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Plaque 1914-18 Holy Trinity





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NZ 246530

Original Location

Holy Trinity Church, Church Road.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 6th February 1920 by Mr. J.W. Taylor, ex-M.P., and dedicated by the Bishop of Durham.

Memorial Description

Plaque 2.36m (7 feet) high x 2.74m (9 feet) wide of seven panels with the central panel raised higher with ornamented top.
At centre top is a crown, underneath which is a shield on which is the “IHS” monogram, with the St. George’s ensign on the left and the Union flag on the right, both in full colour. At the top of the central panel itself is a crucifix with the dedication on a scroll raised in half relief on either side.
At the extreme edges, and on the verticals dividing the panels, is a shield bearing a red cross while on the right is a shield bearing the arms of Durham, all raised in half relief.
Two sets of three panels on either side carry names in a single column on each, while the central panel carries names in two columns. All lettering is in elaborate capitals.
Along the base is a shelf for flower vases.

Materials used

Light oak


Pray for the faithful / warriors who / gave their lives / in the Great War / for God, King and / Country.
For God, King and Country.




How money was raised

Collections taken at funerals over five years.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

The Church Shop, Tanners Row, York.


1. There was a proposal to erect a Celtic-type cross in the middle of the village green. The cost was estimated at £300, of which only £17 had been raised.

2. Two further proposals were for a lych-gate at the church entrance, and a motorised ambulance which would cost £400. The ambulance was favoured. The colliery owners would be asked to provide a garage. However, the Colliery management had already decided to purchase an ambulance for the Collieries, and the parish scheme would therefore overlap. The Committee decided to opt for the lych-gate.

3. Returning soldiers were presented with silver medals.

4 . The names of Robert and Henry Straughan, who were brothers, should be spelt Strachan (Mr. Jim Hall).

5. Care should be taken with this memorial. A single letter is sometimes omitted from the name, such as “Hnry” for “Henry” and “Jhn” for “John”, “Rlph” for “Ralph”, “Ths” for “Thomas”.
The name Hutchinson is spelled Hutcinson, though it is not clear whether this is simply a mistake.
Four names are split across two lines John Featherstone Dodds, Thomas Nicholas Lonsdale, John Penman Ridley Wilkinson and Johnson Hardcastle Wilson.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall; C. Sanders

Chester-le-Street Chronicle 06/12/1918 reports proposals for a Celtic-type cross. 28/11/1919 reports motor ambulance and lychgate proposals; 13/02/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 09/02/1920 page 9 reports unveiling

Northern Echo 09/02/1920 reports unveiling.

Consett Guardian 13/02/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 14/02/1920 reports unveiling.

Blaydon Courier 14/02/1920 reports unveiling.

Pelton Nairn and Rand, European Library.

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Research acknowledgements

Dorothy Hall; C. Sanders; T. Harding; Jim Hall (Consett); Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale

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Plaque 1914-18 Holy Trinity (P26.01)

Centre top:
   Pray for the faith        in the Great War
   Ful warriors who          for God, King and
   gave their lives          Country
   For God, King and Country.
Column 1              Column 2               Column 3
   Philip Foster        Robert Slater Pye      Jack Cowan
   William Gent         William Bolam          Leonard Collins
   George Maxwell Hart  Thomas Grundy          Joseph Miller
   James Fish           William Bonney         John George Davidson
   Clive Leach          Swainston West         Garret Horner
   Alexander Stobbart   Joseph Southwick       James Griffin
   William Pears        David Arthur Hedley    William Hnry. Smith
   James Bentley        John Featherstone      James Owers Hall
   Henry Purvis         ----   Dodds           Thomas Welsh
   Joseph Fisher        Robert Wilson Jacques  John Penman -
   William Wilson       Thomas Neville             Ridley Wilkinson
   William Oliver       Thomas Bonney          James Wm. Forster
   George Tooley        William MacDonald      James Nesbitt
   William Smith        Michael Neville        Henry Nesbitt
   Charles Walls        George Richardson      Robert Lee
   Arthur Bracey        Thomas Nicholas        Jas.Wm. Middleton
   John Haddon          ----    Lonsdale       David Douglas
   John Emmerson        George Lumsden         Isaac Clark
   William Marshall     Anthony Dunbar         Tom Taylor
   Liddle Towers        Ralph Gradon           Thomas Gibson
   Thomas Shacklady     W. Fred. Marshall      James Sheldon
   John William Kirk    Jacob Martin           Rlph. Dawson Rendall
   Eric Hetherington    Joseph Paxton          John Carr
   George McCarthy      James Logan            Alfred Clasper
   George Rutherford    Thos. Gray Herron      Arthur Weatherill
   Samuel Thompson      Edward Malcomb         George Budd
   Arthur Strong        Robert Gedling         John Hubble
Column 5             Column 6
   Henry Smith          William Stephenson
   John Chas Speed      Robert Lennox
   Thomas Hewison       George Chapman
   John Thomas Tarn     Frederick Proctor
   Geo. William Riddle  Thomas Longstaff
   Albert Edwd. Downey  Thos.Willm. Michael  
   John William Smith   Geo. Alloysius Hunter
   Geo. William Brown   Robert Trotter
   George Richardson    Matthew Yorke
   William Gardner      James Miller
   George Barton        Thomas McDermott
   Stanley Stockburn    Geo. Alder Bradford
   Robson Turnbull      James Reed
   Thomas Dinning       Geo. Robin. Scruman
   James Dinning        Thomas Bewicke
   John Wardle          William Sheldrake
   Christopher Anderson Joseph Bird
Column 7               Column 8                 Column 9
   Robert Muncaster     George Robson          Joseph Lambert
   William Hogg         John Sands             John Joseph Stoker
   William Dixon        Jas.Willm. Sneller     Edward Goodwin
   William Dixon        Thomas Hutcinson       John Richardson
   Johnson Hardcastle   Frederick Clasper      Thomas Vickers
   ----    Wilson       Frederick Thompson     James Robson
   William Guire        Edd.Vincent McDermot   William Evans
   John Bland           Charles Curle          Edward Patterson
   Thomas Lowerson      George Donkin          William Gray
   Matthew Parker       Edward Young           Ernest Thompson
   William Howes        Thomas Walton          George Bromley
   Edward Hope          David Johnson          Jhn. Philip Harding
   Robert Straugahn     William Laverick       George Richardson
   Robert Thompson      Henry Sillett          Ths. Nicholas Lonsdale
   John Dobson          John Geo. Rundle       Albert Downey
   Robert Moffitt       Arthur Riddle          George Lumsden
   William Surtees      Henry Straughan        Thomas French
   Frederick Leighton   Henry Turnbull         William Wray
   Thomas Stobbs        Jacob Morton           Joseph Reed
   Robt. Farns Lawson   Arthur Lonsdale        Joseph Little
   Robert Batty         John Clasper           Thomas Dawson
   Sidney Oliver        William Curry          David Johnson
   John Skilcorn        Wm. Thompson Welsh     Jhn. Geo. Middlemas
   George Howey         Josph. Henry Pringle   John Dawson
   Ernest Kay           Hugh Ritson            Robert Dawson
   Patrick Errington    Moses McDermott        James Gray
   John George Gooch    Lionel Woodruff        Thomas Coulson

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