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Roll of Honour 1914-18 1939-45 St. Andrew





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NZ 403593

Original Location

St. Andrew’s Church, Talbot Road. Roker. SR6 9PT.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Dedicated 7th November 1920 by Dr. Hensley Henson, Bishop of Durham

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour, 6 feet (1.82m) high and 26 feet (7.9m) long, consisting of 4 panels running the length of seven lancet window widths. Round the edge is a chevron pattern of red, white and blue. The roll is divided into four panels by uprights with crosses at top and bottom apart from the central one which has the cross of St. Andrew above. The dedication is carried right along the tops of all panels. The names are listed in three columns on each panel, under the headings of the arm of service. Lettering of light blue is in Roman capitals. Headings in Red.

Materials used

Originally made of mahogany, Paper behind glass, now destroyed.


In memory of those / who gave their lives / in the World Wars / 1914-18 and 1939-45


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Second World War addition supervised by L.C.Evetts


1. Faculty allowed . . . ”to add to the existing memorial on the West wall of the said church the names of the men of this church and Parish who gave their lives in the War 1939-1945 in such manner that the names of the men who gave their lives in the 1914-1918 War are shown on the left half of the panel and those who gave their lives in the 1939-1945 War are shown on the right half . . . ”
As part of this change the WW1 names were repainted to a smaller font – on the left, and with better quality paint than originally. The loss of the MacDonald Gill lettering was regretted but it had deteriorated due to the paint quality.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Anne McNair (Copyright); James Pasby

Illustrated Chronicle 08/11/1920 reports unveiling.

Diocese of Durham Faculty number 3155, issued 18/01/1949

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Additional Notes

This memorial file is sponsored by Julie Elliott M.P.
"In memory of my Great Uncle George Ryall, who was killed in action at the Battle of Arras in April 1917. His bravery will never be forgotten. RIP."

Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; John and Mavis Dixon; C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall; Anne McNair, Advisory Board for Redundant Churches

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 1939-45 St. Andrew (R50.02)

ROKER  St. Andrew’s Church
First panel                                       
   In memory of those                                
   1914-18            H.C. Beken         S.C. Gillett      
   Royal Navy         J. Bellerby        R.W.C. Gunn       
   A. Burlinson       J.J. Blenkinsop    G. Hall           
   D. Craig           S. Brown           E. Haswell        
   W.C. Gunn          T.H. Brown         C.R. Hird         
   J. Murray          J.E. Buttrey       W. Hogg           
   S. Shiel           W.H. Calvert       J.H. Hudson       
   T. Thursfield      A. Campbell        H.H. Hunter       
   C. Turnbull        W. Campbell        G. Huntley        
                      F. Catchpole       F.C. Irvine       
   Merchant Navy      W.H. Cherrett      W.T. Innes        
   C.D. Beattie       A. Cowan           H.E. Jenner       
   E.C. Lord          C.W. Crown         J.R. Jones        
   G. Moore           T.H. Dick          H. Kilner         
   J.W. Nelson        R.N. Duncan        E.C. King         
   F.W. Stoker        E. Eggleston       H.H. Knaggs       
                      E.F. Elsdon        G.A. Leithead     
   Army               J. Falcus          D.E. Little       
   W. Aldridge        H. Fisher          G.H. Lodge        
   C. Archbold        G.H. Gibbin        E.A. Logan        
   K.S. Archbold      A.W. Gibson        S.B. Logan        
   J.J. Ashton        W.J. Gibson        J.H. Mayhew   
Second panel                  
   who gave their lives
   R. Matthews        A. Scorer           T. Younger
   R. McDonald        J. Scott
   J. Mitchell        B. Smith
   J.P. Moffitt M.C.  T.H.B. Spours
   N.E. Moffitt       J. Stenton
   H.G. Moor D.C.M.   W. Stephenson
   E. Muir            J.W. Stobbart
   J.D. Mustard       J. Taylor
   J. Newstead        H. Thompson
   J. Norton          J. Turnbull
   T. Orchard         T. Walkington
   A. Orton           W.T. Wallace M.C.
   A.J. Petersen      E. Walton
   D.S. Phorson       F. Warner
   A. Pollock         A. Wight
   W. Rae             G. Wilkinson
   T. Rea             T. Wilkinson
   J.W. Reay          P. Wilson
   J.S. Richardson    R. Wilson
   J.T. Robson        T. Wilson
   H. Round           T. Wilson
   G.A. Ryall         J.W. Wrathmall
Third panel                                       
   in the World Wars                                 
   1939-45            W. Edgecombe       J.G. Short        
   Royal Navy         W. Embleton        J.W. Storey       
   J.H. Abernethy     N. Finkle          E.J. Summers      
   W. Fairbairn       J.W. Fowle         S. Taylor         
   J. Forster         O. Gilbert         H. Thorne         
   J. Gilbertson      H. Goodfellow      A. White          
   J.J. Lawson        J. Halliday        G.A. Wilson       
   J.V. Morgan        S. Jeffrey         T.K. Wilton       
   J. Topham          A. Jones           J.C. Wise         
                      E. Kirton                         
   Merchant Navy      J. Knowles         Army              
   J. Allison         R. Lonsdale        A.E. Armstrong    
   G.F. Anderson      E. McQue           R. Armstrong      
   H.T.S. Anderson    D. Oliver          M.K. Betts        
   R. Ball            D.B. Pelling       J.H. Bowman       
   R. Beadnell        G.N. Pelling       D.J.S. Davies     
   A.E. Broadley      C. Piggford        D. Dickinson      
   J. Burdon          C.H. Reed          W.N. Dover        
   H. Carter          J.G. Robson        C.W. Duck         
   J.C. Christiansen  N. Robson          R.W. Edwards      
   G. Crouch          J.W. Sampson       J. Fawcett        
   R.W. Dennis        R.A. Scott         J. Foster         
Fourth panel               
   1914-18 and 1939-45
   J.E. Gray          Royal Air Force    N. Potts
   D. Herbert         G. Alder           E.R. Richardson
   B. Hutchinson      R. Anderson        L. Rosekilly
   A. Jameson         R. Bell-Berry      S.R.B. Severn
   J.E. Johnson       A.H. Bulmer        T.G. Shaw
   F. Keys            N.G. Donald        T.C. Smith
   J. Kirtlan         J.M. Emerson       W.J. Smith
   H.R. Logan         A. Flockhart       P. Stewart
   D. McLin           E.A. Freeman       L. Tulloch
   G. McVie           J.W. Freeman       S. Veitch
   K.S. Morton        M.M. Gallewski     A. Weston
   H. Oakley          R.D. Harrison      A. Wotton
   R. Randle          J.O. Hawdon        N. Wright
   A.E. Robson        A. Howison         R. Wylie
   J.A. Shaw          H. Johnson
   W.B. Skinner       J.R. King
   A. Smith           G. Knowles
   T. Threadgall      W. Nichol
   A.K. Watson        H. O'Connor
   D. Waud            J.L. Oliver
   R.E. Wylde         T.W. Page
                      A. Potts   

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