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Stained Glass Window and Plaque 1914-18 St. Aidan





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NZ 362678

Original Location

St. Aidan’s Church

Present Location

The church was empty and being offered for sale in August 1996. Tablet is now in St Stephens Church, Mile End Road.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 28th July 1920 by Rev. E.G. Wells, M.A., M.C., Vicar of Eastleigh.

Memorial Description

Stained glass west windows.
“One subject, taken from the Book of Daniel, chap.III, fills the whole of the windows. In the first window is shown the young men standing on the brink of the furnace with all its terrors. The tyrant sits proudly on his golden throne relentlessly inventing new torments, and orders in their hearing that the furnace be heated seven times more than it was wont to be heated. Around him stand his eager fluttering courtiers, his rough, stern, hard, professional soldiers. In the roaring flames of the furnace, out of sight of the Emperor, and as yet not seen by the gallant lads, is a glimpse of one who in His own person endured the fiercest pangs of torture, bodily and spiritual, as these boys are soon to undergo. And overhead is painted His crown and theirs – the crown of thorns.
In the second window the three men are standing erect and unbound; and beside them another, stronger, taller, more radiant than they; and opposite, the proud tyrant, no longer on his throne, but humbled to the dust, praying to the God he had mocked, his boasting gone, his throne empty.” South Shields Gazette
Plaque in oak frame, with gold crown and centre incised into the frame. The names are listed in four columns. Lettering is in sans serif capitals with a mixture of Gothic and italic in the dedication.

Materials used

Marble plaque in oak frame.


The west windows are erected / in memory of / those who gave their lives in defence of their country, liberty and Civilization / in the Great War (1914-1918) by their friends and kindred in St. Aidan’s Church.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Harold Rhodes, A.R.C.A., son-in-law of Mr. John Heys, Headmaster of the South Shields School of Art.


1. The original windows were blown out by bombing in 1939-45 and replaced by plain glass. However, the small windows at the tops of the arches survived.

2. “The windows suggest in their brilliancy and richness of colouring, that the use of different tones of pure glass, to gain the depth of shadow, rather than much applied pigment, gives a nearer approach to the glory of the stained glass of medieval times”.

3. Rev. E.G. Wells, Vicar of Eastleigh, was ex-C.F. of 68th Infantry Brigade comprising 12th and 13th D.L.I. and 11th N.F. He was also the brother of the resident Vicar of St.Aidan’s, Rev. L.S. Alban Wells, M.A.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos of plaque: Simon Raine; Peter Hoy

Shields Daily Gazette 22/05/1919 reports appeal for names; 29/07/1920 reports unveiling

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; James Pasby; Michael Mulhern.

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched by Peter Hoy. Contact:

Stained Glass Window and Plaque 1914-18 St. Aidan (S86.046)

SOUTH SHIELDS   St. Aidan’s Church
   The west windows are erected 
   in memory of 
   those who gave their lives in defence of their Country, Liberty and Civilization 
   in the Great War (1914-1918) by their Friends and Kindred in St. Aidan’s Church.
   Robert Huntley Hedworth  Richard Henry Locke   Walter L. Scott      William B. Browitt
   Edward Reay              Gordon M. Carling     David Cunningham     Edward Bell
   Robert Dryden Moffitt    Wilton Allan          William G. Tweddell  Harold Newton Macdonald
   William Newton Harle     Irving Henderson      John Joseph Banks    George Hatton
   John Brotchie            Charles Thompson      John George Ogilvie  Leonard Dawe
   Robert Floyd             Henry M. Weddle       John A. Neilson      George E. Holliday
   John Alexander Macdonald Stephen Leslie        William C. Cooper    John James Mitchell
   Alfred Austin            Edwin Girling         Sydney Taylor        Joseph Askins
   Joseph Sweeney           John Williamson       Christopher J. Young Matthias Yates
   John B. Richardson       Stewart A. White      Jacob Young          Robert George
   James Hindmarsh          Robert Norris         Septimus W. Kell     Thomas T. Rose
   Joseph Swift             Harold D. Johnston    Charles Pinckney     Ernest J.H. Williams
   Robert Nicholson         George Walker         Albert H. Purvis     John T. Adamson
   Stephen W. Warwick       Oliver Sidney Phinn   Charles A. Holman    John B. Souter
   Luke Ramsey              Anthony H. Kell       William W. Wilkins   Thomas H. Malcolm
   John Blaikie             William Ainsley       Thomas Edward Burn   Richard Park
   Thomas Robertson         John Dingle           Robert Newlands      Thomas W. Heppell
   Thomas Burn Lucock       Frederick Batey       Walker S. Edmunds    Albert S. Berkeley
   Alexander Smith          Frederick Donaldson   Alfred Longstaff     James M. Armstrong
   James F. Fahey           Henry S. Allan        John C. Cree         James Mallen
   Edward W. Corbitt        Arthur Poynter        William Young        Albert E. Elliott
   Thomas E.S. Reay         Thomas Relph Abbot    James L. Witty       Joseph Hutchinson
   Alfred E. Birch          Frederick A. Crane    John S. Dennier      Thomas L. Simpson
   Andrew Preece            Henry Ingram          Edwin Smith          William Leighton
   James Hunter             John J. Scott         Henry B. Winlo       John M. Smith
   James Richardson         Ernest J.B. Gooderham William F. Coughlan  James W. Reay
   Herman T. Wells          Harold C.R. Browitt   Rex M. Daniel        Leonard Ramsay
   Thomas Berry             Andrew R. Legat       Tom S. Richardson    Robert Crathorne
   Herbert Woodhouse        Edward Woodhouse      Gilbert L. Barnes    George Lamb   

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