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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Crucifix and Plaques 1914-18 St. George





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NZ 189519

Original Location

St. George Church, Park Road. On the gable end.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 29th November 1919 by Mr. R.W. Cooper, managing director of South Moor Colliery Co., and dedicated by the Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Crucifix set on a stone pedestal. This is set in a tiny garden with a path on either side leading to the plaques on the wall behind.
There are three plaques set in a stone framework. The dedication and poem are set into the centre panel. The names are listed in two staggered columns on each of the two outer panels. All lettering is gilded, the dedication is in elaborate Roman capitals, the names and poem are in sans serif capitals and the poem is italicised.

Materials used

Oak cross, copper figure. Marble panels in Portland stone framework.


To the glory of God / and in memory of / the men whose names / are here recorded who / cheerfully gave their / lives for freedom and / the England they loved / so well in the Great War / 1914-1919 / Their relatives / have erected this tablet / and adjoining cross

“Above the graves of heroes / the wooden crosses grow, / who shall no more see Durham, / nor any place they know, / where fell tops face the morning / and great winds blow; / who loving as none other / the land that is their mother, / unfaltering renounced her / because they loved her so” / W.N. Hodgson.



Estimated £200

How money was raised

Public subscription.

Present condition

Crucifix badly damaged in 2005, the Christ figure had gone in 2007 but on a visit in 2016 all had been restored.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Calvary design by Mowbray of London.


1. In the Faculty file, Correspondence from the incumbent stressed the unanimous support from within the Parish for the design and location of the memorial, despite the fact that the majority of casualties commemorated were Non-Conformists or non-church goers. Reference is made to other Parishes where such tolerance and unanimity of view had not been shown and “would cause strife” – this was supported by anecdotal accounts of objections to proposed memorial designs and sitings of which Diocesan staff were aware.

2. Annfield Plain Family History Society has produced a transcript of the monumental inscriptions. Contact John G. Milburn,

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Errol Broomfield, Ron Carson; Simon Raine; Dorothy Hall; Ian Finlayson; Old Postcard: George Nairn

Diocese of Durham Faculty 839, issued 19/06/1919

Illustrated Chronicle 29/11/1919 reports unveiling “this afternoon” ; 01/12/1919 reports unveiling with photo.

Northern Echo 17/01/1919 reports proposals and decision; 01/12/1919 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 06/12/1919 reports unveiling with photo

Stanley News 11/08/1921 reports memorial anniversary service.

Consett & Stanley Chronicle 05/12/1919 reports unveiling, but omits the name James Brinton from the list.

Source of quotation
”Above the graves of heroes . . .” Poem by W.N. Hodgson.

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Research acknowledgements

Errol Broomfield and Ron Carson; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; John and Mavis Dixon; C. Sanders; Ian Finlayson; Dorothy Hall

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Crucifix and Plaques 1914-18 St. George (S129.02)

South Moor, St. James’ Church

Centre plaque:
   To the Glory of God
   and in memory of
   the men whose names
   are here recorded who
   cheerfully gave their
   lives for freedom and
   the England they loved
   so well in the Great War
   their relatives
   have erected this tablet
   and adjoining cross
   “Above the graves of heroes
   The wooden crosses grow,
   Who shall no more see Durham,
   Nor any place they know,
   Where fell tops face the morning
   And great winds blow.
   Who loving as none other
   The land that is their mother,
   Unfaltering renounced her
   Because they loved her so.”
                              W.N. Hodgson
 Left hand plaque:          Right hand plaque:

   John G. Appleton         Michael Joyce   
      Robert Armstrong         John Lamb
   William Armstrong        Edmund Kelly
      Henry G. Beckham         Henry King
   Robert H. Bowman         Robert Knight
      Edmund Brass             Emmerson Marley
   James Brinton            John Marshall
      John Brinton             Francis Martin
   Robert Brown             William Monkhouse
      Norman Burnage           Charles Morton
   George S.P. Charlton     Jonathan Mosey
      James A. Clennell        John M. Newby
   John W. Collings         George Nichol
      Alexander Coxon          Joseph Norwood   
   Ernest Davison           George T. Pearson
      John J. Dickeson         William Pinkerton
   John G. Dobson           Albert Pomeroy
      Joseph W. Dodds          Thomas H. Proctor
   Thomas Down              William Proudlock
      Levi Dowson              James H. Race
   James W. Duffy           Charles G. Rackham
      Michael Duffy            George W. Rainbow
   Richard Ellis            Robert Ratcliffe
      Joseph Ellwood           John Readman
   Thomas R. Emery          Henry Robertson
      Henry Falgate            Thomas Savage
   Miles Farrell            Arthur Seymour
      Wilson Ferry             John Shield
   Thomas Forster           Robert V. Shield
      William J. Foster        W. Gilbert Simm
   Richard Frost            John J. Simpson
      Joseph T. Fuller         James W. Smith
   Thomas Gair              John W. Smith
      Alfred E. Gibson         Albion Teasdale
   George H. Goodchild      Benjamin Thirlaway
      Thomas Green             Matthew I. Thirlaway
   William Green            Wylam Thirlaway
      Thomas Guy               Jonathan Tinnion
   William Hall             Samuel Ward
      Robert Hill              John Whitney
   William Hill             Septimus L. Whitney
      Richard Hope             Matthew H. Wright
   R.J.T. Ingram Johnson
There are some inconsistencies in the names printed in the 
Consett and Stanley Chronicle.

   They have “Henry B. Beckham” instead of “Henry G. Beckham”;
	“James Brinton” is missing;
   “Thomas Brown” instead of “Thomas Down”;
	“Michael Duffy” is missing
	“John Marshall” is incorrectly followed by “Jno. Marshall”

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