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Photo: Major P.B.I. Hoppe


Plaque Fallen 1914-18 St. Nicholas





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NZ 251681

Original Location

St. Nicholas' Church, Church Road. On either side of the centre aisle at west end of nave. The northern one of two.

Present Location

Originally placed in the tower. It was moved near the companion plaque of those who served when it was erected.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 11th July 1918. Service conducted by Rev. A.S. Wardroper, Vicar of Walker

Memorial Description

Plaque 74 inches (1325mm) high (total height 81 inches (1500mm), width x 50 inches (1370mm) wide. It is of plain design, with a dome at centre top. In the arch thus created is a plain cross, with the words "They died . . . . Country" below.
The plaque is divided into three panels, on which the names are incised very lightly and painted black in a single column on each, using Roman capitals throughout.
Below these, at the centre of the wide frame are the details of the erection with, on either side, the painted badges of (left) the Northumberland Fusiliers, and (right) that of the Durham Light Infantry, these being the regiments of the donors' sons.

Materials used



They died for God, King and Country.
Erected by his Father and Mother / in affectionate memory / of their dear Son / Lieutenant J. Harry Edwards 14th D.L.I. / killed in action in France / January 7th 1917.


How money was raised

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Edwards.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Work carried out by Ralph Hedley's firm of woodcarvers to the design of Messrs. Hicks & Charlwood.


1. For companion plaque of those who served, see G9.19

2. It would appear that there had been a plan for the memorial to have been an oak reredos, costing approx. 250, part of a scheme to include a new altar and panelling round the chancel. Whether this gift by Mr. and Mrs. Edwards precluded this is not clear.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: P. Thirkell

Morpeth Herald 15/04/1921 reports discussion of scheme for reredos, altar and panelling.

Illustrated Chronicle 20/07/1918 carries photo following the unveiling.

Newcastle Journal 12/07/1918 reports unveiling

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty No. 571, 29/01/1917

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Research acknowledgements

P. Thirkell; Major Hoppe, Gosforth Local History Society; J. Brown; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque Fallen 1914-18 St. Nicholas (G9.06)

GOSFORTH, St. Nicholas' Church.

   They Died for God, King and Country.
Column 1
   Capt. George Edward Hunter, 
      6th Northumberland Fusiliers, April 26th 1915. 
   Pte. Arthur Cowley 
      Northumberland Fusiliers, Aug.22nd 1915. 
   Capt. James Noel Treble. 
      4th Oxford & Bucks L.I., Oct.18th 1915 
   Pte. Ephraim Boardman, 
      9th Northumberland Fusiliers, Nov.18th, 1915. 
   Pte. John Soulsby 
      16th Northumberland Fusiliers, Dec.25th, 1915. 
   Pte. Joseph Watson Renwick, 
      24th Northumberland Fusiliers, March 31st 1916 
   Corp. Archie Collingwood, 
      Northumberland Fusiliers, July 1st 1916 
   Pte. George Clough Pearson 
      16th Battn., Canadian Scottish, Sept. 26th 1916. 
   Pte. Thomas Robson Irwin,  
      2nd East Lancashires, Oct. 23rd 1916. 
   Capt. Percy Ellwood Johnston, 
      22nd Northumberland Fusiliers, Sept.12th 1916. 
   L.Corp. Robert Walton 
      1st Tyneside Scottish, 20th N.F., July 1st 1916. 
   Pte. John Tinnion  
      23rd Northumberland Fusiliers, July 1st 1916 
   Pte. Richard Braithwaite, 
      12th Northumberland Fusiliers, March 31st 1917 
   Capt. Thomas Hall Waugh, M.C. 
      22nd Northumberland Fusiliers, June 6th 1917. 
   Sergt. William Lodge, 
      10th Northumberland Fusiliers, Nov.9th 1916. 
   Sergt. Gilbert Bulman, 
      16th Northumberland Fusiliers, July 12th 1917. 
   Lieut. John Arthur Gardner Brewis, 
      14th D.L.I. attached R.F.C. April 29th 1917. 
   Lieut. John Halifax Feggetter, M.C. 
      12/13 Northumberland Fusiliers, Oct. 4th 1917. 
   Capt. Harold Percy Dobson, 
      1st Tyneside Scottish, 20th N.F., Oct.16th 1917. 
   Corp. William Robert Proctor, 
      Machine Gun Corps, Sept. 13th 1917 
   Pte. Matthew Morgan, 
      20th Northumberland Fusiliers, July 3rd 1916 
   Pte. Joseph Henderson Williams, 
      5th Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers March 28th 1918 
   L.Corp. George Reeve, 
      4th North Staffords. March 26th 1918 
   Pte. Martin Soulsby, 
      9th Battn. Seaforth Highlanders, May 3rd 1918. 
   Driver Thomas Turnbull Cook,  
      Motor Transport A.S.E. Dec.31st 1916  
   Pte. Tom Harrison, 
      15th Battn. West Yorks, June 28th 1918 
   Pte. Lawrence John Nicholson, 
      Royal Sussex Cyclists, April 9th 1917 
   Pte. Rolfe Hanson, 
      7th Battn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers, January 14th 1918. 
   Pte. Joseph Maughan, 
      King's Shropshire Light Infantry, Nov.3rd, 1918. 
   Pte. George Tinling, 
      15th/17th West Yorks. May 20th 1918 
   Pte. Percy Pearson, 
      7th Royal Fusiliers Oct.10th 1918 
   Captain Frank Douglas Balfour M.C.
      1/15th London Regiment March 23rd 1918.
Column 2

