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Photo: James Pasby


Book of Remembrance 1914-18 St. Andrew





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NZ 196532

Original Location

St. Andrew’s Church, Church Bank.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 22nd December 1923 by Lord Joicey. Dedicated by Rev. F.B. Phillips, Vicar of Christ Church, Gateshead, former Vicar of Beamish.

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance in oak case. The flyleaf has an elaborate border of oak leaves and acorns. At centre is an oval wreath with a standard at each side. Crowning the wreath is a cross. At the bottom of the wreath is a bell at rest in the upturned position. To the bottom left is a shield with the St.Andrew’s Saltire, on the right is the Durham County badge. A ribbon bears the dates.

Materials used

Vellum book in oak case


This book / of / Remembrance / is dedicated to the / sacred memory / of those men of the / Parish of Beamish / who gave their all / for humanity / during / The Great / War / 1914 – 1918.



Book and case estimated cost £50.


1. This church was formerly styled as Beamish Parish.

2. This was dedicated at the same time as the cross was unveiled.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Brian Wilson; James Pasby

Diocese of Durham Faculty 2042, issued 25/10/1923

Durham Record Office Plan of proposed glazed case and stand for Book of Remembrance, at a scale of 1:8. Ref: EP/Bea 4/54

Northern Echo 13/12/1923 reports proposed unveiling; 20/12/1923 reports unveiling on Saturday; 24/12/1923 reports unveiling.

Consett Guardian 28/12/1923 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 29/12/1923 reports unveiling.

Stanley News and Consett Chronicle 20/12/1923 reports proposed unveiling; 27/12/1923 reports unveiling

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Research acknowledgements

John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall; Brian Wilson; Alan Vickers

Research In Progress

Annfield Plain Family History Society have research the names on this memorial. Copies of the research are available from see link

Book of Remembrance 1914-18 St. Andrew (S135.04)

