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Plaque Footballers 1914-18 St. James Park F.C.





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NZ 242645

Original Location

Newcastle United Football Club, St. James Park, Barrack Road / Strawberry Place, Milburn Stand covered walkway.

Present Location

Incorporated into NUT272 in November 2018. Opposite the Alder Sweeney Memorial Garden at the Milburn Stand.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 28th August 1920 by Cllr. T.W. Rowe.
Rededicated November 2003.

Memorial Description

Plaque 35½ inches high x 24 inches wide (914mm x 608mm) set in a black frame 4 inches (102mm) wider all round. There is a wide border of twisted string culminating in roundels in the four corners. At centre top is a football inside a wreath with the words “Roll of Honour” on each side. Below the dedication is a box containing the names of those who died in two columns. Those who served are listed in two columns. Lettering is a mix of fonts for the dedication. Names are in black sans serif capitals with some red.

Materials used



Roll of Honour.
To the / Glory of God / and to keep in remembrance / the following persons connected with / Newcastle United A.F.C. / who served or died in the Great War / 1914-1919 / and fought for Right, Liberty and Peace.


Who commissioned

Newcastle United Football Club

How money was raised

Public subscription.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Fishman & Co., Engraver, 120-122 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle

Ownership and maintenance

Newcastle United Football Club


Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Tony Harding; James Pasby

Illustrated Chronicle 30/08/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 04/09/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 30/08/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle United Web Site 14/11/2003 carries details of the rededication.

Newcastle United official programme October 2014.

To the Glory of God: Newcastle United and the Great War; Paul Joannou; 2018; Novo Publishing Ltd., ISBN 978 0 95 681562 0

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Research acknowledgements

Ron Carson; Tony Harding; James Pasby; Dorothy Hall; Paul Joannou

Research In Progress

To the Glory of God: Newcastle United and the Great War; Paul Joannou; 2018; Novo Publishing Ltd., ISBN 978 0 95 681562 0

Plaque Footballers 1914-18 St. James Park F.C. (NUT168)

NEWCASTLE ON TYNE  Newcastle United Football Club, St. James Park, 
Roll Of Honour
To The
Glory Of God
And To Keep In Remembrance
The Following Persons Connected With
Newcastle United A.F.C.
Who Served Or Died In The Great War
And Fought For Right, Liberty, & Peace
Cpl. T. Cairns.            R.F.A.      France          Cpl. D. Dunglinson.    Nor. Fus.   France
Pte. T. Goodwill.          Nor. Fus.   France          Bdr. R. McGough.       R.G.A.      France
                                   Pte. G.S. Rivers. A.S.C. France
Major R. Strother-Stewart. T.G. Staff    Home          Pte. J. King.          Scottish Rifles Home   
Capt. R.W. Simpson.        R.A.M.C. France             A. Seaman. R. Little   Royal Navy
Lt. E.B. Appleby .         R.A.M.C. Egypt & Salonica   Sgt. W.L. Low.         R.E.     Home
Cadet Pilot N. Alder.      R.A.F.   Home               Drum Mjr. R. McTavish. Tyneside Scots  France
C.Q.M.S. G.W. Bell. M.S.M. R.G.A. & R.E.   Home        Cpl. O. McManus.       R.G.A   France
Cpl. C. Booth.             D.L.I.   France             Gnr. R. Muse.          R.G.A. Mesopotamia & France
Gnr. W. Bradley.           Tank Corps   Home           Cpl. J. Mackechnie.    Inverness R.H.A.   Egypt
Pte. J. Cook. D.C.M.       Nth. Staffs. Regt. France   Cpl. G.W. Pyke.        Middlesex Regt.   France
Pte. E. Cooper.            West Yorks.  France         Stoker T. Parr.        Royal Navy
Sgt. T. Curry.             R.E.   Home                 Sgt. T.W. Phillipson.  West Yorks.   Russia
Sgt. S. Dixon.             R.E.   Home                 Chief P.O. A. Rainnie. Royal Navy
Pte. C. Farrier.           Nor. Fus.   Home            Sgt. W. Robinson.      R.E.   Mesopotamia
Spr. T. Grey.              R.E.   Home                 Cpl R. Robinson.       Tank Corps   France
Lt. S. Hardy.              Machine Gun Corps France    Gnr. A. Ramsay.        Mache. Gun Corps  France & Egypt
Cpl. A. Higgins. M.M.      D.L.I.   France             Cpl. J. Spink.         D.L.I.   Home
Gnr. J. Hay.               R.F.A.   France             Cpl. J. Soulsby.       K.O.Y.L.I   France
Pte. J. Henderson.         Lancs. Fus. France          2 Lt. C.C.M. Veitch.   R.G.A.   France
Pte. T. Henderson.         D.L.I.  France              Chief P.O. W. Wilson.  Royal Navy
Pte. A. Hagan.             N.F.   Home                 Bdr. J.T. Wilson.      R.F.A.   Home
Pte. R. Hutchinson         ---  ---                    A. Seaman G. Wilson.   Royal Navy
A. Seaman. F. Hudspeth     Royal Navy                  2 Lt. W. Warren        R.G.A.   France
Pte. W. Kettle             D.L.I.   France             Gnr. F.G. Watt Jr.     R.G.A.   France
Sgt. J.E. Esther R.F.A. France ----  Cpl. J. Carr   M.T. A.S.C.  France  ---- Pte. J. Claxton R.M.E. Home

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