   Capt. Howard Tomlin Hunter   
      6th Northumberland Fusiliers, April 26th 1915  
   Corp. Thomas Jobson 
      2nd East Yorks Sept.29th 1915 
   Pte. Thomas Walton 
      12th Northumberland Fusiliers Oct.31st 1915 
   Corp. Charles Arthur Chapman 
      6th Northumberland Fusiliers Feb.14th 1916 
   Pte. Thomas Rutherford Robson 
      2nd Northumberland Fusiliers May 8th 1915 
   2nd Lieut. John McRobb Hall 
      21st Northumberland Fusiliers July 1st 1916 
   Pte. Thomas Prest Kidson 
      16th Northumberland Fusiliers July 1st 1916 
   Pte. Harold Armstrong 
      Royal Fusiliers Oct.7th 1916 
   Sergt. Thomas Edward Davidson 
      9th Northumberland Fusiliers Nov. 9th 1916 
   Lieut. J. Harry Edwards 
      14th Battn. Durham L.I. Jan. 7th 1917 
   A.B. Joseph William Gofton   
      "Drake" Battn R.N.D. Feb. 10th 1917 
   Pte. Thomas Ironsides Stringer 
      Northumberland Fusiliers, April 14th 1917 
   L.S. Gerard Chinnery Crone   
      Royal Naval Division, April 23rd 1917 
   Pte. Frank Rushforth  
      26th Northumberland Fusiliers July 9th 1917 
   Corp. James Seaword, 
      5th Northumberland Fusiliers June 28th 1917 
   Bugler George Edward Fleck, 
      Tyneside Scottish July 1st 1916 
   Pte. James William Turnbull, 
      3rd Canadian Battn. M.G.S., May 3rd 1917 
   Gunr. John William (Obadiah) Lamb 
      R.F.A.  Oct.6th 1917 
   Capt. Thomas Foreman Forster 
      7th Battn. D.L.I. Oct.31st 1917 (mentioned in despatches)
   Pte. George Collier  
      48th Australian Infantry, April 11th 1917 
   Pte. James Finlay 
      3rd Northumberland Fusiliers March 10th 1918             
   L.Corp. Joe. Shepherdson  
      19th Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers March 27th 1918 
   L/Corp. Percy Owen Payne 
      16th Battn. Royal Warwicks. May 28th 1918  
   Pte. William Barnard Bennett Hodgson 
      52nd Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers June 12th 1918 
   Pte. Joseph Parker 
      23rd Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers, July 1st 1918 
   Major Cyril Edgar Foggin, 
      Royal Air Force July 30th 1918 
   Pte. John Wears Gray 
      9th Battn. Highland Light Infantry Sept. 29th 1918 
   L/Corp. George Robert Jobson 
      14th Battn. King's Own Hussars Oct.16th 1918 
   Capt. James Cunliffe Leask, M.C. 
      5th Battn Northumberland Fusiliers (T) Mar.31st 1918 
   2nd Lieut. George Thomas Brooks
      1st/6th Battn. London Regiment, Nov.30th 1917 
   Pte. Oswald Detchon, 
      9th Battn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 15th Oct.1918
Column 3

