.
   923104  Gnr.   Brennan, B.    871274  Gnr.   Darke, F.E.
   4450228 Gnr.   Brennan, G.    917869  L/Bdr. Davis, D.
   911862  Gnr.   Brook, C.W.    947523  Gnr.   Dempsey, 
   923112  L/Bdr. Browell,                        J.T.
                    E.D.         1107917 Gnr.   Denby, A.
   923016  Gnr.   Brown, T.J.    925899  Gnr.   Donkin, F.
   920785  L/Bdr. Bowden, S.     910274  Sgt.   Duell, A.E.
   923047  L/Sgt. Bowman,        1114392 Gnr.   Edwards, H.
                    A.T.         916819  Sgt.   Edge, E.V.
   913852  Bdr.   Boylen, P.     918752  Gnr.   Farrar, T.W.
   1493653 Gnr.   Bull, L.       779171  Sgt.   Finch, A.
   917077  Sgt.   Burnikell, N.  1094631 Gnr.   Fuller, E.
   902443  Bdr.   Cameron, J.A.  1544718 Gnr.   Gale, F.G.
   913857  L/Bdr. Carney, G.     1525247 Gnr.   Gazeley, A.R.
   917864  Gnr.   Chambers, R.   946543  Gnr.   Glasby, W.E.
   1107565 Gnr.   Chandler,      1087650 Gnr.   Gooding,
                    J.H.                          G.E.F.
   923048  Gnr.   Chapman,       910844  Gnr.   Gooderick,
                    E.P.                          B.H.
   944383  Gnr.   Clamp, L.      887872  Bdr.   Gould, J.
Page 39

   Roll of Honour - Continued
   1558186 Bdr.   Gray, J.G. W.  948579  Gnr.   Lawson, E.R.
   884809  Gnr.   Greaves, A.    1114311 Gnr.   Leach, F.
   1107593 Gnr.   Gregory,       917068  Gnr.   Lilley, E.
                    D.W.         946522  Gnr.   Lomax, H.
   828963  Sgt.   Guy, G.        947515  Gnr.   Lyness, W.
   1558015 Gnr.   Handley, F.E.  1092615 Gnr.   Maddy, E.J.
   918768  Gnr.   Hannon, N.     917055  Bdr.   Madgwick, J.
   923085  Gnr.   Harvey, A.B.   902520  L/Sergt. Magrill,
   958070  Gnr.   Henderson, N.                   J.H.
   911891  Bdr.   Herbert, D.B.  1557941 Gnr.   Male, C.F.
   1557731 Gnr.   Hewish, E.G.   1058543 B.S.M. Marsh,
   1107997 Gnr.   Hill, D.                        H.C.
   1107325 Gnr.   Hogg, L.       4915116 L/Bdr. Martin, J.
   1558199 Gnr.   Holdford,      923096  L/Sgt. Mason, E.
                    R.J.         1078160 Gnr.   Mason, J.P.
   944938  L/Bdr. Holmes, F.     786200  Sgt.   Maton, W.J.
   800703  L/Bdr. Hope, T.W.     1104629 Gnr.   Mealham,
   824015  Sgt.   Hudson, F.W.                    A.W.
   1094228 Gnr.   Hutchins, A.J. 922342  L/Bdr. Milburn, R.
   1107329 Gnr.   Irons, G.      946590  Gnr.   Mitchell, A.J.
   919791  Gnr.   Jameson, A.    1037253 Sgt.   Mitchell, H.W.
   958073  Gnr.   Jane, C.       958076  Gnr.   Monoghan,
   1104098 Gnr.   Johnson,                        F.B.
                    A.W.          923106  L/Bdr. Morgan,
   918168  Gnr.   Kelly, E.                        W.L.
   1094237 Gnr.   Kelly, P.J.    884860  Gnr.   Morris, W.J.
   1078149 Gnr.   Kennedy,       1557897 Bdr.   Moss, K.F.
                    S.A.         1104106 Gnr.   Moushi, O.A.
   944340  Bdr.   Kershaw, J.    947526  Gnr.   Murgatroyd,
   92419   Capt.  Keys, F.                        T.
   1557742 L/Sgt. Kingsnorth,    1114019 Gnr.   Murrell, P.
                    F.W.         100372  Lieut. Mackintosh,
   921606  Gnr.   Kirby, M.E.                     J.M.
   1469976 Gnr.   Kirkham,       925136  L/Bdr. McCully, S.
                    R.M.         946588  Gnr.   McDougall,
   1078150 L/Bdr. Knight,                         E.
                    F.A.W.       915138  Bdr.   Nevill, R.A.
   944386  Gnr.   Lambert, A.    4451476 Gnr.   New, G.P.F.
   836271  Bdr.   Last, E.G.     946592  Gnr.   Newton, R.L.
   1091985 Gnr.   Lavrack,       1104634 Gnr.   Pannifer,
                    W.H.                          W.C.
   1104627 Gnr.   Lawrence       812150  L/Bdr. Pemberton,
                    A.H.                          J.F.
Page 40

