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Masonic Roll of Honour 1914-18

Great Queen Street London

Great Queen Street London

Great Queen Street London

Roll of Honour

Names of Brethren
who fell in the service of their
King & Country during
the Great War

Freemasonsí Hall London W.C.2

The book is in numerical order of Lodge Number and lists Lodge, Name and Rank (within the Lodge), and Service Rank.
The place where the Lodge met in 1914 has been added.
If the brother was an officer in the lodge i.e. rank it follows his name in brackets.
At the end of the book there is an alphabetical list of names with lodge number(s).

Extract of Provincial Grand Lodge of Durhamís brethren.

48 Lodge of Industry (Masonic Hall Jackson Street Gateshead)
Armstrong, Ernest William E.R. Artificer
Cutter, William Ch. Engr. Merc. Mar.
Wilkinson, Thomas William Corporal

80 St. Johnís Lodge (Masonic Hall Park Terrace Sunderland)
Bolam, J.W. Sub Lieut R.N.R.
Border, James A. Chief Engineer
Carter, George Chief Engineer
Clayburn, W. Capt. Fleet Aux.
Gowdy, John L. Chief Engineer
Hedley, William Chief Engineer
Jauget, R.J. Capt. H.M. Transp.
Jones, D. Capt. Fleet Aux.
Purvis, Albert H. Master Mariner
Robason, T.S. Capt. Fleet Aux.
Snowdon, John Captain R.N.R.
South, John G. Capt. Fleet Aux.
Westerby, Charles S. Master Mariner
Willing, James R. Chief Engineer

94 Phoenix Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Queen Street East Sunderland)
Hindmarsh, Thomas Wilson Sergeant
Robertson, James Horan Lieutenant

97 Palatine Lodge (Masonic Hall Park Terrace Sunderland)
Cowie, Joseph Bombardier
Hall, Joseph
Sayers, Charlie

111 Restoration Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Archer Street Darlington)

124 Marquis of Granby (Freemasonsí Hall Old Elvet Durham)
Chipchase, Henry Private
Corker, Richard Sergeant
Coyne, Robert Ernest Private
Steel, Robert Medical Officer
Yule, Robert Sergeant

240 St Hilda Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Ingham Street South Shields)
Cordiner, Alexander Master Mariner
Parlett, A.E. Private
Ramm, Clifford C. Sergeant
Robinson, J.B Chief Engineer
Ross, Peter K. Master Mariner
Stanes, Arthur C.P.O. R.N.
Storm, T. Master Mariner
Whittingham, Geo. Chief Engineer

375 Lambton Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Old Elvet Durham)
Parker, Victor Lieutenant

424 Borough Lodge (Half Moon Lane Gateshead)
Brewis, Frederick James Lieut. R.N.
Heron, Henry Private
James, Thomas Engineer

509 Tees Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Stockton)
Green, James William Lieut. R.N.
Watson, Herbert Gunner

531 St. Helenís Lodge (Masonic Hall Regent Square Hartlepool)
Charlton, Adolph Coles Lieut. R.N.R.
Farrow, Joseph Henry Tate Gunner
Pearson, Ernest William Lieutenant
Purves, Richard Pringle Private

661 Fawcett Lodge (Masonic Hall Seaham Harbour)
Beck, John George Private
Clark, Sydney Broford Lieut. R.N.
Roberts, Edward John Master Mariner
Rutter, John Private
Wilkinson, Cuthbert Corporal

764 Harbour of Refuge Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Upper Church Street West Hartlepool)
Kennedy, Albert E. Admiralty Pilot
Smith, T. Mark

940 Lodge of Philanthropy (Freemasonsí Hall Wellington Street Stockton)

949 Williamson Lodge (Masonic Hall 6 North Bridge Street Monkwearmouth)
Almond, C.P. Master Mariner
Craig, A Sapper
Crichton, J.M.S. Private A.I.F.
Doxford, J.W. (Junior Deacon) Gunner
Erickson, E.A Private
Gibson, A.W. Private R.A.M.C.
Kennedy, W. J. Chief Engineer
Manning, J.W. Master Mariner
Neate, W.J. R.N.R.
Phillipson, R.D. Chief Engineer
Purvis, T. (Junior Warden) Private
Tilley, T.B Private

1119 St. Bede Lodge (Masonic Hall Grange Road Jarrow)
Dinsdale, Thomas Private
Driver, John Warrant Officer
Hutchinson, John J. Motor Transport
Smart, W.H. E.R Artificer
Smith, G.B Private
Suckling, R
Weir, T.H Major
White, Nathan 2nd Lieut.

1121 Wear Valley Lodge (Masonic Hall Silver Street Bishop Auckland)

1230 Barnard Lodge (Masonic Hall Newgate Street Barnard Castle)
Borland, George McPherson 2nd Lieut.

1274 Earl of Durham Lodge (Masonic Hall Chester-le-Street)
Moore, John Lieutenant
Morris, George Private
Winter, Thomas Private

1334 Norman Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Durham)
Brown, Christopher (Senior Deacon) Private
Greenwell, Robert Private

1379 Marquis of Ripon Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Archer Street Darlington)
Pearson, Robert William (Senior Deacon) Captain

1389 Fenwick Lodge (Masonic Hall Park Terrace Sunderland)
Wawn, Frederick Middlemost (Past Master) Captain

1418 Lodge of Fraternity (Freemasonsí Hall Wellington Street Stockton)
Carling, John Gatenby Master Mariner
Hardy, Frederick Austin Lackenby (Steward) Pioneer R.E.

