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Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Park





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Original Location

In New Seaham Recreation grounds, south of the bowling green.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled July 1923 by Marquis of Londonderry, dedicated by Rev. S. Kearney, vicar of New Seaham
b. Unveiled 12th December 1948 by County Councillor W.P. Smith, Chairman of the Memorial Committee; dedicated by Rev. O. Hogg, vicar of New Sea

Memorial Description

Monument 30 feet (9.14m) high surmounted by winged figure of Liberty, 8 feet 6 inches (2.59m) high, bearing a torch aloft. A pillar up each side carries at top a figure of a soldier of the Durham Light Infantry and a sailor from the Royal Navy, both slightly larger than life size.
Below the winged figure and between the two figures is a plaque of polished granite bearing the dedication. Beneath this, the badge of the R.A.F. is carved in half relief. Below this, there is another plaque on which the names for 1914-18 are carried in three columns. The quotation is in the stone below this.
At the sides are two small free standing pillars. The names for 1939-45 are in a single column on the front face of both of these. Lettering is lead sans serif capitals throughout.
The whole was set inside a low kerb with metal posts bearing a chain, but this has gone.

Materials used

Creetown granite polished panels; main memorial and figures of Woodkirk brown hard York stone.


This memorial / was erected by the / workmen and friends / of New Seaham / in sacred remembrance / of their comrades / who fell in the / Great War / 1914-1918.
Greater love hath no man than this, / that a man lay down his life for his friends.



a. 1914-18: £1300;
b. 1939-45: £300.

How money was raised

Public subscription

Present condition

Restored c2005

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed, modeled, carved and executed by Ainsley and Collins of West Hartlepool, a firm composed entirely of disabled ex-Servicemen. Ainsley and Collins.


1. The name of Private James Ogden, missing from the list of names from 1914-18, was added in November 2002

2. Since the photos were taken in 2000, the metal posts bearing chains have gone.

3. Structural problems are being looked at in 2008. In 2012 there is some damage to the head of the sailor and there are some letters missing from the names panel - both ‘Vickers’ and ‘Waites’ have no initial letters.

4. Following the unveiling, Lord Londonderry opened a bandstand which he had presented to the British Legion Club at New Seaham.

5. The memorial also commemorates 1,200 who served.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders, Simon Raine; Dorothy Hall; Lonely Tower; old postcard: George Nairn

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 07/07/1923

Shields Daily News 05/07/1923

Durham County Council ref 505/5/13/11

Northern Echo 30/06/1923 reports description and proposed unveiling; 02/07/1923 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle 06/07/1923 reports unveiling.

Durham Chronicle and Seaham Weekly News 17/12/1948 reports unveiling of 1939-45 extension.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 07/07/1923 reports unveiling.

Stanley News and Consett Chronicle 05/07/1923 reports unveiling.

Seaham Weekly News 29/06/1923 reports proposed unveiling; 06/07/1923 reports unveiling.

Durham County Advertiser 06/07/1923 reports unveiling.

South Shields Gazette 02/07/1923 reports unveiling.

Auckland & County Chronicle 05/07/1923 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation
“Greater love hath no man than this . . .” St. John 15 v 13.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Durham County Council; Dorothy Hall; George Nairn; Trevor Williamson; Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance; Tony Harding; Michael Mulhern

Research In Progress

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Monument 1914-18 1939-45 Park (S117.04)


Top front panel  

   This memorial
   was erected by the
   workmen and friends
   of New Seaham,
   in sacred remembrance
   of their comrades,
   who fell in the
   Great War,
   1914 -1918.
Middle front panel

