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Photo: C.N. Dallison


Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Abbey Grounds





Map ref

NY 935640

Original Location

Priory and Parish Church of St. Andrew, Market Place. In the grounds.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled 29th September, 1921 by Prince Henry (later Duke of Gloucester) and dedicated by the Rector, Rev. J.V.C. Farquhar .

Memorial Description

Cross based on Blomfield type. Four octagonal steps of various depths and diminishing width are surmounted by a tall octagonal plinth, the whole base being about 2.43m (8 feet) high. This is topped by plain cross about 2.13m (7 feet) high, with a bronze sword mounted on the east face, the whole being 4.57m (15 feet) high. The names are carved into the stone on all eight sides of the top three parts below the cross, and are painted black. All lettering is in incised Roman capitals throughout.
Old photos show that it was originally surrounded by a circle of small stones enclosing a paved area.

Materials used

White Portland stone


On centre face, middle step:
Here are inscribed / names which bid us / by service our / debt repay.

On centre face, lower step:
This cross and S. Wilfrid's / War Memorial Hospital / are dedicated to the / glorious memory of the / men of Hexham who laid / down their lives in the / Great Wars 1914-1918 / 1939-1945.


Who commissioned

The Hospital Committee


£15,000 for Hospital and Cross.

How money was raised

Public subscription.

Present condition


Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield, R.A.; built by William Cresswell of Hexham.

Ownership and maintenance

Hexham Town Council.


1. The words "Wars1914" run into one another, and it is obvious that the letter "s" had been inserted and the dates "1939-1945" squeezed in at the bottom.

2. The man who created this memorial, William Cresswell, also carved the memorial stone at Kohima.

3. An Allotments Association was to be formed, and it would hold a show of vegetables to raise funds for the memorial.

4. In August 2016 An appeal was launched for information about the names on the memorial. This appeared in the Hexham Courant 26/08/2016. There are discrepancies in the details on the memorial.

5 In 1997 a major spring-clean was proposed, with estimates of costs between £4,000 and £4,500.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; C.N. Dallison; old postcards: Tony Harding; John S. Perry

Peace Celebrations leaflet appointing Committees to organise events and raise funds for the memorials; photocopies of assorted programmes of services in Hexham Abbey Thanksgiving for Cessation of Hostilities 17/11/1918; "Welcome Home" Service of Thanksgiving 27/04/1919; Special Memorial Service for all who have fallen during the War (24th Oct, year not stated)

Hexham Courant 14/02/1920 gives details of fund raising so far; Saturday, 01/10/1921 gives full report of the unveiling ceremony; (date unknown) gives an account of William Cresswell and the memorial at Kohima; 13/12/1996 reports that Remembrance Day services were marred because of the poor state of the memorial; 12/09/1997 reports proposals for a spring clean; 08/02/2008 reports a large crack that would cost £3,000 to repair; 26/08/2016 carries details of the appeal for information on the names.

Newcastle Daily Journal 03/01/1920 page 3.

Illustrated Chronicle 30/09/1921 reports unveiling with photos.

Evening Dispatch 30/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Hexham Weekly News 14/11/1919 reports silent homage; 14/11/1919 reports donations to fund; reports Allotments Assocn. proposals; 17/09/1920 reports lists of names and ranks received so far.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 12/09/1921 reports fund raising fete; 30/09/1921 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Central Library photographs c1935, 1954.

Morpeth County Library Frith collection of photographs; Postcard collection contains photograph of unveiling.

Hexham Historian No.15 carries an article entitled 'Only Fools and Horses' by Alan Grint about the Hexham men who fought at Gallipoli in 1915. It is extracted from In Silent Fortitude. Published by Hexham Local History Society; ISSN 1323-0563.

In Silent Fortitude: In Memory of the Men of the North Tyne Valley who Fell in the Great War; Alan Isaac Grint; 2011; Ergo Press; ISBN 9780955751097

Source of quotation:
“Here are inscribed names which bid us by service our debt repay” Not ascertained.

