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ROH 1939-45 Hospital





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NY 936638

Original Location

War Memorial Hospital, Eastgate (demolished), on east wall of room to the right of the main entrance.

Present Location

The hospital was closed in April 1995. The boards were sent to Hexham General Hospital for temporary storage. They were re-erected in the new hospital, which opened in July 2003, on the wall of the passage leading to the chapel.

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Memorial Description

Roll of Honour Memorial Board, 154cm high x 153cm wide, and made of three vertical panels framed with a very narrow plain frame. Names are painted in black serif capitals, with initial letters painted in red, in three columns. The words "Roll of Honour" are in black shadowed with red. The dates "1939" and "1945" are also in black shadowed with red, each inside a scroll.

Materials used



Roll of Honour / 1939-1945



1. This memorial is identical in style to that for the 1914-18 war which hangs on the adjacent right-hand wall. Facing the board is a glass case holding the Standard of the British Legion, which was superseded when the Legion became the Royal British Legion in 1971.

2. There was great debate over the location of the scrolls after the closure of the hospital in 1995. The suggestion that they be placed in the cemetery chapel of rest was branded as "appalling". It was finally agreed that place of honour be found for them in the new hospital building.

3. Although a new hospital was to be built, great debate went on regarding the old building. It was given to the town as a War Memorial Hospital, and there are those who feel that it should be returned to the town.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C.N. Dallison

The Journal 10/01/1995 reports debate on new place for memorials; 11/01/1995 reports no room in the Abbey for them, and the monastic workshop was also considered; 13/01/1995 reports death of campaigner on eve of meeting to discuss future location.

Research acknowledgements

C.N. Dallison; J. Brown

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ROH 1939-45 Hospital (H51.27)

HEXHAM, War Memorial Hospital.
   1939               1945
   L.Cpl.    K. Anderson       A.T.S.     
   Sgt.Plt   H.B. Annan        R.A.F.     
   Cpl.      F. Armstrong      R.N.F.     
   Spr.      A. Atkinson       R.E.       
   Capt      W.N. Barry D.F.C. G.P.R.     
   Lt.       T.B. Bland        R.N.F.     
   L.A.C.    W.R. Blackburn    R.A.F.     
   3rd Offr. C.H. Boyd         M.N.               
   Gnr.      J. Brotherton     R.A.       
   F.O.      F.T. Brown D.F.C. R.A.F.     
   A.C.      N.N. Carr         "          
   Cpl.      G.T. Charlton     R.N.F.     
   Pte.      A.E.V. Clark M.M. Gr'nHwds.  
   L.Cpl.    T. Cooper         R.E.M.E.   
   Fus.      J.P. Cook         R.N.F.     
   "         A. Clark          "          
   Sgt.      R. Clark          "          
   A.C.      L. Clifford       R.A.F.     
   Sgt.Obs.  W. Curry          "                  
   Cpl.      R.J. Clarke       "          
   Major     R.W. Casebourne   R.E.       
   2nd       S. Cunningham     D.L.I.     
   Spr.      R.E. Crozier      R.E.       
   Trp.      E.H. Dickinson    R.A.C.     
   Capt.     P. Dent           M.N.       
   Trp.      R. Dodd           R.A.C.     
   L.A.      N. Davison        F.A.A.     
   Cpl.      L. Drummond       R.A.F.     
   Fus.      J.W. Dodd         R.N.F.     
   Pte.      J. Drydon         "          
   "         E.M. Dickinson    Rec: Regt  
   L.A.C.    H. Dyne           R.A.F.     
   Pte.      H.W. Eddy         R.A.O.C.   
Column 2

   Lt.       W.D. Forster      R.N.F.        
   C.S.M.    D. Forster        "             
   2nd Lt    W.D. Fairclough   D.L.I.        
   Major     R.H. Farquhar     Sfth Hlds     
   Gnr.      G.R. Graham       R.A.          
   O.A.      T. Gordon         R.N.          
   Capt.     C.A.M. Grover     R.H.A.        
   Sgt. Plt. R. Gibson         R.A.F.
   L.Cpl.    T. Graham         R.A.S.C.      
   Sgt.Obs.  J.N. Huddlestone  R.A.F.        
   Major     K.W.D. Hodgson    H.G.          
   L.Cpl.    J.G. Hutchinson   R.N.F.        
   A.B.      J.J. Henderson    R.N.          
   Gnr.      G.E. Hudson       R.A.          
   Cpl.      G. Irwin          W.Yks R       
   Pte.      T. Johnson        P.C.          
   L.Cpl.    J. Kennedy        Bdr R.        
   Cpl.      A.W. Lowdon       R.E.M.E.      
   Pte.      R. Lillico        R.N.F.
   Major     T.R. Lovibond     R.A.C.        
   Pte.      J.W. Moulding     Blk Watch     
   Sgt.      J.W. Morris       R.A.F.        
   Trp.      S. Mynard         Rec Cps       
   P.O.      N.P. McKie        R.N.          
   Gnr.      R. Maquire        R.A.          
   "         W. Metcalfe       "             
   Pte.      J. Newton         Blk Watch     
   "         C. Newton         R.N.F.        
   Trp.      R.W. Oliver       Rec Cps.      
   "         R.F. Pagan        R.A.C.        
   Fus.      J.R. Parker       R.N.F.        
   Trp.      A. Pearson        Rec Cps       
   "         Allan Pearson     "             
   FLt.Lt.   W.A.C. Patterson D.F.C. R.A.F.
Column 3

   Fus.      A. Pearson        R.N.F.
   L.A.      C.E. Portnell     R.A.F.
   Flt.Sgt.  N. Ridley         "
   L.A.C.    A. Ridley         "
   Sgt.      J.H. Rollingson   R.N.F.
   Flt.Sgt.  F.W. Rutherford   R.A.F.
   Lt.       J.H. Rawson       Grn Hwds
   Eng'r     S. Scott          M.N.
   Plt.Offr  W.L. Shield       R.A.F.
   Fus.      T. Stewart        R.N.F.
   Sgt.Nav.  F.D.M. Smith      R.A.F.
   Gnr.      J. Stewart        R.A.
   Pte.      J. Salkeld        A&S. Hlds.
   L.Cpl.    H. Stuart         R.A.S.C.
   Plt.Offr  H.C. Stevenson    R.A.F.
   Fus.      J.W. Snowball     R.N.F.
   Capt.     C.L. Stephenson   "
   Cpl.      J. Smith          R.A.F.
   L.S.      W. Smith          R.N.
   Sgt.      M.J. Thompson     Blk Watch
   L.A.C.    H. Thompson       R.A.F.
   Sgt.      E. Trueman        K.O.Y.L.I.
   Dvr.      J.R. Taylor       R.A.S.C.
   Pte.      A. Thompson       R.N.F.
   "         D. Thompson       Cam Hlds
   L.A.C.    L.B. Whitfield    R.A.F.
   F.O.      J.S. Wood         "
   L.A.C.    W.E. Weatherley   "
   Fus.      R.J. Watson       R.N.F.
   Sgt.Bdr.  R.I. White        R.A.F.
   3rd Eng   N. Wilkinson      M.N.
   Pte.      W.S. Wilson       R.N.F.   
   Cpl.      J. Westgarth      R.A.F.

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