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Stained Glass Window and Plaques 1914-18 St. Edmund





Original Location

St. Edmund’s Church, Old Durham Road (Demolished)

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled and dedicated September 1920 by Ven. Archdeacon Derry of Auckland.

Memorial Description

Stained glass south window. Two plaques.


In loving and honoured memory of the men from this parish and congregation who fell in the Great War 1914-18.
The men were very good to us and we were not hurt. They were a wall unto us both by night and by day.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Window designed and made by Mr. Wm. Connell, Low Fell; brass plaques made by Edward H. Thew.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 01/10/1920 reports unveiling

Illustrated Chronicle 11/10/1920 reports unveiling

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 16/10/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 09/10/1920 reports proposed unveiling; 11/10/1920 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation:

“The men were very good to us . . .” 1 Samuel XXV 15,16.

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Patrick Brennan; Dorothy Hall

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Stained Glass Window and Plaques 1914-18 St. Edmund (G39.032)

The layout of the names is not known, neither can the 
spelling of the names be guaranteed. 
This has been taken from a rather dark brown 
newspaper cutting.
   Pte. Geo. S. Anderson        Pte. James Hardy            
   Pte. William Angus           Pte. Henry Harrison         
   Pte. Isaac Atkinson          Pte. Wm. Hawdon             
   Pte. Robert A?butt           Pte. James Henderson        
   Pte. John A. Barclay         Pte. T.B. Hetherington      
   Pte. Wm.Jas. Bishop          Pte. Jas. J.H. Hedley       
   Pte. Matthew Benson          Pte. John Higgins           
   Pte. Edward Bentley          Pte. William Hindson        
   Pte. Henry Bentley           Pte. John Alex. Hird        
   Pte. Robert Bentley          Sergt. Henry Holmes         
   Pte. Chas. C. Brown          Pte. Robt. M. Hornsby       
   Pte. Albert Calvert          C.-Sgt.Maj. Jas W. Huie     
   Pte. Jos.W. Campbell         Pte. Frank Hull             
   Pte. Alexander Cardwell      Able Seaman John Hull       
   Pte. John Clay               Pte. Geo. E. Jobson         
   Pte. Jas W. Charlton         Pte. Geo. Lamb              
   Pte. Alexander Clark         Pte. John Howard Lee        
   Pte. Thomas W. Cole          Pte. Richard Lentell        
   Pte. Jas. Sidney Cole        Pte. Thos. R. Liddell       
   Pte. John Cooley             Pte. Wm.Hy. Makepeace       
   2nd Lt.John Stuart Copeland  Pte. Robert Martin
   Pte. Joseph Cronin           L.Cpl.John Thos. McColvin
   Pte. Isaac Davidson          Pte. Andrew Miller
   R.Sgt.Maj.W.T.J.Davis,MCM.   Pte. Thomas Moore
   CQMS. John R. Dennison       Pte. Robert Morton
   Pte. Albert Dixon            Pte. Robt.Ed. Morris
   Air-Mec. Wm.H.D. Dingley     Sig. Leonard R. Moon
   Gunner Alf. Stan Dickson     Sergt. Thomas Moss
   Pte James Donnison           Pte. Frederick Nicholson
   Rifleman Thomas Dryden       Gunner Edward A. Nicholson
   L.-Cpl. Frank Emmet          Pty.Off. George Hy. Norman
   Pte. James Errington         Pte. Edward O’Hara
   Pte. John Finneron           Pte. Matthias Ovington
   Pte. Chris. A. Fawcus        L.Cpl. Thomas Owens
   Pte Walter Garbutt           Pte. John J. Palmer
   Pte. Andrew Gee              Pte. J. Patrickson, M.M.
   L.-Cpl Henry Georgeson       Pte. James Pattison
   Pte. Walter Gibson           Pte. William Peacock
   Pte. William Gibson          Pte. Jas. J. Pegram
   Sgt. William Gibson          Pte. Thos. Hy. Phillips
   Pte. Robert E. Gibson        Pte. Thomas Puntin
   Sapper George P. Gibson      Pte. Alex. C. Railton
   Pte. John S. Glass           Pte. Geo. W.S. Railton
   Pte. John Gowans             Pte. Henry N. Rowden
   Pte. Charles Grenson         Pte. Fred. Reidy
   Pte. William S. Guffogg      Pte. Peter Richardson
   Pte. Lawrence Hamilton       Pte. Wm. Richardson
   L.Cpl. John Rutherford       Pte. Joseph Robson
   Pte. Geo.Wm. Schofield       Pte. James Thompson
   Pte. Henry Scott             Pte. Thos. S. Tully
   Pte. Henry Scott             Pte. Ernest W. Turnbull
   Sapper George Sharp          Pte. Henry E. Waitt
   Pte. Thos. Hy. Slater        Pte. John Walker
   Pty.Off. Henry Stevens       Pte. Reg. L. Walker
   Pte. Ernest Sutherland       Pte. George Whitfield
   Pte. John W. Sutton          Pte. Edward Wilson
   Pte. Henry Sutton            Pte. Stanley Wilson
   C.Sgt.Maj. E.I. Taylor       Pte. William Wren
   Pte. Joseph Teasdale         Pte. Geo. A. Wrightson
   Pte. Herbert Thompson        2nd.Lt. Chas. H. Yeaman.

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