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Research acknowledgements

The late Ken and Dorothy Southern; J. Brown; Colin Dallison; John S. Perry; Tony Harding; Derick Tiffin (Hexham Town Council); Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

Alan Grint has researched the names on the Hexham memorials in his book The Faith and Fire Within, 2006, Ergo Press ISBN 0955275814 Faith and Fire Within - Amazon or Cogito Books 01434 602555

Cross 1914-18 1939-45 Abbey Grounds (H51.03)

HEXHAM, Abbey grounds.
Face 1                                    Face 2
1914-18                                   1914-18
    E.R.A.  A.R.B. Pearson,   R.N.        Spr.    T.W. Edwards         R.E.   
    E.R.A.  E.T. Baty         R.N.R.      Spr.    R.  Elliott          R.E.   
    A.B.    L. Charlton       R.N.        Pte.    J.A. Ferroll         C. Gds.   
    A.B.    F.N. Dodds        R.N.        Pte.    H.N. Fogg            C. Gds.   
    A.B.    W. MacLachlan     R.N.        Capt.   J.H. Cuthbert,D.S.O. S. Gds
    A.B.    J. Robson         R.N.        Pte.    V. Bathgate          R. Scots.   
    A.B.    P. Robson         R.N.        Pte.    A. Patterson         R.M.L.I.   
    A.B.    J.E. Thompson     R.N.        Pte.    W. Oswald            E. Kents.   
    A.B.    W.Wilkinson       R.N.        Pte.    G.S. Robinson        E. Kents.   
    A.B.    W. Wilson         R.N.        Pte.    H.H. Browne          1st N.F.   
    AP.     W. Wilson         Mariner.    Pte.    J.E. Robson          1st N.F.   
    Fl.Lt.  T.A.Urwin         R.A.F.      Lt.Col. B.D. Gibson D.S.O.   4th N.F.   
    P.T.E.  J.T. Hogg         R.A.F.      Capt.   H.H. Bell            4th N.F.   
    Sergt.  W.R. Thew         N.H.        Capt.   L.D. Plummer         4th N.F.   
    Tpr.    J.G. Dodds        N.H.        Capt.   J.W. Robinson        4th N.F.   
    Tpr.    W. Metcalfe       N.H.        Lieut.  J.M. Emerson         4th N.F.   
    Capt.   S. Atkinson       R.F.A.      Lieut.  F.P. Lees            4th N.F.   
    Capt.   F.A. Richardson   R.F.A.      Lieut.  H.A. Long            4th N.F.   
    Lt.     J.T. Strang       R.F.A.      Lieut.  R.L. Tully           4th N.F.   
    Dr.     J.M. Spedding     R.F.A.      Lieut.  G.P. Walton          4th N.F.   
    Dr.     T.W. Smith        R.F.A.      Lieut.  H.F. Walton          4th N.F.   
    Gnr.    J.E. Charlton     R.G.A.      R.S.M.  G.D. Fewster         4th N.F.   
    Gnr.    R.D. Telfer       R.G.A.      R.O.M.  S.A.G. Richardson    4th N.F.   
    Dr.     J.D. Dodd         R.G.A.      C.S.M.  W.A. Charlton        4th N.F.   
    Cpl.    H.K. Lockhart     R.E.        C.S.M.  A. Hallbrook         4th N.F.   
    Spr.    E. Baty           R.E.        Sergt.  W. Alder             4th N.F.   
    Spr.    J.E. Bruntlett    R.E.        Sergt.  R. Brooks            4th N.F.   
    Spr.    J.W. Dodds        R.E.        Sergt.  F. Harvey            4th N.F.   
    Spr.    B. Porteous       R.E.        Sergt.  F. Nevison           4th N.F.
Face 3                                    Face 4: 
 1914-18                                  1939-45 

         HERE ARE INSCRIBED               Capt.   C.L. Stephenson      R.N.F.   
         NAMES WHICH BID US               Plt/O   H.C. Stevenson       R.A.F.   
           BY SERVICE OUR                 Plt/O   W.L. Shield          R.A.F.   
            DEBT REPAY                    Pte.    J. Salkeld           A.& S.Hlds. 
                                          Fus.    J.W. Snowball        R.N.F.   
                                          L/Cpl.  H. Stuart            R.A.S.C.   

