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NEWMP Memorial Image
NEWMP Memorial Image


Book of Remembrance 1939-45 Toc H.





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NZ 364666

Original Location

Talbot House, Toc H HQ, Westoe Road (Closed). On the altar in the chapel.

Present Location

The Word, Market Place, South Shields.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date


Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance 400mm high x 240mm wide x 45mm thick. It has a black leather cover with cross embossed in gold and 100 pages. Names are in copperplate handwriting using silver ink.

Materials used

Leather binding.


(Dedicated to all those from South Shields who lost their lives in the 1939-45, including civilians).


Who commissioned

See Below

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. Thomas Oliver of Newcastle, who did it voluntarily.


1. The book took six years to complete from setting up the project to the finished product.

2. The book was put on display in a window of A.J. Wares for a while, then in the Public Library, until finally being placed in its intended home in the chapel at Toc H.

3. The Toc H banner is also in the Library.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: James Pasby

South Shields Gazette 15/08/1944 reports proposal to make a book; 29/07/1949 reports progress on compilation; 24/04/1950 reports completion; 10/06/1952 tells of the book being on display at an event in Westoe

South Shields Gazette 07/02/2013.

South Shields Library Ref. STL 940.5467

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Research acknowledgements

James Pasby; Tony Harding: Janis Blower, Shields Gazette

Research In Progress

The WW2 names on this memorial are being researched by James Pasby Contact:

Book of Remembrance 1939-45 Toc H. (W101.08)

Westoe	 Toc H
TOC H Roll of Honour

Page 1

   Aadahl, Richard William Gibson  43, Marsden Street
   Abat Ahmed  57, Wilson Street
   Abat, Ahmed  35,Cuthbert Street
   Abbot, James Norman  7, Trajan Street
   Abdul, Abdulla  76, Cuthbert Street
   Abdul, Fakis  40, Portberry Street
   Abdul, Rajack  4, Church Way
   Abdulla, Nassir  4, Thrift Street
   Abdullah, Hassan  40, Portberry Street
   Abdullah, Hassen  7, Spring Lane
   Abdullah, Hawed  40, Portberry Street
   Abdullah, Naser Saleh  120, Maxwell Street 
   Achmed, Fakir  40, Portberry Street
   Adams, Andrew Ogle  39 Watling Street
   Adamson, Mathew Haslop  29, Boldon Lane
   Adamson, Walter Henry  3, Collingwood Terrace
   Adowa, Ali  42, Bythorne Street
   Ahmed, Abdullah  9, Spring Lane
   Ahmed, Ahmed Bin  4, Cornwallis Square
   Ahmed, Ahmed Bin  212, Maxwell Street
   Ahmed, Ali  208, Maxwell Street
   Ahmed, Ali  22, Cuthbert Street
   Ahmed, Ali  75, Eldon Street
   Ahmed, Ali  46, Laygate Lane
   Ahmed, Ali Mohamed  65, Laygate Lane
   Ahmed, Hassan  40, Portberry Street
Page 2

   Ahmed, Hassan  14, Cornwallis Square
   Ahmed, Hassen  5, Portberry Way
   Ahmed, Mohamed  96, Commercial Road
   Ahmed, Mohamed  33, Cuthbert Street
   Ahmed, Mohamed  46, Laygate Lane
   Ahmed, Mussard  2, Portberry Way
   Ahmed, Nagi  6, Cornwallis Street
   Ahmed, Said  96, Commercial Road
   Ahmed, Saif  45, Cuthbert Street
   Ahmed, Saleh  53, Laygate Lane
   Ahmed, Saleh  96, Commercial Road
   Ahmed Shief  9, Spring Lane
   Ahmet, Hassan  96, Commercial Road
   Aikenhead, Alexandra  20, Stephenson [sic] Street
   Alder, Arthur  60, Straker Terrace, Tyne Dock
   Alexander, Albert  30, Croft Avenue
   Alexander, Thomas Frame 132 Prince Edward Road
   Ali, Abdulla  42, Wilson Street
   Ali, Aboukir  49, Laygate
   Ali, Assadore  62, Winchester Street
   Ali, Basser  9, Spring Lane
   Ali, Dewan  30, Agnes Street
   Ali, Dola Bin  128, Livingstone Street
   Ali, Hamed Abdo  4, Market Place
   Ali, Hassone  4, Church Way
   Ali, Ismail  56, Winchester Street
Page 3

   Arnott, James Firth  23, Lyndhurst Street
   Arthur, Joseph Shipley  122, Hedley Street
   Arthur, Laurence Keith Bruce  242, St. Vincent Street
   Arthur, Maurice  225, Rosebery [sic] Avenue
   Ashby, Joseph  35 Milton Street
   Ashton, Charles  212 John Williamson Street
   Atkinson, John William Daish  66, Chichester Road
   Atkinson, Joseph Horace  1, Elm Grove, Cleadon Park
   Atkinson, Robert  96, Bede Street, Tyne Dock
   Atkinson, Thomas Proudlock  36, James Mather Terrace
   Auty, George William  30, Dulverton Avenue
   Ayestaran, Joseph David  37, Brodrick Street
   Azig, Abdul  45, Cuthbert Street
   Aziz, Faid Abdul  14, Portberry Street
   Aananson, Olaf Henry  16, Regent Street
   Abdie, Jami  1, Alice Street
   Achmed, Issa  120, Maxwell Street
   Addison, William Stibbins  3, Beacon Street
   Alderson, William  42, Broughton Road
   Anderson, Alexander  207, St. Vincent Street
   Ali, Mary  25, Market Place
   Ali, Fazel  25, Market Place
   Armstrong, George Thomas  17, Pollard Street
   Armstrong, Jane Elizabeth  17, Pollard Street
   Allison, William  10, St. Hilda Terrace
   Armstrong, Joseph Sproat  4, Lisle Road
Page 4

   Abson, G.H.  22, Ellesmere Street
   Anderson, Laurence Robert  1, Holmfield Avenue
   Ashworth, Edgar  1, Lisle Road
   Ashley, Edward  20, Stanley Street
   Atkinson, Wilfred Venus  6 Lismore Avenue
   Abernathy, Robert Francis  12, The Ridgeway
   Arthur, George Leslie Blair  19, Blagdon Avenue
   Astney, George  19, The Ridgeway
   Arthur, John Leslie  74, St. Vincent Street
   Anderson, Peter  188, Taylor Street
   Arness, John Robert  10, James Street
   Andrews, Henry
   Atkinson, James Burns  45 Cranford Street
   Alder, Arthur  30, Dean Crescent
   Adams, William
   Adams, Robert
   Archer, Ronald
   Atkinson, George Thomas  26, Sunniside Drive
   Allinson Robert  6, Park Avenue
   Angus, Stanley  72, Robertson Street
   Absalom, James Ramsay  21, West Avenue
   Ali, Massadar
   Aird, James Storey
   Arthur, Kenneth
   Alder, James  127, South Palmerston Street
   Aggas, Norman  23, Park Avenue
Page 5

   Athey, Stanley Tallintyre
   Alexander, John Robson  104, South Woodbine Street
   Amphlett, William Vidor  10, Alfred Street
   Archer, Stanley Frederick  33, Garrick Street
   Atkinson, Robert
   Alexander, Edward  17½, Eleanor Street
   Adams, Edwin  164, South Palmerston Street
            Richard Philpot
   Ames, Helse Mountain  120, Stanhope Road
   Allison, William  62, Candlish Street
   Amess, John Richard  10, James Street
   Ashworth, Edgar  1, Lisle Road
Page 6

   Ali, William Norman  5, Cornwallis Square
   Allan, John  91, Stainton Street
   Allen, James  67, Marlboro [sic] Street
   Allia, Mungo  25, Market Place
   Allon, Thomas  23, Bertram Street
   Allon, William Arthur (M.B.E.)  99, Regent Street
   Almond, Gabriel  10, Blagdon Avenue
   Alton, John Herbert  160, Dean Road
   Alum, Mohamed  33, Cuthbert Street
   Amat, Asan Bin  2, Cornwallis Square
   Ames, Helse Mountain  10, St. Judes Terrace
   Andersen, Frederick  40, Napier Street, Tyne Dock
   Anderson, David  5, Dixon Street
   Anderson, Henry McEwan  192, Stephenson [sic] Street
   Anderson, James  248, Maxwell Street
   Anderson, John E.  202, South Palmerston Street
   Anderson, Samuel  211, St. Vincent Street
   Anderson, Samuel Otto  17, Thornton Avenue
   Anderson, William  31, Blagdon Avenue
   Andi, Ali  96, Commercial Road
   Andrews, Robert Patrick  10, Coquet Av, Horsley Hill
   Anstey, George William  19, The Ridgeway
   Aiden, Joseph  28, Victoria Road
   Armstrong, John  11, Victoria Road
   Armstrong, Lewis  53, Spohr Terrace
   Armstrong, Robert  18, Eleanor Street 
Page 7

   Ali, Jobad  1, Thrift Street
   Ali, Kaid  4, Drifter Street
   Ali, Manassah  46, Laygate Lane
   Ali, Mobarah  1, Alice Street
   Ali, Mohamed  96, Commercial Road
   Ali, Mohamed  3, Portberry Way
   Ali, Mohamed  33, Cuthbert Street
   Ali, Mohamed  5, Cornwallis Square
   Ali, Mohamed  118, Maxwell Street
   Ali, Mohamed Hassan  40, Portberry Street
   Ali, Mohamed Saif  27, Cuthbert Street
   Ali, Mossadder  29, Maxwell Street
   Ali, Maslih Mohamed  31/33, Cuthbert Street
   Ali, Nagi  53, Laygate Lane
   Ali, Nassa  96, Aderley Street
   Ali, Nezabat  49 Winchester Street
   Ali, Ranem  42, Wilson Street
   Ali, Rossid  1, Thrift Street
   Ali, Salem  96, Commercial Road
   Ali, Serf  9, Spring Lane
   Ali, Shoed  1, Thrift Street
   Ali, Silton  96, Commercial Road
   Ali, Somed  1, Thrift Street
   Ali, Tamiz  42, Byethorne Street
   Ali, Toyeb  1, Thrift Street
   Ali, Umbar  1, Thrift Street
Page 8

   Bailey, John William  7, Willow Cottages
   Bailey, Richard Watson  11, Dixon Street
   Bailey, William Wilson  69, Boldon Lane
   Bain, Alexander  27, Gordon Road
   Baker, Henry  35, Bede Street
   Balls, Charles  7, Collingwood Street
   Banks, Alexander Roberts  18, Ocean Road
   Barron, Lawrence Lewis  173, Baring Street
   Barrow, Francis  83, Denmark Street
   Bates, Arthur Stanley  6, Whitehead Street
   Beattie, Hugh  14, Monkton Avenue
   Bell, Anthony  28, Shortridge Street
   Bell, George Debnam  18, Henry Nelson Street
   Bell, George Lowrie  36, Bath Street
   Bell, John Thomas  28, Robinson Street
   Bell, Stanley  82, Broughton Road
   Bell, William Atkinson  24, Dean Terrace
   Bellas, John Ash  57, Hampden Street
   Benson, John  62, Dacre Street
   Benson, John Eltis  54, Highfield Road
   Bey, Mohamed  96, Commercial Road
   Binnie, James Oakley  12, Fairview Avenue
   Birch, James Henry  3, Grasmere Gardens
   Birch, John
   Birch Philip Edmund (O.B.E.)  285 Mortimer Road
   Bird, John Oates  Cleadon Park Senior School House
                              Sunderland Road
Page 9

   Birkedale, William Frederick Theodore  90, Ashley Street
   Black, John Magnus  20, Salmon Street
   Blackburn, John Murray  10, Charlotte Terrace
   Blair, George  3, Ermyn Way
   Blenkinsop, Thomas Stewart  159, Talbot Road
   Botton, John Burns  127, Green Lane
   Bond, Thomas Taylor  47, Somerset Street
   Botha, Thomas Ernest  19, St. Aidans Road
   Bottomley, Harold Renwick  33, Ashgrove Avenue
   Bovill, Joseph Henry  78, Sunderland Road
   Bradshaw, Ronald  44, Stanhope Road
   Brady, Thomas  59, St. Mary's Avenue, Harton
   Bramley, John Robert  69, Gorse Avenue
   Branch, George Edward 20, Bewick Street
   Brierly, William Frederick  18, Emlyn Road
   Briggs, Harold  20, Revesby Street
   Briggs, Ralph  10, Beech Gardens
   Brimer, Isiah  54, Saville Street
   Brincat, John  84, Eldon Street
   Brown, Charlie  70, Catharine [sic] Street
   Brown, George  81, Woodbine Street
   Brown, George Edward  60, Ryknield Way
   Brown, John  11, Westoe Avenue
   Brown, John Stonehouse  30, Lyndhurst Street
   Brown, John Thomas  12, South Eldon Street
   Brown, Peter  55, Trajan Avenue
Page 10

   Brown, Ralph Myers  26, Thompson Street, Tyne Dock
   Brown Robert Melville  69, Marlborough Street
   Brown, William  63, Centenary Avenue
   Brown, William  162, Harton House Road
   Brownless, Alan  10, Burrow Street
   Bruce, Alexander  175, St. Vincent Street
   Bruce, Jacob Ashley  29, Morpeth Avenue
   Buchanan, Stuart Franklin  40, Eleanor Street
   Buckett, William Kent  43, Reay Street
   Buglass, Harry Alexander  29, Warwick Road
   Buk, Warmaya  49, Laygate Lane
   Burdon, Charles  85, John Williamson Street
   Burgess, Albert Victor  42, Burnham St., Tyne Dock
   Burgess, Thomas Stanley  11, Hyperian Av., Simonside
   Burn, John  24, Harper Street
   Burn, Richard  11, George Potts Street
   Burns, Henry  180, Ocean Road
   Burrell, Joseph Morrell  2, Laburnam [sic] Grove, Cleadon
   Burrough, John Philip  100, Vine Street
   Burton, George William  116, Westoe Road
   Butchart, Evan Thompson  60, West Avenue
   Byers, Stanley  208, St. Vincent Street
   Byrne, Peter  43, St. Mary's Avenue
   Bald, Robert  148, Eldon Street
   Barley, Frank  316, South Eldon Street
   Baylis, James  271, Taylor Street
Page 11

