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Photo: W. Barker


Screen and Plaque 1914-18 Holy Trinity





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NZ 296585

Original Location

Holy Trinity Church, Peareth Hall Road.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 22nd February 1922 by Mr. John Walmsley, Chairman of the Parish Council, and dedicated by the Lord Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Chancel screen with tracery. At centre top is a crucifix. The inscription “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son” runs the fill length of the screen.
A marble and brass plaque 74 inches high x 33 inches wide (1.87m x 928mm) bears the names. The plaque has a traceried top to the frame, and the sides are carved with flowers in half relief at intervals. At the top is a panel bearing the dedication carved in elaborate capitals, with a shield raised in half relief on either side. The main panel below bears the names in two columns in Roman upper and lower case lettering throughout.

Materials used

Italian marble frame with brass panel insert.


To the glory of God / and in honoured memory / of those from the parish / of Usworth who fell in / the War 1914-1918.



1. The screen had two figures approx. 24 inches (609mm) in height wearing 1914-18 uniform of a soldier and a sailor, standing guard on either side of the crucifix at the top of the screen. These were removed in the 1950s as being inappropriate.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: James Pasby; old and new photos: W. Barker)

Diocese of Durham Faculty DDD/EJ/FAC/3/802 11/11/1918 for chancel screen, tablet and organ screen; DDD/EJ/FAC/3/880 09/12/1919 for completion of chancel screen (University Library references)

Auckland and County Chronicle 09/01/1920 reports third donations of medals and £1 to returning soldiers, together with the names of those who had already died. 24/02/1922 reports unveiling of screen.

Illustrated Chronicle 20/03/1922 reports unveiling

Northern Echo 20/02/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 25/02/1922 reports unveiling.

Stanley News 23/02/1922

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 20/02/1920 reports unveiling.

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack, H. Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

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Research acknowledgements

James Pasby; W.Barker, Gateshead; Dorothy Hall; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale

Research In Progress

Wessington U3A War Memorials Group (in Washington) has fairly extensive details of the WW1 men on Usworth, Washington Village and Harraton memorials. There are files of their information about the Harraton men in libraries at Shiney Row, Washington, Washington Village, Sunderland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Birtley and Durham Record Office and Tyne Wear Archives Blandford Street. The group have lots of photos and are happy to supply to anyone who wants them – they didn’t include photos because of the cost of printing. They are starting to collect about WW2 men as well – harder to research. There are also files of info about life and events in Harraton Parish during WW1 in the same places.


Screen and Plaque 1914-18 Holy Trinity (U9.01)

