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Plaque 1914-18 Northumberland Street Mission





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Northumberland Street Mission

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Unveiled ?22nd December 1921 by Mrs. Robson of Tynemouth

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Plaque 5 feet high x 3 feet 6 inches wide (1.52m x 1.06m). It features an arch, below which the words “Roll of Honour” are on a ribbon. The left hand side features a women kneeling with an urn. The names are listed in a single column on the right hand side. The names can not be read from the photo.

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Roll of Honour
In everlasting remembrance / of our comrades of the Men’s Homely Hour / who laid down their lives / whilst serving their Country in the Great War / 1914-1918.
Faithful even unto death.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Empire Engraving Co. of North Shields.


1. "Within this Mission was a Hall devoted for use by the Homely Hour, it was to be dedicated to the members of the Men's Homely Hour, to the everlasting memory of their comrades who fell in the Great War,1914-1919, no less than one fifth of the members having made the supreme sacrifice for their country."

2. The Mission started out in a small room at the Low Lights in 1874, occupied by a kindly old woman. She granted this room to a small band of ladies from the Tynemouth Congregational Church, under the pastorate of a Rev. Albert Norris. The ladies’ names were Mrs Norris, Miss Charlton, Miss Grey and Mrs Goudie. In 1871, due to expansion, the Mission had moved to a 3rd Floor in Pottery Yard, Northumberland Street. It eventually outgrew these premises and a new site was purchased and opened in 1902.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Illustrated Chronicle 23/12/1921 reports unveiling with photo shown here.

Shields Daily News 02/11/1921 page 4 column 1: “The History of a growing Institution”.

Additional Notes

1. Samuel Hill should be Stephen Hill, who was killed in action 2nd April 1917, who resided at 119 Chirton West View.

2. Charles H Williams should be C M Williams who died 24/03/1918. He served with the Royal Garrison Artillery and resided at 18 Toll Square.

Research acknowledgements

James Pasby; Dorothy Hall; Valerie and Linda (Tynemouth WWI Project)

Research In Progress

The names on the North Shields memorials are being researched by the Tynemouth WW1 group. Contact

Plaque 1914-18 Northumberland Street Mission (N34.35)

NORTH SHIELDS	   Northumberland Street, East End Mission
   Roll of Honour
   In everlasting remembrance
   of our comrades of the Mens’ Homely Hour
   who laid down their lives
   whilst serving their Country in the Great War
   Charles H. Atkins
   Isaac O. Baker
   George H. Colquhoun
   William J. Charlton
   Donald Campbell
   William H. Cowell
   Ralph Chater
   Charles R. Downey
   Emmanuel Downey
   Matthew J. Frankland
   Samuel Hull
   Charles E. Hails
   Thomas B. Harrison
   Colin Jamieson
   Thomas H. Loader
   James R. Umbrick
   James McMurdo
   James E. Newton
   George Morval
   George C. Peek
   Robert Pearson
   Charles Rowley
   William Riddoch
   Sydney Smith
   William Scott
   Russel H. Shand
   William F. Tombling
   William A. Williams
   Charles H. Williams
   James R. Ward
   Faithful even unto death


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