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Photo: James Pasby


Chancel Screen 1914-18 St. John





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NZ 248397

Original Location

Church of St. John the Evangelist, Lobley Hill Road / St. John’s Road.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 6th May 1920 by Prof. F. Hobday, FRCVS., CMG., (Hon. Major) of London. Dedicated by Archdeacon Derry, Rector of Sedgefield.

Memorial Description

Chancel screen 3 feet high x 9 feet 6 inches long on sandstone stone wall 2 feet high. The gates bear the Greek letters Alpha and Omega.
The names of those who died are carried on five brass plaques, each 10 inches high x 2 feet wide, with a similar plaque bearing the dedication, fixed to the front of the wall below the screen. Lettering is in Roman capitals.

Materials used

Wrought iron screen, stone base, brass plaques.


To the Glory of God and in sacred memory of those who / gave their lives for humanity in the Great War 1914 - 1918.
Their name liveth for evermore



Cost of all memorials was £600.


1. The plaques bearing the names are in sequence apart from the one for S - W, which is at the left. It is possible that this was moved when the pulpit was inserted in 1969.

2. The men named are from Langley Moor, Boyne, Littleburn, Meadowfield, Browney and Brandon Villages.

3. The name “Atkingson” on the plaque should, we think, be “Atkinson”. There are no entries for “Atkingson” in the CWGC files.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Simon Raine; C. Sanders; Karen Redhead; James Pasby

Durham County Advertiser 14/05/1920 reports unveiling

Durham Chronicle 14/05/1920 reports unveiling.

Illustrated Chronicle 08/05/1920 reports unveiling.

Northern Echo 07/05/1920 reports unveiling.

The Monumental Brasses of County Durham William Lack H Martin Stuchfield and Philip Whittemore 2002 ISBN 095 4327101

Source of quotation
“Their name liveth for evermore Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 44

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; C. Sanders; Karen Redhead; Dorothy Hall; Tony Harding

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Chancel Screen 1914-18 St. John (M50.05)

MEADOWFIELD St. John the Evangelist Church
Plaque 1
   To the Glory of God and in sacred memory of those who
   gave their lives for humanity in the Great War 1914 - 1918.
   their name liveth for evermore
Plaque 2
    John Addison          Thomas Bage           George W. Beresford
    Arthur C. Adamson     Walter Baines         Thomas H. Beresford
    Thomas Adamson        James Barras          Norman Birkett
    John Allison          James Barron          James Bond
    Wilfred Appleby       George Barrow         Jonathan Bond
    Joseph Armstrong      James F. Basey        Edward Brown 
    John Atkingson        John Beaver           George A. Brown
Plaque 3
    Leonard Brown         Robert P. Craggs      Thomas Dickinson         
    Richard Brown         Samuel Culley         Fred Ditchburn              
    Stephen Burdess       John Davies           Thomas Dodds                
    Thomas Chilton        Alec Daglish          John Eales                   
    George S. Clarke      Harry Dickinson C.F.  Robert Farthing   
    John Cockburn         John Dent             James Ferguson                  
    Thomas Cockburn       John W. Dickinson     Arthur Freeman          
Plaque 4
    William Gardner       Thomas Hardy          George Humphrey
    William H. Gent       William C.H. Hardy    Thomas Humphrey
    David Gleghorn        Ralph Harland         Joseph Hunter
    Harry Greenwell       Joseph Hedley         Walter Jobling
    Harry Grocock         Stephen Halliday      Edward Kelly
    Arthur Guyll          George Hooper         Isaac Kenny
    George Hall           Richard Houghton      John Knowles
Plaque 5
    Robert Leighton       John Lumley           Joseph Moses                
    Bertie S.B. Liddle    William P. Lumley     Robert Moses       
    Reginald Liddle       Robert Malone         John T. Murray            
    John Liptrot          Joseph Madgin         Joseph Musgrave              
    George A. Lockney     John W. Mavin         William Nesbitt         
    Tom Lockey            Leonard Morris        William Newton                
    William Lofthouse     Stephen Moses         Joseph Oley             
Plaque 6
    George Ovington       John T. Ridley        Elijah Sayers
    Henry Pearson         Bartholomew Robson    Harold Schofield
    Richard Potts         Charles M. Robson     Jack Sherrington
    Walter G.A.Ransome Priest  Harry S. Robson  George R. Simpson
    Matthew Reaveley      William H. Robson     Thomas W. Simpson
    Robert Reay           William Robson (B.V.) Frankland Smith
    Thomas E. Richardson  William Robson (BRY.) John T. Smith  
Plaque 7
    John Staff            George W. Vardy       Thomas Watson                
    Matthew Stobbart      William K. Walton (L) Samuel Wetherall 
    Fred Storey           Robert Wallett        John W. Wood                 
    John J. Suggett       Robert Warkman        Oliver Wrightson         
    Arthur Teeder         Harry Ward                                 
    James Temple          Robert Warner                               
    Charles E. Todd       Ernest Warner                          

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