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Photo: James Pasby


Plaque 1914-18 Bede Collegiate School





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NZ 379554

Original Location

Bede School, now Bede Centre, Durham Road, Humbleton.

Present Location

Moved and reinstalled in the newly refurbished hall 11th November 2004

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled at the school on Sunday July 20th 1924 at 3.50 p.m. by Alderman J.S. Nicholson, chairman of the Governors following a service at Christ Church.

Memorial Description

Plaque 5 feet high x 6 feet 5 inches wide (1.52m x 1.95m) which projects from 3 inches to 5 inches (76mm to 127mm).
“The oak basis, which is treated in classical style, consists of three bays, separated by pilasters having foliated capitals. The central bay is surmounted by a semi-circular arch showing several mouldings, and partly enclosing a bronze panel on which is a finely-moulded laurel wreath surrounding the School Arms represented in translucent enamel. Each bay contains a rectangular vertical bronze panel bearing a number of names of the 152 Old Boys and one Master, in bold letters in relief.”
The names are listed in two columns on each panel. The name of the Master is given last. Lettering is in raised Roman capitals.
The dedication is carried on the frame at the bottom.

Materials used

Bronze panels in Oak wood frame.


Post Tenebras Lux (on school badge). / Sunderland Bede Collegiate School /
1914 In grateful memory of Old Bedans who fell in the Great War /
"Nothing is here for tears / nothing to wail / or knock the breast: no weakness, no contempt / dispraise or blame - nothing but well and fair / and what may quiet us in a death so noble" 1918


Present condition

Restored 2003.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Metalwork made by Messrs. James Gibbons Ltd., Wolverhampton; wood work done by Messrs. Taylor & Co. of Sunderland.
Designed by Mr. J.W. Hawkins, Art Master at the School

Ownership and maintenance

Bede Centre, Old Bedans.


1. School motto “Post Tenebras Lux” (Light follows darkness”).

2. The memorial was re-installed in the newly refurbished hall. It was rededicated on November 11th 2004 by Rev. D. Rosamond (City Centre Chaplain) at a ceremony hosted by Mr. C. Craig (Vice Principal) in the presence of about 100 people.

3. Included in the proposals was a memorial prize to be awarded annually on speech day.

4. In 1916 a draft Roll of Honour showed that 570 Old Bedans had enlisted, 521 in the Army and 49 in the Navy. A considerable number had been wounded and 28 old boys and one master had been killed.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C.Sanders; Simon Raine; James Pasby

Tyne and Wear Archives E.SU3/1/34 Sunderland, Bede Collegiate School / Old Bedans War Memorial contains three items: (1) Invitation to the unveiling; (2) Order of Service; (3) Roll of Honour.

Illustrated Chronicle 21/07/1924 reports unveiling with photos.

North Mail 26/03/1920 reports proposals

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 26/07/1924 reports unveiling.

Sunderland Echo 26/3/1920 p.5

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 22/07/1916 reports 6th draft of roll of Honour had been issued.

Source of quotation:
“Nothing is here for tears . . .” Samson Agonistes John Milton

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Tony Harding; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

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Plaque 1914-18 Bede Collegiate School (S140.017)

   Post Tenebras Lux
   Sunderland Bede Collegiate School
Column 1         Column 2        Column 3  
   S.C. Alder       W. Brown        R.W. Foster      
   R.S. Allison     R. Bruce        G.B. Foulkes     
   R.L. Alnwick     T.B.L. Bubb     J. Foulkes       
   H. Alnwick       H. Cairns       G.E. Fowler      
   E. Ambler        J. Campbell     A. Garrick       
   J.M. Anderson    J.F. Carr       J.W. Gibbs       
   D.G.M. Anderson  D.M. Chapman    H. Goldsbrough   
   H.O. Armstrong   E.R. Chapman    W. Goldsbrough   
   S. Asher         W. Cordner      W.R. Goodrick    
   J.T. Bailes      H.F. Cottam     R.W.C. Gunn      
   J.H. Baillie     A. Cowan        W. Haddock       
   A. Baird         A.W. Cowell     R.G. Hall        
   H.W. Bamford     J. Cowey        C. Hands         
   C.H. Banks       R.H. Craig      E. Harrison      
   G. Barlow        F.W. Crampin    O. Harrison      
   A.O. Bell        W.S. Davison    F. Haswell       
   L. Bernstein     W.G. Dobson     G. Haswell       
   R.S. Birkett     A.N. Doig       A. Haver         
   G. Booth         N.W. Douglas    H.L.C. Heslop    
   C.R. Boustead    A. Eggleston    T.W. Hetherington 
   E.P. Boustead    E. Eggleston    E. Hindmarch     
   C.L. Bradley     N.B. Elrick     R.W. Hipwood     
   P.V.S. Brewis    J.C. Esdon      R. Hogg          
   H.H. Brierley    R.L. Fairclough W.D. Hoole       
   B.A. Brown       F.J. Ford       W.J. Hornsby     
   B. Brown         A. Forster      G.L. Hounam      
Column 4         Column 5        Column 6  
   W.B. Ibbitson    L.S. Morck      T.T. Snelgar
   E. Iliff         J.W. Morton     R. Stafford
   F.C. Irvine      J.W. Nelson     A.C. Stewart
   L.F. Jack        T.H. Nesbitt    A.H. Thatcher
   I. Jackson       W.S. Noble      H. Thompson
   J.W. Johnson     I. Norvinski    J. Thornton
   R.P. Kellett     H. Osborne      A.B. Tilley
   J.J. Kendall     L. Overfield    C.A. Todd
   R.H. Leach       C.L. Pattison   D.S. Tweedie
   P.M Levy         E.L. Perris     J.B. Veitch
   J.E. Lilley      H. Peterson     G.C. Watson
   J.L. Liungberg   A. Phillipson   F. Wayman
   G. Lounton       J.A. Pinchen    F. Wilkinson
   K. Macdonald     T.N. Pippet     G. Wilkinson
   H.M. Marshall    T.F. Potts      T.N. Wilkinson
   J.F. McCormack   W. Read         G.E. Wilson
   A.B. McGarry     W.H. Richardson S.W. Wilson
   R.J. McIntyre    R.K. Robson     W.W. Wilson
   W. McLean        A. Rowntree     T.S. Woodall
   T.E. Mickles     A. Rudd         C.J. Wright
   F. Mills         H. Savory       C.W. Wright
   D. Mitchell      R.W. Sephton    G.R. Young
   J.K. Mitchell    W. Sheel
   N.C. Mitchell    J.R. Shiells
   J.P. Moffitt     J. Shotton
   D. Monro         A. Smith        S.A. White (A Master)
   In Grateful Memory of Old Bedans who fell in the Great War
   "Nothing is here for tears / nothing to wail / 
   or knock the breast: no weakness, no contempt / 
   dispraise or blame - nothing but well and fair / 
   and what may quiet us in a death so noble" 1918
Names S140.017

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