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Stained Glass Window 1914-18 All Saints





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NZ 329538

Original Location

All Saints’ Church, Old Village Centre, near Penshaw Monument.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled September 1921 by Major Joicey; dedicated by Rev. S.K. Knight, Rector and Rural Dean of Houghton.

Memorial Description

Stained glass window of three lights depicting (left) St. Nicholas, (right) St. George and (centre) Christ as the light of the world.
Beneath is a brass plaque 2 feet high x 4 feet wide in an oak frame 6 inches wider with extended corners bearing the dedication. In both top corners is a red enamelled cross. The names are listed in six columns. The dedication is in Gothic script, the names in sans serif black capitals with some red initials.

Materials used

Brass plaque. The frame is of oak from Lambton Park.


To the glory of God.
The above window is erected in grateful remembrance of those who at the call / of King and Country gave their lives in the Great European War 1914-1918.
Let you who come after see to it that their names never be forgotten




How money was raised

Collected by ladies of the parish

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Window made by Jones and Willis of London; the plaque was engraved by Mr. Mallaburn of Crook. The plaque was designed by Mr. Rundall of Newbottle.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Simon Raine; C. Sanders; David Sloan

Northern Echo 26/09/1921

Auckland and County Chronicle 30/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 01/03/1920 has 6 lines; 26/09/1921 reports unveiling with photo.

Durham County Advertiser 30/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Evening Despatch 26/09/1921 reports unveiling.

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack, H. Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

Source of quotation:
“Let you who come after see to it . . .” Adapted from Certificate sent to all bereaved families under the George V cipher and coat of arms.

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; James Pasby; C. Sanders; T. Harding; Dorothy Hall; Andy Denholm; David Sloan

Research In Progress

David Sloan is researching the names on this memorial. Contact:

Stained Glass Window 1914-18 All Saints (P29.01)

PENSHAW  All Saints’ Church
   To the glory of God.  
   The Above Window is Erected in Grateful Remembrance of Those Who at the    Call
   of King and Country Gave Their Lives to The Great European War 1914-1918
Across top of columns
   Capt. H. Watson 8th Gordon Highlndrs  Lieut. A. Todd M.C. Durham Light Inf. 2nd Lieut. G.W. Holme Royal Field A.
Column 1

      Durham Light Infantry                      
   Pte. Rbt. Barker      Pte. James Laws       
   “    Henry Chalk      “   Thos. Maddison    
   “    Jno.R. Conlon    “   Jos. Pearson      
   “    Jno.W. Carter    “   Thos. Porter      
   “    Robt. Dobie      “   Wm. Roberts       
   “    John Dolan       “   Thos. Robinson    
   “    Thos.W. Elliot   “   Fred.W. Redman    
   “    Jas. Heywood     “   Thos. Sibbald     
   “    Elijah Jane      “   Rbt. Sydney       
   “    David Lawson     “   James Ward        
   “    Jno.J. Dickeson  “   Wm.H. Wilson       
      Royal Engineers                            
   Spr. Jos. Black       Spr.Spoors Hope       
   “    Thos.E. Cooper   “   Rbt. Maddison     
   “    James Hope       “   Louis E. Newbound 
      East Yorks           Army Service C.       
   Pte. John Hall       Pte. Thos. Skelton    
   “    Jno. Malcolm    “    Fredk.J. Welsh   
   Sgt. John Worgan                            
Column 2

     Yorkshire Regt.                            
   Pte. Matthew Allen   Pte. John Wm. Laws    
   “    B.W. Brunson    “    Rbt. Middlemas    
                        “    Andr. McDonough   
   “    Ebenezer Dodds  “    Ed. Ramshaw       
   “    John Geo Dobie  “    Jos. Ramshaw      
   “    Wm.H. Fowler    “    Rbt. Richardson  
   “    Wm. Hanlon      “    Arthur Ward      
   “    Matt. Harrison  “    John Wm. Yeo     
   “    Wm. Kent        “    Matt Lumsden     
     Border Regt.                              
   Pte. Wm. Adamson     Pte. Joseph Bushby    
   “   Henry Bushby     “    Wm. Cooper       
     Royal Garrison Art.  Manchesters           
   Pte. H.T. Lambert    Pte. Geo. E. Metcalfe
     A.I.F.               Labour Corps          
   Pte. Thos. Raine     Pte. Fred Hope        
     HMS Invincible       Dragoons              
   John Holiday         John Arthur           
     Royal Naval Div.     Dorsets               
   James Dawson         Pte. Ralph Webber     
Column 3

     Northumberland Fusrs.
   Sergt. Maj. John Quinn
   Pte. James Attey     Pte. James Reid
   “    Jno. Barker     “    Wm. Reid.
   “    Robt Drury      “    J. Smith
   “    Jos. Elliot     “    Wm Scott
   “    Jno. Leigh      “    Thos. Taylor
   “    Jas. Messer     “    Wm.L. Usher
     Royal Inniskillings
   Pte. Geo.W. Fife     Pte. Arthur Terrill
   “    Bertie Hughes   “    Jno.R. Wood
   “    Henry Straker   “    Jno. Wilkinson
     Royal Field Art.
   Pte. Thos. Bird      Pte. Matt Greener
   “    Richd. Erskine  “    Edw. Jenkins
   “    Jas. Gallon     “    Anthony Le-Roy
   Pte. Thos. Wilkinson
     Yorks Light Inf
   Pte. Jno. Brunton    Pte. Chs. Holland
     18th Huzzars
   Tpr. Norman Dickeson

   Let you who come after see to it that their names never be forgotten

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