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NEWMP Memorial Image


Plaque Fallen 1914-18 1939-45 St. Oswald





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NZ 328526

Original Location

St. Oswald’s Church. On A182 between Shiney Row and Herrington.

Which war

a. 1914-14
b. 1939-45

Memorial Description

Plaque 1.42m (4 feet 8 inches) high x 1.04m (3 feet 5 inches) wide divided into three vertical panels below and one horizontal one on top.
The top panel has above it a decoration of grapes and vine leaves carved in half relief, and bears the dedication.
The three vertical panels each bear a single column of names, the two left ones are for 1914-18 and the right hand one is for 1939-45. All lettering is incised and gilded using Roman capitals.

Materials used



Roll of Honour
In proud remembrance of those from / the parish of St Oswald, Shiney Row / who fell in the two great wars / 1914-18 (1914-18) 1939-45
The Lord Almighty / knoweth that we fight / a just battle for the / safety of our nation. / St.Oswald.



1. The frame is reported to have been made by the vicar’s wife in the 1950s.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; David Sloan

Source of quotation
"The Lord Almighty knoweth . . . ." Attributed to St.Oswald, presumably before the Battle of Heavenfield c634 AD

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders; David Sloan

Research In Progress

David Sloan is researching the names on this memorial. Contact:

Plaque Fallen 1914-18 1939-45 St. Oswald (S124.08)

SHINEY ROW  St. Oswald's Church
     Roll of Honour
     In proud remembrance of those from
     the parish of St Oswald, Shiney Row
     who fell in the two great wars
     1914-18           1914-18           1939-45
     W. Archer         J.H. Mawdsley     John Chicken
     R. Barker         J. McCormick      George Davidson
     T. Bedlington     E. McLinden       George W. Dodds
     T. Bellamy        E. Middlemiss     Matthew G. Gallon
     J. Bellerby       J. Middlemiss     Robert Gowland
     T.W. Bewick       C.W. Mellor       Ronald B. Green
     B. Billings       E. Moody          E.W. Hamilton
     A. Bolam          T. Mould          James W. Hume
     T. Bostall        J.J. Nicholson    John G. Hume
     P. Burke          P. Oliver         William Hurworth
     E. Cain           J. Oxley          Frederick L. Iley
     R.W. Carr         W. Parnaby        Patrick Kelly
     T. Carr           J. Patterson      Edward Lawther
     G.W. Cathcart     Jos. Patterson    John S. Lowery
     S. Chipchase      J. Peebles        T. Robert Lumsden
     J.R. Conlon       W. Pigford        James McDermand
     J.R. Coulson      J.W. Raisbeck     George B. Midgley
     R. Cummings       H. Reid           George V. Nearey
     J.G. Davison      E. Ritchie        Wilfred Nutter
     W. Dunlop         F. Scott          Ernest Pattison
     E. Eddy           F. Sherriff       Cyril Pitt
     G. Fenwick        F.G. Smith        Leonard Scott
     J.W. Forster      R. Smith          John Richardson
     T. Forster        A. Snowball       Robert Robson
     C.O. Fox          I. Tate           William S. Rose
     R. France         W.W. Taylor       Andrew Sparks
     R. Gaff           J. Teasdale       Frederick H. Williams
     W. Grant          C.H. Thewliss     Matthew E. Wind
     M. Guthrie        F.R. Thomas       Evelyn Matthews
     W. Hall           J. Tippins
     M. Hewison        A. Todd
     C. Holland        E. Todd
     J. King           W. Todd
     R.B. Kitchen      G. Walls
     E. Laidler        J.G. Walton
     Ed. Laidler       W. Ward
     W. Laidler        R.H. Wheldon
     F. Leadbitter     H. White          The Lord Almighty
     T. Leadbitter     W. White          knoweth that we fight
     H. Leighton       J. Wilson         a just battle for the
     T. Lovett         W.H. Wilson       safety of our nation
     T. Maddison       M. Winn                     St.Oswald.

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