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Photo: James Pasby


Roll of Honour Served 1914-18 St. Gabriel





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NZ 379563

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St. Gabrielís Church, Chester Road / Kayll Road, Bishopwearmouth.

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Memorial Description

Roll of Honour behind glass in a wood frame. Highly ornamented, it has an arch at the top in which is the title. Within the arch is an angel with wings which fill the space. Below this are two more arches each containing a fabulous bird in medieval style.
The main panel is divided into four by five highly ornamented vertical strips in Celtic design, each with a square head at the top and a roundel at the bottom.
The names are handwritten in elaborate script in a single column in each. Those who died are marked by a red cross beside their name.

Materials used

Paper behind glass in wood frame.


Men of St. Gabrielís Church who served in the Great War 1914-1919.



1. "At the end of the year (i.e. the end of 1915) a Roll of Honour comprising the names of all those from St. Gabrielís who were serving in the Forces was established, and ultimately became the Framed Roll now in the South Transept". See ďNotes on the VAD HospitalĒ S140.095

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders, Roland Riddell; James Pasby

A History of St. Gabrielís Church, Bishopwearmouth by C. H. Walker. Silver Jubilee Souvenir, 1938.

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders; Roland Riddell; Alan Vickers; Dorothy Hall

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Roll of Honour Served 1914-18 St. Gabriel (S140.010)

