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Photo: Dorothy Hall


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside





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NZ 118543

Original Location

At the junction of Fines Road and Front Street on the left hand side of the churchyard gates.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled 27th March 1921 by Hon. S.R. Vereker, M.C. and dedicated by Rev. R.E. Parr

Memorial Description

Cross of Celtic type, elaborately carved, total height 17 feet, standing on a pedestal and two steps inside a small kerbed area with flower beds. The dedication and names from Medomsley in two columns are on the front face, and on the right hand side in two columns. Those for 1939-45 on the step riser on the front below. The names from Hamsterley Colliery are on the rear and the left hand side. All lettering is incised using sans serif capitals. The quotation is in italics.

Materials used



a. To the glory of God / and in reverent and grateful / memory of the gallant dead / 1914-1918.
Their reward is with the Lord and / the care of them with the Most High.
b. 1939-1945




Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Emley and Co., Newcastle.


1. Mr. F.O. Kirkup, who presided at the unveiling ceremony, said that from one colliery under his charge over 800 men went out, 25 per cent were killed (“were left behind”)

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Ron Carson; Simon Raine; Dorothy Hall

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 02/04/1921 page 10

Shields Daily News 31/03/1921

Illustrated Chronicle 26/03/1921 reports proposed unveiling tomorrow with photo.

Northern Echo 28/03/1921 reports unveiling.

Consett and Stanley Chronicle 01/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Consett Guardian 01/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 02/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Stanley News 31/03/1921

Blaydon Courier 02/04/1921 reports unveiling.

Source of quotation:
“Their reward is with the Lord . . .” Apocrypha: Wisdom of Solomon 5 v16

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Research acknowledgements

Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Errol Broomfield; Ron Carson; Dorothy Hall

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Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Roadside (M36.01)

MEDOMSLEY Beside St. Mary Magdalene Churchyard
Front Panel (upper)
   To the glory of God 
   and in reverent and grateful 
   memory of the gallant dead 
   "Their reward is with the Lord and 
   the care of them with the Most High."
   Captain    O. Cookson       Private J.M. Brown
   Lieut      J.W. Elliott     "       G. Brown
   2nd Lieut  W. Bell          "       E. Cant
   QM Sergt   O. Little        "       J. Carr
   Sergt      J. Watson        "       J. Dent
   "          W. Milburn       "       J. Edgar
   Corporal   J. Briscoe       "       T. Edgar
   Lance Corp O. Grugan        "       T. Fenwick
   Private    L. Bell          "       D. Gill
   "          J.G. Barrie      "       J. W. Gibson
   "          W.H. Brokenshire "       N. Golightly
Top right hand side
   Private    A. Hardy         Private J.J. Ralphs
   "          J. Heslop        "       R. Ralphs
   "          C. Hodgson       "       G. Robson
   "          T. Hodgson       "       W. Robson
   "          E. Hanley        "       F. Ridley
   "          J.M. Howcroft    "       S. Ridley
   "          B. Hunter        "       E. Rowland
   "          W. Kay           "       G. Smeaton
   "          G.E. Kendall     "       W. Smart
   "          W.H. Kennedy     "       T. Sidy
   "          T. Lee           "       J. Seed
   "          H. Longstaff     "       J. Steele
   "         R.W. Longstaff    L/ Corp.G. Sanderson
   "         R.  McKinnell     Private J.T. Swalwell
   "         T. Murphy         "       B. Turner
   "         W.H. Nicholson    "       J. Taylor
   "         J.M. Ormston      "       A. Wigham
   "         W.F. Patton       "       H. Wigham
   "         J.F. Pickering    Corp.   J.W. Whitfield
Rear upper panel
   Major      A.T. Watson     Private A. Cockrill
   Lieut      O. Earnshaw     "       R.W. Cowen
   Sergt      N.S. Allison    "       R. Cruddas
   "          J.W. Kyle       "       J.H. Dickinson
   "          G.H. Leadbitter "       W. Dinning
   "          J. McClean      "       G.R. Ellison
   "          J. Scott        "       W. Errington
   "          W.J. Vater      "       A.W. Fletcher
   Corp       T. Patterson    "       T. Forster
   Lance Corp J. Barrow       "       T. Foster
   "     "    J. Holden       "       A. Graham
   "     "    J. Nithsdale    "       W. Gorden
   Private    T. Atthey       "       J.J. Grugan
   "          J. Arthur       "       R. Graham
   "          J. Burns        "       R. Goodfellow
   "          M. Carr         "       J. Hillary
   "          J. Clewes       "       J.M. Huntsman
   "          G.S. Coulson    "       E. Haggarth
   "          W.S. Coulson    "       J. Hughes
Left upper panel
   Private    T. Lamb         Private T. Smith
    "         A. Loughran     "       J. Scarr
    "         J. Musgrove     "       G. Street
    "         W. McWilliams   "       J. Smith
    "         G. McClay       "       S. Simpson
    "         J. Merritt      "       T. Tiplady
    "         W. McDonald     "       J. Wade
    "         H. McIntosh     "       J. Ward
    "         T.W. McKenzie   "       J. Watson
    "         C. McKinley     "       A. Wilson
    "         D. Murray       "       T. Wilson
    "         J. Nevins       "       J.T. Walton
    "         N. Oakes        "       M. Wraith
    "         T. Oakes        "       J.G. Wilkinson
    "         T. Parkinson    "       S. Weston
    "         J. Soulsby      
Front Panel - On sloping lower step
   1939 – 1945
On lower step
   Lieut G.R. Beer RNR   Lance Corp M.P. Bell G.H. Flt Serg N. Heslop RAF
   Serg G.A. Clarke RTR  A.C.I.  W. Cant  RAF      Serg R. Jobson  RAF
   Cox T. Dowson RN      Gunner T. Whitfield  RA   Private W.H. Peake  DLI
                         Corp R.H. Richardson EYR
                         Corp L. Scott  DLI
                         Private W. Henley  RAMC


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