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Photo: Simon Raine


Cross 1914-18 Bede College grounds





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Original Location

Bede College. In the grounds to the south of the college.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Erected 25th May 1922;
Unveiled 28th May (Bede Day) 1922 by Lieut.Col. J.R. Ritson, Officer Commanding 8th Batt. D.L.I.; dedicated by Dr. Hensley Henson, Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Cross ‘of ancient style’ on a tapering shaft, 14 feet (4.26m) high, set on a square pedestal. The lettering is in sunken panels on the stone plinth. The names are listed in three columns in order of year of entry to the College. Lettering is in Roman capitals throughout.

The whole stands in a paved area with seats, and steps following the slope.

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In proud and loving memory of these sons of Bede / who in the Great War / where so many of their brothers served and suffered, / gave their lives for their King and Country.
Lest we forget Lest we forget.
Bede Company 8th Durham Light Infantry.
April 25 1915.




Present condition

The west face is weathered badly.


1. The Battle of Gravenstafel Ridge took place 22nd-23rd April 1915.

2. The weathering has meant that some of the lettering on the west face is totally unreadable. It needed finger tracing and comparison with the Roll of Honour to confirm the names. This was done by Enid Heron.

3. It is possible that the last two names on the west face were added later as they are out of line with the rest.

4. From the College, 92 former students served of whom 19 were killed.

5. There was a design of a semi-circular pillared structure in the grounds, designed by Messrs. Kellett and Clayton.

6. The name of Sydney Casewell Cureton is on both D47.126 and D47.127 but is not on this memorial. There were moves in 2014 to rectify this omission.

7. Sydney Casewell Cureton was not a pupil of the college thats why his name is not on the Memorial, he was a gardener. The Committee decided then he would not qualify.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; John and Mavis Dixon; Enid Heron; old postcards: George Nairn

Durham County Advertiser2/6/1922

Memory Lane – Durham City, Michael F. Richardson. ISBN 1 85893 193 1 carries an old photo.

Northern Echo 30/5/1919 reports proposed memorial.

Illustrated Chronicle 29/5/1922 reports unveiling with photos.

Durham Chronicle 2/6/1922 reports unveiling;

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 3/6/1922 reports unveiling.

Stanley and Chester-le-Street News 1/7/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 31/5/1919 reports proposed memorial; 29/5/1922 reports unveiling with photo

Auckland & County Chronicle 4/3/1920 carries the picture of the proposed memorial described in Note 5 above.

The Durham Bugle Summer 2014 has an article about S.C. Cureton

Source of quotation:
“Lest we forget” Recessional Rudyard Kipling.

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Additional Notes

a. Durham at War have researched a name on this War Memorial. John Barclay 1889 to 1918.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Clayport Library Staff; John and Mavis Dixon; George Nairn; James Pasby; Enid Heron; Dorothy Hall; David Butler

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Cross 1914-18 Bede College grounds (D47.017)

DURHAM Bede College
Front panel
   In loving and proud memory of those sons of Bede
   who in the Great war
   where so many of their brothers served and suffered
   gave their lives for their King and Country
   Lest we forget Lest we forget
   Bede Company 8th Durham Light Infantry
   April 25 1915
First side
   1891 H.J.R. Bolt      1905 R.V. Armstrong    1907 W. Arnett
   1893 J.W. Coulson          W. Forrest             W.H. Bayles
   1897 A.J. Carruthers       J.W. Huggins           T. Minks
        H. Richards           J.G. Moore             E.F. Pattinson
        G.H. Shields          A.E.L. Parker          L. Shortridge
   1899 W. Henderson     1906 J.S. Allan             A.D.L. Vickers
        J.A. Nichols          R. Jones          1908 J. Graham
   1900 S.R. Bright           G. McPherson           W.H. Stockdale
   1903 E.N. Keedy            J. Patterson           P. Wilkinson
   1904 W.H. Brown            T.C. Smyth
Second side
   1909 J. Barclay       1911 A.H. Corner       1912 A. Barker
        W.G. Graham           G. Crawford            T. Chrisp
        R.H. Robson           J. Duke                R. Hogg
        J.J. Sanderson        E. Hill                W. Mitchell
   1910 J.H. Atkinson         R. Hogg                J.E. Prickett
        R.R. Corker           W.E. Marshall          R.R. Robson
        S.H. Cunningham       G. Philbey             H. Tait
        W. Duckworth          W.J. Shepherd          R. Thwaites
        J. Heslop             G.B. Sibbit            J.M. Watson
   1911 F.H. Lattimer         R. Stafford            A. Wilson
Third side  
   1913 T.E. Bainbridge  1914 B.N. Ager         1915 G. Barnfather
        C.S. Hall             N. Bewick              W. Brown
        W.G. Hall             J. Crabb               E.F. Bracking
        G.R. Henderson        G.C. Dalgoutte         R. Curry
        H.L. Hetherington     A. Davis               E.A. Godbold
        F. Lupton             W. Elliott             C.H. Mallett
        J. Moore              R. Kellett             J. Neall
        A.G. Rowley           J.C. Spraggon     1900 F.G. Smith
        W.E. Taylor           R. Wallace             F.H. Wright

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