   Men of S.Gabriel’s Church who served in the Great War 1914-1919
Column 1                          Column 2
  +H.V. Adams                        J. Dinsdale
   W. Abram                          G. Dobson
   W. Addison                        H. Dobson
   Albion Allen                      Ralph Dodds
   W. Allinson                      +H. Donkin
   A.T. Allwork                      G. Donald
   R. Allinson                       Richard Dunn
   Eric Archer                       Fred Dyer
   Ernest Archer                    +Alec Eggleston
   J. Armstrong                     +W. Eggleston
   W. Armstrong                      Percy Ellen
   Ed. Arrowsmith                    Ed. Everdell
   Robt. Arrowsmith                  Alfred Fearon
   Thomas Atlay                      Joseph Fearon
   Thomas Ayre                       Wm. Forster
   Seymour Alderson                  Chris. Forster
   George Baker                      Thomas Forster
   Henry Baker                      +Kenneth French
   William Bailey                    A. Gelsthorpe
   Jack Ball                         E. Gibson
   Stanley Bainbridge                W. Gibson
   William Barker                    V. Glansfield
   Robert W. Batey                   R. Goodrick
   Thomas Beaddall                   George Gray
   Arthur Best                       Raymond Grigg
   Harold H. Bevan                   Herbert Green
   Stanley Bevan                     James Graham
   George Bell                       C. Grummig
   Edwin Bell                        Donald Greig
   William Bewick                    H. Hammond
   George Blacklock                 +T.P. Hammond
   Benjamin Blair                   +Thomas Hann
   Alfred Border                     O. Harrison
   John Burnand                      Edgar Harrison
   Harry Broadbelt                   Joseph Hayden
   W. Broadwith                      Thos. Harding
   A. Broadwith                     +Rex Hartness
   Thos. Brotherton                  Gordon Hartness
  +David Brown                      +George Harland
  +John Bryden                       Norman Heaton
   Geoffrey Bryers                   John Henderson
  +Rupert Bryers                     George Herring
   Albert Buckley                    James Herring
   Lionel Bullman                   +Richard Hipwood
  +Clifford Burge                    C. Hildebrand
  +Harry Burge                       Harold Hindmarsh
  +John B. Callum                    George Holey
   Leslie Candlish                   John Holey
   Wm. Candlish                      Harold Holey
   Herbert Cawthorne                 William Hole
   Joseph Cawthorne                  Harry Horwood
   Percy Chapman                     Ed. Howgate
   Gordon Charlton                   H. Horlington
   Herbert Chapman                   Peter Howard
   Harry Coulson                     James Howitt
  +Joseph Cowey                      L. Hudson
   Charles Croft                     Stephen Hudson
   John Crosser                      Joseph Hudson
  +Albert Craig                      Wm. Hudson
   William Crow                      A. Hutchinson
  +Joseph Chapelow                   S. Hutchinson
   Bertram Collins                   T. Hutchinson
   William Dale                      Robert Hunter
   Albert Dale                      +James Inch
   Robert Dalton                     Gerald Jackson
  +Ernest Davey                      H.N. Jolly
   J.A. Dawson                      +Ernest Jobling
   E. Davison                       +Thomas Judge
   Thomas Denton                     Alfred Jupe
Column 3                          Column 4
   A. Jones                          A. Scott
   Bert Kent                         Fred Scott
   Cyril Kent                        Robert Scott
   Eric Kent                         Thomas Scott
  +Fred Kent                         Walter Scott
   M. Kent                           A. Scholefield
   Percy Kent                       +A. Senior
   H. Kirton                         Wm. Siddle
   Fred Lattimer                    +Robert Sephton
   George Lawrie                     James Slater
   Rupert Lee                        Norman Short
   Gordon Lee                        Maurice Smith
   Alan Liddle                       John Snowdon
  +Richard Liddle                    H. Southwell
   F. Livingstone                   +R. Southwell
  +Edward Lucas                      W. Southwell
   Wm. Maddison                      A. Southwick
   Victor Marshall                   E. Stephenson
   Arthur Martin                     N. Stephenson
   Percy Massiter                    J. Stephenson
   John McKinley                    +J. Stewart
   Alan Milburn                     +Wm. Smith
   J.W. Milburn                      N. Stafford
   L. Milburn                        W. Stevenson
   Robert Moffoot                    J. Strickland
   Kenneth Mordey                    N. Strickland
   John Moncaster                   +S. Strickland
  +Thomas Moon                       Jack Strong
   Robert Morgan                     Frank Swan
   Herbert Morgan                    B. Swan
  +Joseph Manning                    G. Shakespeare
  +A. McKenzie                       Morton Tate
   K. Mackintosh                     A. Thackray
  +N. Middleton                      Wm. Taylor
   John Newby                       +Alec Todd
   J. Outterside                     C. Toll
  +Victor Ogleby                     Oscar Topel
  +John Ogleby                       A. Tulloch
   Alfred Oxley                      C. Tulloch
   Osmond Ottley                     H. Tulloch
   Charles Porteous                  N. Tulloch
   Joseph Porteous                   Ed. Tunstall
   Ernest Powell                     Fred Tunstall
   Baden Powell                      R. Tunstall
   George Pringle                    Wm. Tunstall
   Stanley Potts                     Norman Turner
   Joseph Poole                      Gordon Vining
   Arthur Ramshaw                    Bertram walker
   Edwin Ramshaw                     Ernest Walker
   Thomas Ramshaw                    Enoch Walker
   Wm. Ramshaw                       Sidney Walker
   Fred Ramshaw                      C. Wallace
   Robert Ramsey                     Charles Welch
   Clarence Renney                   James Welch
   William Renney                    Wm. Webster
   Harry Reynolds                    C. Westerby
   Wm. Reynolds                      John Wild
  +J. Rewcastle                      T. Williamson
  +Hd. Richardson                    G. Williamson
   Hugh Richardson                   W. Williamson
   George Ridley                     Harry Wilson
   A. Robson                         Herbert Wilson
   James Robson                      Robt. Wilson
   Fred Robson                       W. Waples
  +Percy Robson                     +H. Weighill
   H.O. Rose                         John Wolfe
  +R. Rosier                         L. Wickens
   Richard Salmon                   +T. Young
   Joseph Simpson                    H.T.H. Ormston
   Roland Simpson
+ laid down their lives for their country +
Roll of Honour has John Bryden Memorial panel has John Brydon
On Roll of Honour but not on Memorial Panels
Wm. Smith
Alec Todd
On Memorial panels and Roll of Honour but not marked with a +
Joseph and Roland Simpson

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