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Photo: John Grainger


Screen 1914-18 1939-1945 St. Aidan





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NZ 342528

Original Location

St. Aidan’s Church, St. Aidan’s Terrace, West Herrington

Which war

a. 1914-18
b. 1939-45

Dedication, Creation or Publication date

a. Dedicated May 1920 by Canon Bell of York Minster

Memorial Description

Screen of five panels with traceried and gilded top. The centre panel cuts across the corner, with the four outer panels along the walls. The whole is highly decorated with gilt on a black background.
The centre panel has a crucifix with behind it, a ribbon bearing the words “Great love hath no man than this”. Below is the dedication, and below this again is a chalice, with an adoring angel in each of the two panels on either side.
The extreme left hand panel bears the dedication.
The other three outer panels bear the names in a single column on each.
The names for 1939-45 are on the extreme right hand panel.
The lettering is incised and gilded, using Roman capitals for the names, and elaborate lettering for the quotation and dedication.

Materials used



a. In ever / glorious / memory / of the / parishioners / of Herrington / who gave / their lives / in the / Great War / 1914-1918
For us He died / for you and me / For us they died / for you and me.



Estimated £130

How money was raised

Public subscription


1. The odd shape of the memorial is explained by the fact that it once went round a pillar in the old church. Later it was adjusted to fill a corner.

2. Newrick Crow and Benjamin William Brunson, both named on this memorial, were brothers-in-law. (Ken Reay, great-nephew of Newrick Crow)

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: C. Sanders; John Grainger: old postcard: James Pasby

Auckland and County Chronicle 21/05/1920 reports unveiling.

Diocese of Durham Faculty number 850

Source of quotation:
"For us He died, for you and me" . . . Not ascertained.

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Research acknowledgements

C. Sanders, James Pasby; John and Mavis Dixon; Pam and Ken Linge; Ken Reay; John Grainger

Research In Progress

David Sloan is researching the names on this memorial. Contact:

Screen 1914-18 1939-1945 St. Aidan (H137.06)

WEST HERRINGTON    St.Aidan’s Church
Left hand panel   Second panel        
                     Samuel Coffey       
                     Thomas Bostle       
                     Thomas Cruddas     
                     Alfred Dawson      
                     George Moore         
                     John Wm. Edgar      
                     John Kay             
   In ever           John Stephenson      
   glorious          George Owen          
   memory            Joseph Wm. Watt      
   of the            Joseph Chambers      
   parishioners      George Bray          
   of                Albert A.F. Larssen  
   Herrington        William Gunn         
   who gave          Ernest Saxon         
   their lives       John Duke           
   in the            Edward Cain          
   Great War         James Marsh         
   1914-1918         William Simpson      
                     James Mitchison     
                     Ernest Ritchie       
                     Benjamin Wm. Brunson 
                     Robert McGee         
                     Charles Bryson     
                     Arthur Stamp         
                     William Handy       
                     James Bradley        
                     Wm. Henry Fowler   
                     Harry Bilton        
                     George Welsh      
                     Christopher Burdon   
                     Newrick Crow      
                     George Ward          
                     Norman Poole         
                     Matthew Greener     
                     John Robert Coulson  
                     Edward Anderson     
                     Wm. Stanley Cruikshanks 
                     John Thomas Brunton 
                     Henry King Murray   
                     Wilfred Gaff        
Centre panel      Fourth panel             
                     John Robert Laws
                     Clarke Green
                     James Ward
                     Joseph Thos. Oliver
   I.N.R.I.          Robert Davison
                     William Ashburn
                     John Dawson
   Greater           Edward Clark Turnbull     
                     Frederick Gould           
   love hath         Stephen Chipchase         
                     Charlton Hedworth Banks   
   no man            Edward Percival Matson    
                     Robert William Laverick   
   than this.        Martin Davison            
                     John Murray               
                     William Oxley             
                     Robert Archer             
                     Joseph Francis            
                     Henry Clayton Grass       
                     William Lawson            
                     Ralph Mackintosh          
                     Charles Emery             
                     Thomas Dawson             
                     George Ainger             
                     George Edward Dawson      
                     Arthur Gunn               
                     Ernest Slassor            
                     Roland Laidler            
                     John Mitchison            
                     Matthew Allan             
   For us He died    John Haynes               
                     Thomas Rickaby            
   for you and me    James Gould               
                     Walter Hartburn           
   For us they died  Samuel Grand              
                     Arthur Ferris             
   for you and me.   William Gill              
                     John Fletcher             
                     Thomas Anderson           
                     Joseph Teasdale           
                     John W.Laws               
Right hand panel

   Stephen Arkley
   George W. Arkley
   John Burnside
   Albert Byrom
   James Briggs
   William Bailey
   Harry Brown
   William Chambers
   Arthur Cook
   Cecil Devon
   George Davidson
   John W. Edmondson
   Robert Fawcett
   Elizabeth Fraser
   James Furnival
   Robert Grant
   W. Garbutt Henderson
   Thomas Hepple
   John James Holland
   John Hood
   Thomas Lauderdale
   George Lawson
   Joseph Marsh
   John McCall
   George Bell Midgley
   John Henry Moreton
   Wilfred Nutter
   Robinson Oliver
   Ernest Pattison
   W. Sinclair Rose
   James Edward Simpson
   Edward Saxon
   William Henry Smith

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