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Plaque 1914-18 North Eastern Railway





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Original Location

In N.E.R. Institute, 78 Redworth Road, Shildon DL4 2JJ

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 8th November 1921 by J.H. Smeddle of Darlington.

Memorial Description

Plaque on wood pattress. The plaque has a dome at centre top and this is echoed by the pattress. There is a border of intertwined leaves sunk in casting with the background enamelled black. At centre top in the dome is the badge of the North Eastern Railway enamelled in full colour.
The main panel is divided into three parts, the dedication being in the centre with the names of those who fell in two columns below. The two outer columns are headed in a red scroll “The following also” and “served with the colours”. The names are listed in four columns, all lettering is in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Brass in wood frame


Shildon / North Eastern Railway / Institute / Roll of Honour / European War / 1914-1918 / To our Glorious Dead / the following members / gave their lives / for their / King and Country.




Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Jones and Willis of London


1. 220 members of the Institute joined the colours, including 5 ladies who acted as nurses.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; John and Mavis Dixon; James Pasby

Auckland and County Chronicle 27/01/1921; 10/11/1921; 12/11/1921

Darlington and Stockton Times 05/11/1921; 12/11/1921 carries brief report of unveiling.

Northern Echo 09/11/1921 reports unveiling.

North Eastern Railway Magazine November 1921 page 219 reports the unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Christine Jemmeson; John and Mavis Dixon; Dorothy Hall; Peter Hastie; James Pasby

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Plaque 1914-18 North Eastern Railway (S122.04)

NEW SHILDON    In N.E.R. Institute
Centre Panel

   North Eastern Railway
   Roll of Honour 
   European War
   1914  -  1918
   To our Glorious Dead.
   The following members
   gave their lives
   for their 
   King and Country.
   Atkinson, Jos.H.  Alderson, Thos.  Bundy, Hy.
   Bowser, A.        Bamlett, Wm.     Crawford, Geo.
   Doran, Syd.       Ewbank, Wm.      Emmerson, Thos.E.
   Fletcher, T.      Graham, Alf.     Greener, Hy.R.
   Hardy, A.         Harwood, Harold. Howe, Geo.D.
   Hall, Fred.       Ingledew, T.     Liddle, Geo.
   Peacock, John     Reeve, Sam.L.    Ramage, Wm.
   Shafto, T.E.      Sykes. Geo.      Spensley, Hy.
   Sawyers, Thos.    Stanwix, Norman  Stephenson, Harry.
   Robson, A.E.      Trusler, Herbert Young, J.W.
Left hand Panel

   The Following Also
   Alderson, Wm.G.   Armstrong, Alf.  Dunning, H.O.      Dixon, A.J.
   Allan, Matt.      Anderson, Thos.  Douglas, Walt.     Davison, J.
   Allan, A.         Airey, M.        Downs, F.          Douglas, Wilf.
   Allison, C.W.     Angus, J.B.      ----               ----    
   ----              ----             Emmerson, Ralph.   Elders, Albert
   Battle, John.     Brass, John J.   Edwards, J.T.      Emmerson, R.
   Bowes, John       Bell, Thos.      Emmerson, Ernest   
   Bennett, Wm.      Barlow, J.A.     ----               ----    
   Byers, Jos.       Byers, J.G.      Forbes, Michael    Foster, Jos.
   Brooks, J.        Bibby, Jas.      Fowler, J.H.       ----    
   Brownbridge, J.W. Boddy, Robt.     Gibbon, Hy.        Glass, Nurse.
   Bradley, John     Brown, Geo.      Gibbon, Thos.      Gibbon, John
   Benson, S.C.      Bradley, J.H.    Grainger, Fred.    Gittens, R.
   Brownless, Chas.  Bibby, Walter    Gibbon, R.H.       Gibson, G.C.
   Bruce, John       Best, Jos.       Gibson, W.H.       ----    
   Bath, Fred.       Burton, R.       Heughf, Frank      Hearfield, Alf.
   Bellas, J.E.      Blanchard, G.E.  Hinson, Jno.L.     Hinson, Thos.
   Baily, J.F.       Burton, T.B.     Hodgson, Bert.     Hall. J.R.
   Brogden, A.H.     Brass, C.        Hawes, W.M.        Henderson, J.R.
   Brass, F.                          Hogg. Wm.          Holmes, T.W.
   ----              ----             Heslop, Windle.    Hardy, Fr.
   Cottingham, W.    Cass, Arthur.    Hogg, Alf.         Hutchinson, Chas.H.
   Collings, J.P.    Clarkson, Jon.   Hewitson, Thos.    Haykin, Syd.
   Clarkson, Wm.     Calvert, Rd.     Hutchinson, A.     Hind, E.R.
   Coulthard, Robt.  Clayton, Fred.   Ingledew, J.       ----    
   Crook, Ed.        Cockfield, A.    Jackson, Geo.   
   Couper, Tom.      Connor, M.       ----               ----    
   Cooper, J.G.      Clitheroe, E.    Kitching, John.    King, Harry
   Clarke, C.        Coulthard, Jos.  Kitching, Syd.     Kershaw, Ed.
   Chisem, Frank.    Craggs, R.       ----               ----    
   ---               ----             Lambert, Thos.     Laine, Wilf.
Right hand panel

