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Photo: Tony Harding


Cenotaph 1914-18 1939-45 Castle Bank





Map ref

NZ 202855

Original Location

Castle Banks, opposite Station Bank.

Which war

a. 1914-1918
b. 1939-1945

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Unveiled October 1st 1922, by Lord Joicey; dedicated by Canon J.J. Davies.
b. Unveiled 11th April 1948 by Col. N.I. Wright, D.S.O., dedicated by Rector Canon F. Baker.

Memorial Description

Cenotaph, 16 feet high, on a base 27 feet 6 inches square. Near the top is placed a cast bronze laurel wreath. The names are raised on cast bronze plaques, which are affixed to all four faces. Four smaller plaques are attached lower down to take the names of the dead from the World War II. The names are in two columns on each plaque. Each plaque has a raised decorated border, and a raised line down the middle divides the names. Lettering is in Roman capitals throughout, except for ranks, which are in lower case.

Materials used

Blue York stone


To the glory of God and in abiding memory of the / Men of Morpeth who laid down their lives in the Wars / 1914-1918 / 1939-1945 /
They died that we might live in freedom.


Who commissioned

a. War Memorial Committee (Secretary, W. Slassor, Treasurer, J.R. Mitchell)
b. War Memorial Committee.


a. £1,200. The names of regiments were not included, but decorations were added without cost.

How money was raised

Public subscription.
a. The council gave £59 from its "Welcome home" fund and £10 from its "War Heroes" Fund. Also a shilling fund was introduced.

Present condition

Good. Restored 1994

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by C. Franklin Murphy. Built by J.H. Robinson.

Ownership and maintenance

The memorial was handed over soon after the unveiling to Morpeth Urban District Council


1. An original proposal for 1914-18 was a triumphal arch, designed by C.F. Murphy, which was later rejected.

2. 2,500 ballot papers had been sent out on the schemes proposed which produced the following results:
(a) to erect a cottage hospital with tablet insertions bearing the names of the fallen – 303 votes;
(b) to erect a memorial cross upon the Ha’ Hill and in that case also to insert panels in the Town Hall staircase, bearing the names of the fallen; surplus funds being used to provide scholarships for the children of men who served – 70 votes;
(c) To erect a triumphal arch at the entrance to the park, opposite the court house – 421 votes.

3. The site, below the Castle walls on the edge of the town, was chosen by returning soldiers, who said that the view was the last soldiers had of Morpeth as they left from the Station, and the first glimpse as they returned. An original suggestion was that it should be at the entrance to the Carlisle Park.

4. The cenotaph was floodlit in 2003.

5. Mr. Joseph Henry Meldon Robson of Morpeth was examined for bankruptcy in 1923. He said that he had lost out on contracts to erect memorials at Whitley Bay and Morpeth. Morpeth Herald 5/10/1923

6. Morpeth Herald 7/01/1916 reports entries in the London Gazette for those mentioned in dispatches. The following were mentioned for “gallant and distinguished conduct in the field”:
Lt.Col. Henderson, D.L.I.;
Lieut. R.Oliver, N.F., Morpeth;
Capt. Merivale, N.F. Broomhill;
Sgt. R.B. Appleby, N.F. West High House, Morpeth; Sgt. D.B. Douglas ABCND, Morpeth.
The same edition mentions scrapbooks for wounded soldiers.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: P. Thirkell; old postcards: J.S. Perry; Tony Harding

Morpeth Herald 31/01/1919 reports public meeting; 25/07/1919 reports proposal of triumphal arch; 25/07/1919 reports results of ballot; 29/08/1919 reports contention between a gateway and an archway; 12/12/1919, 24/09/1920 reports proposal for house-to-house collections; 22/10/1920 reports public sight of a scale model of the proposed arch; 29/10/91920 carries drawing of proposed arch; 04/02/1921 reports ideas for fund raising including a shilling fund and a dance; 25/02/1921 reports proposed performance of a play called “Eliza comes to stay”; 04/03/1921 reports proposed ball; 25/03/1921 reports success of ball or “confetti carnival”; 06/05/1921 reports “The amount collected on St.Mark;s Race Day is aid of Morpeth War Memorial was £27.4s. This amount would have been almost double if the ladies who promised to do the collecting on the Common had come and taken their boxes out”; 25/11/1921 reports abandoning the triumphal arch suggestion; 02/12/1921 reports proposed launch of shilling fund; 09/12/1921 contains a letter congratulating the council for getting things moving; 30/06/1921 reports progress; 22/09/1922 and 29/09/1922 report proposed unveiling; 06/10/1922 fully reports unveiling with picture; 13/10/1922 report dismay at unseemly applause during the unveiling; 13/04/1923 reports on the handing over of the memorial into the custody of Morpeth Town Council; 02/04/1948 reports proposed unveiling of additional 1939-45 plaques; 16/04/1948 reports unveiling.