STANLEY  St. Andrew’s Church  
     Beamish parish
     Book of Remembrance
   Page 1
     Beamish Parish Church
     Book of Remembrance
     Dedicated December 1923
     F.B. Philps, Vicar
     R. Pearson
     W. Waugh, Wardens
   Page 2  
     This book
     is dedicated to the
     sacred memory
     of those men of the
     Parish of Beamish
     who gave their all
     for humanity
     The Great
     1914 – 1918.
   Page 3
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Abbott, Alfred James         Pte.      8th Border Regt.             April 10th 1918
     Abbott, Richard Frederick    Pte.      6th W. Yorks.                October 9th 1917
     Anderson, Robert William     Pte.      A.V.C.                       Sept. 15th 1916
                                            (Buried West Pelton)    
     Anderson, James              Pte.      19th Northumberld. F.        Sept. 20th 1916
                                            (Buried in Beamish Ch. Yd.)
     Anderson, John George        Pte.      9th Duke of Wellington’s     October 12th 1918
     Avery, Reginald George       Pte.      2nd D.L.I.                   December 20th 1915
     Bailey, Andrew Bailey        Pte.      K.O.S.B.                     June 6th 1916
     Ball, Henry                  Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   - - - -
     Ball, Robert                 Pte.      15th D.L.I.                  July 3rd 1916
     Barritte, John               L/Cpl.    15th D.L.I.                  Sept. 16th 1916
     Beckwith, Alfred             Sgt.      8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 5th 1916
     Beckwith, Emmerson           Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   April 29th 1916
     Bell, Henry                  Pte.      D.L.I.                       July 8th 1916
     Bell, Matthew Richardson     A.B.      R.N.D.                       Sept. 9th 1916
     Bell, Norman                 Gnr.      R.F.A.                       July 1917
     Bennett, Norman Stanley      Pte.      21st Manchesters             Decr. 11th 1918
     Bestford, John               Spr.      176 Coy. R.E.                Novr. 5th 1916
     Birkbeck, Addison            L/Cpl.    8th D.L.I.                   - - - -
   Page 4
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Bishop, Thomas               ---       ---                          - - - - 
     Blake, Arthur                Pte.      12th D.L.I.                  July 17th 1916
     Blake, John                  Pte.      Royal West Kent              - - - -
     Blakey, George               A.B.      R.N.D.                       May 23rd 1918
     Body, Robert                 Pte.      8th E. Yorks.                Sept. 26th 1915
     Booth, Albert                Sgt.Mjr.  8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 5th 1916
     Boyd, Alexander Campbell     Pte.      13th D.L.I.                  Sept. 16th 1916
     Boyd, James Wear             A.B.      R.N.D.                       June 4th 1915
     Bradley, John                Pte.      Royal Inniskillings          July 1st 1916
     Brass, Edmund                Pte.      13th D.L.I.                  Oct. 10th 1915
     Breams, Charles              Pte.      Northamptonshire Regt.       Dec. -- 1914
     Brennan, Patrick             Pte.      Worcestershire R.            March 22nd 1918
     Brewis, John                 Cpl.      8th D.L.I.                   June 20th 1915
                                            (Buried in Stanley Cemetery)
     Briggs, John James           Pte.      2nd D.L.I.                   Oct. 16th 1915
     Briggs, Thomas Henry         Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   April 26th 1915
     Brown, James                 Pte.      6th Essex Regt.              Nov. 16th 1917
     Bruce, George Edward         Pte.      20th D.L.I.                  May 23rd 1917
     Bruntlett, John Edwin        Pioneer   R.E.                         Dec. 25th 1917
     Bulman, John Alexander       Pte.      23rd N.F.                    March 23rd 1916
                                            (Buried in Stanley Cemetery)
     Burdon, James                Pte.      M.G.C.                       Sept. 9th 1918
   Page 5
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Cameron, Alexander           Pte.      11th D.L.I.                  Dec. 9th 1918
     Carr, Albert Edward          Pte.      7th Manchester Rgt.          Aug. 21st 1918
     Carr, George Thompson        Lieut.    R.A.F.                       Oct. 14th 1918
     Carr, John George            Pte.      20th N.F.                    June 15th 1916
     Carr, Robert                 Pte.      1st Leicestershire Rgt.      March 21st 1918
     Charlton, Thomas             Pte.      14th D.L.I.                  Nov. 21st 1917