   Adams J.       Eyre J.         Musson T.
   Alderson E.    Fairbairn E.T.  Musson W.
   Anderson R.    Fitzsimmon J.   Mullaney J.
   Anderson J.    Foots M.        Newton A.
   Bagley W.      Forster W.      Newton E.
   Barker G.      Gallillee J.    Palmer W.
   Bell G.        Gildea F.       Parker T.
   Bell J.W.      Goodhall A.     Parson G.
   Bell W.        Gordon F.       Peardon W.H.
   Berry R.W.     Graham T.N.     Plowman J
   Bleasdale W.   Greiveson T.    Plows J.
   Bickle J.      Guy T.          Rawling W.
   Bogan P.       Haggan E.       Rawling J.
   Bolton J.      Haswell T.      Redshaw B.
   Bresnan T.     Harrison J      Revely G.
   Brown J.C.     Harris C.       Robinson T.
   Bryan T.       Harlow J.W.     Robson R.
   Bulman W.      Hoar J.E.       Rogan H.
   Burton W.H.    Hodges D.       Rowell F.
   Curwen J.      Holmes T.       Rutherford W.
   Cardy W.T.     Hoy A.          Scales C.
   Cairns T.      Hoy J.          Scollen J.
   Cansick G.     Holland M.      Simpson J.W.
   Chapellow, G.  Hindson, P.     Softley J.G.
   Clough S.      Hunter J.R.     Stainthorpe F.
   Coates H.      Huntrod B.W.    Stark J.A.
   Conn G.        Humes R.        Stewart P.
   Cooper W.C.    Humpish J.      Stoddart J.W.
   Cooper T.B.    Heaton R.       Taylor J.T.
   Cowley J.      Herron J.       Todd R.E.
   Coyle J.       Irving A.       Townend H.
   Coyle M.       Irving R.       Venner S.
   Corkhill J.    Jackson A.      Vickers G.
   Cook M.        Johnson J.      Waites J.
   Cole F.        Kegan J.        Wakefield H.
   Cole N.        Kerry J.        Wakefield T.
   Cole T.        Langton T.      Walton J.
   Cole W.        Lucas A.        Wears R.
   Doyley J.J.    Maitland T.     Wears R.W.
   Dormand A.     Martin J.       Wears F.
   Dobbins R.     McCormack T.    Williams G.
   Donnelly D.    McAdoo D.       Wilkinson H.
   Doughty A.     McCabe P.       Wilkin J.
   Dixon H.       McCartney J.    Wilson J.
   Drummand J.    McCann W.       Wilson T.
   Elliot E.      Moffatt J.      Whitfield J.
   Errington M.   Moore L.        Wood F.
   Embleton J.    Mountford R.    Wright J.T.
   Bambrough T.C. McCourt J.      Waddle G.A.
   Coyles G.      Hurrell J.W.    Watson R.
   Dyer A.                        Lavery H.
   Hoar R.                        Newby J.
On stone below middle panel   

                  Kavanagh W.
                  Nelson W.B.
   Kirby G.       Wallace W.DCM.  Bresnan W.J.
   Robinson D.R.  Ogden J.        Hampton R.
                                  Buglass G.

   Greater love, hath no man than this,
   that a man lay down his life for his friends.
Bottom panel   

   Anderson J.W   Greener G.      Rowell, R.
   Atkinson G.    Hills G.        Rowell N.
   Atkinson R.    Henderson R.    Smith R.
   Atkinson R.    Harland T.      Stewart S.W.
   Arthur N.      Harvey A.       Stoddart G.
   Curtis F.      Lloyd J.        Spoors L.W.
   Dixon T.       Rochester W.    Hunter T.
Left wing                   Right wing.

   1939-1945                1939-1945
   Aitchinson J.            Hoy         A.
   Allen      C.            Hoy       M.W.
   Atkinson   H.            Hughes      E.
   Barron     L.            Malkin      R.
   Bell       J.            Marwood   J.S.
   Bell       J.            Miller      W.
   Bell       W.            Newton      R.
   Bolton   C.H.            Oglesby     R.
   Bullmore   J.            Richardson  T.
   Carling  T.S.            Rooney      E.
   Clough     T.            Rutherford  J.
   Conlon     W.            Shipley   J.H.
   Conn       J.            Smith       T.
   Cooper   R.C.            Spark       C.
   Doxford  H.M.            Steel     T.H.
   Edwards  T.W.            Tempest     W.
   Gatenby  J.G.            Watson      F.
   Hanlon     T.            Weatherall  F.
   Harlow     E.            Wiltshire W.H.
   Hillam   J.R.            Wood        G.
   Hillam     L.            Wood        T.
   Little   R.H.         
   McGaughie  J.
   Yare     G.W.




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