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Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Bartholomew





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NZ 267370

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St. Bartholomew’s Church, on A167 south of Durham. In a drawer.

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Roll of Honour 25 inches high x 20 inches wide. This is a request for prayer for those who are, or have been, serving. At centre top is a cross in red with the title and parish on either side. Names are listed in three columns, with annotations as to whether they have fallen, are wounded or missing. There is a prayer at the bottom. All is handwritten.

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Roll of Honour / Croxdale Parish.
Prayers are asked for those who are or have been serving in His Majesty’s Forces.



1. This was replaced by C104.01 which only names the fallen.

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Photos: Dorothy Hall

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 St. Bartholomew (C104.05)

CROXDALE      St. Bartholomew’s Church 

   Roll of     +     Honour
   Croxdale          Parish

   Your Prayers are asked for those who are or have been 
   serving in His Majesty’s forces
First column

    M + Samuel Ayre +                 D.L.I.                           
      + John Alker +                  Gloucester                      
        James Ayre                    R.F.A.                            
        Thomas C. Adams               Hussars                          
        Thomas Brown                  R.N.                            
        William Bell                  ---                             
        Joseph Bell                   D.L.I.                          
      + Herbert Bell +                ---                             
      W Norman P. Birley D.S.O. M.C.  Brigade Major 25th Inf. Brig.   
        George Blenkhorn              R.F.A.                          
        Herbert Benson                17th N.F.                       
        Robert William Bradley        Serj. D.L.I.                    
      + George Brown +                D.L.I.                          
      W Cecil Bell                    D.L.I.                           
        R. Broderick                  2nd Royal Berkshires              
      + John W. Blackburn +           ---                             
      + Robert Brewis +               D.L.I.                          
      W Jonathan Collings             Serjt. 9th Yorks.               
        Stanley Collings              R.F.A.                          
        George Campbell               R.F.A.                          
        William John Campbell         ---                             
        John Henry Cleary             R.F.A.                          
        John William Cutter           A.O.C.                          
      + Espin Clark +                 ---                             
        Robert Carr                   R.E.                            
      W James Churchman               Coldstream Guards               
      W Frank Curry                   R.F.A.                          
        George Curry                  R.A.M.C.                          
        George Henry Dunn             North Staffords.                 

      + James Essen   +               ---                             

      + Frank Forman  +               Lieut.                          
        Wilfred Fortune               D.L.I.                          
        George Fortune                R.F.A.                          
        Christopher Furness           D.L.I.                          

      ? Thomas Glew                   Gloucesters                     
        Thomas Gibson                 Remounts                        
        Mark Gibson                   Police Force                    
      W James Gibson                  D.L.I.                          
        Thomas Gittens                ---                             
        Arthur Gittens                D.L.I.                          
        Edward Rogers Gulliver        R.F.A.                          
        John William Greenwell        R.E.                            
      + James Gurkin   +              D.L.I.                          
        George Gill                   K.O.S.B.                        
        John Gibson                   ---                             
        William Gibson                ---                             
        Norman Harrison               R.F.A.                          
        William Matthew Hustwick      A.S.C. 
Second column

        Henry Harding                 ---
        Robert Hutchinson             ---   
        James Hall                    R.G.A.    
        Edwin Hall                    R.F.A.
        John W. Hall                  Tank Corps
        Alfred Hedley                 ---
        James Hedley                  D.L.I.
        Robert Harwood                ---
        Edward Hanson                 Q.M. Serjt. R.E.
      + Ernest Hanson +               A.S.C.
        David Hanson                  Loyal North Lancs.
        Arthur Hunter                 N.F.
        James Hopkins                 D.L.I.
        Robert William Hardy          ---
        William Henry Hocking         Corp. Yorks.
      + John Richardson Hope M.M. +   D.L.I.
        Philip Hope                   Coldstream Guards

        Joseph Jackson                D.L.I.
      W Egbert James Joyce            ---
      W William Joyce                 ---

      W Edward Kelley                 R.E.
        James Kelley                  Gloucester
      W Edward Keys                   D.L.I.
        James Kirkup M.M.             D.L.I.
        Joseph Kirkup M.M.            Yorks.
        Henry Keys                    L.C.
        Herbert Kelley                R.A.M.C.
        Harold Kelley                 Coldstream Guards

        Isaac Liddle                  ---
      W David Liddle                  D.L.I.

