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Plaques 1914-18 1939-45 St. Alban





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NZ 272609

Original Location

St. Alban's Church, situated at the junction of Windy Nook Road and Carr Hill Road. On a pillar.

Which war

a. 1914-1918
b. 1939-1945

Memorial Description

Six plaques, each 19 inches high x 8 inches wide, placed two one above the other on three sides of an octagonal pillar. Each plaque has a wide border with geometric design.
The plaque at centre top bears the dedication for 1914-18, with the dates on a scroll either side of a laurel wreath, and a cross at centre bottom.
The plaque bears the exhortation for 1939-45, again with the dates set on a scroll on either side of a laurel wreath.
The other four plaques carry the names in a single column on each. The titles are in italic upper case and the names in italic lower case cursive lettering.

Materials used



a. European / War / 1914 - 1918 / These tablet’s (sic) are erected to / the illustrious / memory of / the men of this / parish who laid / down their lives / for their Country / Greater love hath / no man than / this, that a man / lay down his life / for his friends. / John XV 13.

b. Remember / also before God /those who died in / World War / 1939-1945.


How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition

Cleaned and polished regularly

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. O.H. Jennings of Mosley Street, Newcastle.


1. One of the suggestions for a 1939-45 war memorial was the introduction of electric light and power into the church.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders

Heslop’s Local Advertiser 18/01/1947 reports suggestion in Note 1 above.

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack, H. Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

Source of quotation
“Greater love hath no man . . .” St John 15 v 13.

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Research acknowledgements

Ethel and Neville Armstrong, Whickham & District L.H.S.; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

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Plaques 1914-18 1939-45 St. Alban (W95.01)

WINDY NOOK   St. Alban's Church, 
Panel 1
   1914 - 1918 
   These tablets      
   are erected to      
   the illustrious     
   memory of           
   the men of this     
   parish who laid   
   down their lives    
   for their Country   
   Greater love hath 
   no man than   
   this, that a man 
   lay down his life   
   for his friends.    
   S.John XV 13 
Panel 2                  Panel 3
   Richard L. Armstrong   Hubert Moody
   Robert B. Arnett       Herbert Mould
   James Ashcroft         Charles C. Mudd
   Robert Avery           George McClelland 
   Frederick Baggeley     Edmund McGregor
   Thomas P. Barker       Stuart McGuinness
   Isaac Beattie          John B. McKenny
   George Bell            Thomas A. McLean
   William R. Bickerton   Samuel Newsome
   John T. Bickerton      Joseph Norman
   John W. Brooks         James O‘Neil
   Arthur Brown           Thomas Parker
   John Brown-King        Matthew V. Percival
   Robert Bryden          William Potts 
   William Bygate         Joseph Quigley
   John Carter            Thomas M. Richards
   James Case             Harry Robertson
   Michael Chambers       William Robertson 
   Robert H. Clark        James Robinson 
   Edward Clark           Thomas Robinson
   William Clark          Thomas Robinson
   Thomas Clough          William Robinson
   John E. Codd           Martin Rogan
   Matthew Collin         Christopher Ross
   Robert Coulsey         William Rowley
   Thomas Diamond         Richard Rutter
   Frank Dixon            George A. Shaw
   Joseph C. Dorman       Joseph R. Short
   Matthew Evans          William N. Simpson
   John Fleming           James Sloan
   Thomas Fleming         George Smith
   Robert Foster          William L. Southern
   William W. Freeman     Thomas G. Stocker
   Gilbert Girling        Charles Storey
   Edward Grainger        John Storey
   Robert H. Gray         Thomas Tait
   Milson Greenhaff       Edward Thompson
   Albert Grieveson       Fredrick Thompson
   Hilton Gustard         Thomas Thompson
   John Haker             William Thorn
   Joseph Harrison        John Tinkler
   John A. Havelock       Isaac S. Usher
   William Hay            William Wardle
   Harold T. Hebron       Robert West
   Frederick Hibbert      George C. Whinham
   George Jackson         John Wilkinson
   Thomas Jeffers         Edward Wilson
   William E. Knight      John Wilson
   John T. Lamberton      John H. Winwood
   John H. Liddle         Andrew Wood
   Thomas Lightfoot       George Wood
   John Marshall          Cecil J. Wright
   James Milling          Charles Wright
   Joseph Milling         Arthur Wrightson
                          Thomas Wrightson
Panel 4   
   also before God     
   those who died in  
Panel 5                  Panel 6
   Robert Arnell          Winifred Hutchinson
   Alen Askew             Robert C. Jobling
   Sydney Askew           Edward Kelly
   Thomas W. Bainbridge   John C. Lewis
   James Burns            Ernest McGuire
   J. Rodney Cairns       John K. Michael
   Norman D. Cameron      Arthur Miller
   Robert G. Cook         George Morris
   Neville Cox            George Piggales
   James H. Crame         James Robinson
   John Crooks            Raymond Richardson
   Robert H. Daniels      Joseph Robson
   Francis J. Davison     George Slowther
   Arthur Draper          Sydney Stokoe
   Eric Forster           Robert Stonehouse
   Albert Foster          Harold Suggett
   John Foster            Hugh T.W.B. Swindale
   Norman Foster          Thomas Wilkinson
   Robert W. Gee          John W. Wilson
   Albert Grice           Ronald Wilson
   Mowbray Guy            George R. Wood
   Thomas C. Henderson    John L. Young

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