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NEWMP Memorial Image


Roll of Honour Colliery 1914-18 Dene Court Communal Room





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Original Location

Hamsterley Institute and Club

Present Location

The club closed in 1985/6.
Moved to the Dene Community Centre.

Which war


Dedication, Creation or Publication date

Unveiled June 1916 by Miss Mabel Watson who had travelled from Selkirk in Scotland leaving her ailing mother. She was acting on her brother’s behalf.

Memorial Description

Roll of Honour in dark wood frame 4 feet high x 3 feet wide behind glass. There is a coloured border of ?acanthus leaves. In each corner is a roundel bearing a small painted scene, with two more down the sides., depicting the colliery and working men’s club. Across the top is an array of flags of all the allies. There is another panoramic scene of the village in a rectangular frame below the dedication and above the names. The names are listed in five columns, handwritten in black ink, under regimental headings written in red.

Materials used

Paper, wood, glass.


Roll of Honour / 1914-191 (sic) / of workmen of Hamsterley Colliery and Members of the Institute and Club / who have joined His Majesty’s Forces.
God save the King.


Who commissioned

Hamsterley Institute and Club

Sculptor, Artist or Designer

J.J. Longhurst of Blackett Street, Newcastle, Illuminator.


1. The date at the top is incomplete.

2. This was unveiled in 1916, long before the end of the war, and is therefore incomplete. A newspaper report says that it contains the names of 191 who served, of whom 10 had fallen and 10 were missing who, it was hoped, were prisoners.
Another report says that of these, 86 were in the D.L.I., 35 in the West Yorks.; 30 in the N.F.; 10 in the R.A.M.C.; 6 in the Royal Navy; 5 in the Royal Artillery “and so on”. Of the 191, 117 had seen active service.

3. Miss Watson’s brother, Capt. A.T. Watson, is at the head of the roll – every male member of the Watson family is or was on active service.

4. Miss Watson said that she hoped that eventually there would be a suitable memorial in Hamsterley Colliery.

5. At the ceremony, Miss Watson presented a silver wristwatch to Pte. G.N. Wetherall of the D.L.I. who was home on leave from the front.

6. On a visit July 3rd 2019 it was discovered that the Dene Court Communal room had been out of action, due to a burst tank, for the last eighteen months. The Roll of Honour is in storage till the room is completely renovated.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

Consett Guardian 09/06/1916 reports unveiling.

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C. Sanders; Dorothy Hall

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Roll of Honour Colliery 1914-18 Dene Court Communal Room (H140.03)

HAMSTERLEY COLLIERY  Dene Court Communal Room


   Roll of Honour
   of workmen of Hamsterley Colliery and Members of the Institute and Club
   who have joined His Majesty’s Forces.

   King’s Royal Rifles
   Capt. A.T. Watson

	    Column 1                Column 2             Column 3

      West Yorks            N.F.                 A.S.C.   
   Armstrong Matthew     Jacques Jno.         Wood Fred.     
   Burns John            Johnson William      Taylor John T.    
   Chamberlain Arthur    Loughran A             A.V.C.   
   Clewes John L.        Leadbitter George    Thompson Jno.    
   Coulson Syd. W.       Moore Archie        
   Cruddace Robert       Moore Paxton            3rd Lanark    
   Errington William     Morris Jno.          Grieve Jas.  
   Forster Thomas        Oliver Richard      
   Graham Robert         Patterson Thomas        K.O.S.B.    
   Graham Frank          Richardson George    Stagg Jno.    
   Haggarth Elga         Smith William             
   Hansome Thomas        Talbot Peter            R.E.   
   Holdon Jonothan       Ward Ben             Earnshaw LieutO  
   Jobes William         Ward Jno.          
   McGuire Richard       White Edward            D.L.I.   
   McKenzie Thomas W.    Simpson John         Allan John    
   Milwater John           Navy               Anderson Joseph   
   McIntosh Henry        Cockerill Arthur     Armstrong Edward   
   Nithsdale Jno. Quil.  Churchill Chas       Atthey Thomas   
   Oakes Thomas W.       Hughes James         Barrow James   
   Parkinson Thomas      Gray George          Carr Michael          
   Scott John            Goodfellow Robert    Clark Peter               
   Thompson James        Williamson Jas.      Coulson Ernest   
   Tiplady Thomas        Cranney Patrick    
   Vator Jno. G.            R.G.A.            Dale John   
   Wade J.W.             Chaytor R.G.         Dale Stanley       
   Waters Charles        Cheeseman Alfred     Dobson William    
   Waters Joseph            R.F.A.            Dodds Ernest   
   Watson Joseph         Nevins Geo. Wm.      Donnelly Joseph                
   Well(Smith)John       Robey William        Duffy John   
   Young William         Robson Thos          Elliott Thomas   
   Wilson Jas.           Elliott Horace   
      N.F.               Wilson Albert        Fallon William       
   Allan George          Graham Andrew          
   Allan Joseph             R.A.M.C.          Graham Jno. Ed.          
   Bilclough Robert      Allan William        Graham Geo. Ritson   
   Blackburn William     Axford Chas.         Hillary Colin             
   Counsell Jno.         Brown Thomas         Hillary Joseph    
   Dodds Joseph          Curnow Alf           Hillary Norman             
   Fretwell Arthur       Errington Fk.        Holdon Joseph    
   Graham Fk.            Fryer Henry          Holdon William    
   Grugan Joseph         Hodgson G B          Hope Storey          
   Hansome James         Johnson Frank        Hudson George   
   Hunt William          Kennedy Richard      Hunt John         
   Adams Mark            Warth Stephen F.(Rev)James Robert          
   Aldsworth William        S.A.I.            Jermyn James          
   Snaith John           Cawthorne Wm.        Jobes Mark    
   Bell Jno. H.         
     Columns 4               Column 5

      D.L.I.                D.L.I.   
   Jones William         Wheatley Ernest
   Jones Mosey           Willis Edward
   Jamieson John H.      Wilson John
   Kennedy Jno.          Yarrow Thomas
   Key Edward            Railton William
   Kyles Jno. Wm.        Wood Alfred
   Lamb Thomas           Wilson Thomas
   Logan David Wm.
   Mason Robert
   MacDonald Lieut E.   
   McCleary George
   McCusker Thomas
   Mckenzie Frank
   McPhilips Jno.   
   Merriott James
   Milson James             West Yorks   
   Mitchell John         Brown Henry   
   Mosey Mark            Hall Thomas   
   Mosey Richard         Glasgow David
   Nicholson James       Snow John
   Oakes Jas Norman   
   Patterson Edward   
   Peak Norman              Gren. Guard   
   Peak Stanley          Glendinning Arthur
   Pigg William
   Platt Richard   
   Powell Joseph            Air Craft   
   Rooney Robert         Smith George
   Roy John
   Scarr James
   Stafford James   
   Soulsby James   
   Stirling Walter      
   Steward George   
   Street Fred
   Street George
   Sullivan Michael   
   Talbot Joseph
   Talbot Thomas   
   Turner Henry Sen.            
   Turner Henry Jur.         
   Turner Jno. Wm.   
   Vickors Thomas Wm.
   Walker Richard   
   Walton John   
   Watson John   
   Weatherell George Norman         

   and the following
   Lieut Young            Lieut H. Wood
   Sergt S. Aldridge      Corp G. Erskine    

   God save the King.

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