   Roll of Honour - Continued
   809876  Gnr.   Perrin, W.     1527235 Gnr.   Teasdale, W.
   901972  Gnr.   Phillips, H.   1078206 Gnr.   Terry, F.
   1557762 Gnr.   Phillips, T.   1558264 L/Bdr. Thomas, R.
   923017  Bdr.   Plummer, L.    1525944 Gnr.   Thompson,
   798627  Gnr.   Potts, H.J.T.                   W.
   923031  Gnr.   Raine, G.      1087360 Gnr.   Tingle, F.
   917058  L/Sgt. Raine, W.T.    917871  Sgt.   Towell, C.
   1094294 Gnr.   Ray, F.E.      910839  Gnr.   Trotter, G.W.
   900720  Gnr.   Reeves, G.D.   1104647 Gnr.   Tubby, K.W.
   89451   Lieut. Rich, E.H.     919806  Gnr.   Tuddenham, 
   900672  Gnr.   Riddell, G.W.                   W.T.
   958075  Gnr.   Ritchie, J.    902401  Gnr.   Turner, A.E.
   1107647 Gnr.   Roblou, F.     1558270 Gnr.   Underwood,
   923084  L/Bdr. Robson,                         A.R.K.
                    J.R.         1558271 Gnr.   Walker, F.R.
   910836  Gnr.   Robson, W.B.   919575  Gnr.   Ward, G.
   918741  Gnr.   Rochester,     919795  Gnr.   Ward, R.
                    J.L.         915159  L/Bdr. Watson,
   1557969 Gnr.   Rowe, F.W.                      A.K.
   936580  Gnr.   Sandham, R.    126009  Capt.  Watts, J.R.
   3659941 Gnr.   Sharples, S.   919574  L/Bdr. Waud, D.
   1517083 Gnr.   Slee, H.W.     925786  Gnr.   Welch, R.
   925146  Gnr.   Smith, S.G.    913438  Gnr.   White, W.S.
   1104644 Gnr.   Spurgeon,      1114269 Gnr.   Wild, J.
                    P.S.         910837  Gnr.   Williams, E.
   922344  Gnr.   Stephenson,    1557798 Gnr.   Williams,
                    R.                            R.A.
   919807         Storey, J.E.   1078388 Gnr.   Williamson,
   1094333 Gnr.   Stott, E.                       A.
   922339  Gnr.   Stuart, J.     1557855 Gnr.   Willis, C.E.
   909469  Gnr.   Sullivan, J.   92765   Lieut. Wilson,
   1114376 Gnr.   Sutcliffe, T.                   R.B.
   106132  Capt.  Sutherland,    917882  B.S.M. Wylde,
                    A.W.G.                        R.E.
   915182  Sgt.   Swan, F.G.     946518  Gnr.   Young, A.
   1107392 Gnr.   Symonds, F.    923105  Gnr.   Young, W.
   923042  Gnr.   Tate, A.       1558472 Gnr.   Zimmer, M.
   909466  Sgt.   Taylor, N.D.
Page 41

