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Plaque 1914-18 All Saints





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NZ 508319

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All Saints’ Church, Church Row. In the chancel.

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Unveiled 24th October 1920 by Ven. Archdeacon Derry, M.A.

Memorial Description

Plaque with domed top 3 feet 6 inches high x 2 feet wide set in wood frame 4 feet high x 2 feet 6 inches wide which echoes the shape. There is a border of leaves raised on a black background culminating in squares with stylised flowers in the corners. At centre top is a laurel wreath encircling the words “Pro deo et Patria”.
The names are in two columns divided by a vertical line. The lettering is raised and burnished on a black background using elongated Roman capitals for the dedication and Roman capitals for the names.

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Pro Deo / et / Patria. / On this tablet are the names of / those members of this church who / gave their lives in the Great War / and in whose memory the / east window was erected.


Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; Dorothy Hall

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 22/10/1920 gives notice of unveiling. (Available on The British Newspaper Archive)

Stranton Parish Church Parochial Magazine November 1920 reports fact of unveiling.

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack, H. Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

George Bainbridge is researching the names on this memorial. Contact:

Plaque 1914-18 All Saints (S139.03)

STRANTON   All Saints’ Church
   1914         Pro Deo          1919
   On this tablet are the names of 
   those members of this church who 
   gave their lives in the Great War 
   and in whose memory the 
   east window was erected.
   Lieut.     B. Withy            Pte.   C. Hawkins
   2nd Lieut. R. Bennett          "      H. Jobling
   "          A. Morgan           "      J.J. King
   "          D. Ross             "      E.R. Lazenby
   Sergt.     G. Fordham          "      T.B. Lowe
   "          S.K. Morris         "      J.K. Morris
   Corpl.     G.L. Morris         "      J.C. Muir
   "          J.A. Shaw           "      A. Nelson
   Lce.Cpl.   W. English          "      D. Nelson
   "          P.W. Foster         "      H. Peat
   "          W.E. Harrison       "      W.W. Pike
   "          J.E. Goldsborough   "      C. Robson
   "          C.H. Hall           "      H. Smith
   "          J. Mitchell         "      A. Summersgill
   "          R.H. Robson         "      J.A. Summersgill
   Bombdr.    J.W. Jobling        "      W.H. Swinden
   Gunner     T.W. Summersgill    "      A.H. Swinden
   Sapper     S. Crosthwaite      "      J.R. Thompson
   Rifleman   A. Shires           "      W. Tindall
   Pte.       W. Anniss           "      W.R. Tiplady   
   "          J. Brown            "      M. Tose
   "          F.S. Booth          "      W.B. Webster
   "          E.H. Calderwood     2nd Engineer A. Morrell
   "          J.W. Corbett        Carpenter    F. McCarthy
   "          F. Coultas          Stoker       W. Muir
   "          S. Emerson          Apprentice   R. Corbett
   "          B. Handisides
Stranton Parish Church Parochial Magazine November 1920 includes the following:
   We publish below a list of names we propose to inscribe on the
   Brass Tablet, as a record of those connected with the Church, who
   gave their lives.
   We are anxious that the list should be accurate and complete.
   2nd Lieut. R. Bennett, 13th Gloucesters
   2nd Lieut. A. Morgan, R.A.F.
   2nd Lieut. D. Ross, Cameron Highlanders
   2nd Lieut. B. With, King’s Liverpool Regt.
   Sergt. G. Fordham, 9th Rifle Brigade
   Lce.-Corp. J.E. Goldsborough, R.E.
   Lce.-Corp. C.H. Hall, D.L.I.
   Lce.-Corp. J. Mitchell, 7th E. Yorks.
   Lce.-Corp. R.H. Robson, 8th D.L.I.
   Bombardier J.W. Jobling, R.G.A.
   Gunner T.W. Summersgill, R.G.A.
   Sapper S. Crosthwaite, R.E.
   Rifleman A. Shires, K.R.R.
   Fred Booth.
   R. Corbett
   W.H. Corbett 
   Pte. W. Anniss, 14th D.L.I.
   Joseph Brown
   Pte. W. English, Liverpool Scottish
   Pte. S. Emerson, A.S.C.
   Pte. B. Handisides, 11th D.L.I.
   Pte. J.J. King, 11th D.L.I.
   Pte. P. Foster
   Pte. C. Hawkins, 18th D.L.I. & West Riding Regt.
   Pte. E.R. Lazenby, 5th Wilts.
   Pte. G.L. Morris, 13th Gloucesters.
   Pte. J.K. Morris, E. Lancs.
   Pte. S.K. Morris, Northd. Fusiliers
   Pte. J.G. Muir, 7th D.L.I.
   Pte. D. Nelson, 13th D.L.I.
   Pte. A. Nelson, Rifle Brigade
   Pte. H. Peet, 15th D.L.I.
   Pte. W.V. Pike, 18th D.L.I.
   Pte. C. Robson, 19th D.L.I.
   Pte. J.A. Shaw, Northd. R.F.A.
   Pte. Edwin Smith, Royal Highlanders
   Pte. A. Summersgill, Scots Guards
   Pte. J.A. Summersgill, Manchester Regt.
   Pte. W.H. Swinden, 16th D.L.I.
   Pte. A.E. Swinden, 20th D.L.I.
   Pte. Jack Thompson
   Pte. W.R. Tiplady, 8th Scottish Borderers
   Pte. Wm. Webster, 9th Cheshire Regt.
   Arthur Morrell, H.M.S. "Stanhope"
   Fred McCarthy, H.M.S. "Iolaire"
   Frank Coultas, H.M.S. "Cameronian"
   Wm. Muir, H.M.S. "Lion".

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