      THIS CROSS AND S. WILFRID'S         L/Cpl   K. Anderson          A.T.S.   
        WAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL             Sgt/Plt H.B. Annan           R.A.F.   
         ARE DEDICATED TO THE             Cpl.    F. Armstrong         R.N.F.   
        GLORIOUS MEMORY OF THE            Spr.    A. Atkinson          R.E.   
        MEN OF HEXHAM WHO LAID            F.O.    F.T. Brown  D.F.C    R.A.F.   
       DOWN THEIR LIVES IN THE            Capt.   W.N. Barrie D.F.C.   G.P.R.   
        GREAT WARS 1914-1918              Lt.     T.B. Bland           R.N.F.   
             1939-1945                    L.A.C.  W.R. Blackburn       R.A.F.   
                                          Gnr.    J. Brotherton        R.A.   
                                          3rd O.  C.H. Boyd            M.N.   
                                          A.C.    N.N. Carr            R.A.F.   
Face 5                                    Face 6
1914-18                                   1914-18

    Pte.    J. Robson         4th N.F.    Lt.     C.T. Savage          10th N.F.   
    Pte.    J. Robson         4th N.F.    Cpl.    F. Robson            10th N.F.   
    Pte.    J.B. Robson       4th N.F.    Lce.Cpl.T.W. Burn            10th N.F.   
    Pte.    T.W. Robson       4th N.F.    Pte.    T. Wright            11th N.F.   
    Pte.    J. Rowell         4th N.F.    Pte.    W. Lynch             16th N.F.   
    Pte.    D. Salkeld        4th N.F.    Sergt.  C.E. Snowball        19th N.F.   
    Pte.    W. Scott          4th N.F.    Sergt.  J. Nevison           20th N.F.   
    Pte.    J. Smith          4th N.F.    Pte.    F. Newman            20th N.F.   
    Pte.    R. Smith          4th N.F.    Pte.    T. Pencott           22nd N.F.   
    Pte.    W.H. Smith        4th N.F.    Pte.    C.W. Potts           22nd N.F.   
    Pte.    W. Summers        4th N.F.    Pte.    W. Allen             25th N.F.   
    Pte.    J. Stewart        4th N.F.    Sergt.  F. Forster           27th N.F.   
    Pte.    D. Sword          4th N.F.    Lc.Cpl. N.C. Barnfather      R.F.   
    Pte.    J. Thompson       4th N.F.    Pte.    J. Kirkland          R.F.   
    Pte.    W. Watt           4th N.F.    Pte.    M.I. Pattinson       R.F.   
    Pte.    J.W. Thompson     4th N.F.    Pte.    S. Plant             R.F.   
    Pte.    G. Watson         4th N.F.    Pte.    P. Woolaston         Kings.   
    Pte.    R.M. Welch        4th N.F.    Lt.     G.S. Long            Suffolks.   
    Pte.    I.H. Whittaker    4th N.F.    Pte.    C. Conkleton         W. Yorks.   
    Pte.    R. Wilson         4th N.F.    Pte.    J. Dunwoodie         W. Yorks.   
    Pte.    J.W. Wilkinson    4th N.F.    Lce.Cpl.A.L. Lowes           W. Yorks.   
    Pte.    F. Young          4th N.F.    Pte.    C. Smith             W. Yorks.   
    Dr.     T. Cathrae        4th N.F.    Pte.    R.W. Smith           W. Yorks.   
    Dr.     W.G. Pearson      4th N.F.    Pte.    G. Smith             E. Yorks.   
    Dr.     J.S. Snowball     4th N.F.    Pte.    M. Thompson          E. Yorks.   
    Lt.     J. McIntosh       5th N.F.    Pte.    N. Wilkinson         E. Yorks.   
    Pte.    S.R. Hutton       7th N.F.    Lc.Cpl. H. Brown             L.F.   
    Pte.    W. Kirsopp        8th N.F.    Pte.    T. Craig             Cheshires.   
    Pte.    T. Pigg           8th N.F.    Capt.   G.F.H. Charlton      S.W.B.   
Face 7                                    Face 8
1939-45                                   1939-45
    CSM     D. Forster        R.N.F.      Sgt.Obv.J.N. Huddlestone     R.A.F.   