   125th Anti-Tank Regiment R.A.
   Personnel recovered from Japanese
   Prisoner-of-War Camps

   Lieut.-Colonel J. Dean, D.S.O., M.B.E., D.C.M.
         Major J.K. Brodie, T.D.
   Major J.P. de J. Harvard    B.S.M. J. Lee
   Major M. MacKenzie, M.B.E.  B.S.M. C. Nicklas
   Major A.H. McQueen          B.S.M. E.C. Wassell
   Major J. Wylie     
                               B.Q.M.S. F.E. Haynes
   Capt. B.S. Brazier          B.Q.M.S. J.T. Morrison
   Capt. W.M. Greenwell        B.Q.M.S. F.A. Pain
   Capt. A.S.G. Jackson        B.Q.M.S. H.J. Picken
   Capt. S. Ridley             Sgt. J.L. Aird
                               Sgt. J.R. Bainbridge
   Lieut. J. Barker            Sgt. (A/c) W.C.H. Barker
   Lieut. G. Bell              Sgt. R.A. Beattie
   Lieut. T. Casson            Sgt. J.J. Carney
   Lieut. W.W. Carter          Sgt. C.E. Cheetham
   Lieut. R.R. Charman         Sgt. J.B. Davison
   Lieut. T.E. French          Sgt. W.H. Defty
   Lieut. M. Goodyear          Sgt. T.P. Denton
   Lieut. D.E.N. Heelas        Sgt. F.C. Elliott
   Lieut. M.N. Jones           Sgt. N. Grierson
   Lieut. A.V. Kent            Sgt. K.M. Hunter
   Lieut. G.C. Moor            Sgt. E.H. Kent
   Lieut. W. Phorson           Sgt. E.W. Kirtley
   Lieut. G.W. Prestige        Sgt. W.C.A.G. Liley
   Lieut. (QM.) J.P. Sheridan  Sgt. S. Maddison
   Lieut. F.D.E. Stowell       Sgt. J. Marwood
   Lieut. M.L.G. Walsh         Sgt. E. Minto
   Lieut. J. Wesley-Worth      Sgt. J. Oag
                               Sgt. W. Pritchard
                               Sgt. J. Pounder
   R.S.M. W.R.C. Major         Sgt. V.C. Regan
               M.B.E.          Sgt. J. Sneddon
                               Sgt. M.T. Stacey
   R.Q.M.S. J.H. Sanders       Sgt. W.H. Swanson
Page 42

   Personnel recovered from Japanese Prisoner of War Camps
   L/Sgt. F. Bell              Bdr. W.B. Routledge
   L/Sgt. J. Burnett           Bdr. T. Rowley
   L/Sgt. R.J. Burton          Bdr. L. Rowntree
   L/Sgt. E. Clingley          Bdr. J.L. Sugden
   L/Sgt. E.A. Harrison        Cpl. G.L. Tennick
   L/Sgt. W.N. Jefferson       Bdr. A.E. Timney
   L/Sgt. A.M. Judson          Bdr. J.A. Wilson
   L/Sgt. W. Lawson            Bdr. W.A. Wilson
   L/Sgt. D.A. Lax             Bdr. T. Wrightson
   L/Sgt. F. Raine             
   L/Sgt. J. Robinson          L/Bdr. A.G. Adams
   L/Sgt. J. Smith             L/Bdr. E. Applebee
   L/Sgt. R.K. Wigham          L/Bdr. E. Bancroft
   L/Sgt. R.B. Wilson          L/Bdr. H. Bell
                               L/Bdr. J. Cessford
   Bdr. J. Barry               L/Bdr. J.P. Clark
   Bdr. G.H.G. Bell            L/Bdr. G.T. Cook
   Bdr. A.B. Bogie             L/Bdr. J.G. Daglish
   Bdr. H. Chatt               L/Bdr. J.T. Dunn
   Bdr. S. Clish               L/Bdr. T. Elliott
   Bdr. C. Dick                L/Bdr. R.M. Forster
   Bdr. P.C. Dunne             L/Bdr. E. Gibbins
   Bdr. R.S. French            L/Bdr. L.J. Godden
   Bdr. L. Gibson              L/Bdr. A. Howey
   Bdr. E. Hall                L/Bdr. R.W. Jones
   Bdr. A.F. Hardy             L/Bdr. W.M. Langley
   Bdr. R.W. Hart              L/Bdr. S.G.F. Martin
   Bdr. R.S. Johnson           L/Bdr. T.P. Mason
   Bdr. O.N. Jones             L/Bdr. T.F.W. Nixon
   Bdr. F. Laidlaw             L/Bdr. T. Old
   Bdr. J.A. Lawson            L/Bdr. F.L. Pearce
   Bdr. P. Lindley             L/Bdr. J.H. Pyle
   Bdr. R.F. Marshall          L/Bdr. H.H. Reed
   Bdr. E.J. Maughan           L/Bdr. J.J. Rowntree
   Bdr. D.S. Mustard           L/Bdr. J.H.S. Scott
   Bdr. S. Nicholson           L/Bdr. A.G. Smith
   Bdr. E.J. Pearlman          L/Bdr. F.G. Spotswood
   Bdr. T. Petch               L/Bdr. E. Telford
   Bdr. J.H. Pinnock           L/Bdr. G.A. Timney
   Bdr. E.E. Porter            L/Bdr. J.W. Wallace
   Bdr. H. Pratt               L/Bdr. T. Wallis
   Bdr. J. Robson              L/Bdr. L.J. Waterman
Page 43

