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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Monument 1914-18, 1939-45 Roadside





Map ref

NZ 338768

Original Location

In triangular park between West Terrace and Collywell Bay Road.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 10th September 1921 by Lt. Col. Pollard, C.M.G., D.S.O. in the absence of Lord Hastings; dedicated by Rev. J. Metcalf, Primitive Methodist Minister.

Memorial Description

Cross of Latin type on column resting on a stone base, 20 feet total height, and weighing over five tons. Stone base is 7 feet 11 inches square. Low wall surround, 14 feet square, which originally had railings with an iron gate, since removed. The cross is described as being "a real work of memorial art, bearing festoons of oak leaves and laurel wreaths".
The dedications are on the granite pedestal on the west and north sides, with the names listed in single columns on the south and east sides. All lettering is in sans serif capitals.

Materials used

Rubislaw Granite (Aberdeen) and stone, on steps of Yorkshire stone.


On west side
To the Honour of our / Glorious Dead / and in Memory of the Men of / Seaton Sluice and Old Hartley / who fell in the Great War / 1914-1919 / and the World War / 1939-45
On north side
In the Great War 1914-1919 / 202 men from the district / responded to the country's call. / 23 made the supreme sacrifice. / In the World War over / 200 men and women served and / 27 made the supreme sacrifice. / Erected by Public subscription.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee


600 approx.

How money was raised

Public subscription. Site donated by Lord Hastings.

Present condition

Restored late 1993 by the Seaton Sluice Memorial Association.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

T. & G. Cocks, Blyth.

Ownership and maintenance

Memorial handed over to Council at Unveiling Ceremony.


1. 202 men left from Seaton Sluice and Old Hartley, of whom 23 lost their lives.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; Phil Thirkell; Tony Harding; Dorothy Hall; old postcards: Bob Preston; Tom Allan; Tony Harding

Shields Daily News 17/02/1921 and 1921 passim reports discussions about monument, fund-raising entertainment and state of funds; 24/08/1921 gives notice of proposed unveiling; 12/09/1921 reports unveiling

Morpeth Herald 09/04/1920 reports the investiture of the Royal Red Cross (2nd Class) to Miss Winifred Taylor by King George V at Buckingham Palace for services rendered during the war; 30/04/1920 reports fund raising; 01/04/1921 reports discussion; 12/08/1921 reports details of the memorial; 02/09/1921 announces unveiling; 16/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Journal 21/04/1921 reports fund raising fancy dress ball

Illustrated Chronicle 13/09/1921 has photo and reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 10/09/1921 reports inability of Lord Hastings to attend the unveiling; 12/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 17/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Blyth News 12/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Whitley Bay Observer 16/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 24/08/1921 reports expected unveiling; 12/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Northumberland Record Office War Memorial Committee meetings.

Morpeth County Library Frith collection of photographs

Newcastle Central Library Photo 1930?

News Post Leader 09/12/1993 reports repairs and thanks those who helped

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Research acknowledgements

The late Tom Allan, Seaton Delaval & District Local History Society; the late R.W. Gould; Bob Preston; P. Thirkell; J. Brown; Michael Newrick; Tony Harding; Sydney Graham; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

Monument 1914-18, 1939-45 Roadside (S9.01)

On west side :                       On north side
   To the Honour of our               In the Great War 1914-1919         
   Glorious Dead                      202 men from the district          
   and in Memory of the Men of        responded to the country's call 
   Seaton Sluice and Old Hartley      23 made the supreme sacrifice      
   who fell in the Great War          in the World War over              
   1914-1919                          200 men and women served and       
   and the World War                  27 made the supreme sacrifice
                                       Erected by Public subscription.     
On third side :                     On fourth side :
   L.Sergt. Wm. Hedley   R.W.           A.B.    J.D. Ingram  R.N.
   Corp.   Joseph Wardle K.O.Y.L.I.     Sergt.  D. Bumphrey  R.A.F. 
   Corp.   G.E. Hunter   N.F.           Sergt.  D. Rowles    R.A.F.
   L.Corp. Wm. Dixon   N.F., M.Medal.   Capt.   A. Gibson    M.N.
   L.Corp. T.L. Humble M.G.C.C.         F/O.    W.D. Fairney R.A.F.
   Pte.    John Jas. Mitchell N.F.      L/Bdr.  A. Hodkinson R.A.
   Pte.    Geo. Jackson  N.F.           P.O.    J. Sharp     R.N.  
   Pte.    Jas. Watts    N.F.           A.B.    M. Angus     R.N.
   Pte.    Chris. Dixon  R.F.A.         P.O.    F. Whalebone R.N.
   Pte.    John Watson   W.R.           Bdr.    T.H. Hume    R.A.
   Pte.    Robt. Hudson  C.G.           Tpr.    W. Dixon     K.D.G.
   Pte.    John Jordan   N.F.           Std.    E.M. Beales  M.N.
   Pte.    R.B. Storey   K.O.Y.L.I.     Ast.Ck. J. Park      R.N.
   Pte.    Geo. Wren     N.F.           Sergt.  K.D. White   R.A.F.
   Pte.    W.E. Wilson   N.F.           Pte.    W. Gibson    W.Y.R.
   Pte.    Alf. Lynn     R.S.           Pte.    L.R. Heron   R.A.
   Pte.    Jas. R. Lynn  R.I.R.         Pte.    A.W. Mosey   R.A.M.C. 
   Pte.    Geo. Burt     K.L.R.         1st.Eng. M. Robinson  M.N. 
   Pte.    Robt. Thompson W.R.          Sergt.  G. Parker    R.A.
   Pte.    Isaac Wier sic) N.F.         Sergt.  T. Nainby    R.A.F.
   Pte.    Jas. Brown    N.F.           Capt.   J.A.Tilmouth M.N. 
           Thos. Watson  A.B.           P.O.    A. Whitford  F.A.A.
           J.H. Erskine  A.B.           L.S.    E.W. Bennett R.N.
                                        A.C.    R.B. Clewes  R.A.F.
                                        4th.Eng. D. Davies    M.N.
                                        Pte.    L. Johnson   E.Y.R.
                                        Std.1st/C. T.W.C. Tweedy R.N.
       1914 – 1919                           1939 - 1945  
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 24/8/1921 has some differences:
   R. Hudson, regiment given as N.F. instead of C.G.
   Jas. Jordan W.R. instead of John Jordan N.F.
   A. Lynn regiment given as N.F. instead of R.S.
   Jas. Warran N.F. does not appear on the memorial.
   G. Burt regiment given as K.Y.L.O. instead of K.L.R.
   Jas. Lynn R.A.F. instead of Jas. R. Lynn, R.I.R.
   J. Weir N.F. instead of Isaac Wier, N.F.
   W. Hedley N.F. instead of Wm. Hedley, R.W.
Newcastle Daily Chronicle 12/9/1921 has some differences:
   Lce.Cpl. William Dixon N.F. instead of L.Sergt.
   Corpl. T.L. Humble instead of L.Corp.
   B.J. Mitchell instead of John Jas. Mitchell
   R. Hudson N.F. instead of C.G.
   Jas. Jordan instead of John Jordan
   A. Lynn regiment N.F. instead of R.S.
   G. Wren regiment E.F. instead of N.F.
   Jas Warren N.F. does not appear on the memorial.
   G. Burt regiment K.O.Y.L.I. instead of K.L.R.
   Jas. Lynn regiment R.A.F. instead of R.I.R.
   J. Weir instead of Isaac Wier
   W. Hedley N.F. instead of Wm. Hedley, R.W.
   J.H. Arskine instead of Erskine

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