   Benham, Margaret  125, Marsden Street
   Brady, William Norman  36, Catherine Street
   Buckett, Robert Gray
   Barlow, William  16, Eleanor Street
   Brown, Thomas  18, South Palmerston Street
   Brown, George
   Brown, Charles Fenwick  42, Bk. Baring Street
   Blair, John Douglas  3, Challoner Terrace East
   Bell, Reginald  47, James Mather Street
   Brincot, John  36, Taylor Street
   Brown, Reginald  189, George Potts Street
   Brady, Thomas Nesbart
   Burn, Thomas  17, Burrow Street
   Barron, John
   Beattie, William  56 Watling Street
   Batchellor, Cecil Ridge  40, Lawe Road
   Baker, Robert Anthony  13, Collin Avenue
   Bailey, Harry  53, Warkworth Avenue
   Brotherton, Adam
   Balls, Alfred  10, Acacia Grove
   Brimer, Stanley  106, Baring Street
   Bewick, George  119, Quarry Lane
   Bell, Joseph  7, Union Street
   Bell, Foster Norval  41, Kyffin View
   Bell, Joseph  24, Oswald Street
   Bumphrey, Frederick
Page 12

   Bloom, Alfred  220, Taylor Street
   Barker, John William  45, Sycamore Avenue
   Burton, George William  116, Westoe Road
   Bramwell, John Thomas
   Black, Martin
   Bailey, John W.
   Beck, William C.  41, Revesby Street
   Brason, James
   Burrell, John George
   Bainbridge, Roland Barnsley  68, Richmond Rd.
   Bright, John Lamsdale  68, Mowbray Road
   Bradley, Ivor  Ravensbourne Terrace
   Bailey, John W.
   Blogg, William
   Barker, Robert Meggison
   Brass, James  63, Hampden Street
   Bennell, John
   Brown, William Trooper  7, George Scott Street
   Bullock, Stanley  115, Frederick Street
   Blakeman, John George Henry  15, Laygate
   Barnes, Ronald  5, Tennant Street
   Brown, Ralph  Tynedale Road
   Beeching, Norman  11, Gretna Gardens
   Blanchie, Thomas  18, Havelock Street
   Bertram, Ronald  65, Wenlock Road
   Brady, Norman
Page 13

   Beattie, William  56, Watline [sic] Street
   Beeching, John William  12, Collingwood Terrace
   Bennett, Alfred  156, South Frederick Street
   Birkert, Frederick William  88, Osborne Avenue
   Bramwell, John T.  47, Grange Street
   Branchie, Thomas  14, Havelock Street
   Bugeja, Guiseppe  84, Tyne Lane
   Burrell, John  380, Dean Road
   Byrne, Margaret  29, Brodrick Street
   Baker, Arnold  11, Fenwick Avenue
   Bainbridge, Lucy  127, Mile End Road
   Burn, Isabella Dobson  24, Harper Street
   Berry, Andrew  127, Mile End Road
   Bevin, John  24, Harper Street
   Burn, Annie  135, Morton Street
   Burn, George  135, Morton Street
   Black, William  25, Market Place
   Bohill, Robert  28, Park Avenue
   Baines, Alice Maud  242, South Eldon Street
   Broomhead, William Edward  45, Roman Road
   Bowsfield, Esther  7, Isabella Street
   Baldry, William George  32, Charlotte Street
   Burdon, Elizabeth  77, Livingstone Street
   Bertram, George  40, Marsden Street
   Bell, William  8, Moffett Street
   Brown, Isabella  70, Stevenson Street
Page 14

   Baker, William
   Burden, James
   Barber, R.A.
   Bengston, John  69, Tay Street
   Bone, John  60, Vespasian Avenue
   Benali, Dollah  142, Dunlop Crescent
   Brincat, Spero  38, Alma Street
   Bradley, John Robert  106 Elizabeth Street
   Brady, Doris  24, Julian Street
   Barker, John William  45, Sycamore Avenue
   Barker, Dennis  45, Sycamore Avenue
   Blythe, Job Angus  49, Fort Street
   Bradley, Arthur Blakiston  243 Stanhope Road
   Burdon, Charles Fenwick  85, John Williamson St.
   Brown, Joseph William  7, George Scott Street
   Brierley, William Frederick  18, Emlyn Road
   Barker, Denis  45, Sycamore Avenue
   Burns, Henry  180, Ocean Road
   Bartram, Ronald  65, Wenlock Road
   Brown, Robert  21, Summerhill Road
   Bailey, Richard Watson  11, Dixon Street
   Bage, Norman R.A.F.  28, Summerhill Road
Page 15

   Calbraith, James  94, Eldon Street
   Callaghan, James  6, Boldon Lane
   Calver, Albert Edward  50, Harton Rise
   Campbell, Charles Sydney  61, King George Road
   Campbell, Hugh  34, West Avenue
   Cann, Alfred Thomas  21, Dixon Street
   Capstick, John George  4, Thompson Street
   Carr, John Henry  41, Albany Street
   Carrick, Harry  315, John Williamson Street
   Carruthers, David, W.  32, Ada Street
   Carruthers, James Currie  6, Coleman Terrace
   Carson, James Oliver  18, Orange Street
   Cassim, Ahmed  63, Maxwell Street
   Cauley, James Leo.  15, Harper's Buildings
   Caulker, Henry John  34, West Walpole Street
   Cawthorn, Ralph  10, Cambridge Street
   Chambers, James  11, Willow Cottage
   Chambers, Joseph Benham  50, Cambridge Street
   Chambers, Reginald  90, Regent Street
   Chapman, James  2, Shakespeare Street
   Chapman, Sidney  127, Livingstone Street
   Chapman, William  22, St. Vincent Street
   Charleson, George  14, Canterbury Street
   Charlton, John Anderson  33, King George Road
   Charlton, John Thomas  148, Marshall Wallis Rd.
   Chastney, Frederick Hiliary  8 Chester Gardens
Page 16

   Cheyne, James Thomas  61, Hudson Street
   Childerstone, Norman  61, Stanton Street
   Christy, Robert  16, Frost Street
   Clapham, Lancelot William  54, Collingwood Terr.
   Clark, George William  140, Livingstone Street
   Clark, James  53, Julian Avenue
   Clark, James Eldred  3, Warwick Road
   Clark, William  4, Sydenham Terrace
   Cleary, Alban Francis  95, West Avenue
   Cluness, William  239, So. Palmerston Street
   Coates, Joseph  67, Watling Street
   Cochrane, John  68, Egglesfield Road
   Cochrane, Thomas  85, The High Road
   Coffey, Christopher  59, Aldbrough St., Simonside
   Cole, John  66, Percy Street
   Collighan, Arthur  10, Hunter's Terrace
   Collighan, Isaac  67, George Scott Street
   Collins, Henry Bell  68, Highfield Road
   Collins, Robert  110, South Eldon Street
   Collins, Robert  11, South View Terrace
   Connell, John  13, Frenchman's Way
   Connor, Jeremiah Henry  54, Bambro Avenue
   Connor, William Henry  50, Roseberry Avenue
   Cooper, Stanley  15, St. Michael's Avenue
   Coppock, John Edward  55, Bowman Street
   Corkish, Arthur Alexander H.I.  390, J. Williamson St.
Page 17

   Cooper, Benjamin Frederick  25, Borough Road
   Christie, John  18, Ellesmere Street
   Clough, Leslie
   Carruthers, Thomas  226, St. Vincent Street
   Cole, Charles  66, So. Eldon Street
   Chavner, James  247, Taylor Street
   Chapman, James  44, Oxford Avenue
   Chapman, William
   Cunningham, Thomas H.  13, Adelaide Street
   Culling, George James  106, Roman Road
   Cansfield, James P.  1, Bright Street
   Chapman, James Davis  44, Oxford Street
   Curry, James  John Clay Street
   Carmichael, John Richie  91, Adelaide Street
   Carr, Edward  18, Monkton Avenue
   Carter, John Williams  6, Farnham Road
   Charleston, Oliver  158, Ashley Road
   Cousin, J.M.  18, Talbot Road
   Charlton, Victor Hamilton  30, Dartford Road
   Clavery, Robert Boyd
   Collins, Desmond  37, Egerton Road
   Cooper, John James  12, Wyther Park Place
                          Leeds 12. (formerly So. Shields)
   Charleson, Oliver  158, Ashley Road
   Charlton, Hugh R.N.  18, Osborne Avenue
Page 18

   Cooke, Ronald  6, Moffett Street
   Cooke, Joseph  6, Moffett Street
   Cook, Francis Riddle  108, Marsden Street
   Clouston, Douglas Weldon
   Collins, Charles  9, Gordon Road
   Craig, Harry
   Cooper, Arthur Charles V.
   Carnall, Alfred
   Chipchase, John
   Charlton, Norman Quinton
   Charters, George Robert
   Clapham, John  217, King George Road
   Carnaby, Joseph William  Summerhill Road
   Charlton, John George
   Connor, Martin  58, Bath Street
   Charleston, George Andrew
   Cable, Joseph Simpson  Albemarle Street
   Calder, Peter Donald  22, Trajan Street
   Cocklin, Matthew
   Chapman, Lewis
   Coxon, James Metcalfe  200, Talbot Road
   Clouston, Angus Dixon
   Clark, James William  113, So. Frederick Street
   Cheverton, Edward  61, Porchester Street
   Chaytor, Harold  41, Albemarle Street
   Carr, Benjamin  141, Eldon Street
Page 19

   Cornell, Frederick  4, Johnson Street
   Coulter, Robert Simpson Crookston  6, Lisle Road
   Coutts, Laurence  44, St. Aidan's Road
   Cox, Alfred Ernest  117, Robinson Street
   Craig, John  2, Greathead Street
   Crammon, Walter Junner  273½ Stanhope Road
   Crooks, Robert Stanley  48, So. Palmerston Street
   Crozier, Robert Cheshire  41, Aldbrough St., Simonside
   Curry, Frederick Steel  48, Bewick Street
   Curry, James William  56, James Mather Terrace
   Cuthbert, Robert  239, Alice Street
   Campbell, J.R.  Devilah Avenue
   Carr, William Simpson  10, Oak Avenue
   Carruthers, Alfred  166 Egglesfield Road
   Carter, James Wright  82, Dean Road
   Clark, Herbert  221, Mowbray Road
   Coates, Herbert  3, Quarry Lane
   Cook, John Frederick  52, Coleridge Avenue
   Campbell, John  134, Bk. Mile End Road
   Charlton, Alice  123, Mile End Road
   Cox, James William  117, King George Road
   Carney, Joseph  17, Queen Street
   Charlton, Mary Ann  170, Lytton Street
   Coulson, Charles  246, South Eldon Street
   Carrington, Ada Sarah  6, Broughton Road
   Cardno, Stanley  38, Marsden Street
Page 20

   Crouch, Ambrose
   Crammond, Alex.  273½ Stanhope Road
   Creagg, F.  30, Oxford Avenue
   Cousin, James Muir  18, Talbot Road
   Carter, Edward  165, So. Frederick Street
   Cooper, John James  2, Pine Avenue
   Crofton, Colin  Hawthorn Lea, Harton
   Chapman, Thomas Strachan  345, Taylor Street
   Cumper, Charles
   Courtney, Cecil H.  4, The Ridgeway
   Cain, John Chatt  45 Gordon Street
   Collier, John
   Chapman, Charles
   Cruikshanks, Alexander
   Carlberg, Christopher Hunter
   Charlton, Henry John  10, Collin Avenue
   Crombie, Joseph  121, Regent Street
   Cruikshanks, Robert Thompson  10½ Winterbottom St.
   Cusworth, Richard
   Coltman, Samuel  23, Lemon Street
   Corkhill, William Dunn  74, Lytton Street
   Colesby, William
   Christie, Charles  259, King George Road
   Clouston, Douglas Wheldon
   Cummings, J.H.  554, John Williamson Street
Page 21

   Daglish, James  335, John Williamson Street
   Daley, Joseph John  44, Broughton Road
   Davison, George  412, South Eldon Street
   Davison, Joseph Harold  25, Hepscott Terrace
   Dawes, Henry Hawes  61, Morpeth Avenue
   Dawson, James Robert  36, Summerhill Road
   Dawson, James William  17, Tyne Lane
   Deakin, James  72, Coleridge Avenue
   Degiorgis, Guiseppe  62, John Clay Street
   Denathorn, Samuel  90, Oak Avenue, Cleadon Park
   Dennison, John  7, Revesley Street
   Dent, Alfred G.  80, Leighton Street
   De Redder, George Henry  79, Baring Street
   Dickinson, Ralph  54, Stevenson Street
   Dixon, Ainsley Harrison  44, Oak Avenue
   Dixon, Thomas Alderman  13, Cleveland Street
   Dixon, Thomas William  58, Bambro Av., Horsely [sic] Hill
   Djamah, Mohamed  1, Alice Street
   Dobson, Edwin  128, Westoe Road
   Dobson, Joseph  6, Lisle Road, Harton
   Dockerty, William  168 Edith Street
   Dolan, Patrick  10, Bath Street
   Donkin, Lancelot  30, Akeman Way
   Donnelly, Henry Michael  161, Maxwell Street
   Donovan, John Dagaleas  26, South Close, Harton
   Doran, Joseph Clark  288, So. Frederick Street
Page 22

   Day, Edith Florence  44, Hyde Street
   Danielson, Victor  91, Hudson Street
   Dixon, Joseph Scott  9, Morpeth Avenue
   Dennis, Benjamin Shepherd  53, Sycamore Avenue
   Dick, Robert Mankin
   Dodds, Albert Edward  97, Ryknield Way
   Dunn, George Henry
   Dunn, James Hudson  44, Dacre Street
   Dryman, Raymond  189, Mowbray Road
   Densham, William  13, Gilbert Street
   Dryden, Norman Hill  22, Egerton Square [Entered in error]
   Dickinson, Edward  278, Green Lane
   Dunn, Edward  67, Wharton Street
   De Giorgio, Vincent  16, Egglesfield Road
Davy, Frank Albert Edward
   Dawson, George King  85, Alfred Street
   Donkin, L.  30, Akeman Way
   Dixon, Thomas  33, Wakefield Avenue
   Dry, Thomas Allan  89, Marsden Road
   Dunn, James Covell  88, Garwood Street
   Duncan, William Purvis  16, Trajan Street
   Dawson, George King  89, Alfred Street
   Dockwray, Richard  68, Robinson Street
   Drane, Bert  16, Ashgrove Avenue
   Dennison, Charles  43, Edith Street
   Davidson, Robert Henry
Page 23

   Dormand, George  25, Willow Grove, Cleadon Estate
   Dorward, Ernest  66, Oak Avenue
   Downie, Ernest  69, Richmond Road
   Dowson, John  48, Banbury Terrace
   Drasid, Mohamed  65, Legit Lane
   Dualch, Ibrahim  1, Alice Street
   Dubai, Ali M.  9, Spring Lane
   Duca, George  69, Winchester Street
   Dudgeon, Ernest  40, Ashley Road
   Duggan, John George  173, Green Lane
   Duncan, Harold Henry  201, St. Vincent Street
   Duncan, Robert  36, Brabourne Street
   Duncan, William  4, Salmon Street
   Dunn, George Edward  114, Alfred Street
   Dutton, Edward White  53, Wouldhave Street
   Dykes, Patrick Joyce  36, Ashgrove Avenue
   Dixon, Thomas Henry  33, Welfield Avenue
   Doyle, Michael  7, Aldborough [sic] Street
   Dockwray, Mary Jane  2, Fort Street
   Dockwray, Catherine Annie Jr.  2, Fort Street
   Dockwray, Catherine Annie Sr.  2, Fort Street
   Dockwray, Ernest  2, Fort Street
   Dobson, Mary Horner  85, Harton Lane
   Dhoole, Mohamed  72, Cuthbert Street
   Davies, Marion  172, Lytton Street
   Day, Thomas  44, Hyde Street
Page 24