   Personnel recovered from Japanese Prisoner of War Camps
   L/Bdr. J.R. West            Gnr. F. Carling
   L/Bdr. R.H. White           Gnr. C.W. Carney
   L/Bdr. C. Whomersley        Gnr. R. Carrack
   L/Bdr. S. Wyatt             Gnr. F. Cheeseborough
                               Gnr. E. Clayton
   Gnr. J.W. Ainslie           Gnr. T.H. Cleghorn
   Gnr. G. Amour               Gnr. W.I. Coward
   Gnr. S. Amura               Gnr. J. Collier
   Gnr. H. Arter               Gnr. P. Coleman
   Gnr. W.E. Arthur            Gnr. M. Conlin
   Gnr. J. Askew               Gnr. W.H. Common
   Gnr. E. Atkin
   Gnr. R. Austin              Gnr. H.M. Corser
                               Gnr. A. Cowie
   Gnr. W.L. Bailey            Gnr. R.J. Cox
   Gnr. F. Baker               Gnr. C. Cracknell
   Gnr. F.W. Baker             Gnr. Alf. Cranmer
   Gnr. L.J. Balcom            Gnr. Atk. Cranmer
   Gnr. J.J. Baldridge         Gnr. R. Cranmer
   Gnr. L.R. Barnes            Gnr. J.R.R. Crompton
   Gnr. J.B. Barton            Gnr. A. Crouthers
   Gnr. C.G. Bastable          Gnr. H. Curry
   Gnr. D.C. Batten
   Gnr. R. Bell                Gnr. H. Dalby
   Gnr. L.A. Bennett           Gnr. C.W.S. Davison
   Gnr. R.T.A. Bennett         Gnr. W. Davison
   Gnr. S.N. Bishop            Gnr. W.B. Doran
   Gnr. G.H. Black             Gnr. C. Duce
   Gnr. R. Boyce          
   Gnr. H. Braley              Gnr. W.E. Eddleston
   Gnr. R. Brand               Gnr. W.F. Edwards
   Gnr. P.J. Brassil           Gnr. C. Egan
   Gnr. E. Bridgestock         Gnr. H. Eldrett
   Gnr. L. Bridge              Gnr. J. Elliott
   Gnr. S. Briton              
   Gnr. J.R. Brodie            Gnr. H.F. Faint
   Gnr. J. Brook               Gnr. M. Feechan
   Gnr. T.D. Brown             Gnr. R.C. Fennell
   Gnr. E. Bufton              Gnr. D.H. Ferguson
   Gnr. E. Bugh                Gnr. J. Finley
   Gnr. S.C. Burrows           Gnr. J.M. Flanagan
   Gnr. A. Butler              Gnr. F.M. Fletcher
Page 44