     Chaytor, Gibson              Pte.      10th D.L.I.                  Aug. 23rd 1917
     Chaytor, James Edward        Gnr.      R.F.A.                       Sept. 30th 1918
     Clark, John Michael          Pte.      25th N.F.                    May 17th 1916
     Clifford, Hugh               Pte.      13th D.L.I.                  Oct. 18th 1917
     Clipperton, William Charles  Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   June 25th 1916
     Clough, James                Pte.      7th Border Regt.             Feb. 16th 1916
     Coated, Robert               Pte.      K.R.R.C.                     July 18th 1918
     Codling, William             Rfn.      11th D.L.I.                  June 17th 1918
     Connor, Michael              Gnr.      R.F.A.                       July 20th 1917
     Cope, Thomas Henry           Pte.      2nd Yorks.                   Nov. 6th 1918
     Coulson, Joseph              Pte.      West Yorks.                  Jan. 26th 1916
     Coulson, Matthew             L/Cpl.    ---                          July 31st 1917
     Coxon, William               Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   March 2nd 1916
     Crathorne, Robert Allen      Gnr.      R.G.A.                       Nov. 12th 1917
   Page 6
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Crawford, George             Pte.      N.F.                         Nov. 19th 1918
     Cripps, Thomas John          Sapper    R.E.                         - - - -
     Cubitt, Andrew               Pte.      26th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Curry, John                  Pte.      5th Dorset Rgt.              Aug. 10th 1918
     Davies, John                 Pte.      27th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Davison, Joseph              Pte.      1st N.F.                     Dec. 19th 1918
     Davison, Robert              Pte.      12th D.L.I.                  Sept. 22nd 1916
     Dawson, William              ---       20th D.L.I.                  June 7th 1917
     Dilks, Martin Gardner        Pte.      M.G.C.                       Oct. 23rd 1917
     Dixon, Matthew William       Cpl.      12th D.L.I.                  Sept. 20th 1917
     Dixon, William               Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   July 26th 1916
     Dixon, William Stewart       L/Cpl.    M.G.C.                       March 8th 1918
     Douglas, James Robert        Pte.      15th D.L.I.                  July 11th 1916
     Dover, Ralph                 Pte.      20th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Dover, Richard               Pte.      4th N.F.                     Nov. 14th 1916
     Dowson, William              Pte.      10th D.L.I.                  May 4th 1916
     Duffy, Matthias              Sgt.      ---                          - - - - 
     Duffy, Peter                 Sapper    11th Leicesters              - - - -
     Dunn, John Tom               L/Sgt.    8th D.L.I.                   March 26th 1918
Page 7
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Eccles, Thomas               Pte.      E. Yorks.                    Aug.22nd 1918
     Edwards, George William      Pte.      13th N.F.                    April 2nd 1917
     Edwards, Isaac               Pte.      16th N.F.                    March 2nd 1916
     Elener, William              Pte.      7th Canadians                July 25th 1916
     Elliott, John                Pte.      2nd N.F.                     May 26th 1915
     Elliott, John Henry          Pte.      20th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Ellis, Richard               Pte.      5th D.L.I.                   Oct. 3rd 1916
     English, Edward              Pte.      R.E.                         - - - - 
     English, John Baxter         Qmr.Sgt.  N.F.                         Dec. 11th 1918
     English, Thomas              Pte.      5th W. Riding Rgt.           Aug. 7th 1917
     Eskdale, Norman              ---       ---                          - - - - 
     Evans, Clarence Adolphus     A.B.      R.N.D.                       Jan. 21st 1917
     Fairman, William             Rfn.      7th Rifle Bde.               May 22nd 1916
     Fawcett, George              Pte.      5th N.F.                     May 27th 1918
     Ferguson, James              Dvr.      A.S.C.                       Nov. 25th 1918
     Ferry, Stephen Oliver        Pte.      11th D.L.I.                  March 16th 1916
     Ferry, Wilson                Pte.      27th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Findlay, John                Pte.      15th D.L.I.                  Sept.25th 1918
     Firk, (sic) John Robert      Pte.      21st N.F.                    July 1st 1916
