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Photo: James Pasby


Book of Remembrance 1914-18 St. Andrew





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NZ 217284

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St. Andrew’s Church, South Church Road DL14 6SP

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance set in a wood case. The book is bound in red leather with gold lettering and a small amount of decoration on the cover, and is smaller than A4 in size.
The manuscript is written in an Old English style font with the first letter of the surname and the initials in red ink, with the remainder in black ink.


Cover: A Book of Remembrance / (Cross in gold) / Great War 1914 – 1918
Flyleaf : This Book / is given / in memory of / One of the Mothers / of England / by / her Sons & Daughter
First page In this Book / are inscribed the names / of those who, from this / Parish, gave their lives / in the Great War / 1914 – 1918 /
“Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life / for his friends”


How money was raised

Gift of Mr. Jackson Pallister and his sister Miss Pallister and is dedicated to the memory of “One of the mothers of England”.


1. The space in the DLI Chapel previously used for the book had to be dealt with because of damp. A Faculty was raised in 1966 to create a case for the Book.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: John & Mavis Dixon; James Pasby

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 05/12/1925 reports donation of book.

Auckland and County Gazette 03/12/1925 reports donation of book.

Diocese of Durham Faculty number 4942, issued 14/12/1966

Source of quotation
“Greater love hath no man . . . St.John 15 v 13

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Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall

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Book of Remembrance 1914-18 St. Andrew (S144.05)