   Personnel recovered from Japanese Prisoner of War Camps
   Gnr. J. Fletcher            Gnr. N.L. Hutchison
   Gnr. A.C. Fowler            Gnr. W.H. Johnson
   Gnr. H. Fox                 Gnr. L. Johnson
   Gnr. G.R. France            Gnr. G.J. Jones
   Gnr. J. Freshwater
                               Gnr. W.P. Kelly
   Gnr. P. Geldart             Gnr. G. Kemp
   Gnr. R.E. Gibson            Gnr. E. Kidd
   Gnr. R.F. Giles             Gnr. E.T. Kirvan
   Gnr. C. Gilbertson          
   Gnr. R.L. Gilhespy          Gnr. G. Laing
   Gnr. J. Gill                Gnr. W.H. Lamb
   Gnr. J. Clancy [sic]        Gnr. P. Lang
   Gnr. S.P. Goodfellow        Gnr. G.E. Langley
   Gnr. C.M. Greaves           Gnr. C. Large
   Gnr. C.F. Green             Gnr. R.H. Latham
   Gnr. R.R. Gregory           Gnr. E. Lawson
   Gnr. G.A. Griffiths         Gnr. J.T. Lee
   Gnr. F.C. Gummer            Gnr. R. Lee
                               Gnr. J.J. Leighton
   Gnr. H. Hall                Gnr. T.P. Lindon
   Gnr. F. Hammond             Gnr. A. Lindsay
   Gnr. W. Hanson              Gnr. A. Lipscombe
   Gnr. J.C. Harrison          Gnr. T. Loeber
   Gnr. T.J. Harrowven         Gnr. W.C. Loud
   Gnr. R.A. Hardy             Gnr. A. Lynch
   Gnr. H. Hartley
   Gnr. P. Haylings            Gnr. D. Mackintosh
   Gnr. N.C. Hearsum           Gnr. J. Maher
   Gnr. J.T. Heath             Gnr. J.J. Marlborough
   Gnr. A. Higgins             Gnr. J.R. Marshall
   Gnr. C.H. Hill              Gnr. J. Marsland
   Gnr. W.H. Hilling           Gnr. J. Martin
   Gnr. J.W. Hodgson           Gnr. D. Mayo
   Gnr. F.A. Hooper            Gnr. A. Merrell
   Gnr. J. Hossack             Gnr. A.H. Metcalf
   Gnr. W. Houston             Gnr. M. Metcalf
   Gnr. M. Howey               Gnr. J.W. Miles
   Gnr. R.H. Howie             Gnr. L.J. Miles
   Gnr. H.G. Howlett           Gnr. R.W. Miles
   Gnr. R.W. Hubbard           Gnr. D.M. Miller
   Gnr. V.A. Hunt              Gnr. F.J. Mills
Page 45

