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Plaque Parish 1914-18 St. Cuthbert





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NU 265045

Original Location

Parish Church of St. Cuthbert, Church Street/Cross Street. South wall.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 5th September 1921 by Brigadier General Widdrington of Newton Hall. Dedicated by the Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque 67 inches high by 64 inches wide (1.71 m x 1.62 m), of Gothic design, with pointed apex at centre top which is surmounted by a cross. The corners of the plaque are accentuated by heavy carved pattern. The words "Greater love hath no man than this" are carved in Gothic script along the bottom border, between decorative flowers. The inscription at the top starts with the word "To" in the triangle formed at the top. The names are in seven columns, the lettering is in sans serif capitals throughout.

Materials used

White Sicilian marble


To / the glory of God / and in proud and loving memory / of / the men of this parish, who laid down their lives in / the Great War 1914-1918


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Made by J.P. Whittle, Sculptor, Amble.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell; Janet Brown

Shields Daily News 06/08/1921 reports unveiling ceremony.

Morpeth Herald 1920 passim reports the seeking of names and suggestions for a memorial; 09/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Alnwick & County Gazette 09/10/1920 reports appeal for names; 10/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 06/09/1921 reports unveiling with photos.

Northern Echo 06/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 10/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation:
“Greater love hath no man . . .” St.John 15 v 13

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Research acknowledgements

The late David Wilkinson; the late Jim Shepherd (East Coquet Local History Society); the late R.W. Gould; J. Brown; P. Thirkell; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

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Plaque Parish 1914-18 St. Cuthbert (A13.07)

AMBLE, St. Cuthbert's Church.
   the glory of God
   and in proud and loving memory
   the men of this parish, who laid down their lives in
   the Great War 1914-1918
   Adamson R.      Burgess, E.V.  Douglas, F.    Harbottle, J.   
   Aitchison, W.T. Burn, J.       Douglas, J.    Harbottle, W.H. 
   Anderson, G.    Carston, G.W.  Douglas, J.B.  Hedley, F.      
   Angus, J.F.T.   Cavers, W.     Douglas, J.W.  Hedley, G.R.    
   Archbold, D.E.  Clancy, W.     Douglas, R.    Hedley, L.      
   Bailey, A.      Clancy, W.J.   Douglas, W.    Hedley, M.      
   Barrett, A.     Clark, G.B.    Douglas, W.F.  Hedley, W.D.    
   Bell, J.C.      Cockburn, J.   Dubb, W.A.     Henderson, D.T. 
   Bell, J.G.      Curry, G.      Earnshaw, O.   Henshall, R.H.  
   Bell, W.        Darby, W.E.    Elliott, T.    Horn, W.J.      
   Bickerton, F.   Darling, A.    Fealey, L.     Horner, G.      
   Briggs, V.      Davidson, F.   Ferguson, J.G. Humble, W.      
   Brown, A.       Davidson, J.R. Findlay, D.    Ireland, W.     
   Brown, N.G.     Davidson, J.W. Foster, J.R.   Jones, J.       
   Brown, J.       Davis, T.      Gair, J.E.     Lee, J.         
   Brown, R.       Davison, N.    Geggie, G.     Luckhurst, F.J. 
   Brown, T.       Dawson, Jas.   Glass, W.      Lyall, W.E.M.   
   Brown, T.H.N.   Dawson, J.     Grey, M.H.     MacDonald, J.   
   Brownlow, W.E.  Dennison, A.   Grey, R.       MacDougal, J.   
   Buddle, J.R.    Dixon, Jas.    Hall, P.       Mackay, A.      
   Buddle, W.      Dixon, J.      Halliday, W.   Marley, E.      
   Burge, M.       Douglas, A.    Hamilton, T.   McInnes, R.D.   
                                  King, J.R.
   Merivale F.    Punter, J.H.    Stuart, M.R.
   Merivale, J.W. Roberts, G.D.   Summerell, W.
   Miller, E.     Robertson, A.W. Tait, A.
   Miller, J.H.   Rollo, D.       Tait, E.H.
   Miller, T.     Ross, A.        Taylor, H.
   Mitcheson, A   Rutherford D.H. Taylor, J.R.
   Morton, W.     Rutter, J.T.    Taylor, T.
   Mossman, R.S.  Rutter, T.      Thompson, T.
   Mossman, W.T.  Rutter. T.W.    Tindal, P.
   Murray, C.E.   Scott, H.       Trobe, J.
   Murray, E.     Scott, J.       Trotter, G.
   Nairn, W.      Scott, T.W.     Turnbull, J.
   Nicholson, R.  Shotton, H.     Turnbull, N.
   Oliver, G.     Shotton, L.     Turnbull, R.H.
   Ormston, A.    Simpson, T.     Wade, J.H.
   Park, T.H.     Smetham, E.     Wallace, A.
   Pattison, J.W. Smith, W.       Waller, J.G.
   Pitchford, A.  Smith, W.       Wardrope, S.
   Pitchford, E.  Spowart, M.     Webb, E.
   Pratt, J.S.    Stewart, W.     Weddell, W.
   Pringle, R.    Stokoe, R.      Wilson, J.
   Pringle, R.H.  Straughan, J.E. Wintrip, J.


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