   Dixon, William  174, South Eldon Street
   Dryden, James Sedman  22, Egerton Square
   Dadswell, John Douglas  245, So. Frederick Street
   Dunn, Robert William  4, Salisbury Street
   Doyle, Frederick Charles  16, Dartford Road
   Delaney, John
   Dearmid, Angus  60, Osborne Avenue
   Derby, Frederick Pilkinton  198, Harton Lane
   Dickinson, Charles
   Dawson, Josiah  89, Alfred Street
   Dunn, William Edward  76, So. Palmerston St.
   Davison, Richard  48, John William Street
   Dunn, John Shepherd
   Dadswell, Ernest William  245 So. Frederick St.
   Drongeson, Robert Sydney  79, Gordon Street
   Davison, Jonathan  40, Frost Street
   Donkin, John Edward  41, Cockburn Street
   Dale, Arthur John  10, Lisle Road
   Dunmore, P.  96, South Eldon Street
   Durkin, John  11, North Avenue
   Drummond, Robert Middleton  Hope Street
   Day, Edith Florence  44, Hyde Street
   Davidson, Alan  73, Vine Street
   Davidson, James  37, Canterbury Street
   Dodds, Roy R.A.F.  14, Romilly Street
Page 25

   Edgerton, Edward  20, Pallister Street
   Edmondson, James Joseph  71, Ashley Road
   Edmondson, Richard  32, Mariner's Cottages
   Edwards, Albert  25, Bowman Street
   Edwards, James Richard  106, H.S, Edward [sic] Street
   Egan, Albert Victor  3, Windmill Hill
   Eglintine, Arthur  141, So. Frederick Street
   Elliott, George  95, Henry Street
   Ellis, Robert Storey  14, Central Gardens
   Elsy, Arthur  25, Clyvedon Rise
   Ericson, Norman Stanley  32, Florence Street
   Esplin, James Taylor  258, St. Vincent Street
   Esplin, Stanley  73, Hedley Street
   Easby, Douglas  33, Wilson Street
   Elliott, William  131, Mortimer Road
   English, James  11, Graham Street
   Elliott, Walter  29, George Potts Street
   Effard, Ethel May  40, Hyde Street
   Elliott, Walter  240, South Eldon Street
   Elliott, Joyce  240, South Eldon Street
   Elliott, Irene  240, South Eldon Street
   Elliott, Ellen  240, South Eldon Street
   Elliott, William James  Open Air School House
   Evers, John  14, Mayfair Gardens
   Ems, George  23, John Williamson Street
   Earl, Charles  
Page 26

   Edwards, George  44, Tynedale Road
   Elliott, Albert  63, Boldon Lane
   Errington, Thomas Hunter  31, Burleigh Street
   Elliott, William Robert  98, Laygate
   Evans, Ernest  
   Elston, William W. 11, Highfield Road
   Embleton, Thomas  72, South Eldon Street
   Elliott, Johnson  6, York Way
   Elliott, Roy  83, Lord Nelson Street
   Early, J.T.  42, Frederick Street
   Ellwood, James  63, John Clay Street
Page 27

   Faid, Hassan  14, Portberry Way
   Fairley, William George  112, Cleveland Street
   Fairlie, Herbert  44, Banbury Terrace
   Fake, Richard  25, Hyde Street
   Falconer, Arthur  24, Central Avenue
   Fallon, Harry  92, Ashgrove Avenue, Cleadon
   Falp, William Torrence  29, Adelaide Street
   Farbrother, Harold Edmund  322, So. Frederick St.
   Farrell, William Arthur  7, Harton Grove
   Farrugia, George  21, Adelaide Street
   Farrugia, Joseph Pasquale Emanuele  44, Brodrick St.
   Farrugia, Vincent  14, Moffett Street
   Fawcett, Thomas  35, Gresford Street
   Fenech, Carmelo  154, Green Lane
   Fenwick, Alan  4, Burnham Street
   Ferguson, Alex  42, Green Street
   Fernandez, Manuel  62, Winchester Street
   Ferrie, Daniel Peter  138, Prince Edward Road
   Fibiger, Louis John  115, Harton Lane
   Fiksen, Robert Boyd  10, West Hope Close
   Fittes, Robert  61, Mortimer Road
   Foley, Stanley  29, Morpeth Avenue
   Forbes, James W.  327, Taylor Street
   Ford, Arthur  10, Alverthorpe Street
   Ford, Thomas  46, Lemon Street
   Forrest, George Lowrey  6, The Broadway
Page 28

   Forrest, William  21, St. Michaels Avenue
   Foster, Charles Randolph  152, Livingstone Street
   Foster, Joseph S.  54, Fort Street
   Fowlie, Thomas  43, Wilson Street
   Foy, William  175, H.S. Edward Street
   Frame, William  7, The Kingsway
   Franchi, Michael  90, Nora Street
   Francis, Robert  186, Harton House Road
   Francis, Robert William Clouston  186, Harton House
   Fraser, Ernest William  23, Lyndhurst Street
   Fraser, Peter Alexander  142, Commercial Road
   Fraser, Peter Edward  3, Dixon Street
   Fulton, Robert  61, Hedley Street
   Futers, William Arthur Henry  154, Mowbray Rd.
   Forrest, David F.A.  Marine Approach
   Freiman, Kriss  398, So. Eldon Street
   Fothergill, John  117, Elizabeth Street
   Forrest, William  4, Buttermere Gardens
   Findlay, James  96, Marsden Street
   Fawcett, Jack  72, Byethorne Street
   Fawcett, Charles
   Fairweather, Richard
   Ford, Harrison Peace
   Ford, Thomas  137, Marlborough Street
   Fairbairn, Daniel  47, Bede Street
   Franks, Robert
Page 29

   Frampton, Stanley
   Friends, Henry Humphrey  231, Mowbray Rd.
   Ferguson, John
   Felgate, Arthur
   Fleming, John  119, Prince Edward Road
   Fairhurst, Stanley
   Franchi, Michael  90, Nora Street
   Fraser, George R.  30, Cedar Grove
   Finlay, William Armstrong  98, Talbot Rd.
   Fawdon, Harold  King George Road
   Fowlie, Peter Younger  8, Barnes Road
   Fawcett, John G.  19, North Close
   Fowles, Richard  38, Farne Avenue
   Foster, Robert
   Foster, Denis Carnaby  9, St. Aidan's Road
   Fowles, Robert  38, Farne Avenue
   Flynn, James Edward  2, Hudson Street
   Fawdon, Harold Cawthorne  21, King George Road
   Falkner, Sidney Godfrey  239, Fort Street
Page 30

   Gaffar, Abdul  40, Portberry Street
   Gallagher, Charles  17, Lytton Street
   Gambles, James Richard  125, Henry Street
   Garrick, William Arthur  Exchange Vauts, [sic] Market Place
   Gates, William Alexander  70, West Avenue, Harton
   Gelhit, Ali  40, Portberry Street
   Gentles, James  5, Beatrice Gardens
   George, Vincent  16, Egglesfield Road
   Gerhardt, Henry  164, Westoe Road
   Gibb, William Cruikshank  166, South Eldon Street
   Gibson, James  98, Campbell Street
   Gibson, Robert Rowland  10, Pontop Cottages, Alexander
   Gilbertson, Peter  37, Gordon Street
   Gill, Charles Richard  29, Wakefield Avenue
   Gill, James  Sailors' Home
   Gillespie, Alfred William  11, Horsley Vale
   Gilroy, Frederick Leighton  279, John Williamson St.
   Givens, John Angus  8, Grosvenor Drive
   Givens, Wallace  6, Rydal Gardens
   Gomez, Clemant  1, Market Street
   Goodall, John  1, Derwentwater Terrace
   Gorham, Joseph  39, Havelock Street
   Goudie, James  11, St. Michael's Avenue
   Goudie, James Robert  13, Rutland Street
   Gow, James  131, John Williamson Street
   Graham, George  93, Palmerston Street
Page 31

   Grains, Lawrence Christopher  25, Woodbine Street
   Grant, Henry  20, Akeman Way
   Grant, Samuel  83, Maxwell Street
   Gray, Alfred  "Coolthard" 7, Rydal Gardens
   Gray, George Edward  265, Taylor Street
   Gray, James  10, Larch Avenue
   Gray, Peter Scott  186, Taylor Street
   Gray, Thomas Laws  49, Alice Street
   Greagg, Frank (O.B.E.)  30, Oxford Avenue
   Grieves, Benjamin Dowell  54, Sycamore Avenue
   Grieves, Malcolm Joseph  286, Mortimer Road
   Grundy, James Francis  66, Salmon Street
   Grunson, Clarence  79, Highfleet Road
   Gudgeon, Robert  133, H.S. Edward Street
   Gudgeon, Samuel Pascoe  6, Burleigh Street
   Gulbrandsen, Oscar Alfred  55a Brodrick Street
   Gunn, William  Walpole Inn
   Gale, Herbert E.  159, Baring Street
   Gillard, Edwin William  103, Harton House
   Gott, Alexander Hastie  49, Quarry Lane
   Godtschailk, Frederick Oscar
   Graham, John Charles  128, Morton Street
   Gibb, Clara Jane  11, Anderson Street
   Garthwaite, Thomas Newby  244, So. Eldon Street
   Garthwaite, Frances  244, South Eldon Street
   Graham, Charles Douglas  24, Eastbourne Grove
Page 32

   Gomez, Barbara  212, Maxwell Street
   Grainger, Edith Elstob  2, Hepscott Terrace
   Graham, Samuel  31, Princes Street
   Gray, John T.  120, Stanhope Rd.
   Gilchrist, Thomas Bruce  123, Alice Street
   Gasston, Albert William
   Gardiner, Thomas  42, Russell Avenue
   Guffin, John  19, Morton Street
   Gardener, John George Stratford  20, James Street
   Gibb, William
   Gray, Thomas  63, Baring Street
   Greenwell, John Andrew  180, So. Frederick Street
   Graham, Joseph  238, Taylor Street
   Graham, George  83, Palmerston Street
   Gray, William  late of South Shields
   Golightly, James  21, Westhope Road
   Guest, John  214, Prince Edward Road
   Gray, Albert Edward  44, Julian Street
   Green, Matthew Armstrong  22, Eastbourne Grove
   Gray, Alfred R. 233, So. Frederick Street
   Graney, Edward  212, Birchington Avenue
   Gates, William Alexander
   Gibson, James  102 Prince Edward Road
   Grey, George M.  9, Beethoven Street
   Gray, William Leslie  113, Birchington Avenue
   Glister, Charles Alfred  168, Hope Street
Page 33

   Gaffney, John  187, So. Frederick Street
   Gillespie, John  5, Ravensworth Terrace
   Garbutt, John  25, May Street
   Green, Richard  66, Norham Avenue
   Green, William  57, Tadema Road
   Gehm, John Henry
   Gray, Marshal  8, Hunters Terrace
   Grant, Harold  22, West Park Road
   Green, Henry N.  10 Stevenson Street
   Gordon, Ernest  46, Marlborough Street
   Gates, George William  46, Cambridge Street
   Gray, James Henry  70, Edith Street
   Gordon, Frank  100, Talbot Road
   Gilchrist, George Renwick  37, Alverthorpe Street
   Gray, William  53, Julian Avenue
   Gutcher, Thomas  19, John Williamson Street
   Grimes, Walter Crawford Jr.  10, Mayfair Gardens
   Gray, James  10, Larch Avenue
   Gray, James  8, Brownlow Road
   Graham, Charles  Eastbourne Grove
   Givens, John Edward  8, Grosvenor Drive
   Gordon, Ernest  46, Marlborough Street
Page 34

   Helm, George  15, Cambridge Street
   Helm, William  22, West Walpole Street
   Helme, Thomas  56, Reading Road
   Henderson, Francis  6, Trajan Street
   Henderson, Frederick William  99, Edith Street
   Henderson, George Craig  17, Beattie Street
   Henderson, James  16, Ebchester St., Simonside
   Henderson, Robert  7, Lishmore Avenue
   Henderson, Robert Henry  15, Alice Street
   Hendry, John  35, Redhead [sic] Road
   Henry, William  314, Dean Road
   Heppel, James William  170, Taylor Street
   Heslop, George  47, Adelaide Street
   Heslop, Henry  14, Alice Street
   Hills, William Clubbs  201 South Eldon Street
   Hitton, Thomas  58, Readhead Road
   Hodge, James  106, John Clay Street
   Hogg, Robert W.T.  118, South Eldon Street
   Hogg, Stephen  39, Imeary Street
   Hoggarth, Edward  134, Robinson Street
   Hoggett, Stanley  137, South Palmerston St.
   Holland, Joseph Sidney  103, South Woodbine St.
   Holman, Thomas James  119, Edith Street
   Holmes, James Andrew  11, Back Commercial Road
   Hood, Robert  28, Fawcett Street
   Horncastle, Harold Walter  332, Alice Street
Page 35

   Houston, David Hutton  7, Page Avenue, Cauldwell
   Howard, Charles  78, Brodrick Street
   Howat, William  2, Broughton Road
   Howey, Thomas  28, Sheldon Road
   Howie, Alexander  150, Talbot Road
   Hoy, Stephen  10½ Winterbottom Street
   Hudson, Arthur Mathew  80, Readhead Road
   Hughes, Leslie Claud  34, Harton House Road
   Hughson, Basil  26, Wakefield Avenue
   Hull, Reynold Nicholson  13, Coleridge Avenue
   Humphries, Harry Lester Storey  23, Fir Grove
   Hunter, Adam  70, Mile End Road
   Hunter, Alfred  14, Osbourne Terrace
   Hunter Clarence  11, Eastbourne Grove
   Hunter, Francis Alfred  26, Dacre Street
   Hunter, George William  73, Cleveland Street
   Hunter, James Ellerby  193, Laygate
   Hunter, Matthew  30, St. Peter's Avenue
   Hunter, Thomas Milne  66, Livingstone Street
   Husain, Mohamed  1, Alice Street
   Huthart, George  18, Reay Street
   Halcrow, James A.  46, Banbury Terrace
   Hall, Arthur  425, John Williamson Street
   Hanson, Johan Albin  110, Bowman Street
   Harrison, Thomas  53, Marsden Street
   Howard, Robert S.  140, Palmerston Street
Page 36

