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Book of Remembrance 1914-18 1939-45 Holy Cross





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NY 705639

Original Location

Holy Cross Church. On east wall of north aisle.

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Dedicated ?11th November 1920 by the Vicar.

Memorial Description

Book of Remembrance. Wood bound book 30cm high x 25.5cm wide, with hand written illuminated text containing the names of the dead from 1914-18 with those from 1939-45 added.
It rests on a wooden lectern 63cm high x 59cm wide, the back of which is like an inverted T, with a patterned border of Tudor roses carved in half relief. There is a cross at the top wrapped in a scroll, also in half relief, below which the words "Roll of Honour" are incised in Gothic lower case script.

Materials used

Vellum bound in oak


a. Haltwhistle / Roll / of Honour / 1914 / to / 1918 Honouring the / memory of men and / women of the parish / of Haltwhistle / who nobly gave their own lives, / to secure the safety of their / Friends, the Honour of their / Country, and the Freedom of the / whole World, when threatened / with destruction in the ruthless / warfare of the years 1914-1918. / This record of brave / names is placed in their / Parish Church that they may / be remembered before God with / gratitude and with prayer.
b. 1939-1945


Present condition

Has been subjected to damp at some stage.

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

Book was illuminated by Miss Louise Dacris of Claremont Buildings. Bracket made by H. Brown & Sons, Newcastle.


1. The Faculty Petition dated 20/01/1949. Proposed inter alia: ‘To move the Roll of Honour together with its wooden shelf and British Legion standards to a site at the head of the North Aisle’. Estimated cost none ‘… as the work can be done by a local joiner, who will give his services’.
The reason is given in a letter from the vicar:
‘The Council considers that the British Legion Standards at present occupy too prominent a position. On looking towards the chancel from the nave they are the first objects to be noticed. Positions immediately above the pulpit and above the lectern are not suitable for the standards.
It is desired to move these standards to an almost upright position to the right and left of the window at the head of the North Aisle, and to place the Roll of Honour book between them and under the window.'
A visit made to the church by Prof Edwards and Mr Evetts on behalf of the Bishop’s Advisory Committee agreed with the proposal concerning the book of remembrance but commented ‘The desk at present possesses a head-piece of inferior design and it was suggested by the sub-committee that this should be removed’.
This was approved.

2. The Newcastle Daily Chronicle reports a Garden Party in the grounds of Featherstone Castle in aid of the “Haltwhistle Parish Church War Memorial Organ Fund”. Was an organ ever dedicated as a war memorial?

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: J. Brown; P. Thirkell;

Northern Echo 12/11/1920 reports dedication.

Haltwhistle Echo 12/11/1920 reports unveiling.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle 08/07/1921 reports fund raising for war memorial organ.

Diocese of Newcastle Faculty Book 2, Faculty No. 1702, 11/07/1949 allows the removal of the memorial to a site at the head of the north aisle.

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Additional Notes

Pte. Whan
The name of Pte. W. Whan should be Pte. John William Whann, and is incorrectly spelt both here and on the cross H5.06. (Dr. C. Armstrong).

Research acknowledgements

P. Thirkell; J. Brown; Patrick Easen; Dr. C. Armstrong; Dorothy Hall

Research In Progress

If you are researching this memorial please contact

Book of Remembrance 1914-18 1939-45 Holy Cross (H5.01)

HALTWHISTLE, Holy Cross Church.
First page :

   of Honour 
Second page :

   Honouring the 
   memory of men and 
   women of the parish 
   of Haltwhistle 
   Who nobly gave their own lives, 
   to secure the safety of their 
   Friends, the Honour of their  
   Country, and the Freedom of the 
   Whole World, when threatened 
   with destruction in the ruthless 
   warfare of the years 1914-1918. 
   This record of brave 
   names is placed in their 
   Parish Church that they may 
   be remembered before God with 
   gratitude and with prayer.
Third page :

   God our 
   Who by Thy Son, Our Lord,
   hast taught us, that whoso
   loseth his life for Thy sake shall
   keep it unto life eternal;
   mercifully grant, that the lives
   laid down in their country's
   service, in the cause of truth
   and freedom may be precious
   in Thy sight; and may Thy
   Grace make them perfect in
   the glad service of Thy
   Heavenly Kingdom through
   the merits of our Saviour
   Jesus Christ
Fourth page :

   Richard Anson                Pte.        1 Royal Berks
   Obadiah Armstrong            Pte.        4 N.F.
   Thomas Armstrong             Pte.        4 N.F.
   William Armstrong            Pte.        4 N.F.
   Herbert Bell                 Pte.        Shropshire L.I.
   John Keen Bell               Pte.        2 D.L.I.
   Robert Hymers Bell           Pte.        13 N.F.
   William Bell                 Pte.        M.G.C.
   Joseph Bowerbank             Co.Sgt.Maj. 4 N.F.
   John Bushby                  L.Cpl.      4 N.F.
   John Carrick                 Pte.        4 N.F.
   James Carruthers             Pte.        4 N.F.
   John Clark                   Cpl.        5 N.F.
   Robert Dent                  Pte.        4 N.F.
   Thomas Dixon                 Sgt.        4 N.F.
   Tom Bell Dodd                Cpl.        4 N.F.
   Arthur Errington             L.Cpl.      4 N.F.
   Frederick Armstrong Forster  Sgt.        4 N.F.
   Joseph Gibson                Sgt.        12 N.F.
   James Gould                  Pte.        4 N.F.
   William Lionel Brownlow      2nd.Lt.     N.F. 3rd Bn.
   C. Jas. Leslie Birkett       Pte.        10 D.L.I.
Fifth page :