   Pte. William Cecil Allison
      5th Northumberland Fusiliers July 8th 1915
   L.Corp. James Edward Kinnafick
      14th Battn. Durham L.I. Sept. 28th 1915
   Pte. George Charlton
      12th Northumberland Fusiliers Sept. 27th 1915
   L.Corp. Henry Jones
      6th Dragoon Guards May 2nd 1915
   Sapper Percy Campbell
      Royal Engineers March 23rd 1916
   Lieut. Rex. T. Challoner, M.C.
      Cheshire (R.E.) Field Coy., July 25th 1916
   L.Corp. John Johnstone
      14th Northumberland Fusiliers Sept.16th 1916
   Pte. Robert Stanley Milburn, D.C.M.
      Yorks. & Lancs. Oct. 22nd 1916
   Sergt. Robert Douglass Johnston
      5th Northumberland Fusiliers May 24th 1915
   Pte. Thomas Herbert Johnson
      16th Northumberland Fusiliers March 2nd 1917
   Pte. John Edward Charlton 
      4th Tyneside Scottish, N.F., July 1st 1916
   Lieut. Henry Stanley Tempest Bullen
      Northubld. Howitzer Brigade, R.F.A., April 14th 1917
   Pte. Thomas Donald
      47th Inf. Battn. Canadian E.F. May 7th 1917
   Corp. Joseph Prudhoe Johnson
      16th Northumberland Fusiliers July 1st 1917
   1st Class Boy, George Cecil Dobson
      H.M.S. Vanguard, July 9th 1917
   Pte. William Wakelam
      8th Northumberland Fusiliers Aug.16th 1917
   2nd Lieut. Geoffrey Garbutt Dickinson
      1st Northumbrian Brigade, R.F.A., Oct. 2nd 1917.
   Corp. Albert William Diericx,
      1st Australian Engineers, Oct. 17th 1917
   Pte. Anthony Young Charlton,
      1st 5th Northumberland Fusiliers Nov. 14th 1916
   Pte. Robert Davis Bell
      West Yorks.  April 23rd 1917
   Pte. Sidney Smith
      5th Battn. North Staffords. April 28th 1918
   Pte. George William Denton, M.M.
      6th Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers April 13th 1918
   L.Corp. George Leigh
      5th Northumberland Fusiliers March 26th 1918
   2nd Lieut. William Burnett Row
      1st/5th West Yorks. April 14th 1918
   Pte. Robert William Hartford
      5th Battn Northumberland Fusiliers May 24th 1915
   Sergt. David Orr
      20th Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers June 5th 1917
   Corp. James Neville Fletcher
      6th Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers May 28th 1915
   Sapper John Thomas Hetherington    
      Royal Engineers, May 27th 1918
   Pte. Robert Hetherington
      6th Battn. Northumberland Fusiliers Nov. 11th 1918
   Lieut. John Charlton Tetley
      7th Durham Light Infantry, April 11th 1918
   Sergt. Charles Thomas Gibson, M.M.
      Motor Transport A.S.C., Aug. 10th 1919
Centre bottom

   Erected by his Father and Mother
   in affectionate memory of their dear Son
   Lieutenant J. Harry Edwards 14th D.L.I.
   killed in action in France
   January 7th 1917.

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