   Page 8
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Forrest, James               Pte.      3rd D.L.I.                   Oct. 24th 1918
     Forrest, Thomas M.M.         Cpl.      17th K.R.R.C.                Sept. 20th 1917
     Forster, William Oxley       Lieut.    8th D.L.I.                   Sept. 22nd 1916
     Fortune, Frederick           Pte.      D.L.I.                       Sept. 16th 1916
     Fryer, William               Pte.      Yorks. & Lancs.              March 26th 1918
     Furness, John Thomas         Pte.      21st N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Garbutt, Wilfred             Pte.      14th Worcesters              April 14th 1918
     Garry, Albert                Pte.      15th D.L.I.                  Sept. 16th 1916
     George, William              Pte.      15th D.L.I.                  May 10th 1916
     Gibbon, E.G.                 Pte.      27th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Gibson, Ernest               Sgt.      2nd D.L.I.                   June 28th 1917
     Gilbert, Albert              Pte.      ---                          Aug. 9th 1915
     Gilbert, William James       Pte.      2/6th W. Yorks.              Nov. 20th 1917
     Gilfellon, George Wanless    Pte.      2nd D.L.I.                   April 19th 1916
     Gilfellon, Joseph            A.B.      R.N.D.                       Dec. 3rd 1915
     Gilfellon, Thomas James      Pte.      12th D.L.I.                  Oct. 7th 1916
     Gilhespy, Peter              Pte.      E. Yorks.                    Nov. 13th 1918
     Gill, William, M.M.          Cpl.      12th D.L.I.                  Oct. 12th 1918
     Glover, Francis              Pte.      7th Yorks.                   April 1st 1917
   Page 9
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Gowland, John                Pte.      W. Yorks.                    Oct. 1st 1915
     Graham, Arthur               Pte.      7th Border Rgt.              Dec 13th 1915
     Gray, Albert                 Pte.      21st N.F.                    June 5th 1916
     Greenside, James             Pte.      ----                         Oct. 24th 1918
     Greenwell, James Edward      Lieut.    R.A.F.                       July 21st 1918
     Grey, John Thomas Unitt      Pte.      1st R.M. Bn: 63rd R.N.D.     July 20th 1917
     Hall, Mark                   Pte.      M.G.C.                       Aug. 26th 1917
     Hall, William                Pte.      6th D.L.I.                   June 19th 1917
     Handy, James                 Pte.      14th D.L.I.                  Dec. 19th 1915
     Haney, Hugh                  Pte.      26th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Hardy, Laurence Halcrow      Cpl.      12th N.F.                    March 28th 1918
     Harrison, James Barras       A.B.      R.N.D.                       Nov. 15th 1916
     Harrison, Trevithien         Pte.      R. Inniskilling Fus.         Nov. 1st 1918
     Haw, William                 Pte.      13th D.L.I.                  Oct. 18th 1917
     Hawley, John                 Pte.      R. Inniskilling Fus.         July 1st 1916
     Hay, Thomas                  Sgt.      12th D.L.I.                  Oct. 27th 1918
     Henderson, John              Pte.      W. Yorks.                    June 7th 1917
     Henderson, William Albert    C.S.M.    9th N.F.                     March 23rd 1918
     Hennigan, James              Pte.      13th D.L.I.                  June 10th 1917
   Page 10
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Henshall, Robert Hetherington Pte.     R.A.M.C.                     Aug. 15th 1917
     Herron, Richard              Signaller Sherwood Foresters           Sept. 17th 1918
     Heslop, James                L/Sgt.    M.M.P.                       April 18th 1918
     Hewison, J.A.                Sgt.      15th D.L.I.                  Missing
     Hills, William               A.B.      R.N.D.                       May 2nd 1915
     Hindmarsh, Mark              L/Cpl.    8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 6th 1918
     Hinds, John Thomas           ---       Canadians                    Nov. 11th 1916
     Hobson, Frank Elliott        Lieut.    N.Z.E.F.                     - - - -
     Hodgkins, John               Pte.      13th D.L.I.                  Sept. 20th 1917
     Hogarth, Charles William     Pte.      M.G.C.                       Aug. 24th 1916
     Hogarth, Daniel              Pte.      12th N. Staffs.              Aug. 26th 1918
     Hogg, A.                     Pte.      ---                          - - - -
     Holloway, William Edward     A.B.      R.N.D.                       Nov. 13th 1916
     Holmes, George               ---       15th D.L.I.                  Oct. 4th 1917