    2nd Lt. W.D. Fairclough   D.L.I.      Major   K.W.D. Hodgson       H.G.   
    Major   R.H. Farquhar     Sfth.Hlds.  Cpl.    G. Irwin             W. Yrks. Regt.   
    Capt.   C.A.M. Grover     R.H.A.      Pte.    T. Johnson           P.C.   
    Sgt/Plt R. Gibson         R.A.F.      L/Cpl.  J. Kennedy           Bdr. Rgt.   
    O.A.    T. Gordon         R.N.        Major   T.R. Lovibond        R.A.C.   
    L/Cpl.  T. Graham         R.A.S.C.    Cpl.    A.W. Lowdon          R.E.M.E.   
    Gnr.    G.R. Graham       R.A.        Pte.    R. Lillico           R.N.F.   
    L/Cpl.  J.G. Hutchinson   R.N.F.      Gnr.    W. Metcalfe          R.A.   
    A.B.    J.J. Henderson    R.N.        Gnr.    R. Maquire           R.A.   
    Gnr.    G.E. Hudson       R.A.        P.O.    N.P. McKie           R.N.   
Face 9                                    Face 10
1914-18                                   1914-18
    Sergt.  V. Scott          4th N.F.    Pte.    H. Griffen           4th N.F.
    Cpl.    F. Abbott M.M.    4th N.F.    Pte.    J. Heenan            4th N.F.
    Lc.Cpl  R. Henderson      4th N.F.    Pte.    R.G. Henderson       4th N.F.
    Lc.Cpl  J. Kelly          4th N.F.    Pte.    W. Henderson         4th N.F.
    Lc.Cpl. W.E. Woodman      4th N.F.    Pte.    T.C. Hill            4th N.F.
    Lc.Cpl. R. Young          4th N.F.    Pte.    W. Hogg              4th N.F.
    Pte.    T. Abbott         4th N.F.    Pte.    R. Hudson            4th N.F.
    Pte.    E. Armstrong      4th N.F.    Pte.    T. Lancaster         4th N.F.
    Pte.    J.J. Baty         4th N.F.    Pte.    R. Lendren           4th N.F.
    Pte.    J. Baty           4th N.F.    Pte.    W.C. Love            4th N.F.
    Pte.    J. Bell           4th N.F.    Pte.    T.T. McAdam          4th N.F.
    Pte.    W. Bell           4th N.F.    Pte.    W. Mitchison         4th N.F.
    Pte.    E. Blackburn      4th N.F.    Pte.    R. Moulding          4th N.F.
    Pte.    R. Blackburn      4th N.F.    Pte.    C. Mole              4th N.F.
    Pte.    G.W. Boustead     4th N.F.    Pte.    G. Moss              4th N.F.
    Pte.    W.I. Cooper       4th N.F.    Pte.    J.E. Newton          4th N.F.
    Pte.    W. Coulson        4th N.F.    Pte.    R. Newton            4th N.F.
    Pte.    J. Cunningham     4th N.F.    Pte.    A. Noble             4th N.F.
    Pte.    G. Dodd           4th N.F.    Pte.    J. Oliver            4th N.F.
    Pte.    J. Dodd           4th N.F.    Pte.    R.D. Oliver          4th N.F.
    Pte.    W. Dodd           4th N.F.    Pte.    G. Pearson           4th N.F.
    Pte.    M.E. Donnelly     4th N.F.    Pte.    J. Pencott           4th N.F.
    Pte.    W. Donnelly       4th N.F.    Pte.    T. Potts             4th N.F.
    Pte.    J. Evans          4th N.F.    Pte.    I. Reay              4th N.F.
    Pte.    E.A. Fletcher     4th N.F.    Pte.    M. Reed              4th N.F.
    Pte.    A. Forster        4th N.F.    Pte.    E. Riley             4th N.F.
    Pte.    J. Fox            4th N.F.    Pte.    F. Riley             4th N.F.
    Pte.    H. Gibbin         4th N.F.    Pte.    J. Riley             4th N.F.
    Pte.    J. Grierson       4th N.F.    Pte.    J. Robson            4th N.F.
    Fus.    T. Stewart        R.N.F.
    Gnr.    J. Stewart        R.A.
    Dvr.    J.R. Taylor       R.A.S.C.
    Sgt.    E. Trueman        K.O.Y.L.I.
    Sgt.    M.J. Thompson     Blk. Watch.
    Spr.    R.E. Crozier      R.E.
Face 11                                   Face 12
1939-45                                   1939-45