   Habbershaw, George  48, Owen Street
   Habbershaw, George Clark Common  23, Borough Rd., Harton
   Haikoff, Sergei  227, South Eldon Street
   Hall, Cyril MacDonald  132, Wharton Street
   Hall, Ernest  12, Somerset Street
   Hall, George  178, Harton House Road
   Hall, James Keean [sic]  29, Somerset Street
   Hall, Jefferson Copeland  5, Fairholme Avenue
   Hall, Ronald  43, Tadema Street
   Hall, William  70, Bowman Street
   Hall, William  7, Wilkinson Street
   Halliday, Albert  85, Broughton Road
   Halliday, William  85, Broughton Road
   Hamid, Abdul  11, Market Street
   Hamid, Ahmed  9, Spring Lane
   Hamilton, George  257, St. Vincent Street
   Hamilton, Thomas  82, Eldon Street
   Hammill, Francis James  95, West Holborn
   Hancock, Norman  20,Milner Street
   Hancock, Walter  13, Laburnum Grove
   Hansen, Frederick  193, Maxwell Street
   Hanson, John Thomas  121, Whitehall Street
   Hanson, Stephen Heron  22, Elizabeth Street
   Harbottle, Harold  14, St. John's Terrace
   Hardie, John  18, Akeman Way
   Hardy, Robert Frederick  25, Salmon Street
Page 37

   Harkus, Thomas Pierce  7, East Avenue, Cleadon Park Estate
   Harris, James  83, Whitehall Street
   Harrison, George Dalton  76, Horsley Hill Road
   Harrison Robert  285, Mortimer Road
   Hart, Bernard Augustus  82, Palmerston Street
   Hart, Charles  130, Birchington Avenue
   Hart, William  6, Stevenson Street
   Harvey, Arthur  118, Lytton Street
   Harvey, Frederick Howard  166, Marsden Street
   Harvey, William  29, Fawcett Street
   Hashim, Said Ali  22, Portberry Street
   Hassan, Abdullah  9, Spring Lane
   Hassan, Ahmed  120, Maxwell Street
   Hassan, Ahmed  96, Commercial Road
   Hassan, Ali  4, Cornwallis Square
   Hassan, Mahomed  73, Eldon Street
   Hassan, Mohamed  18, Portberry Way
   Hassan, Said  73, Eldon Street
   Hassen, Mohamed  55, Wilson Street
   Hastings, Leonard  10, Nora Street
   Hastings, Thomas  10, Nora Street
   Haxby, Alfred  62, Hedley Street
   Hearn, William  5, Conway Street
   Heddles, John 16, Ravensworth Terrace
   Hegarty, Norman Wood  3, Gilbert Street
   Hellyer, Robert Reay Cowell  29, Coquet Avenue
Page 38

   Hume, Robert Smith  29, Baring Street
   Holly, William  Readhead Street
   Harkus, Rose  127, Mile End Road
   Howcroft, May  129, Mile End Road
   Heslop, Ruth  117, Stoddart Street
   Hatwell, Lottie  22, Gordon Street
   Hart, Elizabeth  42, Bede Street
   Hornby, James  51, Lord Nelson Street
   Herkess, Henry Ernest  49, Wawn Street
   Henderson, John
   Henderson, George  94, Marsden Street
   Hadaway, Joseph William  20, Moffett Street
   Hughes, George  116, Canterbury Street
   Holman, John Darling  119, Edith Street
   Hogg, Robert  45, Winchester Street
   Hall, John Wesley  25, Colman Avenue
   Hickling, Samuel  110, Mowbray Road
   Hogg, Robert  23, Farne Avenue
   Harrison, Jessie  285, Mortimer Road
   Harrison, Sarah  285, Mortimer Road
   Henry, Bert Llewellyn
   Hughes, Robert  72, Leighton Street
   Hooper, William  1, Hemsley Road
   Henderson, Joseph  36, Ellesmere Street
   Harvey, James  22, The Kingsway
   Howey, Thomas Matthews  28, Sheldon Road
Page 39

   Harrison, William Herbert  46, Byethorn [sic] Street
   Hughes, Thomas Magin  23, Dunlop Crescent
   Hanson, Milton
   Husks, Joseph Peters
   Hymers, Arthur  22, Burrow Street
   Hudspith, Jack
   Hanson, Stephen Heron  22, Elizabeth Street
   Hoggarth, George
   Howie, Alexander  23, Crofton Street
   Holme, Charles Arthur
   Hall, William  13, Dean Crescent
   Hopper, William  100, Garwood Street
   Hearn, William  Hudson House, Hudson St.
   Hayes, Robert  180, Eldon Street
   Hogg, Robert
   Hornby, William S.  77, Cleveland Street
   Henderson, James  15, Alice Street
   Hall, William  7, Wilkinson Street
   Hall, Andrew C.  7, Wilkinson Street
   Hamilton, Thomas M.
   Huxen, Job Lamb  54, Porchester Street
   Henry, Cyril Reginald  35, St. Mary's Terrace
   Heslop, Harry  14, Alice Street
   Howard, Robert Sked  140, Palmerston Street
   Huggins, Thomas  148, John Clay Street
   Horncastle, Harry
Page 40

   Howe, Wilfred  34, Wharton Street
   Halliday, Samuel  3, St. Mary's Terrace
   Hayward, John Norman  Lloyds Bank
   Heslop, John George  73, The High Road
   Hagan, Charles Eric  7, Iolanthe Terrace
   Hub, John Hamilton
   Hart, C.
   Hunter, James William  35, Charlotte Street
   Hedley, Joseph  36, Reed Street
   Heron, John Easby  16, Willow Grove
   Hawkyard, James  12, Spohr Terrace
   Hughes, Thomas V.  65, Ashgrove Avenue
   Hedley, Stanley  32, Stainton Street
   Harcourt, Claude  Late Alexandra Theatra [sic]
   Healey, G.M.  59, Stoddart Street
   Hedley, Charles  5, Gresford Street
   Hallimond, Thomas  11, Charlotte Street
   Harrison, Thomas  65, Marsden Street
   Hodge, Edward Dent
   Hallas, James  35, Norham Avenue
   Hamilton, Ronald  7, May Street
   Hunter, Adam  70, Mile End Road
   Humphrey, Roland
   Hunter, Thomas S.  95, Ryknield Way
   Henderson, James Noel  48, King George Road
   Huthart, Albert  22, Boldon Lane
Page 41

   Heppenstall, Ronald  23, Page Avenue
   Harding, Walter Thomas  5, Lyndhurst Street
   Heywood, David
   Hall, Cyril  115, Wharton Street
   Herkess, Frederick  207, King George Road
   Howells, Leonard  Imeary Street
   Healy, G.  53, Gordon Street
   Henry, Joseph Johnson  6, So. Frederick Street
   Halliday, Joseph Harbottle  85, Broughton Road
   Hendry, John  35, Readhead Road
   Hoggarth, Edward Anthony  134, Robinson Street
   Henry, Joseph Johnson  44, Campbell Street
   Hannant, Charles William  37, Reay Street
   Heslop, Ruth  107, Stoddart Street
   Henry, Bert Llewellyn  7, Wellington Terrace
   Houston, David Hutton  7, Sheldon Road
Page 42

   Inskip, Ralph Crookshank  179, Talbot Road
   Irvine, Samuel  163, Mowbray Road
   Isaksen, Joakim  38, Taylor Street
   Isam, Nasil  9, Spring Lane
   Islam, Nooral  42, Byethorne Street
   Ismail, James  73, Eldon Street
   Ismail, Mohamed Bin  26, Ormonde Street
   Ilves, Elma  47, Day Street
   Irvine, Richard Young  65, Alice Street
   Iceton, Edward  21, Oak Avenue
   Irvin, Kenneth  224, Harton Lane

   Jackson, Alexander  18, Tyne Lane
   Jackson, James Albert  41, Palmerston Street
   Jacobsen, Harold Edwin Marinius  143, Westoe Rd.
   Jago, Thomas  65, Princes Street
   James, Robert  16, Ashley Road
   Jenkins, Edward  30, Akeman Way
   Jenvey, Percy  71, Quarry Lane
   Jermain, William George Thomas  113, Wharton Street
   Johansen, Oskar  60, Winchester Street
   Johns, David  80, H.S. Edward [sic] Street
   Johnson, James William  78, Warwick Road
Page 43

   Johnson, Alexander Kenneddy [sic] 26, Birchington Ave.
   Johnson, Edward Isaac Beresford  43, Raglan Street
   Johnson, John  13, Wilkinson Street
   Johnstone, Alexander Stanley  106, Lytton Street
   Jopling, Edward  77, Alice Street
   Jorgensen, John James Mitchell  91, Morton St.
   Jorgensen, Joseph David  1½ James Mather Terrace
   Jones, Charles L.  23, Maxwell Street
   Johnson, William  37, George Potts Street
   Jopling, Thomasina  63, Percy Street
   Jack, Robert  13, St. Vincent Street
   Johnson, Robert  22, Marsden Street
   Jensen, Olaf
   Johnson, Norman  2, Dunlop Crescent
   James, Robert
   Jones, Stanley  24, Adelaide Street
   Jobling, Alfred  5, South Close
   Jennings, Robert Jago
   Jones, Edward Ian  165, Egglesfield Road
   Johnston, J.W.  17, Oswald Street
   Jennings, Joseph  178, Stevenson Street
   Johnson, John Henry  Tyne Dock
   Jennings, W. 103, Centenary Avenue
   Jordan, Leonard L.
   Jordan, Thomas  94, Tyne Lane
   Jerry, Archibald  113, Westoe Road
Page 44

   Johnstone, David  Ocean Road
   Johnston, George  50, Milton Street
   Jefferson, George  53, Brinkburn Street
   Johnson, William  141, Boldon Lane
   Jennings, John Branch  209, Alice Street
   Johnson, William
   James, Joseph (Joe Dunn)  9, Thames Lane
   Johnson, Jack  9, Widdrington Avenue
   Johnson, James William  78, Warwick Road
Page 45

   Kaid, Abdul Wahab  10, Portberry Way
   Kalim, Paul  34, Winchester Street
   Kane, Charles Hutton  120, John Clay Street
   Kane, Frank  8, Derby Terrace
   Kane, George Hutton  120, John Clay Street
   Kane, George T. 104, Laygate Lane
   Kane, Joseph Henry  12, Hardwick Street
   Kane, Walter  120, John Clay Street
   Karika, Hassan  12, Portberry Way
   Karklin, Fritz  37, Thornton Avenue
   Karlson, John  64, Maxwell Street
   Kassem, Ahmed Mohamed  9, Spring Lane
   Kayt, Ahmed  111, Maxwell Street
   Kazoglan, George Niclio  68, Tyne Lane
   Kearney, Thomas Alexandria  137 Dale Street
   Keating, William  37, Havelock Street
   Keeling, William  99, Fort Street
   Kelly, Ernest Henry  16, Williams [sic] Street
   Kelly, Michael  254, Green Lane
   Kennedy, Terence  69, Quarry Lane
   Kerr, Peter  76, Coleridge Avenue
   Kershaw, Henry  50, West Walpole Street
   Khan, Anfore  1, Thrift Street
   Khan, Ashraf  27, William Street
   Khan, Israel  1, Thrift Street
   Khan, Sawar  40, Portberry Street
Page 46

   Khassim, Abdul  49, Laygate
   Khoma, Mohud Ahmed  27, Cuthbert Street
   King, James William  51, Robinson Street
   Kinson, Alfred  9, Adelaide Street
   Knowles, James Donald  60, Palmerston Street
   Knowles, Norman  38, Bewick Street
   Knutson, John Carl  12, Marine Approach
   Kramin, Jan  12, Devonshire Street
   Kristiansen, Bernard  4, Milton Street
   Kruhmin, August  63, Lytton Street
   Koch, Mary Dorothy  225, H.S. Edward [sic] Street
   Kent, Leslie  369, Taylor Street
   Kirton, John Thomas  18, Dunlop Gardens
   Kinson, Alfred
   Keeling, William Henry  90, Fort Street
   Kemp, Alfred Norman
   Kirton, John Philip
   Kerr, Lawrence R. 181, Fort Street
   Kerswell, Henry  8, Lord Street
   Kibby, William H.  Adelaide, S. Australia formerly of
                                        South Shields.
   Knox, Gordon W.  67, Quarry Lane
   Kane, Charles  120, John Clay Street
   Kershaw, Kenneth H.  26, Westoe Drive
   Kirton, Peter  6, Thornton Avenue
   Kent, Eric  Harton
   Kingston, George Henry  66, Norham Avenue
Page 47

   Kane, Joseph
   Kane, Thomas  40, Henry Street
   Kirton, John J.  135, St. Vincent Street
   Kelly, Francis  2, Romilly Street

   Leggett, George Evans  69, Hudson Street
   Lilley, Edward Wilson  22, Baring Street
   Laidler, Harry  40, Roseberry Avenue
   Lackenby, Joseph Dobinson  265, So. Eldon Street
   Lackland, Enoch  46, Orange Street
   Laing, Thomas William  131, Mile End Road
   Lake, Thomas Henderson  87, Denmark Street
   Lambert, David  98, Birchington Avenue
   Lamport, James  14, Aldsbrough [sic] Street
   Lamport, Stanley  36, Eldon Street
   Larsen, John Emanuel  63, Salmon Street
   Lawrenson, Franklan Davison  145 Birchington Av.
   Laws, Thomas Campbell  8, Orange Place
   Lawson, Charles  13, Ravensbourne Terrace
   Lawson, David  13, Ravensbourne Terrace
   Lawson, Robert James  12, Willow Cottages
Page 48

   Learmount, William  180, Prince Edward Road, East
   Leask, James  75, Vine Street
   Leask, Thomas George  11, Fairless Street
   Lee, John William Whinnie  49, Bertram Street
   Lemin, Thomas  202, Harton House Road
   Leppik, Alexander  Seaman's Mission
   Letouze, Philip George  26, Summerhill Road
   Levey, Frederick  89, South Woodbine Street
   Liddle, Thomas  35, Cambridge Street
   Liddle, William Martin  9, Gresford Street
   Lindsay, James Herbert  36, Marlborough Street
   Lindsay, Stanley  63, Campbell Street
   Linklater, Ian Graham  67, Julian Avenue
   Liscombe, William Richard  218, Regent Street
   Lisher, Ambrose Toward  13, Watling Street
   Lisher, John William  22½ Barrow Street
   Little, Robert  13, Stanhope Road
   Lloyd, William  52, Selbourne Street
   Lodge, Stanley  78, Osborne Avenue
   Loftus, Thomas  180, South Eldon Street
   Logan, Patrick  26½ Borough Street
   Longstaff, John  82, Marshall Wallis Road
   Loughton, Douglas  2, Lismore Avenue
   Lowdon, Thomas  117, Campbell Street
   Lugton, Henry  16, Greathead Street
   Lydon, Desmond Joseph  164, Mowbray Road
Page 49