USWORTH   Holy Trinity Church
    To the glory of God
    and in honoured memory
    of those from the parish
    of Usworth who fell in
    the War 1914-1918.
    Cpl   J. Affleck        N.F.       1.7.16     Pte.   H. Marriner      Border Regt. 1.7.16
    Pte.  J.H. Alexander    N.F.       27.10.18          W. Matthews      West Yorks   9.10.17
          W. Alexander      D.L.I.     14.12.15   Cpl.   J. Maughan       Yorks.       5.10.17
          J. Askew          D.L.I.     5.11.16    Pte.   E. McDermott     N.F.         5.1.17
          J. Ball           R.I.F.     12.6.16           J. McGivern      C.R.         27.11.18
          F. Balmer         R.I.F.     8.7.16            J. McTernan      N.F.         4.4.18
    Lt.   A.J.B. Begg MC    N.F.       21.3.18           D. Meek          D.L.I.       21.3.18
    Pte.  G. Black          N.F.       11.4.18           G.R. Meek        Ryl.Sars.    9.4.18
    Gnr   R. Bland          R.A.       7.10.16    Gnr.   T. Morrow        R.G.A.       25.10.18
    Cpl.  R. Boyle          N.F.       28.4.17    Pte.   J.H. Nesbitt     Yorks        9.10.17
    AB    J. Bradshaw       R.N.R.     17.2.17    Gnr.   S. Nesbitt       R.G.A.       26.4.19
    Pte.  M. Brown          Yorks.     22.8.15    Pte.   M. Newton        D.L.I.       7.3.16
    Pte.  D. Campbell       N.F.       22.10.16          W.H. Ogle        Sth.Staffs   23.9.18
          R.W. Clarke       G.C.       25.9.16           B. Patterson     B.R.         30.9.18
          A. Cosgrove       N.F.       27.3.16           J.G. Pearson     R.I.F.       1.7.16
          M. Coulson        R.M.L.I.   13.7.16           J. Pepper        N.F.         30.6.16
          R. Coulson        D.L.I.     24.1.16           R. Pestell       D.L.I.       23.10.18
          W. Coulson        K.O.Y.L.I. 27.7.17           J. Postlethwaite R.I.F.       15.2.17
    2nd Lt. J. Dawson       D.L.I.     22.7.18           R.J. Prest       D.L.I.       27.3.18
    Gnr   R. Devlin         R.F.A.     17.8.18    Lieut. W.G. Pretsell    K.O.Y.L.I.   20.7.18
    Spr   M. Dobson         R.E.       2.5.18            J.R. Punshon     N.F.         14.11.16
    Pte.  A.E. Dodd         D.L.I.     17.6.19    Spr    R. Purvis        R.E.         11.5.16
          J. Drummond       N.F.       1.7.16     Pte.   P.G. Ramsey      K.O.Y.L.I.   30.7.17
          A. Dunn           N.F.       24.4.17           R.A. Richings    D.L.I.       7.6.17
          P. Dunn           Dub.Fus.   22.8.15    Sgt.   W. Riddle        D.L.I.       18.9.16
    Spr.  R. Elliott        R.E.       8.5.18     Pte.   J. Ritchie       D.L.I.       21.4.16
    Gnr.  T. Ellison        R.F.A.     7.10.17           G. Robertson     E.Yorks      16.4.18
    Pte.  J. Ellwood        R.N.D.     4.6.15            J. Robinson      N.F.         3.7.16
          G. Gibson         Tank Corps 23.7.18           J.W. Robinson    D.L.I.       24.6.17
    L/Cpl J. Gibson         N.F.       17.6.17           W.K. Roper       Yorks.       5.7.16
    Pte.  G. Gouldburn      Bdr.Regt.  4.2.17            T. Sanderson     N.F.         28.10.18
          M. Grafton        D.L.I.     21.9.14           H. Shields       R.I.F.       1.7.16
          T. Hall           N.F.       1.7.16            R. Shipley       N.F.         16.6.15
          M. Hannah         D.L.I.     31.7.15           J.H. Simpson     Yorks        9.4.17
          J. Harbin         Ryl Scots  27.7.18    Spr.   A. Smith         R.E.         15.7.18
          T.T. Hayton       R.I.F.     1.7.16     Pte.   A. Stephenson    D.L.I.       7.10.16
          J. Hepplewhite    E.Yorks    27.7.16    Sgt.   J.W.R. Stephenson M.G.C.      10.7.17
          J.T. Hetherington E.Yorks    18.6.16    Spr.   W. Storey        R.E.         23.10.16
          R. Hodgson        K.O.Y.L.I. 228.8.18   Pte.   H. Tait          Yorks.       6.10.17
          R. Hopson         N.F.       1.7.16            W. Tappenden     D.L.I.       9.9.18
          C. Hoyland        E.Yorks    14.5.15    Dvr.   R. Taylor        R.F.A.       14.8.17
    Dr.   J.A. Hornsby      R.E.       12.5.17    Sgt.   R.W. Taylor      D.L.I.       2.6.17
    Tpr   C. Hunter         N.H.       22.8.18    Pte.   J.D. Thompson    N.F.         10.8.17
    Pte.  J.M. Hunter       D.L.I.     1.7.16     Dvr.   J.T. Thornton    R.F.A.       30.4.18
          J.P. Hutchinson   Lancs.Fus. 11.11.17   Pte.   W. Tindale       N.F.         17.8.16
          J. James          Lancs.Fus  9.10.17    L/Cpl. D. Todd          N.F.         19.8.17
          T. Jeffrey        N.F.       1.7.16     Pte.   J. Todd          Dorsets      12.4.17
          T. Johnson        E.Yorks    27.9.16           T. Todd          R.I..F.      1.7.16
          J. Johnston       D.L.I.     28.7.16    Pte.   D. Trotter       N.F.         1.7.16
    Pte.  J. Kelly          D.L.I.     21.3.18    Cpl.   J. Trotter       R.E.         1.6.16
          I. Kenny          Yorks&Lancs 5.10.18   Pte.   W. Troupe        R.I.F.       1.7.16
          A. King           D.L.I.     17.7.16           B. Walton        D.L.I.       14.12.15
          J.E. Lee          D.L.I.     21.5.16           N. Wardle        A.S.C.       20.12.17
          T. Lennon         D.L.I.     16.9.16           A.C. Webb        R.N.D.       17.2.17
          H. Lewins         N.T.       1.7.16            W.C. Webb        R.I.F.       12.3.18
    L/Cpl J.R. Lightburn    Yorks      5.10.16           J. Whittaker     D.L.I.       29.7.17
    Cpl.  T.W. Lonsdale     R.E.       17.2.17           J.W. Williams    D.L.I.       26.3.18
    Pte.  D. Lowden         R.I.F.     16.8.15           J. Wilson        Yorks.       9.5.18
          J. Lowes          D.L.I.     20.1.16    L/Cpl  T. Witts         D.L.I.       9.11.18
          R.W. Lumsden      M.G.C.     26.7.17

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