Morpeth County Library Postcard collection includes photograph of unveiling.

Alnwick & County Gazette 30/10/1920 reports proposal to place the monument at entrance to Carlisle Park.

Illustrated Chronicle 03/08/1922 carries photo of memorial under construction; 02/10/1922 shows photos of the unveiling.

Northern Echo 05/10/1923 reports on the Robson bankruptcy; 03/10/1922 reports unveiling with a photograph.

North Mail 23/10/1920 reports acceptance of arch design.

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle 07/10/1922 reports unveiling.

St.George’s Gazette Vol. XL (1922) 31st October page 164 reports unveiling.

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Research acknowledgements

The late Alec H. Tweddle, Julia Wood (both Morpeth Antiquarian Society), Janet Brown; Castle Morpeth Borough Council; Ian McCaffrey; Tony Harding; John S. Perry; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

The names for 1914-18 are being researched by the Morpeth Antiquarian Society. They are concentrating on the Cenotaph, and are working with the pupils at King Edward VI School on their memorial. Contact Angela Teasdale:

Cenotaph 1914-18 1939-45 Castle Bank (M17.01)


On large upper panel facing the road:
   Aitken T.G.       Pte.    Browell J.L.       Pte.
   Alexander W.      Pte.    Brown J.W.         Sgt.
   Allan P.          Gnr.    Brewis J.          Pte.
   Allen T.          Pte.    Boistin C.         Sgt.
   Amlett A.V. M.M.  Sgt.    Bullock P.J.       Sgt.
   Angus P.          Pte.    Buckley J.         Capt.
   Armstrong J.N.    Capt.   Campbell T.G.      Pte.
   Armstrong Edwin.  Gdsm.   Case H.E.          Lieut.
   Armstrong W.      Pte.    Causton S.         Drv.
   Arnott E.         Pte.    Charlton W.R.      Sgt.
   Appleby W.P.      Cpl.    Charlton H.        Pte.
   Ashton E.         L/Cpl.  Clark Joe          Bmb.
   Atkinson J.W.     Pte.    Clark R.B.         Sgt.
   Aynsley J.B.      Pte.    Clark J.G.         Bmb.
   Bates G.          Sgt.    Cook W.            Pte.
   Barnett W.R.      Pte.    Cooper R.R.        Pte.
   Bell M.F.         Pte.    Coutts J.A.        L/Cpl.
   Black John        Pte.    Crake G.C.         Trp.
   Black R.W.        Pte.    Corbett J.E.       Marine
   Blackhall A.      Pte.    Croyle J.          Pte.
   Blackhall G.A.    Pte.    Curry A.           Pte.
   Blackhall W.H.    Pte.    Conroy E.          Pte.
   Blanch R.W.       Pte.    Dalton G.          Pte.
   Bowman A.         Cpl.    Dalton M.          L.S.
   Bowman J.         Cpl.    Dalton R.          Stoker.
   Bowman T.B.       Pte.    Daglish R.A.       Pte.
   Brady E.          Gnr.    Davidson James     Lieut.
   Brodie F. Gordon  Cpl.    Davidson T.        L/Cpl.
   Brotherton G.     Pte.    Day R.W.           Pte.
On bottom panel facing the road:
   To the glory of God and in abiding memory of the
   men of Morpeth who laid down their lives in the World Wars
   They died that we might live in freedom
On large upper panel on west side (1914-18):

