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Photo: James Pasby


Cross 1914-18 All Saints' Churchyard





Original Location

All Saints' Churchyard

Present Location

Opposite the NER Institute, Redworth Road, where it was rededicated on 10th November 2002.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled October 1920 by Archdeacon of Auckland, (Rev. Canon Derry).

Memorial Description

Cross on tall slender tapering column 20 feet high. It rests on a pedestal which is on two steps. The dedication is on the front of the pedestal, the names are on the other three sides.

Materials used

Heworth stone.


To the glorious memory of 124 New Shildon men who laid down their lives in the Great War 1914-1918.
Blow out ye bugles over the rich dead! / There’s none of these so lonely and poor of old / But, dying, has made us richer gifts than gold.
He that loseth his life shall find it unto life eternal.




Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Made by Lowe of Durham


1. The names were not put on when the memorial was unveiled and subsequently relatives were asked to contribute 7/- a name.

2. In All Saints' Churchyard is a stone in the shape of a headstone which reads: “The / War Memorial / commemorating / the dead of New Shildon / in / two World Wars / was originally sited here / and was moved to / Redworth Road / in the year / 2002

3. The churchyard was extended in 1920 by 2 acres, and part of this was reserved for the site of the war memorial cross.

4. The completed memorial cross – presumably after the names had been added – was unveiled by Rev. P.W. Francis, M.A., Vicar of New Shildon, in November 1921.

5. A collection was taken at the unveiling as the total needed had not been reached.

6. One of the names is of Joseph Leng aged 7 who was “drowned while visiting his father in France”. The Northern Echo 24/11/1998 tells the story:
“He was the son of Sapper and Mrs. J. Leng of New Shildon, County Durham. He is listed as having drowned at Audruiq, France, whilst visiting his father on Oct.22, 1919. It was a civilian “non world war death” but he is buried at Les. Barraques Military Cemetery, Sangatty, France, Plot 19, Row A, Grave 9. “

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Simon Raine; John and Mavis Dixon; James Pasby; photo of stone in churchyard telling of the move: Bob Dunn

Auckland and County Chronicle 07/10/1920 reports unveiling; 04/11/1920 reports final costs.

Northern Echo 15/03/1920 reports churchyard extension; 04/10/1920 reports unveiling; 12/11/1921 briefly reports unveiling of completed cross; 24/11/1998 gives the story of Joseph Leng; 16/10/2002 reports proposed relocation

Darlington & Stockton Times (North) 09/10/1920 reports unveiling.

The People’s History –Shildon and District Tom Hutchinson carries a photo of the memorial in its original site.

Sources of quotations
“Blow out, ye bugles . . . The Dead Rupert Brooke;
“He that loseth his life . . .” St. Matthew 10 v 39

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; John and Mavis Dixon; Bob Dunn; Dorothy Hall; D.I. Mellor

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Cross 1914-18 All Saints' Churchyard (S122.03)

SHILDON    In Cemetery. 
   To the glorious memory of
   124 New Shildon men who laid down
   their lives in the Great War
   1914  -  1918.
   "Blow out ye bugles over the rich dead!
    There’s none of these so lonely and
    poor of old
    But dying has made us richer gifts
    than gold."
   "He that loseth his life shall find it -
    unto life eternal."
On lower plinth
   Joseph Leng, aged 7 years, drowned whilst visiting his father in France.
Right hand panel
          Capt. B. Bland        Flight Lieut. G.R.G. Smeddle
                         2nd Lieut S. Martindale
   Sgt.   F. Alderson    Sgt.   J.R.M. Bell      Sgt.   L. Butcher 
   "      W.R. Colling   "      T.S. Fletcher    "      G. Neal    
                         Sgt.   T.C. Middlemass  Sgt.   J. Pearson
   Cpl.   H. Bundy       Cpl.   T. Ingledew      Cpl.   H. Kitching 
   "      G.G. Pearson   "      W. Ramage        "      H. Storey 
   "      A. Sunter      "      J.M. Watson      "      J. Young 
                         Cpl.   B.B. Smirthwaite
   L.Cpl. Z. Best        L.Cpl. G.W. Brown       L.Cpl. G. Howe 
   "      W. Lawson      "      A. MacDowell     "      R.H. Robinson 
   "      H.N. Stanwix   "      W. Stewart       "      J.W. Watson 
   Sap.   J. Cockfield   Pte.   A.E. Akers       Pte.   T. Alderson 
   AirMec J. Applegarth  Tmr    D. Armitage      "      J. Atkinson 
   Pte.   W. Atkinson    Pte.   R. Bainbridge    AirMec J.A. Banham 
Rear panel
   Pte.   T. Bellwood    Pte.   A. Blanchard     Pte.   R.W. Bollands
   "      A.H. Bowe      "      J. Brown         "      Jos. Brown 
   "      M. Brown       "      J.H. Burton      AB     W.K. Butcher 
   Dvr    H.O.B. Carter  "      G.W. Chapman     Pte.   T. Charlton 
   Pte.   F. Claxton     "      G.H. Claxton     "      C.J. Clarke
   "      A. Clitheroe   "      M. Coates        "      G. Cockfield 
   "      A.H. Cooper    "      G. Crawford      "      J. Cree 
   "      C. Davies      "      E. Davies        "      T. Dennison
   "      S. Doran       AirMec G.R. Elliott     "      J.R. Elliott 
   "      T.E. Emmerson  Pte.   W. Ewbank        "      G. Fairbrass
   "      W. Fletcher    "      A. Graham        Gnr.   R. Grundy
   "      H. Guy         "      F. Hall          "      G. Hall 
   "      W. Hancock     "      A. Hardy         Pte.   A. Hartley 
   Stkr.  G. Harwood     "      H. Harwood       "      E. Henderson
   Pte.   F. Hepples     "      A.W. Hodgson     "      A. Hopps
Left hand panel
   Pte.   E. Hutchinson  Pnr.   A. Ireland       Pte.   E. Jenkinson 
   "      W. Johnston    Pte.   G.H. Liddle      "      E. Longthorne 
   "      H.R. Lumley    "      G. Magor         Stkr.  P. Matthews 
   "      A. Metcalfe    Pnr.   S.F. McKay       Pte.   I. Noddings 
   "      A. Parkin      Pte.   N. Parsley       "      W. Pawson 
   "      J. Peacock     "      J. Pearson       "      C. Riley
   "      Alf. Robinson  "      Art Robinson     "      A.E. Robson 
   "      J. Robson      "      T.W. Robson      "      A.E. Sambrook 
   "      T.E. Sayer     "      T.E. Shafto      "      W. Snowdon 
   "      E. Solomon     "      H. Spensley      "      T.A. Stanwix 
   "      H. Stephenson  AB     G. Sykes         "      R.R. Taylor 
   "      E.M. Thompson  Dr.    J. Todd          "      H. Trusler 
   "      S. Trusler     Pte.   L. Tully         "      T.W. Vasey 
   "      J.H. Watson    "      E. Wheatley      "      T.W. Welburn 
   "      T.W. Wick      "      R.H. Woodward    "      J.W. Young 
                         Sigl.  C. Rowntree      Pte.   G. Smith

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