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Photo: C. Sanders


Roll of Honour 1914-18 Christ Church





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NZ 295492

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Christ Church, Front Street / Cocken Lane

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Memorial Description

Roll of Honour 2 feet high x 1 foot 6 inches wide (608mm x 454mm) behind glass in a frame 2 feet 7 inches high x 2 feet wide 787mm x 608mm). There is a border of vines and roses. The words “The Heroic Dead” are carried on a ribbon near the top, which surrounds a shield bearing the red cross of England.
The names are listed in two columns, handwritten in red and black.

Materials used

Paper behind glass


Lumley Parish / European War 1914-18 / The Heroic Dead
Grant them Eternal Rest O Lord. Amen.



1. The names are the same as those on the lych gate except J. Lowerson who is on the lych gate but not on the Roll of Honour.

Newspaper cuttings, photos or archival material

Photos: Dorothy Hall; C. Sanders

Source of quotation:
“Grant them eternal rest, O lord” Mass for the Dead

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Dorothy Hall, C. Sanders

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Roll of Honour 1914-18 Christ Church (G50.02)

GREAT LUMLEY   Christ Church


   Lumley Parish 
   European War 1914-18 
   Heroic Dead.

Left hand column

   J. O’Hara      North’d Fus.        Feb 2   ‘15        
   R. Blenkiron   D.L.I.              Ap.26.   “         
   R. Burns       R.Engrs.            Oct.8    “         
   R. Minto       Border Regt.        Jan. 1  ‘16        
   W. McGarrigle  Northd.Fus          Mar.     “         
   J. Bewley      D.L.I.              Ap. 2    “         
   J. Welsh       D.L.I.              Jun.5    “         
   E. Pimlett     D.L.I.              Jun.4    “         
   E. Bolam       ColdstreamGds       Jun.23   “         
   J. Errington   D.L.I.              Juy.1    “         
   E. Welsh       Yorks               Juy.8    “  
   T. Tulip       D.L.I.              Juy.17   “         
   J. Leyburn     D.L.I.              Sep.16   “         
   J. Trotter     D.L.I.              Sep.20   “    
   J.M. Newton    D.L.I.              Sep.26   “    
   F. Stevenson   D.L.I.              Oct.1    “  
   A. Hooker      Yorks:Lancs.        Oct.8    “         
   J. Chapman     Northd.Fus.         Oct.19   “         
   J. Carr        R.F.A.              Oct.13   “         
   J. Blenkiron   D.L.I.              Nov.5    “         
   J. Hutchinson  Northd.Fus.         Nov.5    “         
   B. Black       D.L.I.              Sep.18  ‘16      
   R. Coxon       King’s Royal Rifles Juy.22   “  
   W. Stanger     Australian Inf.     Sep.18  ‘18        
   H. Jackson     D.L.I.                                 
Right hand column

   T. Hall        D.L.I.              Nov.16  ‘16
   B. Finlay      H.M.S. Hawk         Feb.4   ‘17   
   N. Curry       D.L.I.              Nov.16   “
   D. McDonald    50th Canada         Ap.10    “
   J. Pimlett     R.F.A.              May 3    “
   R. Mosby       R.Engrs.            Jun.20   “
   T. Fawcett     R.Innis.Fus.        Juy.30   “
   W. Porteous    D.L.I.              Oct. 4   “  
   H. Lowerson    R.Engrs.            Oct.17   “
   T. Hutchinson  Dragoon Gds.        Nov.20   “
   J. Knox        D.L.I.              Mar.27  ‘18
   J.W. Lowery    Lincolns            Ap.17    “
   J. Kirkup      Northd.Fus
   W. Meek        D.L.I.              Sep.5    “
   G. Nelson      R.F.A.              Sep.27   “
   W. Driver      Northd.Fus.         Oct.8    “
   A. Meek        D.L.I.              Oct.20   “
   J. Appleby     D.L.I.              Nov.4    “
   N. Ridley      A.S.C.              Nov.7    “
   J. Metcalf     R.Innis.Fus         Sep.4    “
   G. Watkins     R.Naval.Div.        Aug.29  ‘15
   J. McKenzie    Northd.Fus.         Juy.1   ‘16
   A. Herdman   
   T. Moody
   R. Dobson
   Grant them Eternal Rest O Lord.  Amen.

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