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Photo: J. Brown


Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Falklands Riverside





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NT 994526

Original Location

Beside the river Tweed and below the low bridge crossing the river.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45
c. 1982 (Falklands)
d. Post-1945

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled ?25th October 1920 by Captain the Hon. W. Watson Armstrong of 7th Northumberland Fusiliers.

Memorial Description

Statue of angel kneeling, on top of a granite pedestal resting on a stone stepped plinth. The whole monument is about 21 feet tall.
The dedication is embossed on the south face of the pedestal, with the dedication for 1939-45 and Falklands added beneath. Below this, the dates “1914-1919” are raised in half relief.
On the other three sides are stone sunken panels each being about 8 feet high, and tapering slightly from about 3 feet at the bottom to 2 feet 6 inches at the top. These bear the names for 1914-18. On the front top step is another plaque for those who have fallen Post 1945.
All lettering is in sans serif capitals.

Materials used



a. In ever grateful and / proud remembrance / of the Brave Men of / Tweedmouth who fell / in the Great War / 1914-18. /
b. And the men and women / of Tweedmouth / who lost their lives in / the Second World War. /
"They were a wall unto us / Both by Night and Day" /
c. 2nd Engineering Officer / Paul A. Henry, G.M. / 8th June 1982 / Aboard RFA / Sir Galahad / at Bluff Cove, Falkland Islands. / Erected by the inhabitants of / Tweedmouth and other friends / 1914-1919 / 1939-1945
d. To the memory of / the men and women / of Tweedmouth / who have fallen / since 1945


Who commissioned

Inhabitants of Tweedmouth and other friends


Estimated at £600

How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition

Restored 2016

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Messrs. H. Hutchion, Ltd., Aberdeen

Ownership and maintenance

Ownership vested in Tweedmouth War Memorial Trustees. Maintenance by the War Memorial Trustees.


1. The Prince of Wales laid a wreath on 16/05/1928 (Morpeth Library Postcard collection)

2. The funds of the Tweedmouth memorial have now mounted to £580 and the committee met on Monday night to consider designs of the memorial. No special design was selected the choice being left in the hands of a sub committee the final decision to rest with a public meeting to be called at a later date. Contributions are still coming in, one of the latest being a subscription of £2 5s from Canada from a man who has friends in Tweedmouth though he has only once visited the place himself. Another source of revenue is the collecting boxes which have been placed in various shops in Tweedmouth and have yielded surprisingly well. Over £16 has been got from these boxes one of the last to be opened bringing in £4 odds. (Berwick Advertiser)

3. Capt. The Hon. W. Watson-Armstrong of Cragside, Rothbury, who was to unveil the memorial because he was so well known in Berwick through his connection with local Territorials, had to return to the Home Office because of the threatened rail strike, which upset the plans for the unveiling.

4. The memorial was restored in 2016 in a project organized by the Berwick Preservation Trust. The work included deep cleaning of the whole memorial, repointing the base section, restoring damaged lettering and painting all the lettering. The work was done by Mike Viaene of Roluna Stone, which operates from the Tweedside Trading Estate. Funding came from the Small Schemes Money.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell; Janet Digby; old postcards: Tony Harding; George Nairn

Morpeth County Library Postcard collection shows memorial on a site near the old bridge, and unveiling.

Berwick Advertiser 01/09/1919 reports decision to have a separate memorial from Berwick; 09/01/1920 reports fundraising in Note 2 above; 27/02/1920 reports fundraising Free Gift Sale which raised £283.

Illustrated Chronicle04/11/1920 and 25/11/1922 both carry photos.

Northern Echo 12/03/1920 reports decisions; 27/08/1920 has progress report; 25/10/1920 reports Capt.Armstrong’s return to London; 26/10/1920 reports unveiling.

Berwick Advertiser 24/03/2016 reports restoration.

Source of quotation
“They were a wall unto us . . .” 1 Samuel XXV 15, 16

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Research acknowledgements

The late Capt. D. Armstrong; Janet Brown; Berwick upon Tweed Town Council; P. Thirkell, Tony Harding; Janet Digby; Dorothy Hall; George Nairn; Colin Wakeling

Research In Progress

Research on names for 1939-45 is being carried out by Tony Brown.