    Major   R.W. Casebourne   R.E.        2nd Lt. S. Cunningham        D.L.I.
    Cpl.    G.T. Charlton     R.N.F.      L.A.    N. Davison           F.A.A.
    A.C.    L. Clifford       R.A.F.      Tpr.    E.H. Dickinson       R.A.C.
    L/Cpl   T. Cooper         R.E.M.E.    Pte.    E.M. Dickinson       Rec. Regt.
    Fus.    J.P. Cook         R.N.F.      Cpl.    L. Drummond          R.A.F.
    Pte.    A.E.V. Clark, MM  Gr. Hwds.   Pte.    J. Drydon            R.N.F. 
    Cpl.    R.J. Clarke       R.A.F.      L.A.C.  H. Dyne              R.A.F.
    Fus.    A. Clark          R.N.F.      Capt.   P. Dent              M.N.
    Sgt.    R. Clark          R.N.F.      Fus.    J.W. Dodd            R.N.F.
    Sgt/Obv. W. Curry         R.A.F.      Pte.    H.W. Eddy            R.A.O.C.
    Tpr.    R. Dodd           R.A.C.      Lt.     W.D. Foster          R.N.F.
Face 13                                   Face 14
1914-18                                   1914-18
    Lt.     J.T. Redpath      K.O.S.B.    Pte.    T.H. Marsh           D.L.I.
    Pte.    M. Irwin          R.Ins. Fus. Pte.    S.B.M. Morris        D.L.I.
    Sergt.  A. Addison        W. Riding.  Lt.     J.W. Gilhespy        C.H.
    Capt.   R. Head           Border R.   Sergt.  H. Meins             G.H.
    Capt.   B.C. Harrison     Border R.   Cpl.    F.J. Baty            G.H.
    Pte.    H. Abbott         Border R.   Lce.Cpl.J. Halliday          G.H.
    Pte.    N. Mitchinson     R.H.        Pte.    C. Smith             G.H.
    Lce.Cpl.A. Atkinson       S.Foresters.Pte.    J.R. Wallace         G.H.
    Lce.Cpl P. McMahon        K.O.Y.L.I.  Capt.   B. Allgood           R.I.R.
    Pte.    R.M. Konkleton    K.O.Y.L.I.  Pte.    C.E. Mason           A.& S.H.
    Pte.    J.R. Robson       K.O.Y.L.I.  Pte.    W. Oliver            A.& S.H.
    Pte.    J. Watson         K.O.Y.L.I.  Cpl.    G.E. Pattinson       M.G.C.
    Lt.     E. Sparke         Middlesex   Pte.    J.W. Oxley           R.A.M.C.
    Cpl.    P.S. Milburn      K.R.R.      Pte.    F. Hall              R.A.M.C.
    Pte.    J.W. Banks        K.R.R.      Pte.    J. Young             R.A.S.C.
    Pte.    J.W. Archer       L.R.        Pte.    C.J.D.Waddilove      R.A.M.C.
    Pte.    J. Boswell        N. Staffs.  Sergt.  T. Burn              Canadians.
    Capt.   R. Atkinson       D.L.I.      Pte.    J. Bell              Canadians.
