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Brough Library Victory 1939-45 Moot Hall





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NY 934639

Original Location

Moot Hall.

Present Location

Moved in 1983 to Queen’s Hall, Beaumont Street.

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Dedication, Creation or Publication date

In the presence of Lord and Lady Allendale the library was officially handed over to the Chairman of Hexham U.D.C. on 2nd November 1948 by Mr. E.P. Shield of Lloyds Bank, acting on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Brough, who were ill.

Memorial Description

Library of some 10,000 books and an endowment fund of £2,000, the interest from which was to be used for the purchase of new books.
The dedication is on a brass plaque 15cm high x 53.5cm, on the south wall, between the shelves housing the library, where it was placed following the move from the Moot Hall. The inscription in incised in Roman lettering.

Materials used

Brass plate.


The Brough Library
This collection was donated by the late Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Brough
to the townspeople of Hexham in commemoration of
victory in the Second World War 1939-45



Who commissioned

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Brough of Thornley Gate, Allendale.




1. As a result of an offer made in 1946 to the UDC a fine private library of some 10,000 volumes which had been collected by Mr. Harry E. Anderson, a coal exporter from Newcastle, was purchased.The library was housed in the Moot Hall and then over two years was catalogued, classified and arranged, Hexham UDC providing the necessary shelving and furniture. it was handed over in 1948. In 1952 an agreement of association was made with the County Library, opened in 1947, which became responsible for the administration of both libraries. In 1978 the library was forced to vacate the Moot Hall when urgent repairs became necessary, public access ceased for two years and the collection was cleaned and prepared for binding of titles of permanent value.
A core collection of 6,000 books, with 1,500 volumes held in reserve storage, which represented the real strength and character of the Library in its coverage of military history, biography, travel and literature was placed in the Queen’s Hall library when it opened in 1981. In addition about 3,000 books, including modern fiction and other books of general interest, were added to the landing library stock, with the proviso that they should not be sent to other libraries in the County.The residue of the collection was sold to the public and the balance was added to the Trust Fund, the interest from which was to be used to purchase new books in accordance with the Trust Deed.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photo: Colin Dallison

Leaflet published by the County Library Service in 1983 to mark the removal to the newly opened Queen’s Hall Arts Centre.

Bookplate from one book which was sold.

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Colin N. Dallison

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