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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Plaque 1914-18 St. Peter





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NZ 238476

Original Location

St. Peter’s Church, Front Street. On north wall.

Present Location

Sacriston Working Men's Club

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled September 1922 by Col. Blackett, M.B.E., dedicated by Rural Dean, Rev. R. Watson.

Memorial Description

Plaque 50 inches high x 57 inches wide with fretted decoration along the top, raised centre at top bearing the dedication. The borders at both sides have a device incised in half relief at centre, the shield on the left bearing the date “1914” and “1918” on the right hand side.
The main panel is divided into four vertical wood strips. The names are listed in a single column on each of the four panels in raised block capitals.

Materials used

Dark oak


To the glory of God / and in undying memory of the / men of this parish who gave / their lives for us.


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Carved by Mr. James Robinson.


1. At the unveiling ceremony, there was a deficit of £10 on the cost of memorial and stained glass window. £14 was contributed in the offertory.

2. For accompanying stained glass window see S113.09

3. The church has now re-opened under the title of “The Old Church” featuring café, theatre and art gallery.

4. The memorial was in the Memorial Institute, then for a while it was in Fyndoune Community College, Findon Hill, Sacriston. It is now in Sacriston W.M.C.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall; Simon Raine

Durham County Advertiser 15/09/1922

Shields Daily News 14/09/1922

Chester-le-Street Chronicle 23/12/1921 reports proposals for plaque and SGW; 01/09/1922 reports proposed unveiling with description; 15/09/1922 reports unveiling.

St.Peter’s Magazine August 1922 reports plaque, carved by James Robinson, is ready to be affixed to the wall.

Diocese of Durham Faculty : Granted 26/09/1921

Durham Chronicle 15/09/1922 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 16/09/1922 reports unveiling;

Durham County Advertiser 15/09/1922 reports unveiling.

Stanley News 14/09/1922 reports unveiling.

The Advertiser 05/11/2011 reports change of use of church.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Dorothy Hall; Reg. Hornsby; Bill Heslop (Durham Diocesan Office); John L. Dixon; Ralph Harrison; Clare Singleton

Research In Progress

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Plaque 1914-18 St. Peter (S113.04)

