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Chancel screen 1914-18 St. Cuthbert





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NZ 204581

Original Location

St. Cuthbertís Parish Church, St. Cuthbertís Road.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Dedicated by Rev. J. Arbuckle ?10th April 1920. Rev. N.J. Burgess read the lesson. Rev. S.J.B. Groser read dedicatory prayers.

Memorial Description

Chancel screen, square headed and very finely carved. The two side screens have apertures leading to the choir stalls. The screen uprights have two panels at their foot, each 2 feet 6 inches x 9 inches, each of which bears names listed in a single column.

Materials used



To the Glory of God / and in memory of / those Parishioners / who gave their lives / for their God / King and Country / in the Great War / 1914-1919.


Who commissioned

War memorial committee: President Rev. J. Arbuckle, secretary Mr. E. Stoker, treasurer, Mr. Thomas Richardson.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Messrs. Hicks and Charlwood; erected by Messrs. H. Brown of Newcastle


1. Rev. S.J.B. Groser was organising secretary of the Church of England Menís Society and Army Chaplain during the war.

2. The chancel screen was removed from its original position during restoration work to the other end of the building, where it screens off a kitchen / communal area. It was painted a dull colour and has been repainted.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Ron Carson; Mr. and Mrs. M. Garfoot (Sunniside Local History Society)

Newcastle Daily Journal 12/04/1920 reports unveiling.

Auckland and County Chronicle 08/04/1920.

Blaydon Courier 17/04/1920 reports unveiling.

The Peopleís History (The Turnpike Road) F.G. Newman and Sunniside Local History Society, Tempus Publishing Ltd; 1997, Reprint 2004 page 49

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Research acknowledgements

J. Brown; Ron Carson; Errol Broomfield; Mr. and Mrs. M. Garfoot, Marley Hill Church; Fitzhugh Collection, Middleton in Teesdale; Dorothy Hall

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Chancel screen 1914-18 St. Cuthbert (M34.01)

MARLEY HILL   St. Cuthbert’s Parish Church


Panel 1

   “To the glory of God                        
   and in memory of 

   Arnold Joshua       Brown, Stephen    
   Arnold, Jno.        Batey, And’w     
   Armstrong, Jno      Briggs, Thos      
   Baker, Rich’d       Best, Wm. A.  
   Bainbridge, Thos.   Collingwood, Jno. 
   Bainbridge, Alex.   Clark, Matt. L.    
   Bell, William       Chisholm, George 
Panel 2

   those parishioners
   who gave their lives    

   Chisholm, Rob       Dent, Thos. S.
   Clifton, Thos       Ellis, Rob. Wm.
   Charlton, Geo.      Ellis, Fred.
   Davison, Jno.       Ellison, Thos. Wm.
   Davison, Rob.       Ekin, Jno. C.
   Dryden, Rob. W.     Gilhespy, Geo. B.
   Dryden, Geo. H.     Hutchinson, Jos. M.
Panel 3

   for their God, King                
   and Country                   

   Harm, Chas. F.      Murray, Frans.      
   Hodson, Jno.        Mason, J.T.         
   Huxley, Ben         Nasby, Jas.      
   Holmes, Matt. D.    Ord, Humphy      
   Hinds, Jas.         Oliver, Thos.      
   Laton, Geo.         Pryde, Jos.         
   Lawson, Walter      Porter, Rob. S.      
Panel 4

   in the Great War

   Pharoah, Alf.       Reed, Jos.
   Pescod, Jno. W.     Shearlaw, Jas.
   Rowell, Rob. F.     Stirrup, Thos. W.
   Rowell, Hugh F.     Tucker, Norman
   Robson, Wm. D.      Thompson, Ralph
   Robinson, Jno. H.   Thirwell, Jno.
   Raynor, Alf.        Waddle, F.
   Reay, Jos. E.       Wilkinson, Jno.L.

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