     Hope, George William         Rfn.      16th K.R.R.C.                July 20th 1916
     Hope, Richard M.M.           C.S.M.    14th D.L.I.                  Sept. 21st 1918
     Horner, Eric                 L/Cpl.    6th Yorks.                   Aug. 21st 1915
     Howden, John Thomas          Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   April 25th 1915
     Howe, Joseph                 Pte.      18th D.L.I.                  July 1st 1916
     Hudson, Thomas               Pte.      258th Bgde. R.F.A.           Oct. 22nd 1916
   Page 11
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Hughes, John                 Pte.      19th D.L.I.                  July 18th 1916
     Hughes, Joseph               Pte.      2nd D.L.I.                   April 24th 1918
     Hunter, Collingwood          Trooper   Northd. Hussars              Aug. 22nd 1918
     Hunter, Ernest               Pte.      12th D.L.I.                  Jan. 26th 1916
     Hunter, Peter                A.B.      R.N.D.                       Oct. 20th 1915
     Hunter, Vender               Pte.      12th D.L.I.                  Jan. 26th 1916
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Irwin, Robert                Pte.      H.L.I.                       Sept. 15th 1917
     Irwin, Thomas Weightman      Pte.      4th N.F.                     May 27th 1918
     Jamieson, Joseph             Cpl.      24th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Jeans, John                  Pte.      3rd Field Ambce, R.A.M.C.    - - - - -
     Johnston, William            Sgt.      11th D.L.I.                  March 30th 1918
     Joicey, The Hon. Sydney James Drever   10th N.F.                    - - - - -
                                   (Capt. & Adjt.)
     Kaveney, Michael             L/Cpl.     Cann. Engineers             Sept. 29th 1917
     Kaveney, Peter               Pte.       18th D.L.I.                 July 1st 1916
   Page 12
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Kaveney, Thomas              Pte.      24th N.F.                    March 28th 1918
     Kay, William                 A.B.      R.N.D.                       June 18th 1915
     Keegan, Francis              Pte.      11th D.L.I.                  Sept. 1st 1916
     Kelly, John                  Pte.      1st Ryl. Munster Fus.        Sept. 30th 1918
     Keneford, James              Pte.      Army Cyclist Corps           July 29th 1918
     King, Reuben                 Pte.      9th W. Yorks.                Sept. 27th 1916
     Kingston, Lawrence           Pte.      N.F.                         Dec. 30th 1918
     Knox, Robert James           Pte.      R. Innisk. Fus.              Dec. 18th 1915
     Lambert, William Blackbird   Driver    R.F.A.                       May 11th 1918
     Laws, George Henry           Pte.      13th D.L.I.                  Aug. 11th 1916
     Lawson, John                 Gnr.      Northd. Div. R.F.A.          Sept. 30th 1918
     Lee, John Corbett            L/Cpl.    1/1st Northd. Hussrs.        May 31st 1916
     Leigh, George                L/Cpl.    N.F.                         March 26th 1918
     Lennard, Michael             Cpl.      25th N.F.                    April 15th 1918
     Lewins, William              A.B.      R.N.D.                       Jan. 1st 1916
     Lewis, Joseph W.             Pte.      15th D.L.I.                  July 31st 1918
     Lightburn, Robert            Cpl.      Arg. & Suthd. Highdrs.       April 23rd 1917
     Lightfoot, William           Pte.      4th N.F.                     July 1st 1916
   Page 13
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Lightle, Robert              Pte.      8th W. Yorks.                Aug. 9th 1917
     Lister, John                 Pte.      11th D.L.I.                  Oct. 5th 1916
     Lishman, James               Pte.      10th D.L.I.                  April 9th 1917
     Long, Frederick Albert       Pte.      16th N.F.                    Dec. 2nd 1917
     Longstaff, John Golightly    Pte.      23rd N.F.                    April 9th 1916
     Lowdon, Thomas               Pte.      W. Ridings                   Sept. 13th 1918
     Lowery, Thomas, D.C.M.       2nd Lieut 15th D.L.I.                  Aug 3rd 1917
     Lumley, Fred                 Pte.      2nd D.L.I.                   March 21st 1918
     Maines, Thomas               A.B.      R.N.D.                       Oct. 31st 1915
     Maley, Thomas                Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   April 14th 1917
     Marshall, F.                 Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   - - - - 
     Martin, Joseph               L/Sgt.    2nd N.F.                     July 14th 1916
     Masterson, Edward            Pte.      16th Cheshires               Oct. 29th 1917