SACRISTON St. Peter’s Church
    To the glory of God
    and in undying memory of the
    men of this parish who gave
    their lives for us.
Column 1                            Column 2  
    Appleby Robert B.      N.F.       Chambers John W.     D.L.I. 
    Armstrong Harry        R.I.F.     Clark William        “     
    Archer Alfred          D.L.I.     Crain George         “     
    Arnold George D.C.M.   “          Cuthbert Thomas      R.N.    
    Ayre George            R.A.M.C.   Craggs George        Wost.   
    Balmforth Samuel       N.F.       Darby Dennis         D.L.I.  
    Bamford John T.        D.L.I.     Davison Arthur       “     
    Bell Cuthbert          “          Dawson Joseph        “     
    Beedom Alfred B.       “          Donnelly James       “     
    Berryman Joseph R.     “          Dunn Robert          “     
    Blake James B.         “          Densham Charles W.   R.G.A. 
    Blackburn John W.      “          Dixon Joseph H.      R.N.D   
    Blackburn Joseph       “          Dooley Michael       R.F.    
    Bloomfield Edward      “          Fletcher John R.     D.L.I.  
    Bourne Edward          “          Foster Cuthbert      “     
    Bourne Fred            R.F.A.     Garforth William     E.Y.    
    Brass James R.         D.L.I.     Goodwin Thomas J.    D.L.I. 
    Bridgett Edward        “          Glendenning Robert   “    
    Brown John             “          Greenwell Robert     Y&L     
    Brown Stephen          N.F.       Greenwell Arthur P.  R.E. 
    Bright James E.        R.N.       Griffin John E.      N.F.    
    Brunskill Thomas       M.P.       Gurney Hubert        L.R.B.  
    Burns John             K.L.       Hailes Robert        K.O.Y.L.I. 
    Campbell James         D.L.I.     Hall William         R.F.A.  
    Carr Joseph            K.R.R.     Hall Charles         R.N.D   
    Clarney John           D.L.I.     Hardy James          E.F.    
    Clark William D.       “          Hancock George       D.L.I.  
    Clark Charles          “          Hawkes Archibald     “     
    Clark Robert           Yorks      Hewitt Joseph        “     
    Clark George           D.R.E.     Hogg Robert G.       “     
    Clayton Benjamin M.C., W.Y.       Hutchinson William   “     
    Clewes Christopher     R.D.C.     Houchen John W.      “     
    Coleman Thomas J.      K.O.Y.L.I. Hunter John H.L.     “     
    Cole George T.         D.L.I.     Hunter William       R.F.A.  
    Corrigan Peter         R.N.D      Hunter Ernest S.     G.B.    
    Cockburn George        D.L.I.     Heeley Solomon R.    Yorks. 
    Cockburn Septimus      “          Jackson John         R.N.D   
    Cockburn John F.       N.F.       James Robert H.      “     
    Conroy John            L.C.       Jones William        D.L.I.
    Cook John T.           R.A.S.C.   Johnson John W.      “     
    Cook Arthur            D.L.I.     Johnson Richard      “     
    Cook George            R.I.F.     Johnson Thomas       N.F.    
Column 3                           Column 4  
    Kennedy William        N.F.       Reay Richard         R.G.A.
    Knaggs Thomas A.       D.L.I.     Reay Joseph          E.Y.
    Lamb Albert V.         “          Riding Jonathen      D.L.I.
    Laws Robert            C.B.       Richardson Samuel    “
    Lax John W.            Glos.      Robson John          “
    Liddle William         R.F.A.     Robson Isaac E.      “
    Liddle Thomas          D.L.I.     Robson Morrison      “
    Longmuir Robert H.     “          Robson Robert        N.F.
    Long Robert            “          Robson Harry B.      E.Y.
    Lowes Thomas           “          Rutter Thomas        R.A.M.C.
    Lumsden William        “          Scott Robert         W.R.
    Lord Robert            K.O.Y.L.I. Scott John S.        D.L.I.
    Lynn James             R.F.A.     Shanks James         “
    May John E.            “          Storey William O.    “
    Maddison Harry         R.N.D      Stoker John          “
    Maddison Robert H.     R.E.       Steel John D.        R.N.D
    McCormick John         Yorks      Suddes George E.     “ 
    McKeand John G.        D.L.I.     Smith John           R.F.A.
    McCormick Samuel       “          Tatters John         “
    Myers Christopher H.   “          Taylorson Harry M.M. R.G.A.
    Myers Levi             “          Turner Robert        A.M.C.
    Middlemass George      N.S.       Trow William         D.L.I.
    Moore Thomas           D.R.E.     Vanston William      “
    Morris Frank           R.F.A.     Vanston Peter        Yorks
    Morris Bernard         N.F.       Vanston John T.      K.R.R.
    Murphy Joseph          “          Waugh John           R.G.A.
    Musgrove Joseph        R.I.F.     Walton John          D.L.I.
    Nattress Cyril         D.L.I.     Walton Robert        “
    Nixon William L.       W.Y.       Ward Albert          “
    Nolan John             N.F.       Watson James         “
    Oughton Harrison       W.R.       Watson Benjamin S.   “
    Patterson Thomas       N.H.       Whittaker Alfred     “
    Peacock Thomas         Bedf.      Whitfield Watson     E.Yorks
    Perry Edward H.        N.F.       Wilkie Joseph        R.N.D
    Plews George           K.O.Y.L.I. Wilkie Ernest G.     N.F.
    Pratt William J.       M.G.C.     Wilks Bert           E.Y.
    Phare Charles E.       D.L.I.     Yates Richard        R.F.A.
    Pickering William      “          Young William        G.H.
    Powell William M.M.    “          Hardy Tom A.         N.F.
    Quinn John             “
    Raine Frederick R.     R.D.F.
    Rayner Thomas J.       N.F.

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