SOUTH CHURCH  St. Andrew’s Church
A Book of Remembrance 
Great War 1914 – 1918
This Book 
is given 
in memory of 
one of the Mothers 
of England 
her Sons & Daughter
First page
In this Book 
are inscribed the names 
of those who, from this 
Parish, gave their lives 
in the Great War 
1914 – 1918
“Greater love hath no man than 
this, that he lay down his life 
for his friends”
Page 1                         Page 2
Airey, Herbert H.              Baines, Sydney
Aitken, F.                     Bailey, George B.
Andell, Norman                 Baker, William
Appleton, Jack Killen          Bainbridge, Alfred Addison
Armstrong, Sidney              Barker, Adam
Ayre, Henry                    Bell, Alfred
Ashton, Albert Reginald        Bell, Frank
Aubin, John Fosbrooke Gerard   Bell George
Bacon, Henry                   Bellerby, Thomas
Page 3                         Page 4
Bewshaw, Thomas William        Brand, Joseph
Blenkinsopp, Richard           Breckon, George W.
Blythe, Charles Edward         Brown, Alexander
Borlace, William               Brown, Edward
Bowran, Robert Orton           Brown, Henry
Bradley, Joseph                Brown, John R.E.
Braithwaite, Charles S.        Brown, John East Yorks.
Braithwaite, J.G.              Brown, John A. Cameron Highlanders 
Bramhald, T.                   Brown, Joseph
Page 5                         Page 6
Briddick, James                Charlton, George
Brumwell, Joseph William       Christian, Charles Michael
Buckle, Thomas Alfred          Clark, Ernest
Canney, Nicholas               Coates, Charles
Cansfield, R.                  Coatsworth, William Ernest
Carrick, Charles Ainsley       Coglan, George
Carter, Ernest Baden Powell    Condon, James
Cassidy, David                 Cooper, E. D.L.I.
Chambers, James                Cooper, Frank
Page 7
Cooper, George Hardy
Corner, George Stevens
Craddock, Arthur   
Craggs, Jonas
Crooks, Edward
Croughton, Wilfred
Davis, Ernest
Davis, John Eli
Dean, Albert
Page 8                         Page 9
Denton, John William           Elliott, Alfred
Dinsdale, Walter               Elliott, Thomas
Dinsley, Joseph                Ellis, George Reginald
Dixon, Arthur Johnson          English, Lawrence
Dixon, Thomas                  Fairless, John William
Donnell, Wilfred               Farrell, Edward
Dowson, William                Featherstone, Henry
Duncan, Thomas William         Featherstone, Robert
Dunn, Thomas                   Featherstone, Thomas
Page 10                        Page 11
Fenwick, Robert                Gladwell, William
Firbank, Thomas Edward         Goodfellow, John Richard
Fodden, George H.              Goodman, George
Foster, Edward Bell            Goundry, William Dobson
Foster, Thomas                 Green, J.W.
Frost, Joshua                  Greenwood, John
Fryer, Thomas                  Guy, Herbert
Gallagher, George              Guy, John
Gibbon, Robert                 Hall, James
Page 12                        Page 13
Hardcastle, Herbert William    Herdman, Robert R.
Harrison, W.E.                 Heslop, Walter
Haw, Henry                     Hind, Thomas Lawson
Haw, Raymond                   Hindmarch, Thomas
Haykin, Herbert                Hird, James
Hebdon, Ralph                  Hobson, Robert Henry
Hedley, Francis                Hopps, Christopher
Hedley, G.                     Houghton, F.
Heighington, Francis William   Houghton, Frederick Arthur
Page 14                        Page 15
Howe, Anthony                  Hutchinson, Harold
Howe, Joseph                   Hutchinson, Joseph Holdroyd
Howe, Robert William           Hutchinson, William
Howson, Joseph                 Hutchinson, Matthew Henry
Hudspeth, Jack                 Hutton, James
Hughes, Christopher            Jackson, William Edward
Hughes, Francis William        Jardine, John Walter
Hull, Cecil                    Jarrett, Sam Fox Armitage
Hull, George Christopher       Jennings, William
Page 16                        Page 17
Johnson, Ernest                Lamb, J.C.
Johnson, William               Lee, Robert
Judge, George                  Liddle, Joseph
Keightly, John James           Liddle, William
Kell, William Henry            Lisgo, Albert Edward
Keller, Ernest                 Lockey, Ambrose Millet
Kendrew, Alfred Sydney         Lodge, George
Knight, George                 Loft, Percy Trotter
Laidlaw, James                 Longstaff, Joseph
Page 18                        Page 19
Longstaff, William             Mawson, John R.N.D.
Lowther, William               Mawson, John R.E.
Lumley, Henry                  Mawson, Richard
Lunson, Thomas                 McDonough, James
Marshall, John                 Merrett, Frederick
Martin, Joseph Alfred          Millmoor, Arthur
Martin, Samuel James           Mills, Fred
Martin, William Carlow         Mole, A.R.
Mawson, Albert                 Moody, James Robert
Page 20                        Page 21
Moody, William                 Nattress, Walter
Moore, Aleck                   Neal, T.
Moreland, James Loftus         Neave, James Frederick
Morley, Charles Henry          Neilson, W.
Moyle, J.W.                    Newton, Harry
Murray, Fred                   Newton, Robert William
Myers, J.J.                    Newton, John Ramshaw
Naisbett, Thomas               Nicholson, Sydney Millson
Nattress, Joseph               Nixon, J.G.
Page 22                        Page 23
Ogle, George                   Pattison, Sydney
Pallister, Thomas Russell      Parish, Charles
Patterson, J.G.                Pearson, F.M.
Patterson, Lionel              Penman, John
Pattinson, Alexander           Pennington, A.W.
Pattison, Arthur               Percival, George Edward
Pattison, Joseph D.L.I.        Peverell, Fred
Pattison, Joseph               Peverell, John
Pattison, Robert               Potts, Benjamin George
Page 24                        Page 25
Postlewhite, P.                Ratcliffe, Walter M.G.C.
Pounder, Philip                Reeves, George Soulsby
Pratt, Joseph                  Richardson, B.
Pratt, Thomas                  Richardson, Cecil
Pratt, William                 Richardson, John Edward
Preshous, Frederick            Roberts, Joseph
Pybus, Robert                  Robinson, Bertram Langthorne
Pulford, Harry                 Robinson, Jack
Ratcliffe, Walter D.L.I.       Robinson, John
Page 26                        Page 27
Robinson, Robert Ernest        Rudd, Frank
Robson, George William         Rudd, Michael Whitton
Robson, James Richard          Rudling, Edward Ernest
Roddam, John Thomas            Rutter, Bob
Rogers, Walter                 Ryder, Arthur Preshous
Ross, Anthony Bruce            Ryder, Frederick
Ross, John                     Ryder, Robert
Ross, William                  Sampson, James
Rowell, Thomas William         Scott, John
Page 28                        Page 29
Scott, John Hardin             Smith, James
Shadforth, Luke H.             Smith, J.T. R.N.D.
Shepherd, William              Smith, Walter Sydney
Shoulder, Owen                 Smurthwaite, Thomas
Shuttleworth, John Forster     Snow, Philip Arthur
Smart, John Thomas             Snowden, A.
Smart, Robert P.               Southam, Joseph William
Smith, A.B.                    Southern, Joseph Harle
Duke of Wellington Regiment    Sowerby, Thomas
Smith, Albert                  
Page 30                            Page 31
Stephenson, John George Embleton   Taylor, William
Tait, Andrew                       Teesdale, James W.
Tarn, Edward Gladstone             Thompson, Benjamin
Tarn, E.                           Thompson, A. Brown
Tate, Richard Wilkinson            Thompson, Richard
Taylor, George                     Todd, Reginald
Taylor, Herbert                    Varley, M.W.
Taylor, Jack                       Vart, Harold
Taylor, Matthew                    Vart, Harry
Page 32                            Page 33
Vasey, Edward                      Walton, T.
Vasey, Joseph Edward               Watchman, S.
Vickers, Thomas                    Watson, Joseph
Wade, W.J.                         Watson, Thomas D.L.I.
Wallis, William                    Watson, T. R.F.
Walker, F.W.                       Watson, T. D.L.I.
Walker, Walter                     Websdell, G.W. Anthony
Walton, Benjamin                   Websdell, J.A.
Walton, John                       Welford, John
Page 34                            Page 35
Welford, J.N.                      Wilson, Hutton J.  
Wetherall, Harry                   Womar, Arthur      
Wetherall, William Norman          Womar, Frederick   
Wilkinson, T.C.                    Wood, Maurice
Wilmot, Albert Edward              Wood, M.
Wilson, E.                         Woodward, William
Wilson, Edward Silkstone           Woodward, William
Wilson, George                     Wrench, John George
Wilson, Harry                      Wrench, Thomas Gibson
Page 36
Wright, William
Young, Albert Stamp
The following names are included in the Book of Remembrance but do NOT appear on the memorial.
Ashton Albert Reginald   
Dinsley Joseph           
Fryer Thomas             
Gibbon Robert            
Hutchinson William       
Lee Robert               
Lodge George             
Martin William Carlow    
Mills Fred               
Newton Robert William    
Pattison Sydney          
Pulford Harry            
Sampson James
Watchman S.
Wright William
The following names appear on the memorial but are NOT included in the Book of Remembrance.  
Pattison G.    NF
Shoulder J.    DLI
Simpson J.     NF
Gardner F.     WY                
Newton J.M.    LF                
Names S144.05   

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