1643 Perseverance Lodge (Masonic Hall Carr Street Hebburn)
Wardle, Edward Mowbray (Organist) Private

1650 Rose of Raby Lodge (Scarth Memorial Hall Staindrop)

1862 Stranton Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Hart Road West Hartlepool)

1932 Whitworth Lodge (Masonic Hall Dundas Street Spennymoor)
Walls, Ernest Harold Corporal

1970 Hadrian Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Ingham Street South Shields)
Bruhn, Chas. Alan North Sea Pilot
Darling, Alan Heppel 2nd Lieut.
Hilton, Fawcett 2nd Lieut.
McHugh, George Ch. Engr. Merc. Mar.
Parkinson, Frank Ch. Engr. Merc. Mar.
Summerbell, John Private
Tinmouth, Wm. Hopper Pilot
White, Stewart Alex. Captain

2019 Crook Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Church Street Crook)

2039 Londonderry Lodge (Masonic Hall Park Terrace Sunderland)
Blair, Stephen R. Ch. Engr. Merc. Mar.
Mertz, Walter Scott 2nd Lieut.

2104 Whitwell Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Stockton)

2135 Constance Lodge (Masonic Buildings Front Street Consett)

2352 Universities Lodge (Masonic Hall Durham)
Taylor, Edwin (Junior Deacon) R.E.

2415 Tristram Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Shildon)

2418 Hedworth Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Ingham Street South Shields)
Abbot, Thomas Ralph Master Mariner
Clark, Archibald Strauchan 2nd Lieut
Daniels, Albert Victor Private
Newlands, Robert Master Mariner
Richardson, Daniel Lieutenant

2462 Clarence Lodge (Masonic Hall Hart Road West Hartlepool)

2674 Ravensworth Lodge (Masonic Hall Jackson Street Gateshead)
Robson, Robert Telegraphist

2791 Hudson Lodge (Masonic Rooms Wolsingham)

2929 Coronation Lodge (Church Institute Stanley)
Noble, Arthur D.C.M. (Steward) Regt.-Ser.-Maj.
Storey, Frederick William Corporal

2934 Wearmouth Lodge (Masonic Hall Park Terrace Sunderland)

2935 Lord Barnard Lodge (Masonic Hall Whitehead Street Tyne Dock)
Butterby, J. Nelson (Senior Warden) Sapper
Le Touze, F.C. Chief E.R. Artificer R.N.R.
Scott, Wm. E.R. Artificer

2975 Lodge Benedict Biscop (Masonic Hall 6 North Bridge Street Monkwearmouth)
Lacon, F.W. Private

2981 Connaught Lodge (Masonic Hall Hart Road West Hartlepool)

3000 Saltwell Lodge (Masonic Hall Half Moon Lane Gateshead)
Swannell, Ralph Corporal

3076 Bernard Gilpin Lodge (Masonic Hall Hetton le Hole)
Carr, Hugh 2nd Lieut.

3105 Moseley Lodge (Church Institute Birtley)
Hedley, Thomas (Senior Warden) Lance-Corporal

3110 Vane Lodge (Masonic Hall Silver Street Bishop Auckland)
Brock, A.H. Captain
Robertson, Geo. G. 2nd Lieut.
Summerson, Herbert Walker Lieutenant
Taft, Thomas Lieut. and Q.-M.

3137 Vedra Lodge (Grand Hotel Sunderland)

3193 Amity Lodge (Masonic Hall North Bridge Street Sunderland)
Bennett, Arthur Ernest Marine Engineer
Crowther, Chas. Henry Master Mariner
Read, William Capt. Merc. Mar.

3194 Penshaw Lodge (Parish Hall Penshaw)
Liddell, James Atkinson Private

3216 Thornhill Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Queen Street Sunderland)
Tilly, William Maughan

3217 John Readhead Lodge (Masonic Hall Whitehead Street Tyne Dock)
Scott, Walter John Chief Officer
Urwin, William Bombardier R.G.A.

3241 Northbourne Lodge (Masonic Hall Jackson Street Gateshead)

3242 St. Paul Lodge (Masonic Hall Grange Road Jarrow)
Bruce, John Captain
Scott, Frank Edward (Senior Warden) Lieutenant

3290 Clavering Lodge (Bisley Hotel Blaydon)
Jobling, Ernest Lieutenant
Tweddle, John H. Sapper

3349 Tow Law Lodge (Masonic Hall Bridge Street Tow Law)

3359 Edward VII Lodge (Masonic Hall Park Terrace Sunderland)

3360 Rowlandson Lodge (Masonic Chambers Town Hall Ferryhill)
Bayles, William Henry Private

3385 Minerva Lodge (Masonic Hall Jackson Street Gateshead)
Bulkeley, Llewelyn Alfred Henry (Junior Deacon) Captain

3417 St. Cuthbert Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Archer Street Darlington)

3520 Stanhope Lodge (Masonic Hall Stanhope)
Monkhouse, Joseph T. Captain

3568 City Lodge (Freemasonsí Hall Old Elvet Durham)
Adamson, Charles Young Captain and Q.-M.
Wilson, John Captain

3616 Liddell Lodge (Lecture Hall Dunston)

3626 Shipcote Lodge (Masonic Hall Gateshead)
Iley, Cecil Christopher Sergeant