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Photo: C. Sanders


Cross 1914-18 Roadside





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NZ 323526

Present Location

Village Green, near the roundabout at the end of Barrack Row, after being moved for roadworks. This has been moved at least once from its original site.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 1st May 1922 by Lord Joicey

Memorial Description

Cross of plain design on large base 185mm x 184mm on three steps. The main pedestal is 132mm high x 77mm wide. The cross at the top is chunky and has a wreath and ribbon draped round it. The main pedestal carries the dedication and names on two round-topped panels on each face in black lettering. Above the panels on each side is carved a rose and leaves. The quotation is carried on the chamfered edges of all the lower bases in gold lettering. All lettering is incised using sans serif capitals throughout.
The whole is set in a small cobbled area in the centre of a paved area. At each corner are three metal posts with bars between.

Materials used

Heworth Burn stone.


In honoured memory of / the men of Penshaw Parish / who gave their lives for / their country in the Great War
Greater love hath no man / than this, / that he lay down his life / for his friends.


Who commissioned

War Memorial Committee

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Mr. J. Johnston, Clerk of Works.

Ownership and maintenance

Handed over to Parish Council at the dedication service.


1. Lord Durham was to unveil the memorial, but could not come because of family bereavement.

2. Ex.Sgt. John Patrickson, 6th R.I.F. of South View, Shiney Row, was presented with the Military Medal for conspicuous bravery in the field. He was also presented with £5 from the Philadelphia Lodge of the Durham Miners Association. He was a miner from Dorothea Pit.

3. An old photograph shows this memorial inside a stone wall which have been changed for iron railings.

4. The original site was on “a nearly circular site on the principal road, and is surrounded by an asphalt pavement, which is surrounded by ground planted with trees”.

5. From a parish of 6,433, 1100 men who went to war, 174, 15% did not return.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; old postcard: Alan Vickers; George Nairn; Beamish Archive

Auckland and County Chronicle 04/05/1922 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 01/05/1922 reports unveiling with photos

Durham Chronicle 05/05/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 06/05/1922 reports unveiling.

Stanley and Consett News 04/05/1922 reports unveiling.

Sunderland Echo 01/05/1922 reports unveiling.

Durham County Advertiser 05/05/1922

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 01/05/1922 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation
"Greater love hath no man than this . . ." Gospel of St. John 15 v 13

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders; James Pasby; Andrew D. Fletcher; Alan Vickers; George Nairn; Dorothy Hall; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance

Research In Progress

David Sloan is researching the names on this memorial. Contact:

Cross 1914-18 Roadside (S124.01)

SHINEY ROW    Village 
South Face                         East Face

   1914             1919              1914              1919
   Holliday, J.     King, J.          Hanlon, W.      Greener, N.
   Usher, W.L.      Smith, J.         Richardson, R.  Fife, G.W.
   Brunton, J.      Fowler, W.H.      Thompson, J.    Roberts, W.
   Smith, R.        Ayrton, T.        Lawson, F.      Jane, E.
   Porter, T.       Cain E.           Gaff, R.        Cooper, T.E.
   Murry, J.        Bird, T.A.        Bedlington, T.  Wood, J.R.
   Cooper, A.       Pearson, J.       Ritchie, E.     Barker, J.
   Walls, C.        Allen, M.         France, R.      Erskine, N.
   Malcolm, J.      Sydney, R.        Maddison, T.    Wilkinson, T.
   Moody, E.        Brunson, B.W.     Attey, J.       Le-Roy, A.
   Burke, P.        Chalk, H.         Webber, R.      Robinson, T.
   Heywood, J.      Dawson, J.        Cooper, W.      Bushby, H.
   Crow, T.         Middlemiss, R.    Ward, J.        Adamson, W.
   Patterson, J.    Carter, J.W.      McDonough, A.   Reed, W.
   Quinn, T.        Laws, J.R.        Taylor, T.      Oliver, P.
   McCormick, J.    Elliott, T.W.     Kent, W.        Ramshaw, J.
   Hope, J.         Tippins, J.       Welsh, F.W.     Bellamy, T.
   Lambert, H.T.    Lumsden, M.       Lawson, D.      Mellor, C.W.
   Scott, W.        Maddison, R.      Straker, H.     Scott, F.
   Fenwick G.       Drury, R.         Hope, F.        Holme, C.W.
   Dunlop, W.       Nicholson, J.J.   Chipchase, S.   Leighton, H.
   Davison, J.C.

   than this                          that he lay down his life 
   the men of Penshaw Parish          who gave their lives for 
North Face                        West Face 

   1914             1919              1914            1919
   Laws, J.         Jenkins, E.       Lamb, J.        Kitchen , R.B.
   Bushby, J.       Reed, J.          Patterson, J.   Smith, F.G.
   Hewitson, M.     Newbound, L.E.    Watson, H.      Maddison, T.
   Raine, T.        Worgan, J.        Barker, R.      Ward, W.T.
   Hughes, B.       Ramshaw, E.       Elliott, J.     Raisbeck, J.W.
   Reed, E.         Black, J.         Leadbitter, F.  Maudsley, J.H.
   Dunlavey, J.     Tate, J.          Middlemiss, E.  Archer, W.
   Beer, J.         Oliver, J.        Black, G.       Snowball, A.
   Hope, S.C.       Smith, R.         Conlon, J.R.    Picford, W.    
   Leadbitter, T.   Hall, J.          Boyle, R.       Thomas, F.
   Yeo, J.W.        Ward, A.          Cathcart, G.W.  White, W.
   Middlemiss, J.L. Oxley, J.         Hewison, M.     Grant, W.
   Todd, E.         Wilson, J.        Foster T.       Todd W.
   Anderson, E.     Laws, J.W.        Parnaby, W.     Laidler, E.
   Skelton, T.      Gallon, J.        Todd, A.        Billings, B.
   Fox, C.D.        Kay, J.           Walton, J.G.    Carr, T.
   Metcalfe, G.E.   Crabtree, F.W.    Laidler, W.     Wheldon, R.
   Terrell, A.      Meeser, J.        Mould, T.       Guthrie, M.
   Redmin, F.W.     Wilkinson, J.     Wind, M.E.      Wilson, W.H.
   Holland, J.      Lamb, J.J.        Hall, W.        Fuge, J.L.
   Holland, C.      McVea, T.         Cummings, R.W.  Jacques, W.

                    Stott, F.         Wilkinson, H.   Carr, B.
                                      Linden, S.M.    Staples, E.
   for his friends.                   Greater love hath no man
   country in the Great War           In honoured memory of

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