   John Graham                  Pte.        4 N.F.
   Thomas Graham                Pte.        4 N.F.
   Walter Graham                Pte.        4 N.F.
   Alfred Hetherington          Cpl.        4 N.F.
   William Hetherington         Pte.        4 N.F.
   John Thomas Hetherington                 4 N.F.
   James Graham Hewitt          Sgt.        24 Austral. Imp. Force
   Edward Hood                  Pte         4 N.F.
   James Hope-Wallace           Lieut.      4 N.F.
   Charles Hunter               Pte.        4 N.F.
   George Hunter                Pte.        4 N.F.
   Harold Armstrong Hunter      Pte.        K.O.Y.L.I.
   Edward Henderson Jackson     Pte.        8 Lanc.F.
   Clive Joicey                 Capt.       4 N.F.
   Edward Keen                  Sgt.        4 N.F.
   Thomas Keen                  Pte.        Dragoon Gds.
   *Ernest Hood Leake            Pte.       3 Austral. Pioneers. 
   Jennie Smith Lee                         30 North.British Red Cross
   John Lawrence Lee            Pte.        8 R.F.
   George Hardy Liddell         Sgt.        4 N.F.
   John Lytollis                Pte.        4 N.F.
   *‘Edward’ inserted, crossed out and ‘Ernest’ inserted above.
Sixth page :

   Edward McClafferty           Pte.        4 N.F.
   Sam MacGuire                 Cpl.        4 N.F.
   Charles Maddison             Pte.        4 N.F.
   Thomas Maitland              Pte.        4 N.F.
   Thomas Morton                L.Cpl.      8 N.F.
   William Edward Mundle        Pte.        4 N.F.
   John Navin                   Pte.        27 N.F.
   Thomas Nelson                Pte.        4 N.F.
   James Nixon                  Pte.        4 N.F.
   James Potts Nixon            Pte.        12 Manch: Regt.
   Edward Nolan                 Pte.        9 D.L.I.
   James Parker                 2nd Lieut.  13 N.F.
   Edward Fidler Pattinson      Pte.        8 D.L.I.
   James Percival               Cpl.        11 Border Regt.
   William Reay                 Pte.        25 N.F.
   William Riddell              Pte.        25 N.F.
   Frederick Birkett Ridley     Pte.        16 W.Yorks.
   John Henry Ridley            Pte.        R.F.C.
   Alfred Robson                Pte.        4 N.F.
   John Thomas Robson           Pte.        4 N.F.
   William Sanderson            Cpl.        11 N.F.
Seventh page :

   Thomas Liddell Scott         Pte.        R.A.M.C.
   George Armstrong Shield      Pte.        11 R.F.
   Olive Smith                              Scottish Women's Hosp. Unit.
   Raymond Smith                Capt.       11 Border Regt.
   John Calvert Sowerby         Pte.        4 N.F.
   Robert Edward Spark          Pte.        10 Yorks.
   Walter Herbert Spark         Cpl.        4 N.F.
   John Steele                  Pte.        Royal Scots
   George Symes                 Pte.        4 N.F.
   William Tweddell             Sgt.        4 N.F.
   Robert Venables              Cpl.        4 N.F.
   Thomas William Wallace       Pte.        21 K.R.R.
   William Waugh                Pte.        4 N.F.
   William Whan                 Pte.        4 N.F.
   Harry Lowes Willey           Lieut.      23 Manch. Regt.
   Robert Wilson                Pte.        4 N.F.
   Edward Wright                Pte.        4 N.F.
   Thomas Yates                 L.Cpl.      4 N.F.
   Joseph Yeoman                Cpl.        4 N.F.
   Robert Walter Wilson         Pte.        8 N.F.
Eighth page :

   A  Edw. Smith Atkinson          P/O         R.A.F.
   B  Robert Black                             R.N.
      Dennis Burnhope Bowman       Cpl.        Border Regt.
   D  Joseph William Davey                     Cheshire Regt.
      Edward Davidson                          Irish Guards
      John Robert Dodd             Bdr.        R.A.
   F  Walter Dixon Fletcher        Cpl.        Border Regt.
      Edward Bernard Fullen                    R.A.
   H  Eric Hetherington                        Gloucst. Regt.
      Eric Lawson Hetherington     F/Lt.       D.F.C.  R.A.F.V.R.
   M  John Raymond B. Murray       Tpr.        R.A.C.
   R  Robert Arnold Reay           L/Cpl.      Coldstream Gds.
      G.T. Reed                    Cpl.        50th Rec. Cps.
      John Edward Robson           F/Lt.       R.A.F.
   S  Geo. Armstrong Shield        Sgt.        R.A.F.
      William Ronald Storey        Ch.Off.     M.N.
   T  Alan Robson Thompson         F/Lt.       R.A.F.
   W  William Angus Woodman        W.O.        R.A.F.
   Y  Jack Yeomans                             Border Regt.

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