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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Pillar 1914-18 Roadside





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NZ 052167

Original Location

Woodland Cemetery

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled October 1920 by Col. H.C. Watson of Barnard Castle.

Memorial Description

Pillar 17 feet high on three steps on top of a massive pedestal 8 feet 6 inches square.
Let into the side of the pedestal is a bronze plaque. This has been decorated to resemble a triple arch in a wall, separated by columns with capitals. Above each pillar is a roundel bearing the dates “MCMXCIV” for 1914, and “MCMXIX” for 1919. The arches bear the dedication. Those who served are listed in two columns in the central main arch. Those who fell are listed in a single column in the left arch. Those on Home Service are listed in a single column in the right arch. A further dedication is carried right across the bottom.
All lettering and design is in Roman lower case. Some letters have been gilded.

Materials used

Stone blocks, bronze plaque.


(Above left arch): Erected to the memory of the
(Above central arch): men of Woodland Village and District who served
(Above right hand arch): In the Great European War.
(Across bottom): For the Worship of God and the Benefit of this Land be Steadfast and Lasting in all Things without end / And I command all True Men to help each other Right for to Do and Right for to Receive.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee



How money was raised

Stone and material donated by the Cargo Fleet Iron Co., owners of Woodland Colliery.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Mr. J.J. Allison of Lunton Hill; built by Mr. John Alderson. Bronze plaque designed by Messrs. Reid & Sons, Blackett Street, Newcastle.

Ownership and maintenance

The memorial was officially handed over to the Parish Council at the unveiling ceremony.


1. Of the 63 names, 21 were connected with the D.L.I.

2. At the time of the unveiling, £10 was still needed to clear the debt.

3. A concert was given to raise funds for the renovation of the Wesleyan Church. It was so successful that it was arranged to be repeated to raise funds for the war memorial.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Simon Raine; Kevin Richardson; Dorothy Hall

Northern Echo 01/04/1920 reports work under way

Auckland and County Chronicle 01/01/1920 reports proposed concert repeat; 01/07/1920 reports list of donors of funds; 07/10/1920 reports unveiling.

Darlington & Stockton Times (North) 09/10/1920 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation
“For the Worship of God and the Benefit . . .” Based on The Only English Proclamation of Henry III issued October 18th 1258

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; John and Mavis Dixon; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

Paul Simpson is researching these names. Contact:

Kevin Richardson is researching the names on this memorial Contact:

Pillar 1914-18 Roadside (W127.01)

Across the top
   Erected to the memory of 
   The men of Woodland Village and District who served   
   In the Great European War.
Left hand column
   who have fallen 
   Pte. Anderson. R.     1st Black W. 
   “    Gill. J.W.       7th E. Yorks.  
   “    Hepple. J.       9th   “    
   “    Lowe. E.V.       3rd Dorsets   
   “    Morton. T.W.     2nd D.L.I.    
   “    Newton. T.       15th  “  
   “    Stephenson. T.W. 15th  “   
   “    Stephenson. P.C. 4th   “       
Centre columns
   who have served overseas.              
   Lieut. J. Stephenson,  M.C. and Bar.  N.F.            
   2nd Lieut. T.A.B. Allison,  M.C. and Bar.  6th D.L.I.          
   Comp. Sergt. Major W. Dewhurst,  C. de G., M.M., R.E.         
   Sergt. W. Proud.  D.C.M., M.M. and Bar.  Scots Guards.         
   Corp.  Finnigan, F.     R.E.        Sap. Gregory, J.          R.E.     
   “      Stephenson, J.   A.S.C.      “    Harris, B.           “      
   L.Cpl. Blackett, J.R.  7th Wilts.   Pte. Hall, V.             N.F.     
   “      Bousfield, E.A.(M.M.) R.F.   “    Hall, C.W.           “      
   “      Hutchinson, J.(M.M.)R.E.     “    Hetherington, J.J.   6th Lin. 
   “      Proud, J.        K.R.R.      “    Hutchinson, R.T.     6th D.L.I.        
   “      Roe, J.J.        9th D.L.I.  “    Hutchinson, W.K.     13th N.F.     
   Pte.   Anderson, T.     12th “      “    James, R.            22nd D.L.I.    
   “      Appleby, P.      2nd  “      “    Kearton, J.B. (M.M.) N.F.
   “      Aungiers, J.E.   Y & L.      “    Moor, W.             1st Lincs.
   “      Blackett, B.     8th D.L.I.  “    Morton, W.           1st  N.F.
   “      Blackett, R.     14th   “    “    Morton, C.           3rd D.L.I.
   “      Bowran, T.       N.F.        “    Morton, E.           N.F.
   Gun.   Dowson, J.M.     R.F.A.      “    Smedley, R.          3rd Yks.
   Pte.   Dowson, J.J.     15th D.L.I. “    Stephenson, J.       S. Staffs.
   “      Dowson, J.       W. Rid.     “    Waller, T.           3rd D.L.I.
   “      Finlay, W.A.     4th E.Yk.   “    Wallace, J.          9th Wel.
   “      Fryer, W.        2nd N.F.    “    Walton, J.           3rd D.L.I.
   “      Gill, J.         13th D.L.I. “    Williamson, T.       13th D.L.I. 
                       Leading Stoker Johnson, L. R.N.R.
Right hand column
   on home service 
   Sgt.   Winn, J.          3rd D.L.I.
   Cdt.   Allison, R.M.,    O.T.C., Dur.U
   Pte.   Bousfield, J.G.   E. Yorks.
   “      Bowes, J.         N.F.
   “      Elliott, S.       M.G.C.
   “      Field, H.         “
   “      Heads, C.H.       4th D.L.I.
   Dri.   Newton, J.        R.F.A.
   Pte    Stephenson, J.    K.O.Y.L.I.
   “      Shields, W.H.N.   4th N.F.
   “      Teasdale, W.P.    3rd D.L.I.
   Air.M. Waller, E.        R.A.F.
Across the bottom
   For the Worship of God and the Benefit of this Land be Steadfast and Lasting in all  
   Things without end 
   And I command all True Men to help each other. Right for to Do and Right for to Receive.

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