        George Maddison               R.F.A.
      W Joseph Maddison               East Yorks.
      W Richard Thomas Menzies        D.L.I.
      W Robert Moyle                  D.L.I.
        James Henry Moyle             R.F.A.
      W Matthew Manders               R.F.A.  
      W Gordon Moss                   D.L.I.
        William Dunn McAdams          L.C.
      W Henry McCowliff               ---
        Humphrey McCowliff            R.G.A.
        Robert McAdams                8th Yorks.
        George Robert McAdams         R.N.
        Robert McManners???           Tank Corps
        Matthew Nichol                R.E.
        Ernest Nichol                 R.F.A.
      + Albert Nichols +              D.L.I.    
        Norman Nelson                 A.S.C.
        Arthur Nichol                 R.F.A.
Third Column

      + Daniel O’Connell +            West Riding Regt.
      W Castle Owen                   D.L.I.
      W Ernest Oversby                R.F.A.
      W William Oversby               North. Hussars
        Harold Oversby                North Staffords.
        Edwin Oversby                 ---
        William Phillips              D.L.I.
        Edward Patchet M.M.           R.F.A.
        George Pollock                R.A.M.C.
        George H Pollock              Tank Corps
      + Robert Martin Proctor +       ---
        Harry Proctor                 East Yorks.
        James Pennick                 R.G.A.
        Thomas Prior                  R.F.A.
        James Robert                  Raine
        Thomas Watson Richardson      R.F.A.
        James Richardson              R.N.
        James Edward Rennoldson       A.S.C.
        Thomas Ross M.M.              R.F.A.
        Lovett Raine                  R.N.
      W Robert George Siddle          ---
      W Robert Smith                  ---
        Herman Salvin                 Major  Artillery
        Frederick Simpson             9th Yorks.
        Joseph Simpson                D.L.I.
      W Herbert Jeffreson Suddas      D.L.I.
        Thomas Suddas                 R.F.A.
        Ralph Albert Smith            Yorks.
        Wilfred Smith                 R.F.A.
        Thomas Stark                  Tank Corps
        William Stark M.M.            R.F.A.
        Alec. Smart                   D.L.I.
        George Walton Siddle          A.S.C.
        Herbert Sands                 R.E.
      + Herbert Smith +               ---
        Claude Sands                  R.F.A.
      + John Thomas Temperley +       Yorks
        George Taylor                 R.E.  
        Robert Todd                   Yorks
        Ernest Turner                 D.L.I.
        G.W. Turner                   D.L.I.
      + Arthur Tarn +                 ---
      + Jeremiah Stephen Watson +     6th D.L.I.
        Frank Watson                  R.G.A.
      W Thomas Watkins M.M.           16th N.F.
      W Joseph Watkins                16th N.F.
        William Watkins               ---
      W Joseph Wood                   D.L.I.
      + John Wilson +                 D.L.I.
      + Thomas Hall Wilkinson +       ---
      W Bernard Cason Wallace         ---
        Arthur George Wallace         ---
      + Thomas Wallace +              ---
        Robert Worthy                 Vet. Corps
        Frederick Ward                ---
      W Valentine Young               ---
          + Has given his life   W Wounded   M Missing
    O Almighty Lord God, the father and protector of all that trust in
   thee. We commend to thy fatherly goodness the men who through perils
   of war are serving this nation; beseeching Thee to take into Thine 
   own hands both them and the cause wherein their King and Country send
   them. Be Thou their strength when they are set in the midst of so many
   and great dangers. Make all bold through death or life to put their 
   trust in Thee who art the only giver of victory and canst save by many
   or by few; Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen
Names C104.05      

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