   Lynch, Joseph Patrick  85, Imeary Street
   Latta, James  9, Roman Road
   Livingstone, Oswald  Cleadon Hills Farm
   Lamb, Leslie  Police Buildings
   Laing, Jeanette  131, Mile End Road
   Lacey, Lillian  114, Harton Lane
   Leeder, Annie  227, H.S. Edwards Street
   Luther, Walter  47, Percy Street
   Lynch, John  121 Taylor Street
   Lawson, R.J. 12, Willow Cottages
   Lancaster, William  23, Milton Street
   Lawson, Robert Leason  56, Westcott Road
   Loudon, Norman Henry
   Laskey, Frank  Brodrick Street
   Lear, George Frederick  164, Prince Edward Rd, East
   Lee, John W.  79, Maxwell Street
   Little Robert  13, Stanhope Road
   Lamport, Stanley  40, Frederick Street
   Lawson, Robert Elliott  32, Fern Avenue
   Love, Frederick P.  34, Coleridge Avenue
   Lamport, John William  78, Stanhope Road
   Lamport, Maurice  78, Stanhope Road
   Leete, Anthony John Mason
   Legg, George  154, Chichester Road
   Lain, Aleck  40, St. Cuthbert's Avenue
   Liddle, George Alfred  70, Ellesmere Street
   Liley, Edward  22, Baring Street
Page 50

   Lynch, Edward  92, Eldon Street
   Legg, John Robert  89, Egerton Road
   Lemkey, Charles Alfred  38, George Scott Street
   Lane, Edwin Jeffrey  215, Taylor Street
   Leask, Thomas  11, Fairles [sic] Street
   Lincoln, George Joseph  104, Alfred Street
   Lowery, William  19, Stainton Street
   Liddle, George Newton  28, Mariners Cottages
   Laidler, David K.  8, East Avenue
   Layton, John  26, Stainton Street
   Lodge, James Lillico  18, Florence Street
   Lee, Harry  1, Alverthorpe Street
   Laws, Thomas Campbell  8, Orange Place
   Long, John Robert  18, Back Havelock Street
   Lisher, Joseph 
   Lake, Edward  33, Raglan Street
   Lawson, Stanley  13, Richmond Road
   Laing, Frank  19, Kent Place
   Lea, Howard Douglas  40, Kyffin View
   Lea, Henry Rickerby  40, Kyffin View
   Lyon, Joseph Henry  45, Roman Road
   Lamb, T.L. R.A.F., V.R.  20 Summerbell [sic] Road,
Page 51

   McArthur, Alan  12, Westcott Road
   McAthey, Thomas  19, Ingham Street
   McAthey, William  30, Reed Street
   McCall, Michael Joseph  30, Chichester Road
   McCarthy, Andrew  64, Campbell Street
   McCarthy, John Edward  47, Back Raglan Street
   McCauley, Denis  44, Salmon Street
   McCormack, Thomas Charles  152, Westoe Road
   McCormack, William  48, Eldon Street
   Maccoy, James Toothill  7, Anderson Street
   Maccoy, Septimus Thomas Leslie  7, Anderson St.
   McCracken, William Arthur  12, Banbury Terrace
   McCready, George  41, Frenchman's Way
   McCubbing, Joseph  3, Harton House Road
   MacDonald, Donald Murdo  19, Beacon Street
   MacDonald, John  49, Westcott Road
   McGlasham, John Robert  463, Stanhope Road
   McGlave, James  139, John Williamson Street
   McGregor, William George  7, Ermyn Way
   McInnes, George Henry  167, Imeary Street
   McIntyre, Lance  3, Cornwallis Square
   McKay, John  72, Birchington Avenue
   McKean, James  27, John Williamson Street
   McKeith, Thomas  35, Alfred Street
   McKenna, John  36, Ryknield Way
   McKeown, James Joseph  1½ James Mather Terrace
Page 52

   McKie, Stanley  115, Frederick Street
   McLachlan, William  66, Reay Street
   McLaren, George Alexander Innes  2, St. Michael’s Av.
   McLean, Owen Frederick  19, Bowman Street
   McManus, William Henry Carney  130, Laygate Lane
   McNamee, James  46, Prince Edward Road West
   McNamee, James Shea  65, Marsden Street
   McPherson, Malcolm Goudie  6, Windsor Gardens
   McQueeney, George  173, Campbell Street
   McQueeney, John  36, South Eldon Street
   Macrae, John  7, Ravensbourne Terrace
   Macrae, John Edward  7, Ravensbourne Terrace
   Madove, Walter  230, Marsden Street
   Mahomed, Isa  10, Cambridge Street
   Main, Robert Ingram  115, Livingstone Street
   Mallows, Jack Vest  64, Eleanor Street
   Mallows, Richard  74, Dacre Street
   Mann, Ernest  307, John Williamson Street
   Manning, Jacob Buchanan  24, Albany Street
   Mansfield, Joseph  7, Laygate Place
   Manson, John Norman  37, Laygate Lane
   Manson, Robert Harrington  73, Ellesmere Street
   Manson, William  20, Hardwick Street
   Marshall, Edward  19, The Kingsway
   Marshall, Frank Logan  18, Embleton Av., Horsley Hill
   Marshall, Henry Young  50, Julian Street
Page 53

   Marshall, John Thomas Redstone  26, West Avenue
   Marshall, Thomas  79, Green’s Place
   Marshall, Thomas  36, Wouldhave Street
   Marshall, Thomas Haw  14, Collingwood Terrace
   Martin, Robert Samuel  48, Coleridge Avenue
   Martin, William Crowell  42, Milton Street
   Marwick, Thomas  4, Lismore Avenue
   Mason, Joseph Alma  53, Dean Road
   Masters, James Norman  222, St. Vincent Street
   Mather, Henry John Riddle  236, St. Vincent Street
   Matt, Awang Bin  16, Cornwallis Square
   Maughan, John  103, Regent Street
   Mawby, John James  1, Ravensworth Terrace
   Maxwell, Archibald Bell  57, Orange Street
   May, William John  286, Sunderland Road
   Mayfield, Frederick  54, Marine Approach
   Mayne, Albert Frederick  55, Hope Street
   Meah, Aftab  1, Market Place
   Meah, Mobarack  1, Thrift Street
   Meah, Monco  1, Thrift Street
   Medjed, Abdul  109, Maxwell Street
   Meeks, Ernest  10, Dixon Street
   Meeks, James  42, Dean Crescent
   Mehson, Ahmed  2, Brinkburn Street
   Meikle, thomas Brown  188, Maxwell Street
   Mendi, Abu  8, South Frederick Street
Page 54

   Murray, James  195, Green Lane
   Murray, William Potter  277, Stanhope Road
   Mursid, Hassan  53, Laygate Lane
   Murtha, John Edward  30, Malvern Street
   Musgrove, William  29, Horsley Hill Road
   Muthana, Nasser  96, Commercial Road
   Muttana, Saleh  31 or 33, Cuthbert Street
   Macey, James  73, Brownlow Road
   Magrath, John Bernard  114, Bowman Street
   Mormodu, John  83, Maxwell Street
   Musleh, Mohamed
   Mack, Adrian  119, King George Road
   Mack, Harry  119, King George Road
   Mack, Phoebe  119, King George Road
   Miller, William Brown  61, Harton House Rd.
   Mensforth, Thomas William  89, So. Palmerston St.
   Mann, John  75, Watling Street
   Macintosh, George Yarrow  187, Mowbray Road
   Mitchell, Charlotte Maureen  260, Green Lane
   Mouter, Reuben Warwick  50, Marsden Street
   Metcalfe, Thomas James  100, Marsden Street
   Metcalfe, Charlotte  100, Mardsen Street
   Metcalfe, Stanley  100, Marsden Street
   Macey, David William  117, Marsden Street
   Milliner, Sydney  124, Marsden Street
   Mohamed, Saif  9, Spring Lane
Page 55

   Morgan, Patrick Joseph  6, Belle Vue Terrace
   Miller, David  31, Gibert [sic] Street
   Macrea, John Edward  7, Ravensbourne Terrace
   Morrison, William  Ocean Road
   Moralee, John Broadmore  6, East Avenue
   Manson, Anthony French  115, Wharton Street
   Munchin, Bill
   Middleton, James Edward
   Mercer, William  77, Westcott Road
   Middlemiss, James  26, Norham Avenue
   Manston, Frederick
   Mullen, Joseph  15, Kent Place
   Middleton, Thomas  11, Wenlock Place
   Marshall, Lawrence  42, Franklin Street
   Murray, John 
   Miliett, George  68, Lytton Street
   Moffett, Alexander
   Marshall, Thomas  41, Palatine Street
   Martin, Jack  43, Alderson Street
   Maughan, Michael  48, Palm Avenue
   Macrae, John  7, Ravensbourne Terrace
   Mordain, Stanley  90, Lytton Street
   Murray, Kenneth  1, King George Road
   Mason, David  277, Stanhope Road
   Mawby, John James
   Mowat, F.E.  32, Ryknield Way
Page 56

   Mendi, Joe  8, South Frederick Street
   Mesie, James  25, Egerton Square
   Miah, Wahad  140, Eldon Street
   Middleton, Thomas  252, Green Lane
   Milburn, Theodore  4, Westcott Road
   Millar, Thomas  49, Raglan Street
   Miller, Ernest Alexander  13, Birchington Ave.
   Miller, George Wallace  44, Londhurst Street
   Millett, George  68, Lytton Street
   Mills, Edward Yellup  28, Lytton Street
   Mills, Melville  3, Mozart Street
   Mills, William Arthur  70, Cauldwell Villas
   Milne, Charles  10, Marlborough Street
   Milne, Edward  10, Marlborough Street
   Minton, William John  4, Romilly Street
   Mitchell, Benjamin Robert  246, Maxwell Street
   Mizen, George William  55, Alice Street
   Mobarockmih  49, Winchester Street
   Mocassar, Muro  9, Spring Lane
   Mohamed, Ali  156, Back Frederick Street
   Mohamed, Ali  9, Spring Lane
   Mohamed, Ali  53, Henry Street
   Mohamed, Ali  19, Green Street
   Mohamed, Ameen  40, Portberry Way
   Mohamed, bin Mohamed Hajeb  96, Commercial Rd.
   Mohamed, Ibraham  40, Portberry Street
Page 57

   Mohamed, Musid  96, Commercial Road
   Mohamed, Nagu  20, Cornwallis Square
   Mohamed, Said  33, Cuthbert Street
   Mohamet, Ali  118, Maxwell Street
   Mohamed, Rasid  9, Spring Lane
   Mohsen, Mohamed  25, Laygate Lane
   Mole, William  116, Regent Street
   Moore, Charles Henry  13, Ingham Street
   Moore, Francis Bone  164, Edith Street
   Moore, William  102, Brodrick Street
   Mordew, Marshall  13, Wawn Street
   Morris, Harry Albert  62, Winchester Street
   Morrison, Murdo  75, Winchester Street
   Morton, William Hugh  27, Ash Grove Av., Cleadon
   Moseley, Mohamed  45, Cuthbert Street
   Mosley, Thomas Emery  132, Chichester Road
   Motalet, Abdul  7, Lawson Street
   Mouat, William  35, Henry Nelson Street
   Moussa, Mohamed  23, Albemarle Street
   Mugbil, Abdul  9, Spring Lane
   Muhamed, Ali  120, Maxwell Street
   Mullen, Richard  29, Oak Avenue
   Murgan, Shahat Gad  53, Back Raglan Street
   Murphy, William  30, Tay Street
   Murphy, William  29, Cumberland Road South
   Murray, James (B.E.M.)  3, Quarry Lane
Page 58

   Mason, Charles  102, Prince Edward Road
   Murray, George Ernest  89, Gorse Avenue
   Marshall, Robert
   Marshall, David  20, Cedar Grove
   Mason, G.W. 97, H.S. Edward [sic] Street
   Milburn, William
   Middleton, Harvey Johnson
   Marshall, John William
   Middleton, Edward  16, Challoner Grove
   Maloney, William  24, Oxford Street
   Mason, Fred
   Meander, Alfred  18, Richardson Terrace
   Mackie, John Rudd  8, Northfield Road

   Murphy, John  46, Hope Street
   Marshall, James
   Milne, David  55, Chichester Road
   Marshall, Robert
   Mitchell, William  38, East Avenue
   Meins, S. 31, Hampden Street
   Murray, Duncan  1, King George Road
   Morgan, Joseph  6, Boldon Lane
   Mitchell, Jack
   Main, Clarence  9, Readhead Road
   Mulvay, Frederick
   Mather, James J.  73, Canterbury Street
   Mason, Donald  273, Sunderland Road
   Mather, Doris  Talbot Road
Page 59

   Medley, John  8, Garden Lane
   Mason, Thomas Donald Lawson  273, Sunderland Road
   Martin, Kenneth  2, Wellington Terrace
   Marshall, James  22, Alma Street
   McLackland, William  125, Mile End Road
   McKee, James  17, Baring Street
   McMilling, James A.
   McKie, Jacob Robinson (Robin)  43, The Ridgeway
   McIntyre, Lancelot  3, Cornwallis Square
   McHugh, Howard
   McGrory, A.E.  33, Erskine Road
   McLennan, John  57, Hudson Street
   McDonald, Charles Alfred  106, Marsden Street
   McLean, Malcolm  100, Victoria Road
   McKone, William  23, Ebchester Street
   McCaffeny, Ralph Chapman
   McCourt, John Robert
   McKie, Edward Henry
   McEwan, James
   Mason, Joseph Alma  53, Dean Road
   Milliner, Sidney  124, Marsden Street
   Mills, Edward Yellup  28, Lytton Street
   Marshall, Edward  19, Kingsway
   Maloney, William  24, Oxford Street
   McCarthy, Andrew  Orange Street
Page 60

   Nagee, Ahmed  96, Commercial Road
   Nagi, Abdul  86, Commercial Road
   Nagi, Abdulla  2, Portberry Way
   Nagi, Ahmed  9, Spring Lane
   Nagi, Hassan  31, Cuthbert Street
   Nagi, Missula  32, Cuthbert Street
   Nagi, Mohamed  97, Commercial Road
   Nagi, Salei  54, Back Laygate
   Nash, Frederick Fletcher  35, Lindhurst [sic] Street
   Nathu, Mian  5, Market Place
   Neaber, Oscar Albert  4, Poplar Grove, Cleadon
   Nearchou, John  9, Spring Lane
   Neilson, Leo  18, Wenlock Road
   Nelson, William  22, Shortridge Street
   Newman, William Robert Todd  19, Oxford Street
   Newmarch, Edward  4, Byron Street
   Nicholson, John Kennedy  9, Whitehead Street
   Nicol, Dan  22, Moon Street
   Nielson, Oscar  21, Iolanthe Terrace
   Nixon, George Patterson  16, Morton Street
   Noman, Ali Bin Ahmed  9, Spring Lane
   Noor, Ali Jama  10, Cambridge Street
   Nordberg, Arthur  52, Palm Avenue
   Norton, Robert  30, Aldborough Road [sic]
   Nye, John  20, Madras Street
   Nattrass, George  35, Sutton Way
Page 61