     Masterson, Frank             Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   March 14th 1916
     McAllister, James            Pte.      11th D.L.I.                  Oct. 12th 1916
     McCann, John                 Pte.      25th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     McDonald, George             Pte.      W. Yorks.                    Oct. 10th 1916
     McEvaney, John               Pte.      25th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
   Page 14
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     McGregor, Andrew             Pte.      Yorks. Regt.                 Sept.15th 1916
     McKie, Jonathan              Pte.      15th D.L.I.                  March 24th 1918
     McVay, Patrick               Pte.      ---                          - - - 
     Metcalfe, Robert             Sapper    R.E.                         Jan. 23rd 1917
     Moffitt, James               Pte.      M.G.C.                       Aug. 3rd 1917
     Moore, Robert William        Siglr.    2nd Yorks.                   Oct. 14th 1918
     Morrow, John Thomas          Pte.      107th Labour Co.             Dec. 3rd 1917
     Mounsey, George Thomas       Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   April 29th 1915
     Mumford, John Thomas         Pte.      R.A.M.C.                     Aug. 6th 1917
     Murphy, Philip Edward        Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 5th 1916
     Murray, Patrick              Pte.      27th N.F.                    June 21st 1917
     Newton, Alfred Charles       Sgt.      12th D.L.I.                  Sept. 20th 1917
     Newton, George Armstrong     Pte.      27th N.F.                    April 26th 1917
     Newton, Joseph Robert        Pte.      12th D.L.I.                  July 7th 1917
     Nicholson, John William      Siglr.    8th Seaforth Hdrs.           July 29th 1918
     Nicholson, Thomas, M.M.                R.N.D.                       - - - -
     Noble, John                  Pte.      11th D.L.I.                  Sept. 4th 1916
     Nolloth, Joseph              Mine Sweeper R.N.D.                    June 20th 1916
   Page 15
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Oldknow, John George         Pte.      15th D.L.I.                  Oct. 24th 1918
     Oliver, George               Sapper    R.E.                         April 11th 1916
     Owens, Samuel                Pte.      1st N.F.                     Aug. 20th 1917
     Oyston, John William         Gnr.      R.N.D.                       Dec. 23rd 1917   
     Pace, Thomas Johnston        Dvr.      R.F.A.                       Jan. 30th 1917
     Palmer, Thomas               Pte.      12th D.L.I.                  July 17th 1916
     Parkin, John Thomas          ---       11th D.L.I.                  March 28th 1918
     Parlett, William             Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 5th 1916
     Pattinson, Calley            Cpl.      12th Royal Scots             Sept. 20th 1917
     Pattison, James Thirlaway    Pte.      11th D.L.I.                  June 4th 1915
     Pattison, William            A.B.      R.N.D.                       May 24th 1917
     Payne, James                 Pte.      10th D.L.I.                  Aug. 28th 1916
     Peadon, Harold               Lieut.    R.W.F.                       - - - -
     Peart, Andrew                Pte.      Royal Fusiliers              Nov. 24th 1918
     Peveller, William            Pte.      13th D.L.I.                  July 2nd 1916
     Pickavance, Charles          A.B.      R.N.D.                       April 23rd 1917
     Piper, John Thomas           Pte.      2nd D.L.I.                   March 3rd 1916
     Pitt, Robert William         Cpl.      8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 5th 1916
   Page 16
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Platts, George               Stoker    R.N.D.                       Dec. 12th 1917
     Plumpton, James C.           ---       M.G.C.                       - - - -
     Porter, William, M.M.        L/Cpl.    15th D.L.I.                  Sept. 18th 1918
     Prescott, Charles            Pte.      Can. Ex. Force               Sept -- 1916
     Quinn, Jacob                 Pte.      N.F.                         July 1st 1916
     Rafferty, James Joseph       A.B.      R.N.D.                       April 21st 1917
     Rainbow, William Reeve       Pte.      1st Yorks.                   July 9th 1918
     Randle, Gilbert              Stoker    H.M.S. Hampshire             June 5th 1916
     Ratcliffe, Jacob Bruce       Pte.      Aust. Ex. Force              Feb. 26th 1917
     Readman, Harry               A.B.      R.N.D.                       - - - - 