    Capt.   W.G. Charlton     D.L.I.      Cpl.    W. Jefferson         Canadians.
    Capt.   H.J. Spencer      D.L.I.      Pte.    M.W.P. Dent          Canadians.
    Capt.   J.H. Iveson       D.L.I.      Pte.    E. Walton            Canadians.
    Lt.     F.T. Iveson       D.L.I.      Tpr.    B. Alexander         Aust. E.F.
    Lt.     D. Little         D.L.I.      Pte.    W.C. Brown           Aust. E.F.
    C.S.M.  T. Chrisp, M.M.   D.L.I.      Pte.    J.W. Robinson        Aust. E.F.
    Pte.    J. Bell           D.L.I.      Pte.    W. Turnbull          Aust. E.F.
    Pte.    W.H. Brown        D.L.I.      Sp.     E. Wallace           Aust. E.F.
    Pte.    P. Dodd           D.L.I.              C. Guthrie           Y.M.C.A.
    Pte.    W.H. Hill         D.L.I.
    Pte.    C. Irwin          D.L.I.
Face 15                                   Face 16
1939-45                                   1939-45
    L.A.C.  W.E. Weatherley   R.A.F.      L.A.C.  H. Thompson          R.A.F.
    L.A.C.  L.B. Whitfield    R.A.F.      Pte.    A. Thompson          R.N.F.
    Cpl.    J. Westgarth      R.A.F.      Pte.    D. Thompson          Cam. Hlds.
    Pte.    W.S. Wilson       R.N.F.      3rdEng. N. Wilkinson         M.N.
    Fus.    R.J. Watson       R.N.F.      P/O     J.S. Wood            R.A.F.
    Sgt.    R. Wilson         R.A.        Sgt/Bdr R.I. White           R.A.F.
    Dvr.    N.R. Wardle       R.A.S.C.
Face 17                                   Face 18
1939-45                                   1939-45

    Pte.    J.W. Moulding     Blk. Watch. Flt/Lt  W.A.C.Patterson DFC. R.A.F.
    Sgt.    J.W. Morris       R.A.F.      L.A.C.  E. Portnell          R.A.F.
    Tpr.    S. Mynard         Rec. Cps.   Flt/Sgt.F.W. Rutherford      R.A.F.
    Pte.    J. Newton         Blk. Watch. Sgt.    J.H. Rollingson      R.N.F.
    Pte.    C. Newton         R.N.F.      Flt/Sgt. N. Ridley           R.A.F.
    Tpr.    R.W. Oliver       Rec. Cps.   L.A.C.  A. Ridley            R.A.F.
    Tpr.    A. Pearson        Rec. Cps.   Lt.     J.H. Rawson          Gr. Hwds.
    Tpr.    Alan Pearson      Rec. Cps.   Sgt/Nav.F.D.M. Smith         R.A.F.
    Fus.    A. Pearson        R.N.F.      Cpl.    J. Smith             R.A.F.
    Fus.    J.R. Parker       R.N.F.      L.S.    W. Smith             R.N.
    Tpr.    R.F. Pagan        R.A.C.      Engnr.  S. Scott             M.N.

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