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Photo: Ralph Gould


Plaque 1939-45 Guildhall





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NZ 248637

Original Location

Guildhall, Sandhill, Quayside. On a pillar on the ground floor.

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Memorial Description

Plaque 3 feet 6 inches high x 2 feet 6 inches wide with simple moulded frame. On the main panel, there is a flower raised in half relief, hiding the screw in each corner. At centre top is a wreath in half relief, with the dates "1939" and "1945" on either side. The names are listed in two columns, under the headings of the branch of the Forces under which they served. All lettering is in raised Roman capitals throughout.

Materials used





Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: R.W. Gould; Tony Harding

Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; Tony Harding

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Plaque 1939-45 Guildhall (NUT064)

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Guildhall, Quayside.

   1939                           1945
      R.N.                           R.A.F.
   Laing, H.V., Ldg. Airman.      Adamson, J.F., Sgt.
   Ledger, G.A., O.S.             Bird, H.J., Sgt.
                                  Burgess, A.G., F/O.
      R.N.V.R.                    Burman, T.H., Flt/Sgt.
   Bain, J., Lieut.               Cameron, N.D., Sgt.
   Mann, A.B., Sub.Lieut (A)      Clelland, G., Sgt/Gnr.
   Mason, J.,    Sub.Lieut (A)    Cook, A.M., A.C.2
   Souter, I.B., Lieut.           Cowings, G.H., P.O.
   Thirlaway, W., Sub.Lieut (A)   Form, G., Sgt/Gnr.
                                  Gibson, D., Flt/Lieut.
      ARMY                        Gospel, L.W., P/O.
   Atkinson, C.R., Cpl.           Gray, F.   Sgt/Pilot. 
   Bainbridge, J.H. (M.C.) Capt.  Irving, H. Sgt/Pilot.
   Brown, A.R., Sgt.              Johnson, W.A. (D.F.M.) Sgt.
   Copeland, E.R., Pte.           McNeil, R. Sgt/Navigator.
   Davidson, T.T., Capt.          McTeer, D. P/O. 
   Kerr, J., Tpr.                 Martin, R., Sgt.
   Lyall, K., Gnr.                Mason, D., Flt/Sgt.
   Pearson, J., Major             Moffat, A., Sgt/Gnr.
   Pinkney, D.E., Capt.           Patrick, A.R., Sgt/Pilot. 
   Ridley, J.W., Lieut.           Pattison, J., Flt/Sgt.
   Rippon, J.N., Major            Radcliffe, H., P/O.
   Speke, W.M.,(M.C.) Capt.       Siddoway, W., Sgt/Navigator.
   Taylor, G.E., L/Bombardier     Smith, K., Sgt.
                                  Thorp, C.W., L.A.C.
                                  Warden, N.P., P/O.
                                  Wightman, D. Sgt.
                                  Fairless, A., Sgt/Navigator.
                                  Allen, K.

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