     Readman, John                Pte.      13th D.L.I.                  Aug. 4th 1916
     Reay, Thomas                 Pte.      14th D.L.I.                  Jan. 27th 1916
     Reid, Thomas Edward          Pte.      M.G.C.                       Oct. 9th 1917
     Reid, William Auld           Trooper   N.F.                         April 12th 1918
     Reynolds, Abraham            Pte.      5th D.L.I.                   Sept. 29th 1916
     Richardson, John             Pte.      N.F.                         Feb. 27th 1917
   Page 17
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Ridley, Benjamin             Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   Sept. 23rd 1918
     Riley, Thomas                Pte.      26th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Robinson, Frank              Pte.      12th D.L.I.                  July 7th 1917
     Robinson, Jonas              L/Cpl.    5th Gloucesters              - - - -
     Robinson, Joseph             Pte.      A.E.F.                       June 8th 1917
     Robinson, William            Pte.      5th N.F.                     Nov. 14th 1916
     Robson, John                 Pte.      26th N.F.                    March 27th 1916
     Robson, Joseph William       Pte.      10th D.L.I.                  Buried in Cemetery
     Rose, Thomas                 Pte.      R. Innisk. Fus.              July 1st 1916
     Ross, James Andrew Thompson  A.B.      R.N.D.                       Oct. 27th 1917
     Rowe, Thomas Hall            L/Cpl.    Canadians                    May 31st 1916
     Rowell, Joseph               Pte.      16th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Rowland, Christopher         Pte.      27th N.F.                    Jan. 20th 1918
     Rowley, Joseph William       Cpl.      Royal Innisk. Fus.           April 24th 1917
     Rownsley, Richard            Sgt.      ---                          - - - - 
     Rutherford, James            Sapper    R.E.                         Sept. 14th 1917
     Scott, Norman                Pte.      14th D.L.I.                  Sept. 18th 1916
     Scott, Reuben                Pte.      27th N.F.                    March 11th 1917
   Page 18
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Scott, Walter                Cpl.      8th Yorks. & Lancs.          Sept. 24th 1917
     Scott, Wilkinson             Pte.      2nd Tyneside Scottish        - - - - 
     Scafton, Henry               Gunner    R.G.A.                       Oct. 5th 1918
     Seed, Frederick              Wireless Opr. R.N.V.R.                 Feb. 18th ----
     Sellars, Robert              Pte.      1st Hants. Regt.             Sept. 2nd 1918
     Shafto, Thomas Duncombe      Capt.     2nd Royal Fus.               May 4th 1915
     Shaw, Richard                A.B.      R.N.D.                       Nov. 13th 1916
     Shepherd, James              Pte.      4th N.F.                     Aug. 9th 1916
     Shobbrook, Peadon            A.B.      R.N.D.                       Jan. 14th 1916
     Siddle, John                 A.B.      R.N.D.                       Aug. 29th 1917
     Simpson, Edward              L/Cpl.    11th D.L.I.                  Dec. 12th 1917
     Simpson, Lindsay             Pte.      Royal Innisk. Fus.           Nov. 22nd 1916
     Simpson, William             Pte.      12th D.L.I.                  Sept. 1st 1916
     Snowden, Robert George       A.B.      R.N.D.                       June 4th 1916
     Stacey, George               L/Cpl.    M.G.C.                       Oct. 6th 1918
     Staines, John Pearce         Pte.      19th D.L.I.                  Oct. 22nd 1916
     Stamper, Robert Worthy       Pte.      10th D.L.I.                  Feb. 12th 1916
     Stephenson, Andrew           A.B.      R.N.D.                       May 14th 1915
     Stevens, Matthew             A.B.      R.N.D.                       Jan. 21st 1917
     Stobbart, Roger              Pte.      East Yorks.                  Oct. 18th 1918
     Sheavills, John              Pte.      20th D.L.I.                  July 27th 1916
   Page 19
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Stockdale, Alexander         Pte.      W. Yorks.                    May 27th 1918
     Stone, James                 Cpl.      Royal Innisk. Fus.           Aug. 15th 1915
     Stoneman, William            Pte.      6th D.L.I.                   April 14th 1917
     Storey, Thomas William       Pte.      London Rifle Bgde.           Aug. 31st 1918
     Straker, Henry               Pte.      R. Innisk. Fus.              May 19th 1917
     Straker, John Thomas         Pte.      2nd N.F.                     May 13th 1915
     Strong, Thomas               A.B.      R.N.D.                       Sept. 16th 1915
     Strong, William              Pte.      Coldstream Guards            Nov. 28th 1917
