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Photo: Mike Pearce


Monument 1914-18 Roadside





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NZ 159668

Original Location

Roadside, by St. Mary's Parish Church, Throckley, east of Hexham Road roundabout.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 27th August 1921 by Major W.E. Stephenson of Throckley House; dedicated by Rev. R. Irvine.

Memorial Description

Monument, square, approx. 2m high, very slightly tapering, on two steps standing on a stone base, and topped by a dome supporting an urn. The lettering is incised and painted gold, using sans serif capitals throughout, apart from the quotation which is in plain italic capitals. The dedication is on the front, with the dates at the top on either side of an incised laurel wreath. The names are listed in a single column on each of the south west and north east faces, incised in sans serif capital letters and gilded.

Materials used

Aberdeen red granite on freestone base.


1914 1919 / In honoured memory of / the men of Throckley / who made the Supreme / Sacrifice in the Great War. / They gave their lives for us, / let us try to be worthy / of the sacrifice.
Greater love hath no man than this, that / a man lay down his life for his friends. / John XV, 13.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee, Chairman Cllr. G. Irving.



How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition

Restored. The lettering is cut very clearly and the gold paint in the lettering gleams.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Messrs. Emley of Newcastle

Ownership and maintenance

Newcastle City Council

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; Muriel Sobo; Mike Pearce; old postcard: Tony Harding

Illustrated Chronicle 29/08/1921 reports unveiling with photos.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 03/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Blaydon Courier 10/06/1920 reports massive fund raising event towards the cost of the memorial; 27/08/1921 reports plans for unveiling; 03/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 25/08/1921 reports proposed unveiling; 29/08/1921 reports unveiling.

Catalogue of Sculpture, Monuments and Memorials in Public Places in Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle City Council Summer 1985.

Source of quotation
“Greater love hath no man . . .” St.John 15 v 13

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Research acknowledgements

F. McDonald (Newcastle City Council, 1985); George and Janet Brown; P. Thirkell; Muriel Sobo; David Heslop (Tyne-Wear County Archaeologist); Tony Harding; Mike Pearce; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

Research into the names on this memorial is being done by Sandra Davison.

Monument 1914-18 Roadside (T14.01)

Front face:
   1914     1919                        
   In honoured memory of                
   the men of Throckley                 
   who made the supreme                 
   sacrifice in the Great War           
   They gave their lives for us.        
   Let us try to be worthy              
   of the sacrifice.                    
   "Greater love hath no man than this, that         
    a man lay down his life for his friends."        
First side	              Second side.

   William Allan            James Jerrard
   Hugh Allan               George R. Jewitt
   Walter Armstrong         William H. Lord
   James Atkinson           Charles S. Liddell
   Thomas Atkinson          William Ledger
   Robert Baty              Ralph Mills
   Ernest W. Bell           Cuthbert Nixon
   John Bain                James Nixon
   Gordon W. Brown          George Oliver
   Archibald Clark          Joseph Pattinson
   William Collister        Joseph Potter
   Thomas Donaldson         Thomas Place
   Richard A. Elliott       Richard Potts
   Thomas Gair              Stephen Potts
   Arthur Graham            John F. Purkis
   Frank Guy                George S. Purvis
   Thomas Hepple            William Robson
   John H. Hepple           Robert M. Ritson
   Ernest H. Hodgson        Richard Rigby
   George Hudspith          Joseph W. Stoves
   Thomas Hutchinson        William Simpson (Dewley)
   John Hogg                William Simpson
   Richard Hogg             Henry Simpson
   Michael Hastings         Thomas W. Straughan                                               
   Wm. R. Hetherington      John K. Telford
   John J. Hart             John Wheatley                                                 
   John Harrison            Henry Watson
   Thomas Harm              Arthur W. Kemp
The Blaydon Courier has variations:
	Batey instead of Baty
Purvis instead of Purkis
	The names of T. Harm and W. Ledger are missing from the list

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