Statue 1914-18 1939-45 Falklands Riverside (T31.01)

TWEEDMOUTH, by river side.
   In ever grateful and 
   proud remembrance
   of the Brave Men of 
   Tweedmouth who fell 
   in the Great World War
   And the men and women
   of Tweedmouth
   who lost their lives in 
   the Second World War.
   "They were a wall unto us
    Both by Night and Day".
   2nd Engineering Officer
   Paul A. Henry, G.M.
   8th June, 1982
   aboard R.F.A. Sir Galahad
   at Bluff Cove, Falkland Islands.
   Erected by the Inhabitants of
   Tweedmouth and other friends
East face                         North face                             

   Ellen Ainslie         Munitions. William E. Nelson      W.Yorks.    
   Alexander Ainslie     S.H.       Thomas Harrison        N.F.         
   James Anderson        R.N.       Thomas Hartley         N.F.         
   James Anderson        S.H.       William Hastie         S.H.         
   Walter Armstrong      R.H.       John M. Heckels        K.O.Y.L.I.   
   William J. Black      R.F.       Thomas Heslop          M.G.C.       
   Francis Brogan        M.G.C.     William Heslop         R.S.         
   Gilbert Burton        C.S.       John B. Hettle         R.S.         
   Thomas H. Clark       S.Rfls.    William Hunter         N.F.         
   James Cockburn        K.O.S.B.   John Kincaid           C.Gds.      
   Mark Cockburn         N.F.       Richard King           R.S.         
   William L. Croll      R.H.       John Knowles           A.& S.H.    
   William S. Crow       R.E.       Henry Laidler          S.H.         
   William Curran        N.F.       William Laidler        S.H.         
   William J. Dalgleish  N.F.       Peter Lamb             R.N.         
   John Drummond         K.O.S.B.   William T. Leiper      R.S.         
   Thomas Dryden         N.F.       Archbold W. Lockhart   N.F.         
   William E. Dryden     R.E.       Thomas W. Logan        20th H.      
   Thomas Dumble         N.F.       Thomas W. Lowe         C.Gds.      
   William Dumble        N.F.       Alexander McNab        N.F.         
   Norman Elliott        R.S.       Stanley Makins         N.F.         
   David W. Edgar        C.M.G.C.   John Marshall          R.A.M.C.     
   John T. Evans         N.F.       Walter Marshall        N.F.         
   James Fawcus          N.F.       Harold Marston         M.G.C.       
   Thomas H. Fell        N.F.       Robert McDougall       R.F.A.       
   William Fettis        W.Yorks.   Thomas McDougall       N.F.         
   Daniel M. Glass       M.G.C.     James Menin            M.G.C.       
   Mark Graham           N.F.       William Millar         K.O.S.B.     
   John S. Grainger      L.R.       William McLeod         N.F.         
   George A. Gray        N.F.       John McVeigh           N.F.         
   James Gray            N.F.       Thomas Neilson         R.S.         
   Thomas Gray           S.H.       Andrew Oliver          Norfolks.    
   Thomas H. Grieve      R.N.       William J. Oliver      P.P.C.L.I.   
   William Grieve        N.F.       John S. Paxton         N.F.         
   William Greig         S.G.       Peter Paxton           N.F.         
   Patrick R. Grey       N.F.       James Piercy           N.F.         
   William Grey          N.F.       William J. Proudlock   R.S.         
   Ralph Hall            N.F.       Andrew R. Smith        D.L.I.       
   William W. Heckels    D.L.I.     James Stevenson        R.S.
   John Lauder           K.O.S.B.   George McLeod          N.F.
West face   

   Mark C. Richardson    N.F.
   Richard M. Richardson S.H.
   George Robertson      R.N.
   John A.T. Robertson   Gka.Rfls.
   Robert A.W. Robison   K.R.R.
   Thomas L. Robson      N.F.
   William F. Scott      N.F.
   John P.N. Simpson     R.F.
   Walter G. Sinton      R.N.
   William Skelly        N.F.
   Alexander J. Smith    N.F.
   Walter W. Smith       S.H.
   James Spence          N.F.
   John Straffen         K.R.R.
   Robert H. Stokoe      E.Lancs.
   James Stokoe          Y.&.L.
   Richard Swan          N.F.
   James A. Tennant      R.S.
   Henry Thompson        R.E.
   Robert Turnbull       Q.W.R.
   David B. Walker       R.F.C.
   Arthur Wakenshaw      N.F.
   Robert T. Wastle      C.L.I.
   John Watson           R.S.
   Andrew Whitlie        N.F.
   Edward Whitlie        K.O.S.B.
   Peter Whitlie         R.S.F.
   Stafford Wilson       N.Z.R.
   William Wilson        N.F.
   Henry Wyllie          N.F.
   George Young          C.G.
   Ralph Young           M.T.C.
   John Younger          K.O.S.B.
   John Younger          N.F.
   James Younger         R.F.A.
   James W. Brown        N.F.
   John Cleghorn         N.F.
   William Liddell       R.S.

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