   Dodds J.          Pte.    Gilboy J.          Spr.
   Dodds M.          Pte.    Givens Peter       Dvr.
   Dodds R.          Gnr.    Glass W.T.         Pte.
   Dodds T.          Pte.    Goldie J.L.        Sgt.
   Donnelly J.P.     Sgt.    Graham W.A.        P.O.
   Douglas F.        Sgt.    Green E.           L/Cpl.
   Douglas W.        Sgt.    Green M.           Pte.
   Douglass F.       Sgt.    Green G.           Pte.
   Dryden R.         Sgt.    Grey Geo.          Trp.
   Duncan J.         Pte.    Grey J.            Pte.
   Dunn A.           L/Cpl.  Grey J.W.          Sgt.
   Dunn Geo.         Sgt.    Grey R.            Pte.
   Dunn Andrew       Pte.    Haig S.            Pte.
   Diamond H.        Pte.    Hall J.            Pte.
   Elliott G.W.      Pte.    Halliday M.M.C.    R.S.M.
   Fagan A.          Pte.    Harrison J.E.      Pte.
   Fawdon G.R.       Pte.    Hedley R.          C.S.M.
   Fisher B.S.       Pte.    Henderson L.H.     Pte.
   Foster Bert       C.S.M.  Henderson T.       Pte.
   Forster J.        Sgt.    Hoey Cyril J.      App.
   Fram F.           Pte.    Hood T.            Q.M.S.
   Froud D.          Pte.    Hunter C.          Pte.
   Froud J.F.        Pte.    Hudson J.          Pte.
   Garvie O.         Pte.    Hudson J.W.        Pte.
   Garvie T.         Rfm.    Jackson William    Pte.
   Gair T.N.         Pte.    Jackson G.W.       Lieut.
   Gair J.           Pte.    James W. Leslie    Flg.Lt.
   Gibson W.         Pte.    Jamieson E.        Pte.
   Gilboy G.         Pte.    Johnson N.R.       Cpl.
On lower small panel on west side (1939-45):

   Moscrop E.     Lt.     D.L.I.        Smith P.       A.B.     M.N.
   O'Hare J.R.    L/Cpl.  R.N.F.        Stewart J.     Gnr.     R.A.
   Parry F.E.     Trp.    R.N.F.        Stewart J.A.S. Fus.     R.N.F.
   Patterson W.   Fus.    R.S.F.        Stobbart J.D.  Gnr.     R.A.
   Pickering E.   Sgt     K.O.Y.L.I.    Surtees A.G.   Sgt.     R.A.F.
   Robinson J.W.  AB.     R.N.          Swinhoe G.     Sgt.     R.A.
   Robson T.      LAC.    R.A.F.        Turnbull J.W.  Fus.     R.N.F.
   Rough J.       Pte.    R.E.          Twitchin G.    Fus.     R.N.F.
   Routledge J.V. F/Sgt.  R.A.F.        Varley J.P.    Sgt.     R.A.
   Scott J.E.K.   Sgt.    Green Howards Watson D.      Radio/O. M.N.
   Slassor W.O. Cadet LAC R.A.F.V.R.    Watson E.      "        "
   Smith J.E.     Pte.    Pioneer Corps Waugh R.       Fus      R.N.F.
                                        Wilson C.E.    Fus.     R.N.F.
On large upper panel on back (1914-18):

   Kane A.G.         Lieut.  Muckle W.          Pte.
   Kane J.G.         "       Murphy G. Franklin Spr.
   Kemp R.           Pte.    Murphy J.          Pte.
   Knight J.M.       Spr.    Mounsey W.         Pte.
   Langley W.        Pte.    Nesbit J.          Pte.
   Lamb J.R.         Pte.    Nichol Athol       Pte.
   Lawson E.G.       Lieut.  Nichol John        Pte.
   Lawson J.         Pte.    Nichol M.          Sgt.
   Lee H.            Pte.    Nichol T.          Cpl.
   Lothian T.J.      C.S.M.  O'Brien E.         Cpl.
   Lothian J.        Pte.    O'Hare J.D.        Pte.
   Lothian T.        Pte.    O'Hare J.          Pte.
   Loughran J.C.     P.O.    Oliver R.          Lieut.
   Lowes R.T.        Cpl.    Overend S.A.       L/Cpl.
   Lyons F.          Pte.    Patterson D.R.     Pte.
   Lyons John        Sgt.    Potter J.          Sgt.
   Luke E.           Pte.    Pringle J.A.       Pte.
   Mackay A.         Pte.    Pringle J.A.       Pte.
   Mackay J.R.       Trp.    Purvis H.L.        Pte.
   Marshall L.       Pte.    Reay J.L.          Pte.
   Marshall T.       Cpl.    Reay W.            Pte.
   Matheson Edward   Sgnl.   Richardson J.G.    Pte.
   Matthewson D.G.   Pte.    Richardson J.      Pte.
   May A.L.          Sgt.    Riddell N.G.       Sgt.
   McCarthy J.M.     Pte.    Riddley J.         Pte.
   McCarthy W.       Pte.    Robinson S.        Pte.  
   McGillian C.      Cpl.    Robson R.          Pte. 
   Miller J.         Trp.    Rogers R.          L/Cpl.
   Monaghan O.       Pte.    Routledge W.       Pte.
On lower smaller panel on back (1939-45):

