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Photo: J. Brown


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside Dinnington Colliery





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NZ 232725

Original Location

Outside St. Cuthbert's Church, Darrell Street.

Present Location

Dinnington Colliery is now known as Brunswick Village.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 12th March 1921 by Mr. R.S. Barrett, agent to the Seaton Burn Coal Co.; dedicated by Rev. J.E. Harland.

Memorial Description

Cross of Celtic type 14 feet (4m) high on double stepped base 162cm x 147cm. The monument stands in a fenced area. The words "To the glorious dead" are on the stem of the cross. The names are listed in two columns on the front of the monument, whilst those from 1939-45 are listed on the side.

Materials used



a. To / the / Glorious / Dead Erected by public subscription / in memory of the brave men of this District / who gave their lives in the European War / 1914-1918
b. 1939-1945


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee, President Mr. J. White.



How money was raised

Public subscription. Seaton Burn Coal Co. gave 100.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

W.H. Endean of Cramlington


1. From the district, 300 men had served.

2. The War Memorial committee treasurer, Mr. T. Dixon, had lost a son on Armistice Day in France.

3. The memorial was placed "in close proximity to the Mason Council Schools"

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; P. Thirkell

Morpeth Herald 11/03/1921 and 18/03/1921 report the unveiling

Illustrated Chronicle 10/03/1921 reports proposed unveiling; 11/03/1921 carries photo of memorial; 14/03/1921 carries photos of unveiling.

Northern Echo 14/03/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 12/03/1921 reports unveiling; 19/03/1921 carries photos.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 14/03/1922 reports service held on first anniversary of unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

P. Thirkell; J. Brown; the late Mrs. L. Bailey (Gosforth Local History Society); Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

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Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside Dinnington Colliery (B118.01)


   Captain   V.H. Thornton, N.F.
   2nd Lieut. J.P. Fryer   
   Sgt.   T.B. Bradley M.M. T.S.   Gunr.  N. Lusher     R.G.A.
   “      J. Callaghan      T.I.   “      A.N. Robinson R.G.A.
   “      R. Dickinson      S.L.I. Pte.   J. Allan      N.F.
   “      J. Elliott        E.Y.   “      A. Blacklock  N.F.
   “      S. Gleaves        N.F.   “      W. Bowman     N.F.
   “      W. Jacques M.M.   T.S.   “      C.W. Bradley  R.A.M.
   “      C.B. Long         D.L.I. “      H. Burn       R.E.
   “      T. Scott          T.S.   “      W. Cormack    N.F.
   Cpl.   H. Bakewell M.M.  N.F.   “      R. Crozier    N.F.
   “      T. Casey          N.F.   “      W.D. Gardner  N.F.
   “      J.W. Davidson     T.S.   “      J. Gowans     N.F.
   “      G.C. Dixon        R.S.   “      P. McGuckin   K.O.Y.L.I.
   “      J. Scott          D.L.I. “      W. Hay        N.F.
   “      D. Simm           N.F.   “      J.L. Heron    T.S.
   “      W.C. Wood         L.N.L. “      R.W. Horner   N.F.
   L/Cpl. J. Shields        N.F.   “      A. Johnson    T.S.
   “      J. Straughan      N.F.   “      H. Lord       T.S.
   “      M.L. Watson       N.F.   “      A.C. Lord     T.S.
   L.S.   R.W. Straughan    R.N.D. “      T.O. Moses    S.F.H.
   A.S.   R. Smart          R.N.D. “      J.T. Redfern  R.A.M.C.
   A.B.   J. Wight          R.N.D. “      A. Schofield  N.F.
   “      J. Gibson         R.N.D. “      S. Smith      N.F.
   “      M. McGregor       R.N.D. “      E.S. Smith    N.F.
   2nd.Stk. E. Harris       R.N.   “      W.H. Wiles    D.L.I.
   Sapr.  J.E. Laverick     R.E.   “      E. Wood       N.F.
On pedestal:
   Erected by public subscription
   in memory of the brave men of this District
   who gave their lives in the European War
On side:

   Ldg.Smn. G.N. Bartle R.N.
   L/Cpl.   W. Hall 6th Grn.Hwds.
   A.C.     J. Tully  R.A.F.V.R.

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