   Personnel recovered from Japanese Prisoner of War Camps
   Gnr. G. Mitchell            Gnr. F.H.V. Ranscombe
   Gnr. D. Moffat              Gnr. S. Redmile
   Gnr. J. Montgomery          Gnr. J.G. Reed
   Gnr. J.G. Morgan            Gnr. E. Riamo
   Gnr. H.F. Morley            Gnr. F. Riddell
   Gnr. T. Mulvaney            Gnr. T.S. Ridley
   Gnr. H.R. Munnoch           Gnr. G.E. Roast
   Gnr. J.R. McCready          Gnr. J.A. Roberts
   Gnr. W. McCready            Gnr. J.N. Roberts
   Gnr. S.W. McDowell          Gnr. G.W. Robinson
   Gnr. D. McKenna             Gnr. J.W.T. Ross
   Gnr. A. McManus
                               Gnr. F. Samuel
   Gnr. V. Nanson              Gnr. L.W.G. Saunders
   Gnr. E.A. Nelson            Gnr. R. Sawyer
   Gnr. E. Nixon               Gnr. M. Scorer
                               Gnr. A.E. Scott
   Gnr. N. Oldham              Gnr. A.J. Shadwell
   Gnr. J.R. O’Reilly          Gnr. W.H. Shiells
                               Gnr. B. Shuttleworth
                               Gnr. E.E. Simpkins
   Gnr. A. Page                Gnr. R. Slingsby
   Gnr. S. Page                Gnr. E. Smethurst
   Gnr. A.S. Panrucker         Gnr. J.W. Smith
   Gnr. W. Parker              Gnr. P. Smith
   Gnr. R.C. Parkin            Gnr. S. Smith
   Gnr. W. Paton               Gnr. T. Smith
   Gnr. E.D. Patterson         Gnr. A.H. Spraggon
   Gnr. J. Patterson           Gnr. W. Stannard
   Gnr. F. Paulden             Gnr. R.E. Starie
   Gnr. C.J. Payne             Gnr. E.G. Starkey
   Gnr. A. Peck                Gnr. L.F. Starkey
   Gnr. J.T. Perkins           Gnr. L. Stocks
   Gnr. C.A. Perry             Gnr. W.C. Stoker
   Gnr. T.B. Philp             Gnr. C.W. Studd
   Gnr. C. Plunkett            Gnr. A.G.M. Sumby
   Gnr. Jas. Poole            
   Gnr. John Poole             Gnr. W. Taylor         
   Gnr. G.A.E. Pratt           Gnr. J. Teasdale
   Gnr. T.A. Pratt             Gnr. A. Temperley
   Gnr. C.E. Pretty            Gnr. W. Thackeray
   Gnr. F. Purkiss             Gnr. K.W. Theobald
Page 46

   Personnel recovered from Japanese Prisoner of War Camps
   Gnr. A. Thompson            Gnr. C.F. Warburton
   Gnr. E. Thompson            Gnr. R.B. Wardell
   Gnr. A. Thornton            Gnr. J. Weightman
   Gnr. R. Thurlbeck           Gnr. J.E. Welch
   Gnr. J.F. Townsend          Gnr. A. Whapshott
   Gnr. F. Trappitt            Gnr. W.S. Wheatley
   Gnr. A. Truelove            Gnr. A.J. Wilkins
   Gnr. G.R. Turbard           Gnr. N.R. Williams
   Gnr. A.J. Turner            Gnr. P. Williams
   Gnr. E. Tutin               Gnr. G.M. Wilson
                               Gnr. K. Wolfe
   Gnr. A. Vipond              Gnr. J. Worthington
                               Gnr. W. Wright
   Gnr. G. Wainwright
   Gnr. G. Walker
   Gnr. W. Walker              Gnr. F. Yeadon
   Gnr. D. Wandlass            Gnr. H.J. Young

   Also the following ex-members of the Regiment:-
   Lieut. Duncan Barbour
   Sgt. M.H. Mincovitch
   Gnr. G. Alcock
Page 47
   125th Anti-Tank Regiment, R.A.

   Regimental Honours
   Lieut.-Colonel J. Dean, M.B.E., D.C.M.,
                              Distinguished Service Order
   Major Murdoch MacKenzie                  Member of the
                              Order of the British Empire
   Regtl. Sergt.-Mjr. W.R.C. Major          Member of the
                              Order of the British Empire
   Major J.K. Brodie, T.D.        Mentioned in Despatches
   [Captain J.R. Watts]           Mentioned in Despatches
   Bty. Qtr. Mstr. Sgt. J.T. Morrison
                                  Mentioned in Despatches
   Sgt. W.H. Defty                Mentioned in Despatches
   [Sgt. C. Towell]               Mentioned in Despatches
   Gunner S.C. Burrows            Mentioned in Despatches
                and ex-member of the Regiment
   Sgt. M.H. Mincovitch           Mentioned in Despatches

   Bty. Qtr. Mstr. Sgt. H.J. Picken
                                  Mentioned in Despatches
   Gunner C.W. Carney                British Empire Medal

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