     Stuart, George William       Cpl.      A.S.C.                       Jan. 17th 1917
     Tailford, Fred               Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   Mar. 2nd 1916
     Tallentyre, John             Pte.      4th K.O.Y.L.I.               May 21st 1917
     Taylor, Mark                 Pte.      7th Leicesters               May 27th 1918
     Taylor, Robert               Cpl.      1st Lancs. Fus.              July 1st 1916
     Temple, Joseph Vickers       Pte.      4th N.F.                     Sept. 15th 1916
     Thirlaway, Benjamin          Pte.      7th Manchesters              Aug. 26th 1918
     Thirlaway, Matthew Irwin     L/Cpl.    R.M.L.I.                     April 24th 1917
     Thirlaway, Wylam             Pte.      K.O.Y.L.I.                   Oct. 9th 1917
     Thompson, Ebenezer           Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 5th 1916
   Page 20
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Thompson, Joseph             Pte.      W. Yorks.                    July 14th 1916
     Thompson, James William      Pte.      19th N.F.                    May 4th 1917
     Thompson, Nicholas           Pte.      3rd Coldstream Gds.          Sept. 19th 1916
     Thompson, Thomas             Pte.      M.G.C.                       May 1st 1918
     Toes, John Robert            Pte.      R. Dublin Fusiliers          Aug. 6th 1917
     Towers, Harry                Pte.      2nd Border Rgt.              July 1st 1916
     Towler, Ernest George        Pte.      9th Yorks.                   June 14th 1917
     Tucker, William              Pte.      W. Yorks.                    Oct. 12th 1918
     Tuckerman, Thomas Reaves     Pte.      15th D.L.I.                  April 25th 1918
     Turner, Christopher          Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   April 26th 1915
     Tyman, Henry                 Pte.      Tank Corps                   July 23rd 1918
     Unitt, Dennis                ---       ---                          - - - - 
     Urwin, William               L/Cpl.    2nd R. Innisk. Fus.          Feb. 11th 1916
     Vasey, Frank                 Pte.      2nd R. Fusiliers             July 1st 1916
     Vest, Robert                 Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 16th 1916
   Page 21
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Walker, William              Pte.      2nd W. Yorks.                April 24th 1918
     Wallace, James William       Cpl.      8th D.L.I.                   Aug. 19th 1915
     Ward, Peter                  Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   March 2nd 1916
     Wardle, John                 Pte.      5th D.L.I.                   June 8th 1917
     Waterson, Henry              Pte.      1st Coldstream Gds.          Oct. 9th 1917
     Waterson, James              Pte.      51st D.L.I.                  Nov. 20th 1918
     Watson, Frank Edward         L/Cpl.    R. Innisk. Fus.              Nov. 7th 1917
     Watson, Thomas Noble         Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 13th 1916
     Welch, Thomas                Pte.      11th D.L.I.                  Sept. 9th 1916
     Welsh, George                Pte.      11th N.F.                    Sept. 23rd 1916
     White, Charles Bradlaugh     A.B.      R.N.D.                       July 13th 1915
     White, Henry                 Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   Aug. 9th 1915
     Whitehouse, William Henry    Pte.      16th Cheshires               March 3rd 1918
     Whiteman, Ernest John        Pte.      25th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Whiteman, Matthew            Pte.      8th N.F.                     Aug. 20th 1915
     Whitfield, Robert            Pte.      D.L.I.                       - - - -
     Wilson, Albert               Pte.      11th D.L.I.                  Sept. 3rd 1916
     Wilson, David                A.B.      R.N.D.                       Nov. 13th 1916
     Wilson, Joseph William       Pte.      1st Gloucesters              April 18th 1918
     Wilson, James                A.B.      R.N.D.                       March 27th 1918
   Page 22
     Name                         Rank      Regiment                     Date of Death
     Wilson, Thomas               Pte.      8th D.L.I.                   Nov. 5th 1916
     Wilson, Thomas               Pte.      25th N.F.                    July 1st 1916
     Winter, Joseph               Pte.      4th N.F.                     July 1st 1916
     Wood, Joseph Marshall        L/Cpl.    2nd Lancs. & Yorks.           Nov. 23rd 1917
     Wright, George               Sgt.      Tyneside Scottish            - - - - 

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