   Served with the Colours
   Lewis, J.J.       Lakeland, Hy.    Stephenson,Jno.W.  Stephenson, Geo.C.T.
   Linsley, Thos.    Leng, Jos.       Stephenson, Arthur Spensley, Geo.
   Lincoln, Nurse E.                  Shannon, M.        Snare, Walt.
   ----              ----             Sproates, T.W.     Scriven Oliver
   Mason, Andrew.    Mason, J.G.      Story, Nurse A.    Spaven, Arthur.
   Mason, Arthur     Murphy, Peter    Shipley, Bert.     Shafto, Geo.
   McLean, J.L.      Mattinson, Wm.   Stephenson,Nurse C.Spensley, R.A.
   McDonald, Thos.   Moore, J. Robt.  Shaw, Hy.          Scott, W.
   Minto, G.E.       Minto, Arthur    Simpson, H.
   Milnes, Albt.     McDowell, Thos.  ----               ----    
   Mattinson, Robt.  Murphy M.        Trainer, Chas.     Thompson, Fred.
   Murphy, Thos.     Mason, F.        Thwaites, A.       Thompson, Hy.
   Mason, M.         Monk, W.         Turnbull, M.
   Moore, E.W.       ----             ----       
   ----              ----             Urwin, Geo.
   North, A.         ----             ----    
   ----              ----             Vickers, Geo.      Vickers, H.
   Oliphant, Chris.  Othick, Fred.    ----               ----    
   ----              ----             Wills, Thos.       Wall, Fred.
   Pearson, William  Potter, Arthur   Whitfield, T.      Wall, Robt.
   Pearson, Gerald.  Plews, Chris.    Williams, Robt.    Wilkinson, Stanley
   Parkin, Hy.       Parker, Robt.    Warrior, Fred.     Warrior, Wm.
   Pattinson, J.                      Ward, Herbert      Wills, Geo.
   ----              ----             Wilson, Syd.       Wilcock, Fred.
   Ramsden, Thos.    Reed, Robt.      Wanless, Ed.       Wheatley, A.
   Riley, Chas.      Robson, A.       Ware, Chas.R.      Warwick, Thos.
   Riches, Arthur    Richardson, T.   Wilkinson, Herbert Wilson, Fred.
   Reeves, Fred.     Robinson, Frank  Wilson, Nurse D.   Wilson, Nurse G.
   Robson, T.        Race, W.E.       ----               ----    
   Robson, R.        Roxborough, H.   Younghusband, L.   Younghusband, H.
   Ranson, T.E.      Robson, G.       ----               ----    

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