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Photo: Lonely Tower


Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Railway Terrace





Map ref

NZ 354567

Original Location

In Railway Terrace on the north side of Hylton Street, opposite Cambria Street. Now surrounded by modern semi-detached houses.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 16th August 1924 by Major J.R. Wigham; dedicated by Rev. Wynne Wilson.

Memorial Description

Monument, very tall with unusual square shaped top. At centre top is a sword carved in half relief with the dates “1914” and “1918” on either side. On the main raised panel are the names for 1914-18 listed in two columns.
The names for 1939-45 are incised on the right hand side. Below the names on the front is a wreath raised in half relief, surmounted by a scroll on which are the words “In abiding remembrance”.
The whole sits within a small area with hedge behind and railings in front.

Materials used

Grey granite.


a. 1914-1918 / In abiding / remembrance
b. 1939 / 1945


Who commissioned

The War Memorial Committee chaired by Mr. G. Lawson.


£109.73 shillings

How money was raised

Major John Rodham Wigham donated the site.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Jos. Doyles, Art Sculptor, Burdon Road, Sunderland.

Ownership and maintenance

Handed over to the Parish Council at the unveiling.


1. The original idea was to build a memorial hall, but insufficient funds were raised.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; James Pasby; Lonely Tower; sepia photo in 1924: South Hylton Local History Society

Sunderland Echo 28/02/1921; 14/03/1921

Illustrated Chronicle 18/08/1924 reports unveiling.

Tyne and Wear Archives Ref. 852

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders, South Hylton Local History Society; James Pasby; Jennifer Morrison

Research In Progress

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Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Railway Terrace (S128.02)

SOUTH HYLTON   Railway Terrace 
     Allison, J.J.      Gibbon, J.W
     Anderson, M.H.     Griffin, E.W.
     Barker, C.         Hall, T.
     Barker, W.         Henderson, M.C.
     Barwick, W.        Irwin, G.
     Bell, W.W.         Liddell, J.
     Bentley, J.B.      McLean, J.
     Browell, G.        Morrison, T.W.
     Burge, H.          Naisbitt, J.T.
     Burge, C.          Railton, J.
     Carter, J.         Renwick, E.F.
     Charlton, A.       Rundle, W.
     Clarke, T.W.       Rathbone, W.
     Cunningham, G.     Scrowther, J.C.
     Davey, S.D.        Stothard, A.H.
     Dinsdale, J.       Stothard, J.
     Dinsdale, W.       Stothard, J.
     Donaldson, T.      Thompson, A.
     English, C.A.      Wheatley, T.W.
     Ferguson, J.       Wild, T.W.
     Gibbon, J.R.
     In abiding
     The Great War
Right hand side
     Beattie, W.R.
     Browell, E.D.
     Clasper, H.
     Clark, R.
     Clark, C.
     Curd, C.D.
     Digney, G.H.
     Draper, J.N.
     Fagan, A.
     Finlay, J.V.D.
     Graham, J.G.
     Gunn, G.W.
     Harker, R.R.
     Loraine, A.
     Loraine, R.C.
     Parker, W.
     Robinson, H.J.
     Robson, T.W.
     Robson, J.G.
     Somerville, J.
     Suddick, L.S.
     Wilson, J.
     Waugh, J.
     Scaife, T.

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