   Nicholson, Harry Elsdon  20, Wharton Street
   Nilsen, Oswald William  6, Allison Street
   Nellis, Thomas  92, Marsden Street
   Nielson, Benthien  45, Palatine Street
   Newton, Arthur  13, Willow Grove
   Noone, Albert
   Newstead, John Robert  33, Morton Street
   Newton, Sydney  178, Prince Edward Rd.
   Nessworthy, James Ford
   Nelson, Alfred  46, Robertson Street
   Nolan, Christopher
   Nichols, George Henry  151, Egglesfield Road
   Nurse, Alfred Edward  96, Ashgrove Avenue
   Nattrass, John  12, May Street
Page 62

   O'Brien, Patrick  61, Francis Street
   O'Callaghan, Peter  6, Boldon Lane
   O'Callaghan, Thomas  180, Ashley Road
   O'Connell, Watson Edward  183, Mowbray Road
   Ogilvie, Arthur  97, Green Lane
   O'Kane, Edward  120, Mowbray Road
   Oley, Thomas H.  156, Back Frederick Street
   Oliver, John  296, South Frederick Street
   Olsen, Karl  30, Pine Avenue
   Olsson, Hjalmar Wilhelm Anton  85, Back Fowler St.
   Olsson, Oscar Ferdinand  31, Mortimer Road
   O'Neil, John  10, Northfield Road
   Ord, Ralph Watson  32, Campbell Street
   Ord, Thomas William  95, Adelaide Street
   Ord, William Ranson  52, Bowman Street
   Owens, Thomas William  52, Bamborough Ave.
   Omar, Nasir  4, Thrift Street
   Ord, Richard Thomas  54, Rykenield [sic] Way
   Ogg, Thomas William  119, King George Road
   Ogg, Ethel  119, King George Road
   Ormonde, George Thomas  98, Brodrick Street
   Oliphant, David  223, H.S. Edward [sic] Street
   Ogilvie, Thomas Edward  74, Eldon Street
   Olsen, John  100, Alice Street
   Ogilvie, Frederick  47, South Avenue
   O'Donovan, John Douglas
Page 63

   Overton, Alexander
   Owens, Thomas William  50, Bamborough Avenue
   Ogle, David McVay
   O'Connell, Geoffrey
   Owen, John
   Openshaw, Frederick  Gleneagles, Laburnham [sic] Rd. [sic],
   Oliver, Ernest
   O'Callaghan, James (Revd.)  Westoe Village
   Owen, William  140, Ashley Road
   O'Callaghan, Peter  6, Boldon Lane
   O'Callaghan, James  6, Boldon Lane
   Orr, Victor  22, Pembroke Terrace
   Ovington, George  15, Morton Street
   Ogle, William Crammond  169, Regent Street
   Ogg, Mr. T.  King George Road
   Ogg, Mrs. E.  King George Road
Page 64

   Paramor, James  9, Lanchester Street
   Parker, Edmund Ellis  35, Moffat Street
   Parker, John Tom Watson  23, Ravensworth Terrace
   Parker, Reginald George  218, Mowbray Road
   Pascoe, William Gunn  70, Ryknield Way
   Paterson, John George  157, Osbourne Avenue
   Patterson, John Common  53, Livingstone Street
   Patterson, John Edward  34, Marine Approach
   Paxton, George Foster  258, So. Frederick Street
   Peakman, Henry  65, Osbourne Avenue
   Pearce, William  67, Cambridge Street
   Pears, Matthew  24, Chichester Road
   Pearson, William  69, Baring Street
   Pease, George (B.E.M)  131 Egglesfield Road
   Pennock, Charles Raeburn  85, Lawe Street
   Perkson, William  228, H.S. Edward [sic] Street
   Petersen, C.C.  141, Mowbray Road
   Petersen, Carl Andreas  55, Winchester Street
   Petersen, Hugo Walter  65, Roman Road
   Petrie, George John  125, Marsden Road
   Petterson, Herman Alfred  7, Barnes Road
   Pharon, Collar  21, Corstorphine Town
   Phillips, Paget Ebenezer  163, Eldon Street
   Phillips, Robert  26, Lyndhurst Street
   Phinn, Thomas Orange  231, Mowbray Road
   Pickard, William  33, Hope Street
Page 65

   Pierce, Robert Henry  77, Chichester Road
   Pigott, William  16, Harper Street
   Pitter, Alexander Gaine  106, Harton Lane
   Pirie, George Alexander  60, Horsley Hill Road
   Pisani, Charles  19, Dale Street
   Planck, James Edward  109, Fort Street
   Plank, Alfred  44, H.S. Edward [sic] Street
   Pontus, Karl  191, Green Lane, Tyne Dock
   Poppitt, James Alfred  3, Cheviott [sic] Road, Little Horsley Hill
   Potts, George William Brown  162, Quarry Lane
   Potts, John Dalton  48, Saville Street
   Potts, John Robert  35, Caldwell [sic] Villas
   Pow, David Rankin (O.B.E.)  54, Tynedale Road
   Preede, John Albert  250, Harton Lane
   Pringle, John  14, Hedley Street
   Pringle, Norman  5, Lawe Road
   Pritchard, David  114, St. Vincent Street
   Profit, Frederick Milburn  7, Laburnum Grove
   Profit, James Weir  96, Marshall Wallis Road
   Prouse, Robert Cyril  99, Osbourne Avenue
   Punchion, John Thomas  85, Mile End Road
   Purvis, Andrew  66, Julian Avenue
   Purvis, David  5, Vespasian Street
   Purvis, George  294, Mortimer Road
   Purvis, Harry  10, Colman Terrace
   Purvis, James  51, Trajan Avenue
Page 66

   Purvis, John Stewart  44, Northcote Street
   Purvis, William Robert  322, John Williamson Street
   Parsons, Charles Ashley  126, Laygate Lane
   Purvis, Albert George  23, Reay Street
   Prior, Matthew  17, Clyvedon Rise
   Prior, Christina  17, Clyvedon Rise
   Priestly, Matthew  119, Sunderland Road
   Park, David  42, Hyde Street
   Pollard, James Davidson  4, Fairles [sic] Street
   Phillips, Ralph  89, Roman Road
   Phillips, William Foster
   Pringle, Norman  43, Eastbourne Grove
   Pickering, Charles
   Pollard, James  4, Fairles [sic] Street
   Poppett, James Alfred
   Pascoe, Victor Walter  187, Marshall Wallis Road
   Pritchard, David  Bath Street
   Patterson, John William  224, Green Lane
   Prior, Malcolm  35, Sycamore Avenue
   Purdy, Thomas  47, Marsden Street
   Pearson, Samuel  42 Alverthorpe Street
   Payn, George Henry
   Plumley, Arthur
   Purvis, John Gill  278, Sunderland Road
   Purvis, Frederick  278, Sunderland Road
   Pycraft, James William  119, Marlborough Street
Page 67

   Patterson, Alexander  45, Porchester Street
   Poulter, Georg Alfred  36, Albany Street
   Pitt, William
   Palmer, Alan Cairns  46, Morpeth Avenue
   Punchion, Robert Nichol  116, Regent Street
   Proctor, John Edward  37, Frederick Street
   Patterson, George  14, East Close
   Parkinson, James  104, Chichester Road
   Phillips, Robert  106, Green Lane
   Parker, Stanley  73, Campbell Street
   Purvis, William Allen  134, Cleveland Street
   Payne, Kenneth Ernest  107, So. Frederick Street
   Payne, Thomas  107, So. Frederick Street
   Paul, Thomas  43, Princes Street
   Pease, John
   Pugh, Philip Charles  153, Maxwell Street
   Peterkin, James Frederick  100, Alnwick Road
   Piper, Thomas  162, Ashley Road
   Pollard, George William  51, Warkworth Avenue
   Percival, Joseph V.  172, Marshall Wallis Road
   Plummer, Harry 
   Puttock, George William  37, Edith Street
   Pattie, Cyril H.
   Pollard, James  34, Agnes Street
   Paterson, Henry Bell  18, Blagdon Avenue
   Proudley, Robert Edward  13, Wantage Street
Page 68

   Philipson, John Wesley  9, Windsor Gardens
   Plumley, Arthur  22, Morton Street
   Paxton, George Foster  258, So. Frederick Street
   Palmer, Alan Cairns  8, Hepscott Terrace
   Poulter, George  17, Moffat Street
   Prior, Matthew  17, Clyvedon Rise
   Prior, Christina  17, Clyvedon Rise
   Pyla, Henry Gardiner  9, The Broadway
   Proudley, Robert Edward  31, Wantage Street
   Page, Noel  255, Suderland Road

   Quick, Cyril Mervyn  131, Sunderland Road
   Quinn, Frederick Thomas  7, Ada Street
Page 69

   Rabore, Abdo Abdullah  34, Eleanor Street
   Rae, Stanley  53, Ashley Road
   Rahim, Abdul  1, Clyford Street
   Rahman, Abdul  11, Market Place
   Rahoman, Abdul  1, Thrift Street
   Raine, John Brown  14, Blagdon Avenue
   Ramm, Oliver  9, East Way, Cleadon Estate
   Ramon, Ahmet  40, Portberry Street
   Ramsay, Norman Douglas  60, Blagdon Avenue
   Ramsay, Reginald  133, Harton House Road
   Ramsay, Thomas  3, Orange Street
   Raschid, Ali Ahmed  96, Commercial Road
   Rayfield, George John  33, Watling Street
   Reah, John  10, Warkworth Avenue
   Reah, Robert Wiliam Thomas  6, Harold Street
   Reah, William  76, John Williamson Street
   Renney, Ronald  35, Quarry Lane
   Renton,John Ernest  71, Birchington Avenue
   Rewcastle, Arthur  31, Pollard Street
   Rewcastle, William Thompson  4, Dulverton Avenue
   Rice, Thomas Albert  52, Harton Rise, Marsden
   Richardson, James Edwin  67, Cauldwell Villas
   Richardson, John  34, Erskine Road
   Richardson, Richard  56, Roseberry Avenue
   Richardson, Robert Haliday  5, Orange Place, Laygate
   Rickards, Charles Albert  25, Lyndhurst Street
Page 70

   Riddle, Stanley Hunter  3, Vespasian Street
   Ridley, John Garbutt  13, Central Gardens
   Riggs, Stanley  104, Fort Street
   Riley, Alexander  156, Morton Street
   Roberts, Thomas Alexander  53, Saville Street
   Robertson, Thomas  43, Widdrington Ave., Horsley Hill
   Robinson, Joseph Wood  48, Bowman Street
   Robinson, Robert (M.B.E.)  26, Cleveland Street
   Robinson, Stephen William  59, Brownlow Road
   Robison, Frederick William  58, Talbot Road
   Robson, Andrew  12, Dartford Road
   Robson, Frederick William  13, Acacia Grove
   Robson, John  8, Brownlow Road, Tyne Dock
   Robson, Robert  13, Rutland Street
   Robson, Thomas  39, Moffatt [sic] Street
   Robson, Wilfred  74, Grosvenor Road
   Robson, William Grant  103, Bede Street
   Rodgers, David  6, Beethoven Street
   Rohman, Jalmar  50, Tower Road
   Ross, John Peter  53, Ellesmere Street
   Rowe, Victor Henry  270, Harton Lane
   Rowell, Henry  54, Adelaide Street
   Rowell, Robert  1, Horsley Vale
   Rudd, Henry Douglas (D.S.C.)  37, Roman Rd.
   Rumbellow, George Swan  125, Dean Road
   Rutter, Albert  12, Robert Street
Page 71

   Rutter, Thomas  147, Osbourne Avenue
   Radman, Said Hassan  16, Portberry Street
   Ridley, Thomas S.  118, Mowbray Road
   Riggs, Richard John  23, Ashgrove Avenue
   Robinson, Oswald  17, Ermyn Way, W. Harton
   Robson, Thomas H.  13, Burrow Street
   Rasmussen, Hilmar Olans  27, Brodrick Street
   Renwick, George Walter Lyall  101, Saville Street
   Rasmussen, Kathleen Maud  27, Brodrick Street
   Robison, Violet  115, King George Road
   Rollo, Hilda  221, H.S. Edward [sic] Street
   Rowden, Stanley  42, Hyde Street
   Robson, Alan  38, Hyde Street
   Robson, Kenneth  38, Hyde Street
   Ridley, Alfred  25, Market Place
   Robson, Sarah  33, Eldon Street
   Rowden, Edna May  42, Hyde Street
   Robinson, William Graham  47, Wawn Street
   Richardson, Matthew  207, Marsden Street
   Rea, Stanley
   Ridley, Joseph
   Roberts, William Banks  18, Ocean Road
   Richardson, Robert Oliver Wann  17, Cedar Grove
   Reah, William Townsley
   Roberts, Owen  47, Russell Avenue
   Richardson, Alan  15, Horsley Vale
Page 72

   Ralph, Andrew  20, Akeman Way
   Reavley, Hemsley  319, Taylor Street
   Rea, John Henry  37, Ebchester Street
   Ratson, Kenneth  1, Ermyn Way
   Richardson, Edward  13, Thornton Avenue
   Robson, Harry Brotherton
   Roberts, Owen  132, Chichester Road
   Robinson, Joseph V.  4, William Street
   Robe, Alexander  71, The Ridgeway
   Rea, Charles Robert
   Read, Arthur  175, King George Road
   Redhead, Christopher Johnson  121, Readhead St.
   Reynolds, Joseph
   Ryan, James  Woodbine Street
   Robinson, John Victor  46, Wilkinson Street
   Ramsey, John Cook  145a Stanhope Road
   Robertson, Herbert Edward  18, Agnes Street
   Redpath, Ernest  117, SouthFrederick Street
   Renaut, Robert  7, The Broadway
   Rice, Bert
   Rawlings, Hector A.
   Rudd, John
   Roberts, Thomas Alexander  53, Saville Street
   Reilla, Donato  57, Hope Street
   Robinson, John  12, John Williamson Street
   Raine, Thomas  Winchester Street
Page 73