   Fogerty  L.P.  Pte     Royal Marines Jobson R.N.    Cpl.     R.N.F.
   Fram G.        L/Cpl.  R.A.M.C.      Knight T.E.    Pte.     D.L.I.
   Gay J.R.       Pte   Queen's R.Regt. Lawson S.      Pte.     Airborne Div.
   Green J.       Pte.    R.A.          Liddle S.      Marine   Royal Marines
   Hall J.W.      Pte.    K.O.R.R.      Longstaff W.   Pte.     R.N.F.
   Hannay C.B.    Fus.    R.N.F.        Luke W.        LAC      R.A.F.
   Hedley W.      Stoker  R.N.          MacDonald J.W. W/O      R.A.F.
   Henderson J.L. Sgm     Royal Signals Marshall F.    O/S      R.N.
   Heslop J.      Gnr.    R.A.          Martin D.C.    F/O      R.A.F.
   Hopper J.      Cpl.    R.A.M.C.      Martin N.      A.B.     R.N.
   Huntley J.     Tel.    R.N.          Maxwell A.B.   A.B.     R.N.
   Jackson G.W.   Sgt.    R.A.F.        Mitchinson J.M.W/O.     R.A.F.
   Jobson R.      Piper   Royal Cams.   Moore A.J.     Sgt.     R.A.F.
On large upper panel east side (1914-18):
   Sanderson W.      Pte.    Thompson J.C.      Cpl.
   Sample A.         Pte.    Trenent W.M.       Pte.
   Sample Alex.      Pte.    Turner A.H.        Pte.
   Shaftoe J.        Pte.    Tweedy T.H.        Pte.
   Shannon T.        Dvr.    Walker J.R.        Cpl.
   Sharp R.          Pte.    Walker R.          L/Cpl.
   Shepherd L.A.     Sgt.    Waggott J.A.       Pte.
   Shepherd J.       Pte.    Wastle R.R.        Pte.
   Slaughter J.W.    Sgt.    Waterston B.       Sgn.
   Smith J.          Pte.    Waterston N.G.R.   Pte.
   Smith T.          Pte.    Waters J.          Cpl.
   Smith T.          Pte.    Watson G.          Pte.
   Soulsby W.R.      L/Cpl.  Watson J.          Pte.
   Sproat R.         Pte.    Watson T.          Pte.
   Sproat W.         Pte.    Watson M.          Pte.
   Sproul R.         L/Cpl.  Watson F.S.        Pte.
   Stafford T.       Sgt.    Whittle J.         Pte.
   Stevenson G.      Pte.    White A.           Trp.
   Stewart John      Pte.    Wight Henry A.     Pte.
   Stewart J.        Pte.    Wilkinson I.       L/Cpl.
   Stobart G.E.      Pte.    Williams R.        Pte.
   Straughan W.P.    Trp.    Winn W.W.          Pte.
   Swinney N.A.      Lieut.  Wright S.A.        Sgt.
   Swinney J.H.C. M.C. Capt. Youll J.           Pte.
   Swinney F.        Sgt.    Young T.S.         Pte.
   Shotton H.        L/Cpl.  Young R.           Pte.
   Taylor E.         Cpl.    Young P.           Pte.
   Taylor E.J.       Cpl.    Young T.           Pte.
   Telford T.        Pte.    Yule A.            Pte.
On lower smaller panel east side (1939-1945):

   Ainsley Alan   Sgt.AG. R.A.F.        Cooper G.      Gnr.     R.A.
   Allison J.C.E. Pte.    Q.O.C.H.      Cowling H.E.   Sgt.     R.A.F.
   Angus Thos.    Gnr.   Maritime Regt. Daglish G.     Sgt.     R.A.F.
   Appleby W.     P.O.    R.A.F.        Davison M.     Pte.     Black Watch.
   Armstrong K.   O/S.    R.N.          Dippie A.      Trimmer  M.N.
   Beckerleg L.C. Capt.   R.A.S.C.      Dirom G.       Fus.     R.N.F.
   Bray Thos.     Pte.    D.C.L.I.      Donnelly J.    Fus.     R.N.F.
   Brewis A.H.    Grdsm. Coldstream Gds Douglas J.     Lt.    S.forth Highlds.
   Bushby J.      F/Sgt.  R.A.F.        Dowie R.S.     Cadet    M.N.
   Cairns R.      Gnr.    R.A.          Dunn J.C.      Fus      R.N.F.
   Carter W.T.    Fus.    R.N.F.        Elliott T.     Sgt.     R.A.F.
   Christie C.    F/Sgt.  R.A.F.        Familton M.    Pte.     K.O.R.R.
   Clarke L.      Cpl. East Surrey Regt.Familton W.    R/fm. Rifle Brigade.

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