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Photo: Robert Preston


Cross 1914-18 Roadside





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NZ 323702

Original Location

Roadside, Murton Lane / New York Road. (Beside Wheatsheaf Inn)

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled Easter Monday March 28th 1921 by Alderman Mason of Whitley Bay. The Vicar of Shiremoor (Rev. W. Greener) conducted the memorial service.

Memorial Description

Cross of wheel type on splayed platform, the whole set on a heavy pedestal which has a wreath carved in half relief on the front and with leaves in half relief at the corners. The words “To the Glorious Dead” are carved on the shaft of the cross. The dedication is carried on the front of the pedestal below the cross, with the dates below this in a sunken cartouche.
The names are carried in two columns on the front of the pedestal, lettering incised using Sans Serif capitals.

In front a new granite has been laid flat into a new sandstone paving pattern at the base of the memorial. It is very plain, with the names laid out in the same way as those on the cross. All lettering is incised using sans serif capitals throughout.

Materials used



To / the / glorious / dead /
Erected by / the inhabitants of / the district / in memory of / the brave men who fell / in the war / 1914 – 1918
Pass not this stone in sorrow but in pride / For they died that you might live.


Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Mr. Endean of Cramlington


1. The quotation is different from the usual one, which reads “Pass not this stone in sorrow but in pride / and may ye live as nobly as they died”.

2. The memorial was erected in the school yard.

3. A replacement memorial plaque has been placed on the ground in front of the original memorial as the names were very hard to read.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell; Tony Harding; Linda Robinson; Robert Preston

Shields Daily News 29/03/1921 reports unveiling.

Morpeth Herald 08/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 29/03/1921 has photographs of unveiling

Northern Echo 30/03/1921 reports unveiling

Source of quotation
“Pass not this stone in sorrow . . .” Not ascertained.

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Research acknowledgements

The late R.W. Gould; J. Brown; P. Thirkell; T. Harding; Dorothy Hall; Linda Robinson

Research In Progress

The names on this memorial are being researched. Contact:

Cross 1914-18 Roadside (N53.02)

NEW YORK, North Tyneside.
On shaft of cross

   Erected by
   the inhabitants of
   the District
   in memory of
   the brave men who fell
   in the war
   1914   1918
On front of pedestal
   C.S.M. ?Keracam* J.       Pte  Boyle, W.J.
   Sergt. Harvey, A.E.        "   Blankinburgh, J.
   "      Heron, W.           "   Conroy, J.
   "      Maggs, W.           "   Conroy, E.
   "      Moon, C.            "   Craven, H.
   "      Tracey, ?I.         "   Dunwoodie, J.  
   Cpl.   Douglas, ?C.        "   Graham, J.
   “      Graham              "   Graham, G.
   L/Cpl  Ashton, J.W.        "   Grieg, D.
   "      Belshaw, W.         "   Hart, J.W.  
   "      Brooks, J.          "   Heron, T.  
   "      Collingwood, W.     "   Helm, J.W.   
   "      Henderson, W.J.     "   Irving, T.  
   "      Stephens, J.        "   Jackson, K.   
   "      Strasenburgh, J.F.  "   Liddle, R.   
   A.B.   Gott, E.            "   Little, J.   
   "      Henderson, V.       "   Lister, T.  
   "      Jackson, W.         "   March, J.   
   "      Strasenburgh, H.    "   McLean, J.   
   Pte.   Adams, J.H.         "   Miller, J.   
   "      Alhstead, J.W.      "   Morgan, S  
   "      Alhstead, C.        "   Mowat, J.R.  
   "      Aitchison, N.       "   Nesbit, T.   
   "      Bell, L.            "   Proud, M. 
   "      Beadnell, ?M.A.     "   Riddle, ?C. 
On lower step

   Pte.   Ridley, T.W.    Pte. Shotton, T.   Pte.   Todd, H.
   "      Sharkey, A.     "   Stobart, T.    "     Wardhaugh, F.
   "      Storey, J.R.    "   Taylor, A.     "     Wright, W.
On bottom step

   P.O. Waugh, R. (M.M.) Gnr. Hills, ?C.J.(M.M.) Gnr. Veitch, J.  Spr.   Mines, J
   Gnr. Dance, A.        “   McCann, W.          Sig. Palmer, E.  “      Spinks, J.
                         Slr. O'Brien, E.        Tr.  Dowie, R.W.
   Pass not this stone in sorrow but in pride
   For they died that you might live.
The new plaque reads:

To The Glorious
   Erected by the inhabitants of the
   District in memory of the brave men who
   Fell in the war
   1914   1919
   C.S.M. Keracam, J         Pte. Boyle, WJ
   Sergt. Harvey, AE          "   Blankinburgh, J
   "      Heron, W            "   Conroy, J
   "      Maggs, W            "   Conroy, E
   "      Moon, C             "   Craven, H
   "      Tracey, I           "   Dunwoodie, J  
   Cpl.   Douglas, R          "   Graham, J
   "      Graham, --          "   Graham, G
   L/Cpl. Ashton, JW          "   Grieg, D
   "      Belshaw, W          "   Hart, JW  
   "      Brooks, J           "   Heron, T  
   "      Collingwood, W      "   Helm, JW   
   "      Henderson, WJ       "   Irving, T  
   "      Stephens, J         "   Jackson, K   
   "      Strasenburgh, JF    "   Liddle, R   
   A.B.   Gott, E             "   Little, J   
   "      Henderson, V        "   Lister, T  
   "      Jackson, W          "   March, J   
   "      Strasenburgh, H     "   McLean, J   
   Pte.   Adams, JH           "   Miller, J   
   "      Alhstedt, JW        "   Morgan, S  
   "      Alhstedt, GC        "   Mowat, JR  
   "      Aitchison, N        "   Nesbit, T   
   "      Bell, L             "   Proud, M 
   "      Beadnell, MA        "   Riddle, C 
   Pte.   Ridley, TW    Pte. Shotton, T    Pte.   Todd, H
    "     Sharkey, A     "   Stobart, T     "     Wardhaugh, F
    "     Storey, JR     "   Taylor, A      "     Wright, W
   P.O.  Waugh, R (MM)  Gnr. Hills, CJ(MM)  Gnr. Veitch, J.  Spr. Mines, J
   Gnr.   Dance, A       "   McCann, W      Sig. Palmer, E    "   Spinks, J
                        Slr. O'Brien, E     Tr.  Dowie, RW
   Pass not this stone in sorrow but in pride
   For they died that you might live.
   The only names which have been changed are: 
  Alhstead JW and Alhstead G which now read 
      Alhstedt, JW and Alhstedt G.C, 
      Cpl. Douglas, ?C is now Douglas R. 
      All the other queries in NEWMP's transcription have been accepted and used.

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