   Robinson, James
   Richardson, Nichol K.
   Robson, Cornelius
   Rising, Charles  112, Fort Street
   Riddle, James Christopher  6, Frost Street
   Rutter, Bruce  174, Prince Edward Road
   Russell, J.D.
   Richardson, Robert  22, Palmerston Street
   Ross, Andrew  33, Sunnirise
   Robson, Robert S.  76, Marsden Street
   Riggs, Stanley  104, Fort Street
   Richardson, Eric Foster  4, Hunter Street
   Roberts, Ronald  14, Laburnum Grove
   Rogers, James Edward  7, West Row, Bent House Cottages
   Richardson, George
   Reid, R.
   Roy, Alexander  28, Aldbrough Street
   Raine, John Brown  14, Blagdon Avenue
   Royal, Albert George  92, Highfield Road
   Reay, Edward  101, Leighton Street
   Race, William
   Rutter, Bruce  174, Prince Edward Road
Page 74

   Scarfe, Stanley Gordon  27, Blagdon Avenue
   Stobbs, Ronald Alexander  49, Hepscott Terrace
   Stephenson, Robert William  5, York Way
   Strathmore, Alexander Pringle  68, Collingwood St.
   Smithwhite, Leslie  28, Oxford Avenue
   Stobbs, Ronald Alexander  49, Hepscott Terrace
Page 75

   Stidolph, Noble  19, Egglesfield Road
   Stobbart, James Edward  224, Green Lane
   Stobbs, Thomas  71, Princess Street
   Stobbs, William Yeoman  7, Eastfield Road
   Stott, Edwin  21, Tadema Road
   Strand, George Henry  16, Aldborough [sic] St., Simonside
   Stubbe, Carl Andreas  12, Devonshire Street
   Sullivan, Thomas  33, Gorse Avenue
   Surrey, Charles  16, Portberry Way
   Surtees, Alfred Nightscales  53, Leighton Street
   Sutcliffe, John  28, Adelaide Street
   Sutcliffe, Percy Cunliffe  93, Marshall Wallis Rd.
   Sutherland, Thomas Vickers  19, Salmon Street
   Swanson, Cecil  66, Porchester Street
   Sweeting, Robert  32, Chichester Road
   Said, Said  9, Spring Lane
   Saleh, Ahmed  9, Spring Lane
   Saleh, Mohamed Abdulla  84, Commercial Rd.
   Scarfe, Ralph William  109, Mortimer Road
   Scott, Sidney Errol  3, Belgrave Gardens
   Skardon, Reuben  26, Henry Nelson Street
   Slater, Robert  41, Quarry Lane
   Slesser, George Fairless  12, Tyne Terrace
   Sloane, Albert  22, Vespasian Street
   Smith, George Temple  69, Green Lane
   Smith, James  56, Hawthorn Avenue
Page 76

   Smith, Robert James Joseph  25, Stanhope Road
   Smith, Thomas  146, Imeary Street
   Smith, Vincent  212 John Clay Street
   Stewart, Thomas  50, Pollard Street
   Stewart, Gladys May  1, Station Cottages
   Straughan, Robert  28, Hyde Street
   Straughan, Priscilla  28, Hyde Street
   Shield, Edward  59, Winchester Street
   Stephenson, Frederick Oliver  20, Queen Street
   Sutton, Stanley  123, Marlborough Street
   Swift, Henry Bowman  98, Marsden Street  
   Slesser, James Oxen Norie  161, H.S. Edward [sic] Street
   Strong, John Casper  1, Westhope Close
   Shearer, Robert  12, Whitby Street
   Stott, Charles
   Spence Robert Borthwick  22, Ellesmere Street
   Smith, Stanley  23, Reed Street
   Stewart, Roland Joseph  40, Chichester Road
   Scott, Stanley  39, Canterbury Street
   Smith, Arthur  26, James Mather Terrace
   Shotton, Ernest  28, Thames Lane
   Squirrell, Robert  Tynedale Road
   Stubbe, Charles  13, St. Mary's Terrace
   Snowdon, Jack
   Sowerby, Curzon  10, Lisle Road
   Sharp, Alfred  96, Talbot Road
Page 77

   Strathmore, Alexander Pringle
   Sherwin, George  Brodrick Street
   Smith, Thomas  86, Osbourne [sic] Avenue
   Sparkes, Selwyn  17, Marina Drive
   Summers, James Gould  85, The Ridgeway
   Swann, T.W.  28, Albany Street
   Smith, George  42, Broughton Road
   Stobbs, Robert  46, Stoddart Street
   Small, William Wilkie  106, Prince Edward Road
   Smallthwaite, T. Arthur  18, Acacia Grove
   Sharp, Ernest William  Gorse Avenue
   Smith, William Hay
   Stableford, Alexander Horatio  20, Jas. Mather Terr.
   Struthers, Arnold
   Stewart, Stephen R.
   Scott, David  106, Thames Lane
   Shone, John James  192, Maxwell Street
   Sisterson, George  31, Morpeth Avenue
   Sehman, William H.  36, Byethorne Street
   Short, George William  12, Bradley Avenue
   Smith, Eric William  45, Fairless Street
   Smithwhite, John
   Stoker, Roy  15, Osborne Avenue  
   Stephenson, Robert William  5, York Way
   Steele, John William
   Stobbs, Jonathan Raine  41, Spohr Terrace
Page 78

   Stamp, John Alexander  6, Alexander Street
   Stamp, George Robert  6, Alexander Street
   Scarfe, Stanley Gordon  27, Blagdon Avenue
   Stiddolph, William  3, Tay Street
   Seccombe, Benjamin  1, Lyndhurst Street
   Sinclair, Andrew Noel  Westoe Village
   Scarfe, Robert
   Sisterson, James William Edward  300, H.S. Edward [sic] St.
   Smith, Donald William
   Stobbs, Thomas
   Stokoe, Thomas Robert  50, Wharton Street
   Shaw, James Joseph
   Spence, Ronald Bruce  41, Empress Street
   Sanders, Thomas Stephen  459, Stanhope Road
   Spence, John  45, Fairless Street
   Simpson, Leslie  57, Cleveland Street
   Snaith, John  115, Livingstone Street
   Sinclair, Thomas  110, Tyne Lane
   Saunders, Stan  127, Cleveland Street
   Skelley, Charles William  59, Lytton Street
   Spoul, Richard John
   Smith, Gilbert  8, Cedar Grove
   Shields, Alfred Cavel  14, Albert Terrace
   Speeding, Thomas  55, Saville Street
   Sutherland, Mathew
   Shields, Alfred Corell  14, Albert Terrace
Page 79

   Smith, Thomas Barrat  40, Alice Street
   Smith, Wilfred Breckon  55, Hepscott Terrace
   Smith, William  302, Alice Street
   Smith, William  29, Canterbury Street
   Smith, William Hay  134, Campbell Street
   Smyth, Bernard  64, Green Lane, Tyne Dock
   Snell, Colin  129, Westoe Road
   Softley, William J. 14, Beethoven Street
   Somer, August  26, Spark Avenue
   Souter, George Robert  376, Dean Road
   Souter, George Henry  142, South Street
   Spence, Harold  42, Ashley Road
   Sproat, Matthew  22, Thames Lane, Tyne Dock
   Stanton, Phillip  81, Centenary Avenue
   Start, John Bernard  55, Edith Street
   Stephenson, Andrew, 31, Alice Street
   Stephenson, Herbert Frank  51, Coleridge Avenue
   Stephenson, James Alexander  138a St. Vincent Street
   Stephenson, James Burn  46, Whitehead Street
   Stephenson, Richard H.  17, James Street
   Stephenson, Thomas S.  123, Wilkinson Street
   Stewart, Alfred  158, Coleridge Avenue
   Stewart, John George  31, Highfield Drive
   Stewart, William  26, Sheldon Road
   Stidolph, David Norman  30, Thames Lane
   Stidolph, James Edmund  193, St. Vincent Street
Page 80

   Sims, Alexander  9, Alderson Street
   Sinagra, Nazzareno  42a Baring Street
   Sinclair, Elisha Nicholson  31, Fairless Street
   Sinclair, Gideon Henry  14, Emlyn Road
   Sinclair, Gideon Henry  9, Holly Av., Cleadon Park
   Sisterson, Gilbert (O.B.E.) 97, Sunderland Road
   Skears, William Chislett  138, Fowler Street
   Skille, Elias Abrahaman  17, Gresford Street
   Sleightholme, Thomas  33, Saville Street
   Sloan, Wallace  116, Marlborough Street
   Sloane, Stanley  22, Vespasian Street
   Small, Wilkie  72, Stanhope Road
   Smith, Albert Edward George  144, Fort Street
   Smith, Andrew Cecil  36, Ambleside Avenue
   Smith, Benjamin James  145, Egglesfield Road
   Smith, Charles Leonard  78, Thames Lane
   Smith, Dennis  19, Ravensworth Terrace
   Smith, George  190, Westoe Road
   Smith, Isaac  42, Shakespeare Street
   Smith, James  148a, Dean Road
   Smith, James Edward  15, Central Avenue
   Smith, James Edward  3, St.Michael's Avenue
   Smith, James Maley  4, Dacre Street
   Smith, John  28, Back Boldon Lane
   Smith, John Edward  24, Thomas Street
   Smith, Joseph Graham  238, Taylor Street
Page 81

   Said, Abdi Noor  21, Chapter Row
   Said, Ali Ahmed  53, Laygate Lane
   Said, Alley  33, Cuthbert Street
   Said, Ben  2, Cornwallis Square
   Said, Hassan  31, Cuthbert Street
   Said, Hassan  9, Spring Lane
   Said, Mohamed  9, Spring Lane
   Said, Mohamed  23, Eldon Street
   Said, Saleh  9, Spring Lane
   Saif, Hail  4, Thrift Street
   Saif, Haya  40, Portberry Street
   Saleh, Ali  59, Laygate Street
   Saleh, Ghalib  96, Commercial Street
   Saleh, Mohamed  96, Commercial Street
   Saleh, Mohamed  65, Derby Terrace
   Saleh, Mohamet  53, Laygate Lane
   Sali, Ali  1, Queen Street
   Sali, Musleh  75½ Eldon Street
   Sanan, Ali  105, Maxwell Street
   Sandercock, Christopher  71, Baring Street
   Sandercock, George William  47, Palm Avenue
   Sanderson, James Watson  22, Ashley Road
   Sanderson, Randolph  17, West Walpole Street
   Sandison, William James  88, Highfield Road
   Sayeed, Aien  86, Saville Street
   Sayers, Stephen Henry  68, Marshall Wallis Road
Page 82

   Scarfe, James Henry  31, Morton Street
   Scott, Edward  106, Thames Lane
   Scott, George Nimmo  450, Dean Road
   Scott, Howard Poulson  56, Blagdon Avenue
   Scott, Robert William  180, St. Vincent Street
   Scott, Thomas  30, Laygate Place
   Scott, Thomas Milburn  23, Cauldwell Av., Harton
   Screaton, John Robert  71, Green's Place
   Scurfield, William  144, Vine Street
   Seccombe, Stephen John  134, Alice Street
   Senogles, Charles Andrew  87, Green's Place
   Shagnir, Ali Abdulla  96, Commercial Road
   Shaibi, Nazir Mana  120, Maxwell Street
   Shearer, William  53, Farne Avenue
   Sheriff, George Robert  131, Westoe Road
   Sheriff, Hamed  65, Derby Terrace
   Shield, Christopher Laidler Harrison  14, Dixon St.
   Shield, Leslie  163, Maxwell Street
   Shields, John Thomas  97, Bath Street
   Shirley, Robert  34, Albemarle Street
   Sigsworth, James Green  232 Taylor Street
   Sigsworth, Thomas Richardson  2, Hepscott Terrace
   Simmonds, Edwin Harvey  56, Tay Street
   Simms, Richard Greenwell Summerbell  32, Alma St.
   Simon, Salvanes  1, Railway Street
   Simpson, Frederick  110, Victoria Road
Page 83

   Sanderson, Noble  7, Dunlop Crescent
   Stothart, William A.  72, Thames Lane
   Simpson, Matthew A.
   Snowball, William  32, Byron Street
   Smith, Cecil  267, So. Frederick Street
   Selkirk, William  Simonside
   Simpson, Stephen  20, Stainton Street
   Stonehouse, Jacob  12, Windmill Hill
   Smith, Douglas  44, Broughton Road
   Shorey, Frederick
   Snowling, Henry  357, Sunderland Road
   Sayers, Joseph B. 68, Marshall Wallis Rd.
   Sayers, Steven Henry Jr.  68, Marshall Wallis Rd.
   Scott, Doyley  23, St. Mary's Terrace
   Stephenson, John  52, Saville Street
   Scott, John George  5, Fremantle Road
   Souter, George Robert  376, Dean Road
   Smith, Ronald  11, Milner Street
   Stiddolph, James
   Shearer, Norman
   Smith, Stanley  Raglan Street
   Stoker, Ralph William  116, Ashley Road
   Stenhoff, George
   Squance, John Martyn  St. Michael's Vicarage
   Stewart, Dryden  16, Coleridge Avenue
   Swinbanks, Joseph H.  49, Hawthorn Avenue
Page 84

   Tabene, George Robert  221, Dean Road
   Tait, Alexander  4, Wantage Street
   Tait, John Ross  47, Baring Street
   Talboys, Thomas Alphonso Clinton  36, Shortridge Street
   Talbut, Thomas  215, South Eldon Street
   Tampin, William  132, Taylor Street
   Tate, James Gibson  20, Beethoven Street
   Tate, Joseph  1, Dean Terrace
   Taylor, Charles Brown  20, Chichester Road
   Taylor, Edmundson  38, Milton Street
   Taylor, Elias  4, Derby Street
   Taylor, John George  9, Windmill Hill
   Taylor, Reginald John  "Rocklyn" 55, Highfield Rd.
   Taylor, Robert  84, Wharton Street
   Taylor, William Henry  2, Market Place
   Tennet, Henry  18, Trinity Street
   Thomason, James A.  11, Westhope Close, Harton
   Thomason, James Gilbert  5, Dean Street
   Thompson, Albert  2, South View Terrace
   Thompson, Ernest  341, Taylor Street
   Thompson, Frederick George  53, Bertram Street
   Thompson, George  4, Watling Street
   Thompson, Herbert  9, St. Michael's Avenue
   Thompson, James  1, Warkworth Avenue, Horsley Hill
   Thompson, James Hudson  12, Mozart Street
   Thompson, John  40, Eldon Street
Page 85

   Thompson, Joseph  14, Warham Av., Horsley Hill
   Thompson, Richard Elliott  35, Albemarle Street
   Thompson, Robert Alexander  12, Ellesmere Street
   Thompson, Thomas Humphrey  195, King George Road
   Thompson, Wilfred E.  7, Nora Street
   Thompson, William Norman  23, Harton Rise
   Thomson, Joseph  164, Regent Street
   Thorley, Reginald H.  25, Keppell Street
   Thornton, Joshua  146, Chichester Road
   Thorogood, Thomas  39, Lisle Road
   Thwaites, William Jewett  113, Harton Lane
   Tighe, Ernest  25, Eldon Street
   Tinmouth, Edward  109, Edith Street
   Todd, George Henry  15, Watson Avenue
   Tolley, Harold  125, High Road
   Travers, John  41, Colman Avenue, Simonside
   Treliving, Harold  30, Princes Street
   Trueman, Frederick  5, Belgrave Terrace
   Tullock, Matthew Parker  21, Thames Lane
   Tully, Alan  20, Rosebery [sic] Avenue
   Turnbull, John Joseph Hindmarsh  521, J. Williamson St.
   Turnbull, Matthew  112, Stanhope Road
   Turner, John Robert  27, Ravensworth Terrace
   Turner, William Lyle  23, Wouldhave Street
   Trend, Bertie Cecil  20, Oxford Avenue
   Taws, John  22, Harper Street
Page 86

   Taws, Clara Senr.  22, Harper Street
   Taws, Clara Junr.  22, Harper Street
   Thompson, Hilda  7, Southfield Road
   Teasdale, Jessie Christie  3, Cauldwell Place
   Thompson, Gladys  41, Isabella Street
   Tulip, Cecil  25, North Avenue
   Thompson, James William  20, Farne Avenue
   Turley, Joseph  Ashgrove Avenue
   Thompson, Claude Ashworth
   Tait, Crighton
   Taylor, William Henry  320, John Williamson St.
   Thompson, James  12, Mozart Street
   Thomas, Albert
   Templeman, George
   Tait, John William  15, Wilson Street
   Trotman, Albert
   Tait, Hugh  77, Lisle Road
   Tate, Joseph  41, Russell Avenue
   Thompson, James William  56, Cambridge Street
   Tinning, David  13, Salmon Street
   Thompson, William  89, Livingstone Street
   Ternant, George W.  13, Clifton Avenue
   Thompson, Stanley  79, Marine Approach
   Taylor, Henri
   Thompson, Frederick George  14, Gilbert Street
   Thomas, Frederick James  21, Dixon Street
   Trosh, Norman Valentine  5, Dacre Street
Page 87

   Thirkell, Charles  60, Hedley Street
   Thompson, Frank
   Thompson, William Frederick  East Jarrow
   Todd, Henry  225, Dean Road
   Temple, Ralph  7, Norham Avenue
   Taylor, Frank  200, Harton House Road
   Trotter, William  15, Fir Grove
   Tomkins, Herbert  43, Ravensworth Terrace
   Teer, Leonard  The Lodge, Cleadon Park
   Thompson, Albert  71a Wouldhave Street
   Taylor, Harold  198, South Eldon Street
   Trotman, Harold Clifford  48, Imeary Street
   Thornton, Peter  30, Owen Street
   Tullock, Matthew Parker  21, Thames Lane
   Trosh, Norman Valentine  5, Dacre Street
   Tague, Ernest  28, Ebor Street
   Tully, Robert Clark  53, Cauldwell Villas
   Tew, Thomas B.  40, East Avenue
   Thorne, James W.
   Todd, David K.  44, Elizabeth Street
   Tate, Trevor Bell  16, Alfred Street
   Teale, Norman  85, Stainton Street
   Taylor, Wallace  42, Wear Place
   Taylor, John Edward  Wenlock Road
   Taylor, Frank  200, Harton House Road, East
   Tollick, Ernest  112, Birchington Avenue
   Turnbull, Geoffrey Edgar  3, Marina Drive
   Tippins, William George  15, Shrewsbury Terrace
   Todd, Wilfred  15, Emlyn Road
Page 88

   Uddin, Moffiz  16, Albemarle street
   Ujoman, Mushin  1, Thrift Street
   Ulla, Tayeb  49, Winchester Street
   Ullah, Ajman  1, Thrift Street
   Ullah, Akram  11, Church Way
   Ullah, Amin  1, Thrift Street
   Ullah, Aslam  49, Winchester Street
   Ullah, Foaz  11, Market Place
   Ullah, Hasid  49, Winchester Street
   Ullah, Jaifai  1, Thrift Street
   Ullah, Keaman  1, Thrift Street
   Ullah, Mohib  1, Thrift Street
   Ullah, Rabat  1, Thrift Street
   Ullah, Rafat  1, Thrift Street
   Ullah, Rahim  49, Winchester Street
   Ullah, Syem  49, Winchester Street
   Ullah, Tayeb  1, Thrift Street
   Ullah, Wazid  1, Thrift Street
   Underwood, Charles David  6, Ivy Street
   Underwood, David  17, Marsden Street
   Urwin, William Joseph  110, Ashgrove Av., Cleadon Park
   Ullah, Hussib  32, Saville Street
   Urwin, Ralph
   Usher, George Frederick  13, Dunlop Crescent
Page 89

   Vassallo, Emanual  28, Cambridge Street
   Velen, Edwin (B.E.M.)  9, Southey Street
   Vasey, John  21, Vespasian Street

   Waggett, John William  23, Bradley Avenue
   Walker, George William  8, South Close, Harton
   Walker, Hugh Beresford  232, Stanhope Road
   Walker, Roger Armitage  1, Dartford Road
   Walls, Albert Edward  53, Vine Street
   Walton, Charles Evans  243, St. Vincent Street
   Walton, Edgar  70, Horsley Hill Road
   Ward, Arthur  231, John Williamson Street
   Ward, George William  69, South Eldon Street
   Wardingham, Thomas Edward  28, Warwick Road
   Warren, David Killen  17, Dean Terrace
   Wase, Philip Hills  52, St. Vincent Street
   Waskaitas, Ernest  6, Alderson Street
   Waters, John  36, West Walpole Street
   Waters, Stanley  36, West Walpole Street
   Watkins, William Right  28, Walpole Street
   Watlen, John William  27, Alfred Street
   Watson, Alexander  19, Tyne Lane
   Watson, Anthony Day  58, Fort Street
   Watson, Frederick  138, South Palmerston Street
Page 90

   Watson, Henry  9, Iolanthie [sic] Terrace
   Watson, Roland Parker  14, Clifton Terrace
   Watt, Arthur Benjamin  13, Hampden Street
   Watts, Ambrose Willis  5, Harper Street
   Watts, Gilbert Shirley Joseph  6, Railway Street
   Waugh, Adam (M.B.E.)  32, Oxford Avenue
   Waugh, Edward  71, Frederick Street
   Webb, Henry  74, Roman Road
   Weighill, Robert  258, Green Lane
   West, Rudolph  7, Pollard Street
   Westerberg, Peter Arvid  11, Aldwich Street
   Whalley, Ralph  172, South Eldon Street
   Wheatcroft, Harry  13, Ravensbourne Terrace
   Whincup, Charles Alfred  7, Rydal Gardens
   Whincup, William Newby  10, Sunniside Drive
   Whitaker, Sydney  195, Campbell Street
   White, Thomas Nesbit  3, John Street
   White, Thomas Parker  27, Shrewsbury Terrace
   Whitehead, Frederick  279 or 379 Sunderland Rd.
   Whitefield, Francis White  254, So. Frederick Street
   Whiting, Walter Leonard  205, Mowbray Road
   Whitley, George  105, John Williamson Street
   Whittaker, Thomas  33, Ashgrove Av., Cleadon Park
   Wickman, Richard  140, Fort Street
   Wiegman, John Phillip  58, Spohr Terrace
   Williams, Dempster J.  77, Egerton Road
Page 91

   Williams, Stanley  4, Moffett Street
   Williamson, James Christopher  131, Osborne Avenue
   Williamson, Stephen Witham  131, Osborne Avenue
   Williamson, Stephen Young  6, Rydal Gardens
   Wills, Sidney  50, Northcote Street
   Wilson, Andrew Charles  67, Readhead Street
   Wilson, Anthony  47, Cleveland Street
   Wilson, Arthur  49, Morton Street
   Wilson, Arthur William  2, Dartford Road
   Wilson, David Pritchard  44, Watling Street
   Wilson, William Martin  28, Aldborough [sic] Street
   Wilson, William  81, Byethorne Street
   Winter, Thomas  18, Milton Street
   Winter, Thomas Scott  81, Adelaide Street
   Wiseman, Alexander  73, Robinson Street
   Wood, Arthur Hayden  37, Wawn Street
   Wood, Byron Haugh  17, So. Frederick Street
   Wood, Robert  1, Charlotte Street
   Wood, Stephen  59, Owen Street
   Wood, William Lain  20, Egerton Road
   Woodhouse, Wilfred Leighton  “Newlands” Hotspur Ave.
   Woodrow, John  148, Mowbray Road
   Wraith, James  114, Livingstone Street
   Wright, Alan  37, Collingwood Terrace
   Wright, Francis Edward  15, St. Aidan’s Road
   Wright, James  43, West Walpole Street
Page 92

   Wright, John  63, Pearson Street
   Wright, John  23½ Saville Street
   Wright, John Davidson  63, Pearson Street
   Wright, Robert  125, Boldon Lane
   Wylde, John Henry  44, Deans Crescent, Tyne Dock
   Walker, Ernest C. 139, Birchington Avenue
   Williams, Charles  60, Back Frederick Street
   Williams, Charles  18, Winchester Street
   Williams, Tom  40, Raglan Street
   Williamson, Laurence  37, Laygate Lane
   Winter, Thomas Henry Hays  22, Catherine Street
   Wittup, Guy  2, Sydenham Terrace
   Wood, Andrew Black  11, Nelson Avenue
   Wharton, John  9, May Street
   Watson, Ernest Edward  18, Sheldon Street
   Wilson, John  1½, Fort Street
   Wilson, Jane Scrafton  1½, Fort Street
   Watson, Christopher  29, Albany Street
   Winfield, Evelyn  10, Broughton Road
   Winfield, Frederick James Atkin  3, Wellington Terr.
   Winfield, Annie  3, Wellington Terrace
   Walker, Douglas  20, Anderson Street
   Walker, William Thomas Henry  20, Anderson St.
   Walton, Margaret Ann  31, George Potts Street
   Walker, Kenneth George  20, Anderson Street
   Walker, Martha May  20, Anderson Street
Page 93

   Wapling, Margaret  78, Porchester Street
   Wimshurst, Henry George  6, Elder Grove
   Wood, Stephen  23, Byethorne Street
   Walker, George Robert
   Watson, Michael
   Winter, Douglas Cyril  3, Lyndhurst Street
   Waters, Robert C.E.  27, Russell Avenue
   Waugh, Robert  42, Sycamore Avenue
   Walker Keith Mensforth
   Willoughby, George  13, West Park Road
   Wallace, Douglas  60, Oak Avenue
   Wardingham, Thomas Edward  28, Warwick Rd.
   Wallace, Clifford  195, Taylor Street
   Wilson, Arthur  17, Cockburn Street
   Waters, John
   Watson, Ronald Parker  28, West Park Road
   Wilkinson, Frank  4, Sunnirise
   Whale, John  161, Eldon Street
   Wright, Leslie James  136, Wharton Street
   Walker, Robert Hetherington  108, Richmond Road
   Woodcock, Douglas  Fowler Street
   Whitfield, William Robert  18, Fawcett Street
   Weviss, Alfred
   Walker, Roger Armitage  1, Dartford Road
   Wallace, John  2, James Street
   Walton, Norman  111, Roman Road
Page 94

   Wetherall, Ronald B.  126, Prince Edward Road
   Whale, Sydney
   White, Kenneth  6, Acacia Grove
   Wilson, George  79, Bewick Street
   Wright, Harold  25, Canterbury Street
   Wright, John Verdun  27, Saville Street
   Wimshurst, Harry  6, Elder Grove
   Wanless, Luke  24, Maple Grove
   White, William Charlton  13, Gordon Street
   Ward, Donald  27, Brinkburn Street
   Willis, George
   Walls, Albert Edward  53, Pine Street
   Walker, John Lynch 
   Wilson, Harold  2, Gordon Street
   Willis, Alfred E.  146, Sunderland Road
   Whisk, Charles Robson  Westoe Avenue
   Wates, Charles William  33, Ryknield Way
   Wilkinson, John Thomas Ledshaw  27, Wantage St.
   Wilkins, James  20, Burrow Street
   Watson, James  29, Green Lane
   Weakner, Simon  72, Leighton Street
   Wright, John  14, Orange Place
   Welch, Thomas  21, Simonside Terrace
   Walker, John  20, Aldbrough Street
   Wilson, William Brown  81, Byethorne Street
   Willis, Raymond  21, Garwood Street
Page 95

   Wylie, George W. Wade  43, Corbridge Street
   Wilson, William  350, John Williamson Street
   Williamson, Harold Greenwell
   Watkins, James Clarkson  8, Russell Avenue
   Ward, Joseph
   Williamson, Oliver L.  63, East Avenue
   Walton, Wallie  70, Horsley Hill Road
   Walker, John Gordon  108, Richmond Road
   Wilson, Joseph R.  64, Green Lane
   Woodmass, Cyril  Wadham Terrace
   Wilson, John Etheridge  200, Ocean Road
   Walker, Walker  82, Wharton Street
   Watson, William Joshua  158, Stevenson Street
   Wardale, Robert Preston
   Williams, Wilfred
   Williamson, Donald  242, Marshall Wallis Road
   Walker, Terence  37, Owen Street
   Wright, William F.  Ingham Street
   Warcup, Joseph  32, Oxford Street
   Watson, C.E.  117, Dean Road
   Watson, Anthony Day  58, Fort Street
   Williamson, Donald  242 Marshall Wallis Road
   Wetherell, Ronald Bainbridge  126, Prince Edward Rd.
   Warkcup, Joseph  32, Oxford Street
   Wright, Harold  25, Canterbury Street
   Winter, Douglas Cyril  3, Lyndhurst Street
Page 96

   Yahta, Said  9, Spring Lane
   Yardley, Albert  268, South Eldon Street
   Young, James  11, Central Avenue, Harton
   Young, Norman  7, Woodlands Terrace
   Young, William Robertson  82, Canterbury Street
   Yoya, Abdulla  33, Cuthbert Street
   Yorke, William  26, Salisbury Street
   Young, R.  Tyne Terrace
   Young, William Carruthers  "Ashlea" King George Road
   Young, John Edward  41, Hepscott Terrace
   Young, John Robson  229, Alice Street
   Youngs, Thomas L.  176, Regent Street
   Younger, Joseph  30, Ebor Street
   Young, John T.  97, Bath Street
   Young, George  32, Winchester Street
   Younger, Allen  30, Ebor Street
   Young, Richard  201, Alice Street
   Young, John Thomas  101 George Potts Street
   Young, Leslie  26, Sutton Way
   Zammet, Paulo  60, Winterbottom Street
   Zarraga, Philip  109, Prince Edward Road

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